Southwest Pacific – Intermediate

Intermediate Ladies Group A

Dylan McIntee 92.72 Golden West
Elena Pulkinen 82.55 Skate San Francisco
Ellie Yuen 78.60 SoCal Interclub
Gwendolynn De Graaf 71.61 Rim of the World Open
Mai Setoyama 70.79 Los Angeles Open
Brianna Gianiorio 67.70 SoCal Interclub
Kaitlin Simone 62.97 Desert Ice Open
Hannah Longenderfer 62.26 SoCal Interclub
Rachel Carey 57.71 Fiesta Skate
Rachel Trail 57.61 Pasadena Open
Tatiana Tim 55.78 Pasadena Open
Samantha McCain 54.07 Los Angeles Open
Elizabeth Lynch 53.92 Rim of the World Open
Victoria Artaza 53.78 AYFSC Club Comp
Megan Jace 53.56 Los Angeles Open
Kathleen Albert 47.74 Los Angeles Open
Helen Merricks 47.61 SoCal Interclub
Brianna Fullerton 45.76 Cactus Classic
Tayla Hull 44.28 Los Angeles Open
Emiko Schwab 39.24 Pasadena Open

Intermediate Ladies Group B

Alexis Gagnon 80.88 Los Angeles Open
Hanna Skane 75.17 SoCal Interclub
Kaylee Nathan 72.67 Golden West
Brigitte Gong 71.55 Los Angeles Open
Ashley Park 71.44 Los Angeles Open
Cheyenne Bell 63.26 South Bay Open
Isabel Aste 61.34 Golden West
Anita Vardan 59.95 Hidden Valley Open
Ivana Kalika 59.28 Rim of the World Open
Jamie Deese 58.23 Cactus Classic
Jaclyn Cartwright 57.28 Rim of the World Open
Kimberly Youngs 53.59 Fiesta Skate
Kyra Josephson 38.48 Los Angeles Open
Ashley Gennaro 38.28 Los Angeles Open
Liana Sherman 17.58 (SP only) Cactus Classic
Cheryl Douglass n/a n/a
Giselle Marquez n/a n/a
Nadine Orellana n/a n/a
Tiahna Panagotacos n/a n/a
Angel Sarkisova n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group C

Ellie Min 82.02 Los Angeles Open
Sabrina Phengsy 78.92 Golden West
Ashley Quan 74.80 All Year Club Comp
Clara Liao 64.28 Los Angeles Open
Stephanie Wagner 63.58 Cactus Classic
Michaella Bradley 61.08 SoCal Interclub
Monique Park 58.23 Los Angeles Open
Chelsey Stinson 55.52 Los Angeles Open
Hannah Klopstock 53.03 Los Angeles Open
Caitlyn Carreras 51.90 Bluebonnet Open
Kelli Chan 51.33 Los Angeles Open
Ca-Eun Sung 50.72 Fiesta Skate
Savannah Grey 46.22 Fiesta Skate
Haylie Butler n/a n/a
Sydne Griffith n/a n/a
Alexandria Kinney n/a n/a
Sidney Law n/a n/a
Mandee McFerren n/a n/a
Paige Pickler n/a n/a
Eleanor Rodriguez n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group D

Sabina Chen 80.26 Pasadena Open
Tiffany Vanta 78.43 Los Angeles Open
Emily Keiser 76.44 Golden West
Lauren Campbell 76.38 Golden West
Karina Manta 70.37 Fiesta Skate
Delainey Groberg 68.89 Cactus Classic
Shaye Fear 66.32 Los Angeles Open
Emily Gabriele 65.53 Chicago Open
Annika Lindgren 62.74 AYFSC Club Competition
Kodi Robinson 55.55 Fiesta Skate
Patricia McNeil 51.09 Rim of the World Open
Diana Fujii 50.55 Pasadena Open
Silaine Thordarson 49.95 CA Championships
Tiffanie Lovett 49.86 Los Angeles Open
Erin Rodden 43.51 Hidden Valley Open
Kelsey Veloso 39.01 Rim of the World Open
Adriana Aguilera 38.88 Los Angeles Open
Brooke Brannon n/a n/a
Katie Hernandez n/a n/a
Tiffany Miglio n/a n/a
Katie Shepherd n/a n/a

Intermediate Men

Daniel Samohin 81.60 Golden West
Othniel Chan 77.85 Golden West
Sahmaro Rockhold 71.10 Golden West
David Kent 67.35 Golden West
Justin Ly 66.38 Golden West
Darian Weiss 63.00 Golden West
Hayden Matheus 48.66 All Year Club Comp
Michael Valdez 48.33 All Year Club Comp
Tyler Vollmer 47.22 Rim of the World Open
Andrew Civiello 46.96 Los Angeles Open
Timothy Boore 26.22 (SP only) Los Angeles Open

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