Southwest Pacific – Juvenile

Juvenile Girls Group A

Sara Wu 43.00 Los Angeles Open
Kaitlyn Mainar 42.62 Golden West
Jacqueline Benson 41.69 Fiesta Skate
Jenelle Catilo 41.34 Golden West
Caitlin Nguyen 40.72 Golden West
Sunshine De La O 38.69 Los Angeles Open
Abbygalle Prusinski 37.01 Golden West
Lydia Lee 35.81 Socal Interclub
Selina Pan 34.88 Golden West
Juliette Jones 34.45 Rim of the World Open
Selina Pan 34.32 Hidden Valley Open
Marisa Becker 32.77 Golden West
Jasmine Jafarkhani 31.36 Rim of the World Open
Daniella Clark 31.27 Golden West
Gema Goeske 29.28 Rim of the World Open
Elizabeth Westerlund 21.91 Golden West
Courtney Cashman n/a n/a
Chelsea Liu n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group B

Heidi Han 48.31 Los Angeles Open
Tyler Pierce 47.82 Golden West
Elizabeth Nguyen 47.64 Golden West
Grace Cohen 41.87 Golden West
Cheyenne Taylor 41.07 SoCal Interclub
Hollyn Deakins 38.20 Golden West
Emily Fields 36.97 Cactus Classic
Brooke Johnson 36.70 Golden West
Karen Zhou 36.61 Golden West
Vanna Giang 36.13 Golden West
Maggie Heatherton 34.46 Golden West
Alizee McLorg 28.57 Golden West
Alexandria Schmainda 28.22 South Bay Open
Ashley Osborne 27.48 Cactus Classic
Cierra Wilson 27.13 SoCal Interclub
Casey Joy Labrenz n/a n/a
Jessica Pilner n/a n/a
Samantha Yu n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group C

Runa Maeda 47.80 CA Championships
Julie Phengsy 46.63 Golden West
Rylie Tanoura 43.39 Golden West
Ai Setoyama 41.92 South Bay Open
Victoria Giang 35.69 Golden West
Kira Loughran 33.15 AYFSC Club Comp
Astrea Villaroel-Sanchez 33.15 Golden West
Alexia Hatun 32.73 Golden West
Tasia Mochernak 32.09 Golden West
Eliana Spizzirri 31.86 Fiesta Skate
April Vanaria 31.64 CA Championships
Tayller-Rae Kinney 30.93 Golden West
Brenna Greco 30.22 Fiesta Skate
Erin Dodson 26.47 Golden West
Alison Ross 23.97 Cactus Classic
Priscilla Chan Ning n/a n/a
Isabella Smit n/a n/a
Madison Worsnop n/a n/a

Juvenile Boys

Patrick Frohling 36.95 Golden West
Matthew Youngs 31.98 Golden West
Harrison Wong 30.91 Los Angeles Open
Alexander Gebert 30.81 Golden West
Camden Pulkinen 28.17 Golden West
Logan Leonesio 25.99 Golden West
Jarred Druzynski 23.85 Golden West
Nicholas Leone 23.79 Desert Ice Open
Bryan Dang n/a n/a
Ethan Duong n/a n/a


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