Southwest Pacific – Novice

Novice Ladies Group A

Ysabel Tran 90.11 Glacier Falls
Alana Walker 85.92 South Bay Open
Lauren Leonesio 84.43 Golden West
Catherine Giese 82.01 Los Angeles Open
Shayanne Casapao 82.71 Glacier Falls
Natalie McLain 79.64 SoCal Interclub
Summer Reyna 79.44 South Bay Open
Rachel Mendelson 77.44 Los Angeles Open
Brittany Ward 74.08 Los Angeles Open
Gabrielle Dominguez 68.58 SoCal Interclub
Mia Yolles-Middleton 67.64 Silicon Valley Open
Madison Jones 66.13 Rim of the World Open
Leila Yamashita 65.11 Los Angeles Open
Gina De Natale 59.13 Glacier Falls
Cristina Headrick 47.70 CA Championships
Hikaru Komiyama 23.21 (SP only) CA Championships
Stephanie Allen n/a n/a
Corrie Frias n/a n/a
Sarah Mann n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group B

Rosalie Chen 90.56 Rim of the World Open
Brenda Ji 89.42 CA Championships
Devynn Sharpe 88.07 Glacier Falls
Shayna Rothenberg 82.85 Los Angeles Open
Natalie Tso 80.92 Pasadena Open
Rebeccah Lilly 78.44 SoCal Interclub
Jackie LaBarge 70.75 SoCal Interclub
Emma Jean Bedford 68.81 Los Angeles Open
Amanda Gelb 67.79 Los Angeles Open
Hailli Dorman 66.31 Cactus Classic
Jacqueline Jansz 61.52 Pasadena Open
Jana Klingseis 61.43 Hidden Valley Open
Valeria Flores 60.19 SoCal Interclub
Renee Velasquez 53.07 Los Angeles Open
Jennifer Jansz 52.12 Pasadena Open
Julia Williams 44.63 Hidden Valley Open
Alyssa Hightchew n/a n/a
Anne Lynch n/a n/a
Yura Min n/a n/a

Novice Men

Spencer Howe 112.59 Golden West
Nix Phengsy 107.15 Golden West
Patrick Leahy 97.63 Golden West
Devin Perini 92.41 Golden West
Joshua Zulueta 85.55 Golden West
Jason Takahashi 77.86 Golden West
Sean Sunyoto 76.60 Golden West
Dimitri Makansi 61.24 Los Angeles Open


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