Southwest Pacific – Senior & Junior

Senior Ladies

Carolyn-Ann Alba 127.98 Glacier Falls
Sophia Adams 98.00 Golden West
Sina Choe 94.70 Pasadena Open
Anna Bradshaw 85.62 Los Angeles Open
Lexi Sum 75.45 Rim of the World Open
Jennifer Osibov 73.69 Golden West
Danielle Kahle 39.03 (SP only) Golden West
Jessica Martino 32.99 (SP only) John Smith Memorial
Anna Malkova 28.61 (SP only) Golden West
Ellie Kawamura n/a n/a
Inga Rodionova n/a n/a

Senior Men

Sean Rabbitt 171.59 Golden West
Andrew Gonzales 163.26 Golden West
Christopher Caluza 158.92 Golden West
Austin Kanallakan 58.71 (SP only) Glacier Falls

Junior Ladies

Courtney Hicks 146.14 Skate San Francisco
Leah Keiser 146.14 Golden West
Mary Beth Marley 130.80 Skate Detroit
Victoria Hecht 121.09 Golden West
Katarina Kulgeyko 118.65 Glacier Falls
Chantine Akiyama 98.05 Golden West
Kelsey Chan 95.88 Glacier Falls
Esther Wu 93.18 Los Angeles Open
Mindy Bigenho 89.50 Glacier Falls
Alix Meyer 87.30 All Year Club Comp
Courtney Donovan 82.68 US Collegiate Champs
Katlynn McNab 80.89 Golden West
Porter Waung 80.09 Cactus Classic
China Loza 77.90 Golden West
Sarah Kidd 73.79 Los Angeles Open
Alexandria Lee 73.37 Golden West
Nicole Fowler 65.15 Golden West
Brittney Podolsky 52.75 Rim of the World Open
Katie Miles 27.42 (SP only) Los Angeles Open
Arlynn Gamarro n/a n/a
Janet Li n/a n/a
Stephanie Phu n/a n/a
Rebecca Phung n/a n/a
Cristy Plahy n/a n/a
Annaleigh Yahata n/a n/a
Serena Yu n/a n/a

Junior Men

Philip Warren 143.22 Glacier Falls
Shotaro Omori 121.59 Glacier Falls
David Wang 114.65 Glacier Falls
Jay Yostanto 111.82 Liberty
Chadwick Phillips 40.88 (SP only) Los Angeles Open
Brent Mercado n/a n/a

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