Southwestern – Intermediate

Intermediate Ladies Group A

Amber Glenn 96.89 Houston Fall Invitational
Emily Chan 94.67 Broadmoor Open
Anjing Fu 90.43 Broadmoor Open
Caroline Rodriguez 76.82 Skate Dallas
Allison Davis 67.20 Houston Fall Invitational
Kennedy Plott 63.30 Houston Fall Invitational
Julia Grant 59.51 Houston Fall Invitational
Ashlie Griffith 55.09 Skate Kansas City
Alyxzandria Mackinaw 52.27 Houston Fall Invitational
Lexi Wiesner 49.64 Cannon TX Open
Rachel Goldstein 49.13 Omaha Winter Festival
Maria DeMorat 28.35 (FS only) Fort Collins Classic
Mia Gabrielle Madera-Font n/a n/a
Heather Teague n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group B

Elena Taylor 90.41 Liberty
Clare Untalan 77.91 Cannon TX Open
Ana Vinson 72.89 Broadmoor Open
Karis Nowell 71.96 Houston Fall Invitational
Chelsea Emery 70.95 Bluebonnet Open
Riley Herr 68.31 Skate Kansas City
Terri Hannig 64.28 Skate Kansas City
Bailey Melton 63.03 Heart of America Inv
Amanda Rayas 58.00 Cup of Colorado
Sajyah Singh 54.37 CO Championships
Harper Lundgren 54.08 CO Championships
Lindsey Mize 53.54 CO Championships
Madison Plott 23.76 (SP only) Cannon TX Open
Rebecca Soo n/a n/a
Tawney Wiltsie n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group C

Angela Huang 81.76 Skate Dallas
Melanie Vargas 79.87 Cannon TX Open
Ayaha Chen 78.94 CO Championships
Ashley Bratton 78.00 Cannon TX Open
Emily Tucker 72.83 Houston Fall Invitational
Carlyn Langley 69.00 Skate Dallas
Katey Nyquist 66.42 Denver Invitational
Savannah McVoy 55.42 Cannon TX Open
Shelby Hansen 54.37 Houston Fall Invitational
Elly Bingaman 53.71 CO Championships
Nicole Cuillo 52.80 Skate Dallas
Haylie Patrick 51.50 Fort Collins Classic
Lauren Capra 49.38 Fort Collins Classic
Audrey Wang 43.46 Chesapeake Open
Mackenzie Moore n/a n/a

Intermediate Men

Anthony Boucher 74.06 Broadmoor Open
Danny Neudecker 69.85 Greater Chicagoland Fall Inv
Chandler McGoogan 69.33 Broadmoor Open
Josiah Curley 61.93 Skate Dallas
Tommy Wu 57.50 Broadmoor Open
Misha Mitrofanov 55.10 CO Championships
Justin Wichmann 54.63 Houston Fall Invitational
John Gilmore 47.97 Skate Dallas


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