Southwestern – Juvenile

Juvenile Girls Group A

Morgan Flood 46.13 Houston Fall Invitational
Ally Weber 45.05 Houston Fall Invitational
Caroline Le 39.70 Houston Fall Invitational
Tamia Ellison 39.29 Liberty
Grace Kaplow 37.86 Houston Fall Invitational
Riley Shin 37.36 Houston Fall Invitational
Brianna de la Mora 36.94 Houston Fall Invitational
Britta Hockman 34.78 Skate Houston
Sarah Danh 34.06 Skate Dallas
Elsie Barry 29.95 Skate Kansas City
Macy Peterson 28.42 Cup of Colorado
Cecilia Weaver 26.61 Skate Kansas City
Alexis Fenton 25.95 Skate Kansas City

Juvenile Girls Group B

Anikka Hernandez 42.82 CO Championships
Kristin Park 41.74 Houston Fall Invitational
Haleigh Lao 40.39 Houston Fall Invitational
Elissa Fairbanks 37.93 CO Championships
Emily Georgia 34.97 Denver Invitational
Kristen Stamm 34.51 Denver Invitational
Amanda Vongphachanh 34.06 CO Championships
Dasha Chalenko 34.05 Skate Dallas
Victoria Kubyshko 31.36 Houston Fall Invitational
Mia Drago 29.41 Cannon TX Open
Lydia McMullen 29.34 Heart of America Invitational
Ashley Nicole Bechtold 29.11 Cannon TX Open

Juvenile Girls Group C

Lily Guo 41.03 Houston Fall Invitational
Lauren Ellison 40.95 Ann Arbor Springtime
Sakura Gray 39.00 Skate Dallas
Eugenia Belova 37.71 Skate Dallas
Vivian Le 37.21 Houston Fall Invitational
Lexie Kwak 34.92 Cup of Colorado
Jennifer Nguyen 33.90 Heart of America Invitational
Jocelyn Lachapelle 33.84 Louisville SA Invitational
Tiffany Tran 30.64 Houston Fall Invitational
Alexandra Cagle 24.88 Houston Fall Invitational
Ashley Stewart 20.73 Fort Collins Classic
Macie Moore n/a n/a

Juvenile Boys

Val Katsman 42.05 Ann Arbor Springtime
Sam Anderson 40.70 Broadmoor Open
Jun-Hong Chen 40.23 CO Championships
Thomas Schwappach 38.22 Cup of Colorado
Benjamin Shou 33.88 Houston Fall Invitational


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