Southwestern – Novice

Novice Ladies Group A

Kelsea Suarez 101.94 Ann Arbor Springtime
Thy-Thy Phan 91.02 Houston Fall Invitational
Meagan Midkiff 84.84 Skate Dallas
Talia Nichols 82.51 Cup of Colorado
Hannah Dowell 75.43 Cannon TX Open
Danika Burton 75.13 Houston Fall Invitational
Mikayla Davis 73.23 Houston Fall Invitational
Gillian Gonzalez 71.35 Skate Dallas
Madeleine Light 69.17 Skate Dallas
Allison Okita 65.82 CO Championships
Amy Schnicker 54.91 Denver Invitational
Lauren Olinger n/a n/a
Romilly Tsinhnahjinnie n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group B

Marylin Cai 108.79 Skate Dallas
Avery Kurtz 101.60 Broadmoor Open
Gabbie Blount 94.28 Cannon TX Open
Elizabeth Wohlford 82.78 Houston Fall Invitational
Patricia Buensuceso 78.51 Skate Houston
Madison Spialek 76.99 CO Championships
Sarah Seibold 73.31 CO Championships
Annie Luong 68.27 Houston Fall Invitational
Ashley Callaway 38.42 Fiesta Skate
Jacqueline Nguyen 65.26 Houston Fall Invitational
Carolyn Kies n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group C

Jessica Pfund 113.08 Broadmoor Open
Mariah Bell 108.94 Ann Arbor Springtime
Shyamali Moujan 91.25 Cannon TX Open
Rachel Lawson 76.27 CO Championships
Caitlin Fields 76.09 Skate San Francisco
Sharayah Francisco 70.43 Denver Invitational
Amanda Ahadizadeh 62.71 Skate Dallas
Lydia Menscher 61.51 Skate Kansas City
Laura Wohlford 57.23 Houston Fall Invitational
Britta Mathiowitz 54.66 Fort Collins Classic
Alyssa Craig 54.09 Skate Kansas City

Novice Men

Chase Belmontes 103.97 Broadmoor Open
Lukas Kaugars 100.51 Skate Dallas
BJ Conrad 98.63 Liberty
Jason Garofalo 92.80 Ann Arbor Springtime
Sebastien Payannet 81.93 CO Championships
Jason Pacini 76.41 Skate San Francisco
Drew Mortenson 62.01 Broadmoor Open
Brad Kleffman n/a n/a

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