Southwestern – Senior & Junior

Senior Ladies

Agnes Zawadzki 187.01 CO Springs Invitational
Alexe Gilles 119.12 Glacier Falls
Melissa Jaggers 115.10 Skate Dallas
Becky Du 113.05 Skate Dallas
Katy Jo West 113.00 US Collegiates
Tatyana Khazova 106.03 US Collegiates
Amy Nunn 102.88 CO Springs Invitational
Morgan Bell 101.35 CO Springs Invitational
Mirielle Chambers 97.87 US Collegiates
Marissa Secundy 91.24 CO Springs Invitational
Alicia Warren 90.69 Houston Fall Invitational
Jacqueline Nguyen 80.96 Liberty
Christie Reneau 79.18 Cannon TX Open
Brittany Henry 76.24 Cannon TX Open
Danielle Honas 75.78 CO Championships
Stephanie Alvarado 61.82 CO Championships
McKenzie Pedersen n/a n/a
Kaela Pflumm n/a n/a

Senior Men

Brandon Mroz 185.23 CO Championships
Alexander Johnson 183.05 CO Springs Invitational
Christopher Darling 136.33 CO Championships
Roger Corvasce 136.30 Broadmoor Open

Junior Ladies

McKinzie Daniels 148.79 Broadmoor Open
Lauren Dinh 138.56 CO Championships
Nina Jiang (JGP) 131.08 ISU JGP France
Renee Kono 111.47 Skate Dallas
Roxanna Schmidt 94.01 Cup of Colorado
Sloane Scheller 88.62 Liberty
Grace Lincenberg 87.94 Broadmoor Open
Janae Sims 85.10 CO Championships
Taylor Couillard-Rodak 81.51 Cup of Colorado
Kayla Guy 18.30 (SP only) Skate Kansas City
Danielle Hartman n/a n/a

Junior Men

Max Aaron (JGP) 179.82 ISU JGP Japan
Steven Evans 163.54 Houston Fall Invitational
Timothy Koleto 130.55 Skate San Francisco
William Littlefield 113.64 Liberty

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