2013-2014 Pairs Scores


Caydee Denney
John Coughlin
67.05 (SP) 132.51 (FS) 199.56 CO Champs (exh) Bye
Marissa Castelli
Simon Shnapir
62.38 120.84 183.22 Cranberry Open Bye
Felicia Zhang
Nathan Bartholomay
64.41 116.87 181.28 Skate Detroit Bye
Lindsay Davis
Rockne Brubaker (new)
58.80 106.84 165.64 Skate Detroit Bye
Jessica Calalang
Zack Sidhu
57.21 107.77 164.98 Middle Atlantics M/P
Gretchen Donlan
Andrew Speroff
63.39 100.60 163.99 Middle Atlantics E
DeeDee Leng
Timothy LeDuc
58.59 105.34 163.93 Middle Atlantics M
G. Donlan
A. Speroff
62.06 101.75 163.81 Skate Detroit E
D. Leng
T. LeDuc
61.57 102.15 163.72 Skate Detroit M
Haven Denney
Brandon Frazier
54.49 105.73 160.22 Skate Detroit E/P
Tarah Kayne
Danny O’Shea
61.25 98.49 159.74 Skate Detroit E
F. Zhang
N. Bartholomay
52.08 104.47 156.55 Summer Chiller Bye
J. Calalang
Z. Sidhu
51.88 98.23 150.11 Skate Detroit M/P
D. Leng
T. LeDuc
55.35 93.63 148.98 Troy Comp (exh) M
G. Donlan
A. Speroff
59.46 88.97 148.43 Cranberry Open E
T. Kayne
D. O’Shea
52.37 86.85 139.22 Summer Chiller E
Kiri Baga
Taylor Toth (split)
47.51 81.63 129.14 Skate Detroit [E]
Alexandria Shaughnessy
James Morgan
48.67 79.97 128.64 Middle Atlantics E
Jessica Pfund
A.J. Reiss
48.68 79.28 127.96 Skate St Moritz (exh) M/P
J. Calalang
Z. Sidhu
39.24 82.24 121.48 LA Open (exh) M/P
G. Donlan
A. Speroff
n/a 92.44 n/a Boston Open (exh) E
Alexa Scimeca
Chris Knierim
65.69 n/a n/a Broadmoor Open (exh) Bye
M. Castelli
S. Shnapir
60.74 n/a n/a Quebec Summer Champs Bye
G. Donlan
A. Speroff
56.95 n/a n/a Fort Wayne E
L. Davis
R. Brubaker
54.74* n/a n/a Ann Arbor Springtime (exh) P
J. Calalang
Z. Sidhu
46.51 n/a n/a SoCal Interclub (exh) M/P
T. Kayne
D. O’Shea
46.50 n/a n/a Fort Wayne E
A. Shaughnessy
J. Morgan
45.23 n/a n/a Cranberry Open E
L. Davis
R. Brubaker (new)
41.87 n/a n/a Skate Milwaukee (exh) P
Becky Bereswill
Joshua Reagan (new; reportedly have split)
36.11 n/a n/a Skate Detroit M
Britney Simpson
Matthew Blackmer
n/a n/a n/a n/a M

*Anonymous comment submitted to the blog:
“The score that Davis and Brubaker scored at Ann Arbor should not be compared to other short programs. They actually did the first 7 elements of their long program which included one solo jump and a jump combination, no pair spin.”

* = JGP age-elible and listed in USFS’ ISP

*Madeline Aaron
Max Settlage
97.76 151.54 CO Champs (exh) P/M
Olivia Oltmanns
Joshua Santillan
88.69 133.26 U.S. Challenge Skate E/P
*Chelsea Liu
Devin Perini
82.76 129.67 Golden West P
O. Oltmanns
J. Santillan
83.04 129.50 Skate Detroit E/P
C. Liu
D. Perini
77.48 126.59 Skate Detroit P
*Christina Zaitsev
Ernie Utah Stevens
72.66 117.53 Skate Detroit M
C. Liu
D. Perini
78.65 117.52 LA Open (exh) P
Brianna de la Mora
Taylor Wilson
73.06 116.46 Skate Detroit M
B. de la Mora
T. Wilson
76.19 116.26 U.S. Challenge Skate M
*Kaitlin Budd
Nikita Cheban
71.69 115.51 Skate Detroit M/E
*Aya Takai
Brian Johnson
78.05 114.22 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Alyssa McDougal
Paul Schatz
67.75 112.46 SW FL Fall Clsc M/E
Cali Fujimoto
Nick Barsi-Rhyne
n/a 112.09 Silicon Valley P/E
A. Takai
B. Johnson
69.43 110.22 Skate Detroit M
Elise Middleton
Anthony Evans
72.62 109.31 U.S. Challenge Skate P/M
C. Fujimoto
N. Barsi-Rhyne
67.20 105.74 Skate San Francisco P/E
C. Zaitsev
E. Stevens
66.79 103.37 Troy Comp (exh) M
E. Middleton
A. Evans (new)
56.68 99.83 Skate Detroit P/M
Joy Weinberg
Michael Lueck (new)-NOV.
68.93 99.02 Skate Detroit M/E
A. McDougal
P. Schatz
49.16 87.48 Skate Detroit M/E
A. McDougal
P. Schatz
51.58 82.26 Summer Chiller (exh) M/E
K. Budd
N. Cheban
61.19 (FS) n/a Fort Wayne (exh) M/E
C. Liu
D. Perini
n/a 43.86 (SP) SoCal Interclub P
E. Middleton
A. Evans
n/a 39.50 (SP) SoCal Interclub P/M
J. Weinberg
M. Lueck
n/a 37.09 (SP) Broadmoor M/E
O. Oltmanns
J. Santillan
n/a 36.74 (SP) Broadmoor E/P
Hannah Klopstock
Michael Johnson (new; split)
n/a 36.03 (SP) SoCal Interclub [P/E]
*Sophia Dai
Jeffrey Fishman
n/a 35.22 (SP) Skate Detroit M
S. Dai
J. Fishman
n/a 31.31 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime (exh) M
AnnaMarie Pearce
Jason Pacini (new)
n/a n/a SoCal Interclub Final P/M



Jessica Lee
Robert Hennings (new)
75.57 110.11 Middle Atlantics P
Madeleine Gallagher
Jonathon Horton
69.46 102.57 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Cirinia Gillett
Maximiliano Fernandez (new)
64.22 98.47 SW FL Fall Clsc E
Grace Knoop
Noah Chinault
65.41 95.64 U.S. Challenge Skate E
Joy Weinberg
Michael Lueck (new)
59.82 93.31 U.S. Challenge Skate M/E
Alexandria Yao
Connor Fleming (new)
61.85 93.11 Skate St Moritz P
A. Yao
C. Fleming
60.58 92.36 U.S. Challenge Skate P
M. Gallagher
J. Horton
63.08 91.17 Fort Wayne M
C. Gillett
M. Fernandez
60.70 90.60 Skate Detroit E
J. Lee
R. Hennings
58.67 89.97 Golden West P
G. Knoop
N. Chinault
61.79 89.86 Skate Detroit E
Gabriella Marvaldi
Cody Dolkiewicz (new)
61.24 89.13 Challenge Cup E
A. Yao
C. Fleming
60.10 88.45 Skate San Francisco P
C. Gillett
M. Fernandez
59.84 88.28 Fort Wayne E
G. Knoop
N. Chinault
56.74 88.14 Fort Wayne E
J. Lee
R. Hennings
56.95 87.38 Orange Cty Open P
Darbie Burke
Griffin Schwab
57.81 86.47 Middle Atlantics E
M. Gallagher
J. Horton
58.66 86.05 Skate Detroit M
Linde LaChance
Kenneth Anderson
59.00 85.78 Broadmoor M
Kailey Matkin
Justin Highgate-Brutman
60.31 84.69 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Annabelle &
Joel Schneider-Farris
56.35 84.64 Broadmoor M
Alicia Bertsch
Austin Hale
56.23 83.51 U.S. Challenge Skate M
D. Burke
G. Schwab
58.24 82.80 Fort Wayne E
A. Yao
C. Fleming
n/a 82.31 Silicon Valley P
D. Burke
G. Schwab
58.69 82.18 U.S. Challenge Skate E
A. Bertsch
A. Hale
52.63 81.88 Skate Detroit M
Lindsay Weinstein
Jacob Simon (new)
55.23 79.36 Skate Detroit M
L. LaChance
K. Anderson
50.15 76.75 Ann Arbor Springtime M
A. &
J. Schneider-Farris
53.14 76.44 Skate Detroit P/M
C. Gillett
M. Fernandez
52.54 76.32 Summer Chiller E
D. Burke
G. Schwab
50.87 70.26 Skate Detroit E
Nicole Lee
Timothy Habeeb
44.82 67.04 Cranberry Open E
Payton DeMotte
Preston Culpepper
45.59 63.97 Skate Detroit M
Breanna Harris
Nathan Grundhofer (new)
43.35 61.72 Skate St Moritz P
Aditya Nandy
Ananya Nandy
36.29 54.26 Skate San Francisco P
B. Harris
N. Grundhofer
25.58 42.47 Skate San Francisco P
A. Bertsch
A. Hale
n/a 39.24 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime M
Ai Setoyama
David Botero (new)
n/a 34.10 (SP) Golden West P
A. Setoyama
D. Botero
n/a 33.62 (SP) Orange Cty Open P
Macy Peterson
Daniel Arsenault (new)
n/a 20.64 (SP) Broadmoor M


Note: The short program is new for this level in 2013-14.

Megan Griffin
Andrew Civiello
53.38 82.70 Golden West P
JoJo Hubbart
William Hubbart
52.07 80.69 SW FL Fall Clsc E
Alexandria Schmainda
Matthew Scoralle
49.83 75.96 Orange Cty Open P
Cate Hawkins
Eric Hartley
46.21 73.02 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Remington Bennett
Jacob Nussle
50.19 72.34 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Jacqueline Tu
Alex Magnuson
49.93 71.80 Skate Detroit M
Sophia Pearson
Keenan Prochnow
48.12 n/a Skate Detroit M
Annabel Kim
Jonathan Kim
29.03 45.76 Challenge Cup E
Taylor Hliebay
Jacob Schenten
34.47 n/a Shores Autumn Clsc M
Maxine Weatherby
Mickey Sinthawachiwa
n/a 19.89 (SP) SW FL Fall Clsc E
Taylor Hliebay
Jacob Schenten
n/a 18.08 (SP) Skate Detroit M
Toby Evett
Nathan Dennler
n/a 17.09 (SP) Colonial Open E



Jasmine Fendi
Joshua Fendi
38.16 Golden West P
Sarah Rose
Tommy-Jo Nyman
37.99 SW FL Fall Clsc E
Devin Pascoe
Sammy Parks
35.19 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Katherina Frantz
Nicolas Frantz
34.75 Skate Detroit M
Cecilia Wright
William Wright
32.33 LA Open P
Jade Esposito
Nathan Rensing
32.26 Cranberry Open E
Nozomi Hallberg
Ryan Waner
31.62 Skate St Moritz P
Megan Yeh
Callen Zadrozny
31.42 Skate St Moritz P
Sara-Kate Giles
Luke Ferrante
30.88 Skate Detroit M
Megan Stenman
Albert Zeng
27.78 Skate St Moritz P
Carlie Quesada
Adrian Shin
25.74 Fort Wayne E
Kristin Lyle George
Jake Pagano
24.79 Louisville Spring M
Anastasia Lestina
Benjamin Mclemore
23.85 Skate Pittsburgh E
Olivia Mihelick
Levon Davis
22.58 Shores Autumn Clsc M
Carolyn Bartel
Alfred Bartel
22.30 Golden West P
Calista Falcone
Andrew Wagner
21.54 Fort Wayne M
Altice Sollazo
Paul Yeung
n/a SoCal Interclub Final P

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