2017 Intermediate Men Scores

New England Region

Andrew Foster 28.13 41.45 Colonial Open NE


North Atlantic Region

Ean Huang 51.93 80.35 Southern CT Open NA
Yuki Horiko 51.14 79.76 Southern CT Open NA
Willie Sun n/a 22.60 (SP) Morris Open NA


South Atlantic Region

Luke Wang 43.31 75.43 May Day Open SA
Seiji Urano 33.00 54.31 May Day Open SA
Andrew Chagnon 34.05 47.97 May Day Open SA
Kensuke DeLisi 24.94 37.02 Sunshine State SA
Maxwell Demsky 32.71 (FS) n/a May Day Open SA
Benjamin McLemore n/a 24.21 (SP) Cleveland Inv SA
Matthew Sperry n/a 11.09 (SP) May Day Open SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Matthew Mlachak n/a 20.45 (SP) Cleveland Inv EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

Santino Hassett 42.52 64.96 Ladybug UGL
Collin Motley 50.39 (FS) n/a Ladybug UGL
Jordan Gillette 30.84 46.53 Skate KC UGL
Maximilian Lai 46.12 (FS) n/a Ladybug UGL


Southwestern Region

Austin Borjas-Ewell 63.50 96.41 Skate Dallas SW
Maxim Zharkov 47.40 76.49 Skate Dallas SW
Ian Kirk 51.45 75.80 Skate Dallas SW
Daniel Tioumentsev 51.10 74.84 Santa Fe SkateFest SW
Luka Carau 21.82 40.23 Denver Inv SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Kevin Ponceau 35.17 54.48 La Jolla Open SWP
Camden Rider n/a 24.48 (SP) La Jolla Open SWP


Central Pacific Region

Ian Ramsey 44.96 75.71 CCIA Comp CP
Gurshan Riarh n/a 15.31 (SP) CCIA Comp CP


Northwest Pacific Region


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