2017 Junior Men Scores

New England Region

Ryan VanDoren 72.46 (FS) n/a Colonial Open NE


North Atlantic Region



South Atlantic Region

Ryan Dunk 116.69 170.87 Chesapeake Open SA
William Hubbart n/a 60.91 (SP) Sunshine State SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Luke Ferrante 77.86 122.92 Broadmoor Open EGL
L. Ferrante n/a 51.97 (SP) Skate Nashville EGL
Sasha Lunin n/a 51.74 (SP) Broadmoor Open EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

JoonSoo Kim 100.15 161.87 Quad Cities UGL
Alex Wellman 99.81 160.29 Broadmoor Open UGL
A. Wellman n/a 54.69 (SP) Skate Dallas UGL


Southwestern Region

Camden Pulkinen 119.33 178.59 Broadmoor Open SW
Jun-Hong Chen 82.51 129.94 Santa Fe SkateFest SW
Thomas Schwappach 60.98 99.47 Denver Inv SW
Matthew Cangelose n/a 65.47 Broadmoor Open SW
Alan Wong n/a 48.07 (SP) Skate Dallas SW
Justin Wichmann n/a 46.82 (SP) Skate Dallas SW
Blake Eisenach n/a 40.85 (SP) Denver Inv SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Eric Sjoberg 121.35 190.95 L.A. Open SWP
Patrick Frohling 85.24 139.49 L.A. Open SWP
Paul Yeung 72.20 127.49 Broadmoor Open SWP
Isaac Jun 27.44 (SP) n/a All Year Open SWP


Central Pacific Region

Mitchell Friess 83.36 130.71 Broadmoor Open CP
Mark Sadusky n/a 45.25 (SP) Sunshine State CP
Alain Sandraz n/a 36.58 (SP) CCIA Comp CP


Northwest Pacific Region

Mathew Graham 92.40 137.27 Broadmoor Open NWP
Chih-Sheng Chang 73.73 113.19 All Year Open NWP

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