2017 Juvenile Boys Scores

New England Region

Jessie Phaneuf-Moniz 32.86 Champlain Valley NE
Jonathan Hildebrandt 31.68 Lake Placid NE
Anthony Ying 30.17 North Shore Open NE
Benjamin Starr 29.16 Southern CT Open NE
Luke Witkowski 28.25 Colonial Open NE
Andrew Kostin 26.27 Champlain Valley NE


North Atlantic Region

Jacob Sanchez 55.06 Colonial Open NA
Keita Horiko 45.91 Colonial Open NA
Louis Lorenz 40.76 Empire State NA
Alexander Ting 40.51 Colonial Open NA
Adrian Vecchio 30.03 Morris Open NA
Gabriel Roberts 29.03 Trophy Cup NA
Ryan Xie 28.91 Colonial Open NA
Noah Lafornara 28.04 Lake Placid NA
Andrei Dumuta 23.60 Southern CT Open NA


South Atlantic Region

Alec Bai 35.76 May Day Open SA
Matthew Grossman 34.21 Florida Open SA
Eric Heston 31.51 Sunshine State SA
Robert Polcz 26.93 Sunshine State SA
Samuel Devroye 26.51 Chesapeake Open SA
Andrew Zhang 24.97 Chesapeake Open SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Matthew Mlachak 39.92 Cleveland Inv EGL
Lake Liao 36.74 Garden City EGL
Evan Soles 26.02 Cherry Classic EGL
Charles Huang 22.66 Ann Arbor Springtime EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

Ethan Peal 42.12 Northern Blast UGL
Daniel Borisov 36.53 Rising Stars UGL
Zach Yoshioka 35.92 Ladybug UGL
Timothy Bergal 33.58 Rising Stars UGL
J-Arh Doromal 29.50 Ladybug UGL
William Church 29.46 Ladybug UGL
Anton Yakunin 22.36 Rising Stars UGL


Southwestern Region

Nhat-Viet Nguyen 42.60 Skate Dallas SW
Bryce Christensen 32.54 Broadmoor Open SW
Joshua Mori 24.98 Cannon Texas SW
Luka Carau 24.43 Broadmoor Open SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Allan Fisher 36.86 All Year Open SWP
Michael Xie 36.12 Skate La Grande SWP
Mikah Tong 35.63 L.A. Open SWP
Joshua Lau 34.26 All Year Open SWP


Central Pacific Region

Miguel Gilpin-Moreno 25.67 CCIA Comp CP
Jason Wiemels 22.01 CCIA Comp CP


Northwest Pacific Region

Andriy Kratyuk 44.29 Broadmoor Open NWP
Santiago Soto 29.79 Ice Fest NWP

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