2016 Novice Men Scores

New England Region

Ryan VanDoren 64.83 104.22 Cranberry NE
Brendt Wang 63.56 90.61 Boston Open NE
Seungil (Rick) Lee 56.42 86.96 Colonial Open NE
Franz-Peter Jerosch 49.54 80.54 Boston Open NE
Ryan VanDoren 67.26 (FS) n/a Ocean State NE
Nathaniel Dennler n/a 23.38 (SP) Lake Placid FS NE
Maxim Naumov n/a n/a Boston Open (WD) NE


North Atlantic Region



South Atlantic Region

Jordan Evans 87.79 137.38 Philadelphia Champs SA
Joseph Kang 88.86 134.66 Philadelphia Champs SA
Lucas Altieri 85.87 132.59 Sunshine State SA
Eric Prober 70.70 113.25 FL Labor Day Inv SA
Nick Hubbart 66.62 102.25 Orange Blossom SA
David Shapiro 56.16 96.97 Philadelphia Champs SA
Dylan Varghese 58.90 96.84 Potomac Open SA
Timmy Chapman 53.68 76.83 Florida Open SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Luke Ferrante n/a 133.05 Broadmoor Open EGL
Nathaniel Chapple 66.16 102.88 Troy Summer Skate EGL
Chase Finster 59.29 95.90 Troy Summer Skate EGL
Dylan Wajda 53.01 79.10 Skate Pittsburgh EGL
Eric Hartley n/a 34.28 (SP) SEGL Comp EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

Jonathan Yang 98.12 150.02 DuPage Open UGL
JoonSoo Kim 93.45 149.42 DuPage Open UGL
Alex Wellman 87.91 131.83 US Challenge Skate UGL
David Kaufmann 67.59 102.87 Skate Detroit UGL
Paul Stipinas n/a 85.10 Southport Summer UGL
Lucas Rosa 46.10 69.20 DuPage Open UGL
Henry Lai n/a 58.92 Southport Summer UGL
Kevin Lee 42.72 56.38 DuPage Open UGL


Southwestern Region

Alan Wong 80.99 121.58 Skate Dallas SW
Justin Wichmann n/a 109.28 Skate Houston SW
Dylan Hylander n/a 103.89 Skate Houston SW
Mikhail Gumba 68.01 98.01 CO Champs SW
Blake Eisenach 45.59 79.97 Cup of Colorado SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Max Wang 86.48 133.02 Pasadena Open SWP
Patrick Frohling 84.24 125.05 Pasadena Open SWP
Max Lake 70.63 113.36 US Challenge Skate SWP
Joshua Simkin n/a 89.96 L.A. Open SWP
Mikey Smith 56.19 89.60 Pasadena Open SWP


Central Pacific Region

Dinh Tran 98.16 153.20 Skate San Francisco CP
D. Tran 99.44 (FS) n/a Spring Jubilee CP


Northwest Pacific Region

Ivan Brown n/a 61.57 PNIC Champs NWP
Chia-Hao Liao 38.82 (FS) n/a Lake Placid FS NWP

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