2017 Novice Men Scores

New England Region

Ryan Siracuse n/a 26.06 (SP) Colonial Open NE


North Atlantic Region

Jonathan Lai n/a 18.63 (SP) Morris Open NA


South Atlantic Region

Lucas Altieri 81.23 119.23 Atlanta Open SA
Charles Liu 44.18 75.33 Atlanta Open SA
Nicholas Hubbart n/a 32.11 (SP) Sunshine State SA
John Reichard n/a 31.83 (SP) Florida Open SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Nathaniel Chapple 70.61 106.39 Cleveland Inv EGL
Jacob DeWolfe 64.74 101.77 Skate Nashville EGL
Evan Whitlow n/a 29.18 (SP) Skate Nashville EGL
Dylan Wajda n/a 26.52 (SP) Garden City EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

Trevor Bucek n/a 109.30 Southport UGL
Daniel Turchin n/a 106.01 Southport UGL
Lucas Rosa n/a 87.08 Southport UGL


Southwestern Region

Christopher Liu 54.60 91.79 Skate Dallas SW
Jackson Webb n/a 24.00 (SP) Denver Inv SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Joshua Simkin 78.99 118.44 Calif. Champs SWP
Max Lake n/a 47.13 (SP) La Jolla Open SWP
Goku Endo 41.97 (SP) n/a All Year Open SWP


Central Pacific Region



Northwest Pacific Region


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