2018 Novice Men Scores

New England Region

Philip Baker 85.86 131.27 Colonial Open NE
William Annis 66.68 117.59 Lake Placid FS NE
Ryan Siracuse 71.17 106.33 Champlain Valley NE
Ramsey Ghanem 64.43 93.96 Champlain Valley NE
Edison Chae 45.44 (FS) n/a North Shore Open NE
Jedidiah Isbell n/a 30.12 (SP) Colonial Open NE


North Atlantic Region

Haydn Gock 67.38 102.02 Lake Placid FS NA
Nicholas Bausenwein 58.88 92.13 Garden State Games NA
Ean Huang 60.16 91.99 Nassau Cty Champs NA
H. Gock 72.16 (FS) n/a Garden State Games NA
Weston Costello n/a 15.65 (SP) Empire State NA


South Atlantic Region

Ilia Malinin 116.98 167.04 Chesapeake Open SA
Maxim Zharkov 85.95 133.19 Sunshine State SA
Eric Prober 95.42 128.22 Chesapeake Open SA
Zachary Yaninek 80.59 115.23 Lake Placid FS SA
Jacob Fitzpatrick 71.65 103.09 Chesapeake Open SA
Charles Liu 61.31 93.94 Atlanta Open SA
Llewelyn Sannajust 50.91 80.27 Chesapeake Open SA
Maxwell Demsky 50.20 77.37 Philly Areas SA
Codie Hazen 46.57 72.66 Chesapeake Open SA
Timmy Chapman 62.80 (FS) n/a Florida Open SA
Matthew Kennedy 60.18 (FS) n/a Chesapeake Open SA
Luke Wang n/a 41.11 (SP) Chesapeake Open SA
Ryan Federspiel 30.10 (FS) n/a Florida Open SA
Levon Davis n/a 29.61 (SP) Florida Open SA
Kensuke DeLisi n/a 17.91 (SP) Florida Open SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Matthew Nielsen 98.77 153.39 Broadmoor Open EGL
Dylan Wajda 60.19 (FS) n/a Cardinal Clsc EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

Trevor Bucek n/a 137.89 Southport Clsc UGL
Joseph Klein 83.86 131.11 Broadmoor Open UGL
Payton Winkler n/a 112.37 Southport Clsc UGL
Daniel Turchin n/a 108.16 Southport Clsc UGL
Maximilian Lai n/a 100.04 Southport Clsc UGL
P. Winkler n/a 95.51 Broadmoor Open UGL


Southwestern Region

Daniel Argueta 99.98 144.99 Bluebonnet Open SW
Daniel Tioumentsev 83.10 121.23 Broadmoor Open SW
Ian Kirk 65.97 94.46 Skate Dallas SW
Christopher Liu 62.19 (FS) n/a Skate Dallas SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Joshua Simkin 77.89 111.59 SoCal Open SWP
Ben Spiers 53.41 78.10 SoCal Open SWP


Central Pacific Region

Ian Ramsey 62.58 107.54 CCIA Comp CP


Northwest Pacific Region

Liam Kapeikis 74.66 110.39 NAS Milwaukee NWP

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