Current Scores – International Skaters Competing in 2017 U.S. Club Competitions

NOTE: This page is only being updated periodically in 2017 (not complete).


Patrick Chan 174.16 270.71 Onyx Challenge CAN
Keegan Messing 143.10 227.66 Skate Detroit JPN
Yaroslav Paniot 132.04 215.27 Glacier Falls UKR
Daisuke Murakami 137.46 214.64 Philadelphia JPN


Alexia Paganini 96.99 143.94 Ocean State SUI
Michelle Long 79.16 125.75 Lake Placid CAN
Alika Golovkina n/a 107.48 Glacier Falls LTU
Valerie Giroux 72.36 106.72 Lake Placid CAN
Natalie Sangkagalo 68.27 105.30 Colonial Open THA
Sofia del Rio 66.96 104.23 Atlanta Open MEX
Emma Jang 72.39 107.25 North Star Open TPE
Haley Yao 64.45 101.85 NJ Council TPE
Stephanie Chang 61.69 96.27 May Day Open TPE
Coco Kaminski n/a 41.46 (SP) Roseville Open POL


Matthew Markell 115.35 168.60 Lake Placid CAN
Chih-Sheng Chang (male) 73.73 113.19 All Year Open TPE
Clara Campbell 67.53 102.67 Lake Placid CAN
Jocelyn Hong 60.45 94.58 Lake Placid NZL
Sophia Kammann 58.63 92.80 Cardinal Clsc LUX
Ania Weglicka 62.53 92.54 Skate Dallas GBR
Amanda Kalluf 39.80 60.83 Chesapeake Open BRA
Hannah Dawson n/a 45.83 (SP) Lake Placid CAN


Katherina Frantz
Nicolas Frantz
70.88 108.08 Quebec (CAN) CAN
Gabriella Marvaldi
Daniel Villeneuve
n/a 47.99 (SP) Philadelphia Champs CAN


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