Current Scores – International Skaters Competing in 2015 U.S. Club Competitions

NOTE: Not all the skaters listed below have competed internationally yet. Skaters with confirmed international assignments in 2015 will be added to this page in future updates. Scores from the inaugural Philadelphia Summer International (Int.) are included below (as of August 19, top scores from Skate Detroit and Glacier Falls were added).
Some scores still need to be added from Moran Memorial.


Elizabet Tursynbaeva (GP) 128.89 183.38 Skate Detroit (FR) KAZ
Kaetlyn Osmond (GP) 105.91 164.92 Skate Detroit CAN
Alaine Chartrand (GP) 99.71 154.37 Lake Placid CAN
Miyu Nakashio (GP) 87.20 148.17 Broadmoor JPN
Selena Zhao 98.12 147.56 Skate Detroit (FR) CAN
Veronik Mallet (GP) 89.50 144.77 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Amy Lin (debuted at Asian Open Trophy; JGP USA) 83.84 139.53 All Year Open TPE
Katarina Kulgeyko (awaiting ISU clearance?) 87.86 137.14 Philadelphia Int. ISR
Nicole Rajicova 88.11 135.25 Moran Memorial SVK
Isadora Williams 85.30 132.60 Philadelphia Int. BRA
Elene Gedevanishvili 87.08 128.41 Moran Memorial GEO
Roxanne Rheault 78.47 125.73 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Julianne Delaurier 71.57 117.31 Glacier Falls CAN
Yasmine Yamada 67.06 109.54 Glacier Falls SUI
Marie Gabrielle Hemond 69.22 108.78 Lake Placid CAN
Frances Clare Untalan 63.09 107.91 Philadelphia Int. PHI
Aimee Buchanan 60.13 100.62 Lake Placid ISR
Cailey England 63.74 100.22 Glacier Falls CAN
Anastasia Kononenko 65.07 99.73 MidAtlantics UKR
Levana Wu 51.72 76.56 Philadelphia Int. TPE
Lena Wu 45.76 76.47 Philadelphia Int. TPE
Amirah Azfariena Azhari (JGP) n/a 65.12 Quad Cities MAS



Elladj Balde (GP) 145.13 219.07 Skate Detroit CAN
Nicolas Nadeau (JGP LAT) 142.18 203.66 Skate Detroit CAN
Brendan Kerry (GP) 135.00 194.96 Glacier Falls AUS
Daniel Samohin (JGP USA) 125.36 188.77 Philadelphia Int. ISR
Philip Warren 113.84 185.67 Skate Detroit FRA
Christophe Belley 117.82 181.80 Skate Detroit CAN
Shaquille Davis 116.67 177.78 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Roman Sadovsky (JGP SVK) 114.82 167.16 Skate Detroit CAN
Abzal Rakimglaiev 112.68 164.80 MidAtlantics KAZ
Bennet Toman 106.68 160.94 Skate Detroit CAN
Jack Kermezian 107.51 158.50 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Trevor Bergqvist 102.70 157.72 Broadmoor SWE
Laurent Guay 100.49 146.50 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Nicolas Tondreau-Alin 91.73 137.15 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Denis Margalik (JGP SVK) 121.75 (FS) n/a Skate Milwaukee ARG
Larry Loupolover (JGP USA) 90.51 (FS) n/a Chesapeake Open AZE
Alexei Bychenko (GP) n/a 75.25 (SP) Philadelphia Int. ISR
Liam Firus n/a 66.93 (SP) Broadmoor CAN
Jamie Wright n/a 60.67 (SP) Santa Fe SkateFest GBR
Lukas Kaugars (will debut for LAT) n/a 59.97 (SP) Santa Fe SkateFest LAT



Narumi Takahashi
Aleksandr Zaboev
n/a 127.23 Chicagoland Fall Inv JPN
AnnMarie Pearce
Mark Magyar
n/a 115.96 Chicagoland Fall Inv HUN
Alexandra Iovanna
Filippo Ambrosini
73.44 111.43 MidAtlantics ITA
Adel Tankova
Evgeni Krasnopolsky
65.00 107.50 Philadelphia Champs ISR
Lana Petranovic
Michael Lueck
56.43 86.43 MidAtlantics CRO


JUNIOR LADIES (only Ma & Markova have competed internationally as juniors)

McKenna Colthorp 91.93 136.05 Glacier Falls (FR) CAN
Megan Yim (JGP AUT) 90.48 132.65 Skate Detroit (FR) CAN
Emy Decelles (JGP USA) 89.38 132.50 Skate Detroit (FR) CAN
Amanda Tobin 84.83 131.68 Skate Detroit CAN
Rachel Pettitt 89.24 130.10 Glacier Falls (FR) CAN
Kim Cheremsky (JGP SVK) 84.55 126.85 MidAtlantics UKR
Alexis Dion 77.01 125.29 Skate Detroit (FR) CAN
Marjorie Comtois 79.91 120.71 Skate Detroit (FR) CAN
Kim Decelles 87.15 119.79 Skate Detroit (FR) CAN
Sarah Tamura (JGP LAT) 77.06 117.65 Skate Detroit CAN
Ella Mizrahi
(Tallinn Trophy)
76.47 116.37 Golden West ISR
Alicia Pineault 79.60 116.02 Skate Detroit CAN
Rena Ikenishi 81.39 115.14 MidAtlantics JPN
Justine Belzile 70.63 113.97 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Maisy Ma (JGP) 67.89 109.80 Broadmoor (FR) HKG
Chloe Ing (JGP USA) 70.60 108.30 Philadelphia Int. SIN
Michaela du Toit 66.56 105.76 Skate Detroit (FR) RSA
Emma Jang (JGP SVK) 64.08 102.90 Garden State Games TPE
Olivia Marleau 64.92 101.66 Glacier Falls CAN
Samantha Cabiles (JGP USA) 62.60 100.23 Philadelphia Int. PHI
Gabriella Vinokur (JGP USA) 65.45 99.29 L.A. Open ISR
Rosalie Chabot 64.09 98.80 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Colette Kaminski 62.31 97.43 Philadelphia Int. POL
Ajsha Gorman 60.60 97.06 Glacier Falls (FR) CAN
Teodora Markova (JGP CRO) 60.47 96.75 Providence Open BUL
Natalie Ng 59.83 96.17 Philadelphia Int. HKG
Hope McLean 57.47 94.61 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Kayla Smart 54.18 90.89 Apple Ice Clsc CAN
Joanna So (JGP USA) 53.43 89.17 Philadelphia Int. HKG
Sofia Del Rio (JGP USA) 54.75 87.93 Philadelphia Int. MEX
Meaganne Trudel-Gougeon 55.66 87.54 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Dominique Rajic 53.53 81.73 MidAtlantics SVK
Yat Long Cherry Lee n/a 78.31 Glacier Falls HKG
Mariah McCaw 50.24 76.48 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Amanda Stan (JGP SVK) 43.80 72.91 Philadelphia Int. ROU
Stephanie Chang 43.23 72.15 Philadelphia Int. TPE



Antony Cheng (JGP USA) 105.68 166.78 Skate Detroit CAN
Nicholas Vrdoljak (JGP USA) n/a 163.83 Skate Milwaukee CRO
Edrian Paul Celestino (JGP AUT) 110.43 163.56 Skate Detroit CAN
Artem Tsoglin (JGP) 95.50 139.09 MidAtlantics ISR
Trennt Michaud 81.18 122.14 Philadelphia Int. CAN
Larry Loupolover (JGP USA) n/a 45.91 (SP) Chesapeake AZE



Stephen Gogolev 107.50 158.03 Skate Detroit CAN
Karolina Calhoun (yet to compete internationally) 64.61 99.87 Chesapeake BRA
Sophie Abrams (Tallinn Trophy) 58.96 95.67 MidAtlantics (INT FR) ISR
Andrea Montesinos-Cantu 57.78 92.47 Lake Placid MEX
Gioia Pucci 45.33 76.52 Lake Placid EST



Hope McLean
Trennt Michaud
67.26 106.38 Philadelphia Champs CAN


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