Current Scores – International Skaters Competing in 2018 U.S. Club Competitions


Bennet Toman 133.80 205.31 Lake Placid CAN
Dustin Sheriff-Clayton 104.69 164.43 Broadmoor Open CAN
Nicolas Nadeau n/a 63.53 (SP) Lake Placid CAN
Laurent Guay n/a 57.37 (SP) Lake Placid CAN


Michelle Long 99.92 142.80 Lake Placid FS CAN
Valerie Giroux 93.77 140.91 Lake Placid FS CAN
Helene Carle 81.15 126.83 Lake Placid FS CAN
Sofia del Rio 69.18 113.26 Atlanta Open MEX
Amanda Stan 64.84 107.77 Lake Placid FS ROU
Maya Lappin 62.96 101.63 Lake Placid FS CAN
Stephanie Chang 58.58 88.25 Chesapeake TPE
Yi Christy Leung n/a 64.42 (SP) All Year Open HKG
Emy Decelles n/a 58.29 (SP) Lake Placid FS CAN
Alexia Paganini n/a 56.49 (SP) Lake Placid FS SUI
Brooklee Han n/a 54.06 (SP) Chesapeake Open AUS
Isadora Williams n/a 46.81 (SP) Chesapeake Open BRA
Netta Schreiber n/a 42.74 (SP) Lake Placid FS ISR


Seoyoun Ji 112.59 161.86 Broadmoor Open (FR) KOR
Chaebin Hwang 74.55 119.90 Broadmoor Open (FR) KOR
Jinny Kim 71.88 113.77 Broadmoor Open (FR) KOR
Sophia Kammann 60.70 96.28 Cardinal Clsc LUX
Jocelyn Hong 54.57 90.23 Morris Open NZL
Chiara Balbo 56.40 87.88 Ann Arbor Springtime ARG
Ella Chen n/a 36.38 (SP) Chesapeake Open ISR
Amanda Kalluf n/a 32.47 (SP) Morris Open BRA


Mark Gorodnitsky 111.82 180.06 Lake Placid ISR
Iliya Kovler 113.37 173.35 Lake Placid CAN
Alec Guinzbourg 88.80 126.27 Lake Placid CAN
Mauro Calcagno 62.03 100.83 Lake Placid ARG
Alexandre Simard n/a 44.99 (SP) Lake Placid CAN
Elliot Jang n/a 37.38 (SP) Morris Open TPE

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