2018 Senior Ladies Scores

New England Region

Megan Wessenberg 98.97 152.36 Colonial Open NE
Marietta Atkins 69.86 110.68 Colonial Open NE
Aurora Abraham 60.82 (FS) n/a North Shore Open NE
Alyssa Kohler 60.54 (FS) n/a North Star Open NE
Grace Coughlin 52.81 (FS) n/a North Star Open NE
Paulina Pawlak n/a 39.14 (SP) Colonial Open NE
Athena Boulas n/a 30.83 (SP) North Shore Open NE
Aurora Abraham n/a 30.12 (SP) Colonial Open NE

North Atlantic Region

Rena Ikenishi 91.76 140.59 Southern CT Open NA
Chelsea Mischuk 77.16 122.80 Calif. Champs NA
Sophie Nye 74.78 111.55 Morris Open NA
Imogene Schwarz 70.14 108.62 Colonial Open NA
Gabriella Calandra 70.67 101.49 Empire State NA
Kelly Koons 65.55 98.98 Empire State NA
Jessica Guo 67.76 98.49 Empire State NA
Megan Hovey 63.13 93.24 Cleveland Inv NA
Danielle Anzalone 59.70 92.65 Nassau Cty Champs NA
Kathryn D’Angelo 55.73 91.69 Southern CT Open NA
Emily Schacher 54.99 83.63 Morris Open NA
Abagail Smentkowski 69.92 (FS) n/a Morris Open NA
Sabrina Zayas 61.99 (FS) n/a Empire State NA
Maria Reynolds 51.99 (FS) n/a Empire State NA
R. Ikenishi n/a 51.60 (SP) Morris Open NA
C. Mischuk n/a 49.03 (SP) SoCal Interclub NA
Katie McBeath n/a 43.01 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime NA
Sabrina Zayas n/a 31.97 (SP) Southern CT Open NA


South Atlantic Region

Kristine Levitina 89.45 139.93 Florida Open SA
Morgan Leighow 66.34 109.69 May Day Open SA
Irina Gonzalez-Sigler 69.38 102.79 Florida Open SA
Grace Moyer 66.06 97.70 May Day Open SA
Katie Ross 65.03 96.84 Atlanta Open SA
Kyra Hoctor 64.76 92.39 Florida Open SA
Lauren Salzlechner 59.27 87.53 Florida Open SA
Madelyn Crawford 52.77 81.03 May Day Open SA
Gabriela Godin 73.75 (FS) n/a May Day Open SA
Grace Regan 63.57 (FS) n/a Central Carolina Clsc SA
Hailey Downey 52.74 (FS) n/a Central Carolina Clsc SA


Eastern Great Lakes Region

Aubyn Herbison 65.80 104.41 Ann Arbor Springtime EGL
Tori Bennett 72.17 101.75 Ann Arbor Springtime EGL
Kamryn Lorenzen 61.73 90.70 Ann Arbor Springtime EGL
Alexandra Polega 55.18 82.24 Ann Arbor Springtime EGL
Hope Manley 52.94 (FS) n/a SEGL Comp EGL
Jacqueline Budnick n/a 35.53 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime EGL
Lyndsay Ream n/a 33.54 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime EGL
Ani Kahaian n/a 30.29 (SP) Florida Open EGL
Brigid Carlson n/a 29.74 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime EGL


Upper Great Lakes Region

Haley Vihnanek 55.31 85.21 Ann Arbor Springtime UGL
Emily Berman 61.78 (FS) n/a Ladybug UGL
Gabrielle Garner 60.63 (FS) n/a Ladybug UGL
Olivia Pasinski 57.17 (FS) n/a Ladybug UGL
Kendall Phillips 54.34 (FS) n/a W.I.M. UGL
Maxine Marie Bautista n/a 53.49 (SP) Ladybug UGL
Marisa Mini 53.09 (FS) n/a Ladybug UGL
Elaine Manninen n/a 33.08 (SP) Quad City Champs UGL


Southwestern Region

Amber Glenn 130.50 193.52 Memorial Trophy SW
Hanna Harrell 113.80 170.87 Skate Dallas SW
Ashley Lin 109.77 157.33 Skate Dallas SW
Paige Rydberg 80.11 117.91 Skate Dallas SW
Alice Gugel 63.23 91.68 Fort Collins Clsc SW
Madeleine Gustafsson 58.73 (FS) n/a Memorial Trophy SW
P. Rydberg n/a 47.82 (SP) Denver Inv SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Akari Nakahara 94.69 150.47 SoCal Interclub SWP
A. Nakahara 93.53 145.95 All Year Open SWP
Elizaveta Kulik 82.28 132.69 Calif. Champs SWP
Samantha Appleton-Sackett 66.16 116.98 All Year Open SWP
Starr Andrews n/a 59.11 (SP) SoCal Interclub SWP
Vivian Le n/a 51.12 (SP) Skate Dallas SWP


Central Pacific Region

Alysa Liu 130.91 198.57 SoCal Interclub CP
A. Liu 124.00 194.87 CCIA Comp CP
Sierra Venetta 85.23 137.10 CCIA Comp CP
Julie Suzuki 57.03 (FS) n/a CCIA Comp CP
Louisa Warwin 59.02 89.47 All Year Open CP


Northwest Pacific Region

Livvy Shilling 87.19 137.37 Ann Arbor Springtime NWP
Julia Fennell 59.92 93.34 Denver Inv SWP
L. Shilling 92.09 (FS) n/a Denver Inv NWP

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