2017 Senior Men Scores

New England Region

Ross Miner n/a 78.44 (SP) Colonial Open NE


North Atlantic Region

Jimmy Ma 126.39 185.02 Broadmoor Open NA
Stephen Kuo 74.12 (FS) n/a NJ Council Champs NA
Stephen Kuo n/a 32.65 (SP) Morris Open NA

Note: Kuo (listed as an Individual Member of USFS) last competed in 2012 & internationally for TPE in the 2010-11 season and he is included here because I don’t yet know if he is still TPE or back in U.S. system.

South Atlantic Region

Timothy Dolensky 151.22 229.10 Broadmoor Open SA
Ben Jalovick 83.74 127.28 Broadmoor Open SA
Ben Jalovick 111.99 (FS) n/a Santa Fe SkateFest SA
Timothy Dolensky n/a 83.34* (SP) Atlanta Open SA
Emmanuel Savary n/a 65.85 (SP) May Day Open SA

Note: Dolensky’s program component score (PCS) was factored by 2 on his Atlanta Open protocol sheet (as if for a free skate) and should be 37.00+46.34 TES.  

Eastern Great Lakes Region



Upper Great Lakes Region

Jordan Moeller 130.36 200.73 Broadmoor Open UGL
Colton Johnson 71.77 108.59 Roseville Open UGL
Alexander Johnson n/a 72.09 (SP) Roseville Open UGL
Tomoki Hiwatashi n/a 61.72 (SP) Santa Fe SkateFest UGL
Jordan Moeller n/a 57.25 (SP) Santa Fe SkateFest UGL


Southwestern Region

Luke West n/a 127.90 Broadmoor Open SW
Alex Krasnozhon n/a 75.52 (SP) Broadmoor Open SW
Luke Kirchgessner n/a 56.73 (SP) Santa Fe SkateFest SW


Southwest Pacific Region

Shotaro Omori n/a 47.15 (SP) SoCal Interclub SWP


Central Pacific Region



Northwest Pacific Region


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