How Scoretracker Works

Unseen Skaters has been tracking the International Judging System (IJS) scores of the singles skaters and pair teams competing in U.S. non-qualifying competitions at the Juvenile through Senior levels during 2008 (from January onwards). As the results of our data tracking are published, there are some important clarifications and disclaimers we would like our readers to consider:

1. Comparing the scores of different judging panels in different areas of the country is NOT a reliable predictor of who will be most successful in the upcoming qualifying competition season. There are many variations in the composition of the judging and technical panels in regards to experience and knowledge. In addition, ISU Communications and U.S. Figure Skating Technical Notifications have been issued over time (and will continue to be issued), changing the composition and values of elements and programs.

2. Not all competition results used in this project have been published online; however, partial results and scores from several competitions have been obtained from official result sheets at the rink or other official sources. In the past, for example, scores for the Broadmoor Open were posted live on the main arena’s jumbotron and retrieved while the competition was viewed online. Interested individuals are invited to send us, via email, scans of official result sheets. All other scores come from club websites (though free skate scores were not always published separately). All regions were affected by the unavailability of certain competition results, with the Northwest Pacific region being the hardest hit (very few of their club competition results were published online). Scores from the U.S. Collegiate Championships and Canadian club competitions (in which U.S. skaters compete) are used in this project.

3. Unseen Skaters is trying to be as inclusive as possible in tracking results. We are providing the twelve highest scores (more whenever possible) in each region for Junior through Senior level singles skaters, and the twenty highest scores for Juvenile through Novice. If a skater has multiple scores in the top 12+, we have used their highest score and moved on to the next skater’s highest score.

4. Short program and free skate scores have been combined from the same competition, even if the competition did not have a combined overall result. If both short program qualifying and final rounds and free skate qualifying and final rounds are held in the same competition, the highest SP and highest FS score will be combined in the total score. Scores from SP Only events and FS qualifying rounds (2015 Broadmoor Open Junior ladies) will be used if the combined total is higher than the combined event total score. The best score for an individual Juvenile skater, either qualifying or final round, is used. We do not combine scores from different competitions; both short and free scores must be from the same competition and, combined, total the highest score that skater has earned in the season.

5. Pairs have been included in this project. Scores will be removed for the teams that have officially split before the start of the qualifying season.

6. The scores and placements will be continuously updated as results from the most recent, as well as older, competitions are published online and/or obtained through official channels.

7. In the event of a tied score, skaters will be listed alphabetically by last name, both in Scoretracker and the Top Ten.

8. U.S. skaters representing other countries (those who have already competed internationally yet have retained their USFS club membership), as well as those skaters who have yet to compete internationally but are not scheduled to compete at regionals this year, are not included in IJS Scoretracker Top Ten results, but instead have their own section on Scoretracker.


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