Top Ten

Last updated: Sept. 27, 2018 (Boston Open, submitted scores for Oktoberfest; Challenge Cup, U.S. Challenge Skate, Chicagoland Fall Inv., Cranberry Open, Braemar/June, submitted scores for SW Florida Fall Classic; MidAtlantics, PNIC Champs, submitted scores for Chicagoland Fall Inv., Copper Cup, Hidden Valley Open, Blades on Ice, Orange County Open; previous: Golden West, Skate San Francisco, Minnesota State Champs, Skate The Lake and submitted scores for Moran Memorial & Miami Open; DuPage Open, Philly Summer; Glacier Falls; Skate Detroit, Skate Wilmington; Skate Milwaukee, Cannon Texas Open submitted scores; Orange Blossom Jr Men submitted scores, SoCal Open; L.A. Open Sr. & Jr. Ladies submitted scores; Lake Placid, Grand Rapids Open Juv. Girls submitted scores)

Scores below are from non-qualifying (club) competitions only; international scores are listed on the individual pages for Senior/Junior/Novice.
Pairs scores (all levels) are listed on the Pairs page.


Bradie Tennell Skokie Valley SC 222.63 DuPage Open UGL
Alysa Liu St Moritz ISC 198.57 SoCal Interclub CP
Amber Glenn Dallas FSC 193.52 Memorial Trophy SW
Ting Cui Baltimore FSC 186.80 Glacier Falls SA
Hanna Harrell Dallas FSC 184.41 Skate Detroit SW
Pooja Kalyan Ozark FSC 177.77 Skate Milwaukee SW
Courtney Hicks All Year FSC 176.92 DuPage Open SWP
Starr Andrews Los Angeles FSC 175.47 L.A. Open SWP
Megan Wessenberg Mitchell Johansson Method 171.41 Glacier Falls NE
Ashley Lin Dallas FSC 170.21 Cannon TX Open SW



Sean Rabbitt Glacier Falls FSC 223.83 Glacier Falls SWP
Tomoki Hiwatashi DuPage FSC 216.82 DuPage Open UGL
Emmanuel Savary Broadmoor SC 210.28 Skate Dallas SW
Timothy Dolensky Atlanta FSC 209.29 Skate Detroit SA
Camden Pulkinen Broadmoor SC 206.00 Broadmoor SW
Alex Johnson Braemar-City of Lakes FSC 196.49 Braemar UGL
Andrew Torgashev Broadmoor SC 194.94 Broadmoor SW
Daniel Kulenkamp FSC of Southern Calif. 188.10 Glacier Falls SWP
Ryan Dunk (staying JR) Baltimore FSC 187.50 Chesapeake SA
Jordan Moeller Northern Ice SC 184.19 DuPage Open UGL
William Hubbart St Moritz ISC 183.95 SW FL Fall Clsc CP

Note: Andrew Torgashev (206.41) and Jimmy Ma (198.88) scored higher at the Philadelphia Summer International in early August.


Audrey Shin SC of New York 169.79 SoCal Interclub NA
Gabriella Izzo Mitchell Johansson Method 169.15 Lake Placid NE
Emma Coppess Los Angeles FSC 166.11 L.A. Open SWP
Sarah Jung Columbia FSC (MD) 160.81 Broadmoor (FR+QR) SA
Emilia Murdock SC of San Francisco 152.68 Glacier Falls (FR) CP
Stephanie Ciarochi Dallas FSC 148.03 Glacier Falls SW
Angelina Huang St Peters (MO) FSA 146.66 Denver Inv UGL
Jill Heiner FSC of Southern MD 145.67 Philly Summer (QR+FR) SA
Jessica Lin Dallas FSC 142.22 Skate Dallas SW
Noelle Rosa Salt Lake FS 140.56 US Challenge Skate CP



Ryan Dunk Baltimore FSC 197.87 Glacier Falls SA
Peter Liu SC of Wilmington (DE) 180.69 Philly Summer SA
Dinh Tran SC of San Francisco 174.13 Skate San Francisco CP
Joseph Kang Univ of DE FSC 172.55 Philly Summer SA
JoonSoo Kim Los Angeles FSC 171.22 Glacier Falls SWP
Nicholas Hsieh SC of Wilmington (DE) 164.97 Skate Wilmington SA
Lucas Altieri Pines FSC 163.75 Orange Blossom SA
Eric Sjoberg Los Angeles FSC 161.87 Orange County SWP
Luke Ferrante SC of Hunrsville (AL) 160.33 Glacier Falls EGL
David Shapiro Detroit SC 154.40 Chesapeake EGL


NOVICE LADIES (expanded to top 12)

Alena Budko Winterhawks FSC 140.51 Glacier Falls (QR) NWP
Laura Jacobson SC of New York 139.16 Philly Summer (FR) NA
Kate Wang SC of San Francisco 137.44 Glacier Falls (FR) CP
Alyssa Chan Dallas FSC 135.64 Skate Dallas SW
Madison Nguyen Dallas FSC 134.29 Skate Dallas SW
Indi Cha Mitchell Johansson Method 133.12 Colonial Open NE
Finley Hawk ISC of Indianapolis 129.48 Skate The Lake EGL
Arianna Concepcion Colonial FSC 129.32 Lake Placid (FR+QR) NE
Calista Choi Skokie Valley SC 129.28 U.S. Challenge Skate UGL
Aubrey Ignacio All Year FSC 125.94 Glacier Falls (QR) SWP
Mia Kalin St Moritz ISC 125.36 Skate San Francisco CP
Isabelle Inthisone DuPage FSC 125.13 Skate Detroit (QR) UGL



Ilia Malinin Washington FSC 167.04 Chesapeake SA
Joseph Klein Skokie Valley SC 160.39 DuPage Open UGL
Matthew Nielsen Strongsville SC 159.40 Skate Detroit EGL
Daniel Argueta Memorial FSC of Houston 144.99 Bluebonnet Open SW
Philip Baker Colonial FSC 144.58 Cranberry Open NE
Daniel Turchin Northern Ice SC 142.01 Chicagoland Fall UGL
Trevor Bucek Northern Ice SC 137.89 Southport UGL
Austin Borjas-Ewell San Antonio FSC 136.02 Skate Detroit SW
Maxim Zharkov Dallas FSC 134.19 Philly Summer SW
Jordan Evans Univ of DE FSC 133.79 Challenge Cup SA


INTERMEDIATE LADIES (expanded to top 12)

Lindsay Thorngren Ice House of NJ FSC 142.39 Moran Memorial NA
Isabeau Levito SC of Southern NJ 133.89 MidAtlantics (FR) NA
Gloria Xia Univ of DE FSC 126.26 Philly Summer (FR) SA
Mia Kalin (moved up to NOV) St Moritz ISC 121.34 Broadmoor (FR+QR) CP
Elsa Cheng Skokie Valley SC 121.16 Southport UGL
Clara Kim Washington FSC 120.83 Philly Summer (QR+FR) SA
Macie Rolf Illinois Valley FSC 120.68 Skate Detroit (QR) UGL
Hazel Collier SC of Boston 119.72 Colonial (QR) NE
Alexandra Boyd Orlando FSC 117.96 Skate Detroit (FR) SA
Gwen Bloesch SC of Southern NJ 114.40 Philly Summer (FR) NA
Morgan Heavrin FSC of Park City 114.23 Oktoberfest CP
Georgia Bolocan Atlanta FSC 105.68 Skate Detroit (FR) SA
Elizabeth Hong Pasadena FSC 104.52 Glacier Falls (QR) SWP



Kai Kovar Wasatch FSC 110.94 Skate Detroit CP
Robert Yampolsky North Jersey FSC 109.23 Skate Wilmington NA
Daniel Martynov Northern Ice SC 107.31 Chicagoland Fall UGL
Michael Xie North County FSC 102.94 Hidden Valley SWP
Bryan Lehmann Yarmouth IC 99.08 Colonial Open NE
Jacob Sanchez Hudson Valley FSC 97.00 Colonial Open NA
Yuki Horiko Ice House of NJ FSC 96.88 North Star NA
Lucas Broussard (staying JUV) Highland SC 96.18 Skate Detroit NWP
Ethan Peal Skokie Valley SC 91.66 Southport UGL
Matthew Mlachak Gilmour Academy FSC 91.28 Cleveland Inv EGL
Sergei Evseev All Year FSC 91.23 Golden West SWP


JUVENILE GIRLS (expanded to top 12)

Ava Neuhaus DuPage FSC 58.15 Chicagoland Fall (QR) UGL
Lara Inana SC of Brewster 57.73 Lake Placid (QR) NA
Alina Bonillo DuPage FSC 57.25 DuPage Open (FR) UGL
Ava Ziegler SC of New York 57.00 Lake Placid (QR) NA
Lilly Mills SC of New York 56.98 MidAtlantics (QR) NA
Lydia Canavan Colonial FSC 55.02 Lake Placid (FR) NE
Janice Baek Dallas FSC 54.34 Skate Dallas (FR) SW
Jordan Scott Champions’ Edge SC 53.13 Miami Open (FR) SA
Kanon Smith All Year FSC 53.06 Golden West (FR) SWP
Phoebe Stubblefield Panthers FSC 52.72 SW FL Fall Clsc (QR) SA
Nicole Shalaev Dallas FSC 52.02 Glacier Falls (QR) SW
Lauren Jeong Finer Edge FSC 51.97 Boston Open NE



Lucas Broussard Highland SC 61.60 Blades on Ice NWP
Matthew Grossman Mitchell Johansson Method 50.09 Boston Open NE
Mikah Tong South Bay FSC 44.18 Golden West SWP
Jonathan Hildebrandt SC of Boston 44.16 Boston Open NE
Zachary LoPinto SC of New York 41.65 MidAtlantics NA
Lucius Kazanecki Ice House of NJ FSC 41.27 MidAtlantics NA
Brandon James Baldoz All Year FSC 41.00 SoCal Interclub SWP
Tao MacRae Seattle SC 40.89 Broadmoor NWP
Nikita Prudsky SC of Houston 39.64 Cannon TX Open SW
Luke Witkowski SC of Boston 39.54 Boston Open NE

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