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Scoretracker & Top Ten update for June competitions

Posted by unseenskaters on June 29, 2012

These are the latest June club competitions that have been entered into Scoretracker/Top Ten: New Jersey Council CFSC Championships, North Shore Open, Skate Austin Bluebonnet Open, Southport Summer Classic (special thanks to the person who sent us the complete, official results!), Atlanta Open, Heart of America Invitational, Summer Chiller, and CCIA Comp. Broadmoor Open scores will be added to Scoretracker and Top Ten in the next day or two (edited to add on 6/30: ditto for Chesapeake Open).

If anyone else would like to help us out with any still unpublished competition results (check the CLUB COMPS page – competitions missing online results still have the word “Info” in the column), please e-mail us a scan or a photograph of an official event results sheet to Unseen Skaters Online by clicking here. Thank you!

For 2012-13 season ice dance results, be sure to visit Ice-Dance.com for scores compiled by competition and photos from select events.

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2012 Boston Open (June 22-23) – live, free video stream

Posted by unseenskaters on June 22, 2012

The Boston Open, hosted annually by the Skating Club of Boston, has a free, live video stream on Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23, 2012, again this year.

Click here to view the free, live stream

Click here to view the event schedule (all times are Eastern)

Many thanks to the person who submitted the following observations and unofficial scores (corrections welcomed) from Friday’s and Saturday’s Boston Open video stream for posting here (notes added later by Sylvia [are in brackets]:

Senior Men SP (exhibition):
Harrison Choate: 3Lz+3T, solid 3F, spread eagle into 2A. 59.24 [Note: 31.40 TES/27.84 PCS; Latin medley of “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” and “Mambo Jambo” by Perez Prado].

Senior Ladies SP (6 competed):
Rachel Zeppi: 2A weak landing, 3S good, 2Lz+2T Skating to a flowy piece by Secret Garden. 20.10 + 17.34 = 37.44

Haley Dunne: 3F fall, 3Lz+1T, 2A. Feed went out while scores were announced [Note: Dunne later tweeted her score – 44.74 – 24.80 TES/20.94 PCS – and confirmed her SP music is “Fascination” by Andre Rieu (originally from Love In the Afternoon).]

Lauren Lampiasi: 2F+2T, 2A fall, 2S fall. Violin music. 14.30 + 14.86 = 27.16

Jade Dube: 3Lo< step out, 2A< fall, big 2F with arms over head. 12.00 + 13.76 = 24.56

Alexandria Shaughnessy: 3S< fall, 2A, 2Lz. Pretty layback. Piano music. 17.00 + 17.98 = 33.88

Yasmin Siraj: 3T+2T, 3Lz fall, great layback spin, big 2A turn out. Last year's short program music [Ravel's "Daphnis and Chloe"] 25.80 + 20.26 = 45.06

Senior Ladies FS (4 competed)
Rachel Zeppi: 2A, 2Lz-2T, 3S step out, 1A, 2F arms over head, 3S step out, 2Lz-2T. smooth, light quality to her skating. 26.84 + 32.10 = 57.94

Haley Dunne: 3F, rockers into 3Lz fall, 3T, 3F-2T, 3S-2T, 2A, 1Lz, Very graceful, good choreography. 43.07 + 43.61 = 85.68 [Symphonic Dances by Rachmaninov]

Yasmin Siraj: 3T-2T, 3Lz fall, 2S, 2A, 1Lz, combo spin with change of direction, 2T, 2A-2T-2Lo. Certainly not her best jump wise, but it is her first competition and she tends to improve as the season goes on. Very musical as always. 40.12 + 45.03 = 84.15 [“Seven Years in Tibet” soundtrack]

Jenelle Herman: 3T-2T, 2A, walley 3T fall, 3S-2T, 2Lz-2T, 1A, 3S fall. Some jump issues, but again it’s early in the season. Very powerful skater. 35.91 + 34.82 = 68.73 [Tosca]

Alexia Rogers won Junior ladies, 30.09 + 35.73 = 65.82. skated to “Black Swan” 2A, 2Lz-2Lo, 2F-2Lo, 2Lz, 2F, 1A, 2Lo

Also: Harrison Choate skated his Senior Men FS exhibition to “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” and he looked like he enjoyed performing “in character” and skating in a light-hearted, humorous manner. Think he landed 5 triples, two 2A, plus 1 fall (3F?) and his unofficial scores were 57.73 TES + 59.18 PCS (-1) = 115.91.

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2012 Broadmoor Open (June 20-23) results & highlights

Posted by unseenskaters on June 21, 2012

The Broadmoor Open, a major early season club competition hosted annually by the Broadmoor Skating Club, is taking place June 20-23 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Click here to purchase and view the live/on-demand webcast

Click here to view the event schedule by day (all times are Mountain)

Click here for complete, official results


NOTE: The skater’s region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region; the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters. OFFICIAL, COMPLETE RESULTS (IJS and 6.0) hopefully will be published on the club’s site after the competition ends.

SATURDAY in World Arena (listed in event order) – unofficial results/scores will be edited in this space throughout the day:

Juvenile Boys FS (2 competed)
J Sedlar (EGL) 31.67, C Pulkinen (SWP) 29.16

Juvenile Girls FS Final (15 competed)
S Shi (EGL) 44.13, S Porter 43.72, M Fox 42.76, A Merges (CP) 41.84, A Kim 40.77, A Garcia 40.59, A Friess (CP) 40.32, K Nguyen 38.73, R Gautsche 37.72, M Gagerman (UGL) 36.07, L Zhang (UGL) 35.65, J Peng 35.01, A McConnell 33.88, E Egbers (UGL) 33.05, B Greco 29.71

Intermediate Men FS & Final standings – combined SP+FS score (10 competed)
K Li (UGL) 80.58, M Friess (CP) 75.31, S Anderson 73.03, M Graham (NWP) 71.37, L Kirchgessner 67.82, T Schwappach 65.21, J Simon (UGL) 62.17, K Coward 60.70, K Anderson (EGL) 57.27, M Rounis (SWP) 53.91(official revised score)

Intermediate Ladies FS & Final standings (15 competed)
P Rydberg (UGL) 91.99 [59.21 FS, Bach Toccata & Fugue organ piece in a sparkly purple dress] – her jumps had nice speed & flow out: 2S, 2Lz, 2A, 2A+1A, 2Lz+2Lo, 2F+2T+2Lo;
S Danh 85.50 [55.85 FS, Tango medley in a black dress] – jumps included: 3S+1T, 2A+1Lo+2Lo, 2Lz+2Lo, 3S fall, 1A fall out;
3-15: E Fairbanks 79.78, A Kortjohn 76.14, I Hills (NWP) 75.16, A Verheydt (NWP) 73.51, J Tu (EGL) 72.75, A Hernandez 72.64, K Stamm 72.26, M Cardamone 69.45, L Billera 67.91, A Vongphachanh 66.78, M Peterson 65.40, F Nguyen (UGL) 64.85, A Rooney (NE) 62.96

Novice Men FS & Final standings (7 competed)
A Boucher 112.04, L West (NA) 110.05, D Neudecker 104.71, B Johnson (EGL) 104.22, I Miyata (NWP) 92.54, J Curley 88.67, A Mains (UGL) 84.04

Novice Ladies FS & Final standings (12 competed)
Z Gong (CAN) 110.84 [74.08 FS] – James Bond medley – jumps: 2A+2T, 3Lo+2T, 3S, 2A, 2Lz, 2F+2Lo
C Taylor (SWP) 95.42, E Pulkinen (CP) 93.59, L Shilling (EGL) 93.57, C Roslin (EGL) 92.16, T Hannig 88.74, K Doan 80.40, E Gabriele (SWP) 78.91, M Boswell (EGL) 73.76, G Le (UGL) 72.45, K Nowell 62.18, E Hixenbaugh 59.16

Novice Pairs FS (2 teams)
E Egbers/J Simon (UGL) 52.08, L LaChance/K Anderson (EGL) 42.52

Junior Pairs FS Exhibition
M Aaron/M Settlage 75.32 “Carmen” in practice outfits [no audio for most of program]
Both landed sbs falling leaf into 3S, 2twist, 2A (she singled) to 2A (imperfect landings), throw 3S (fell out), throw 3Lo fall, BODS, sbs spin combo a bit off unison, final lift came down early, pair spin to end.

Senior Pairs FS Exhibition
H Denney/B Frazier 101.05 “La Strada” by Nino Rota in practice outfits
High 3twist, throw 3S, 2A to 2Lo seq., sbs 3S (she landed he turned out on 1 ft), sbs spin good unison, lasso lift (CW rotation) to star (CCW rot.), throw 3Lo fall, pair spin, 2 lifts near end, FIDS.

[Senior Men FS cancelled]

Senior Ladies FS & Final standings (11 competed)
H Miller (EGL) 153.95 [103.29 FS] “The Storm” by Balázs Havasi (modern piano & orchestra piece) – energetic performance with 6 triples landed: 3Lo+2Lo, 3F(turnout)+2Lo, 3Lz, 3F(slight 2ft?)+2A, 2A, 3Lo, 3S
A Wang (CP) 139.69 [92.33 FS] good lyrical expression to Ladies in Lavender soundtrack – 3F+3T, 3Lz, 3Lo+2T, 2Lz, 1Lo, 2A, 1S
C Yan (CAN) 121.29 [78.45 FS] Firebird – popped T, 3F(eked out), 2A+2T+2Lo hung on, 3S+2T, 1Lz, 3S, 3T+2T
K Charbonneau (CAN) 112.16 – looked like she deliberately watered down her jump content to focus on presenting/expressing her new program, an instrumental of “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables
5-11: C Christopher (EGL) 111.70, M Bell 111.03, K Struthwolf (CP) 104.30, M Koehler (EGL) 102.68, A Hsu (EGL) 101.26, J Sims 88.22, C Nickerson (EGL) 81.64
FS start order: C Nickerson (EGL), A Hsu (EGL), J Sims, D Koris (GRE) / K Struthwolf (CP), K Charbonneau (CAN), C Christopher (EGL), M Koehler (EGL) / M Bulanhagui (PHI), A Wang (CP), C Yan (CAN), M Bell, H Miller (EGL)

Junior Men FS & Final standings (2 competed)
S Payannet 126.67 [81.56 FS], B Krentz (UGL) 125.35 [82.61 FS]

Junior Ladies FS & Final standings (12 competed)
P Edmunds (CP) 170.06 [114.22 FS! 63.90 TES/50.32 PCS] Romeo & Juliet by Rota – 7 triples landed: 3Lz+3T, 3F+3T, 2A, 3Lo+2T+2Lo, 3F, 2A, 3S. VERY impressive consistency throughout this competition!
B Long (UGL) 148.53 [91.35, 2nd] West Side Story (orchestral version) – 2A+2A, 3Lz(hand)+1T, 3Lo fall, 3F, 3S, 1F, 3Lz. Her qualifying round FS on Wed. was much better (7 triples rotated; see below) but she kept it together to the end.
A Kurtz 127.61 [81.91, 5th] Lord of the Rings soundtrack
K Shpilband (NA) 126.45 [88.49, 3rd] Phantom of the Opera – 3Lz+2T, 3F, 2A, 3Lz fall, 2T+3T, 2S+2T, 3Lo. Great improvement on qualifying round skate – some very expressive moments.
M Bell 120.44 [86.72, 4th] West Side Story (violin version) – 3Lz hung on, 3F+2T, 3S fall, 2A+2A, 3F, 3Lz fall, 3T+2T. Charismatic performance!
A Fu 118.19 [75.49, 6th] Miss Saigon
7-12: S Seibold 91.11, M Craze 88.59, T Nguyen 88.29, M Gottlieb (NE) 84.95, S Pultorak 74.31, R Lawson 72.00
FS start order: M Gottlieb (NE), S Pultorak, R Lawson, S Seibold, T Nguyen, M Craze / B Long (UGL), P Edmunds (CP), K Shpilband (NA), A Fu, M Bell, A Kurtz

FRIDAY in World Arena (listed in event order) – unofficial results/scores will be edited in this space throughout the day:

Juvenile Dance Exhibition
Lauren Hogg/Evan Walter (SW) 23.67

Intermediate Men SP (10 competed)
M Friess (CP) 28.95, S Anderson 28.45, K Li (UGL) 27.87, L Kirchgessner 24.36, M Graham (NWP) 24.33, J Simon (UGL) 23.73, T Schwappach 23.05, K Coward 21.87, M Rounis (SWP) 20.21, K Anderson (EGL) 17.33

Intermediate Ladies SP (15 competed)
P Rydberg (UGL) 32.87 [Phantom of the Opera in red dress, landed 2F, 2Lz+2T, 2A], S Danh 29.65, I Hills (NWP) 29.24, E Fairbanks 28.83, A Hernandez 28.37, K Stamm 27.41, M Cardamone 27.26, J Tu (EGL) 27.17, A Kortjohn 26.96, A Vongphachanh 26.45, A Verheydt (NWP) 26.14, L Billera 25.14, F Nguyen (UGL) 23.43, A Rooney (NE) 20.54, M Peterson 20.08
SP start order (15 total):
K Stamm, A Vongphachanh, I Hills (NWP), M Cardamone, J Tu (EGL) / P Rydberg (UGL), A Hernandez, E Fairbanks, A Rooney (NE), F Nguyen (UGL) / A Kortjohn, M Peterson, L Billera, S Danh, A Verheydt (NWP)

Novice Men SP (8 competed):
A Boucher 38.55 [Firebird], L West (NA – recently relocated from NY to train at Broadmoor) 36.91 [Fly Me to the Moon], D Neudecker 34.05, B Johnson (EGL) 33.06, J Curley 30.24, I Miyata (NWP) 29.90, A Mains (UGL) 27.91, D Takayama (EGL) 26.71

Novice Ladies SP (12 competed)
C Taylor (SWP) 36.78, Z Gong (CAN) 36.76, T Hannig 35.04, E Pulkinen (CP) 33.15, L Shilling (EGL) 31.79, C Roslin (EGL) 30.10, E Gabriele (SWP) 28.61, K Doan 28.23, G Le (UGL) 26.14, M Boswell (EGL) 25.86, E Hixenbaugh 21.96, K Nowell 21.83

Senior Pairs SP (2 teams)
A Scimeca (UGL)/C Knierim (new) 50.89 [29.87 TES/21.02 PCS] Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – high 3twist, really big throw 3F, 3S (he fell, she landed). A promising debut!
H Denney/B Frazier (SWP) 46.09 [23.81 TES/22.28 PCS] Spanish guitar with castanets – 2A performed opposite each other in a circle (she fell out, he landed), 3twist looked very good; throw 3S bit of a wild landing but she hung on. Sophisticated program and mature look for them.

Junior Pairs SP (2 teams)
M Aaron (SWP)/M Settlage 45.13 [24.53/20.60] Saint-Saens’ The Swan – 2twist, 2A fine, throw 3S fall. Elegant, lyrical performance – she really gets into the “swan” character!
B Simpson/M Blackmer (EGL) 40.34 [19.46/20.88] Zorro soundtrack – throw 3S hand, 2twist, 2A (she spun out of hers, he singled). Both showed good expression and “Spanish” flair.

Novice Pairs SP (1 team)
L LaChance/K Anderson (EGL) 22.67

Junior Men (Combined Event) SP (3 total)
S Payannet 45.11, B Krentz (UGL) 42.74, C Belmontes 39.08

Junior Ladies (Combined Event) SP (12 competed)
B Long 57.18 (revised official score) [original score 56.78: 33.94 TES/22.84 PCS] – 3Lz(good distance)+3T, 3F, outside edge spread eagle to 2A
P Edmunds 55.84 [33.64 TES/22.20 PCS] – 3Lz(looked good)+3T, 3F, 2A
3-12: A Kurtz 45.70, A Fu 42.70, K Shpilband 37.96, M Bell 33.72 (music is “I’m A-Doun for Lack O’ Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantasy)” played by violinist Vanessa-Mae), T Nguyen 33.22, S Seibold 29.78, M Craze 29.48, M Gottlieb (NE) 29.12, S Pultorak 28.30, R Lawson 22.24
SP start order (12 total):
S Seibold, T Nguyen, K Shpilband (NA), A Fu, P Edmunds (CP), M Craze / M Gottlieb (NE), A Kurtz, B Long (UGL), R Lawson, S Pultorak, Mar. Bell

Senior Men (Combined Event) SP (2 total)
P Parkinson (ITA) 68.28 (revised official score) – kept his “Nothing Else Matters” program – landed 3A, 3Lz+3T, 3F fell out
J Partridge (GBR) 40.96 – “American Beauty” soundtrack?

Senior Ladies (Combined Event) SP (13 competed)
H Miller 50.66 – Tango w/ some sharp choreo – 3Lo turnout-went for 3Lo fell out, 2-fted 3F turnout, 2A
M Bulanhagui 50.14 – Egyptian Disco (last year’s?) – “redeemed” herself today by landing 3F+2T, 3Lz, 2A & had a lot of fun performing
A Wang 47.36 – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon soundtrack (her FS from last season turned into a SP) – 1Lz, 3F+2T, Ina Bauer to 2A
4-13: M Bell 43.28, C Yan (CAN) 42.84, C Christopher 38.84, K Charbonneau (CAN) 37.98, K Struthwolf 36.66, M Koehler 36.50, A Hsu 35.96, J Sims 34.28, D Koris (GRE) 27.70, C Nickerson 25.80
Start order (15 total):
M Bulanhagui (PHI)-added, D Koris (GRE), Mor. Bell, A Wang (CP), C Nickerson (EGL) / M Daniels, A Hsu (EGL), M Stammen (UGL), K Struthwolf (CP), Mad. Koehler (EGL) / K Charbonneau (CAN), J Sims, C Christopher (EGL), C Yan (CAN), H Miller (EGL)

Senior Men’s Jumps (6 competed; 6.0 judging)
2 attempts allowed per jump, best attempt judged: “Double or Triple Axel; any 3 jump combo; any triple or quad jump out of footwork”
Final standings: M Aaron 5/1, B Mroz 5/2, P Parkinson (ITA) 5/3, T Dolensky (SA) 3/4, T Koleto 4/5, B Krentz (UGL) 4/6

Quite a display by Max Aaron in the Senior Men’s Jumps event – nice 4S in warm-up, then 4T a bit rougher; in his 6 passes: high 3A, 3A; 4S+2T+2Lo, popped S into 2?; 4T, 4T fell out.

Paul Parkinson: 3A, 3A (both solid); 3Lz+2T+2Lo; 2 falls on 4S attempts.

Brandon Mroz: 3A+3T+3T in WU; 3A, 3A, 3A+3T+3T, 3A fell out, 4Lo fall, 4Lo fall. The crowd encouraged him to try again (the event had ended), but he didn’t succeed in 2 more attempts.

In the first group, Timothy Dolensky fell on his first 3A, then fell out of his second 3A (good attempt); he also landed 3F+2T+2T and stepped out of a ‘tano 3Lz. Tim Koleto fell on both his 3A but they looked close, and he landed a 3F+2T+2Lo.

Senior Ladies’ Jumps (3 competed; 6.0 judging)
Polina Edmunds landed everything: 1-foot footwork/turns into 2A (twice); 3Lz+3T+2Lo (2nd was better); 3F (twice). Angela Wang fell on her two 3Lz (combo) attempts but landed Ina into 2A (twice) and 3F (twice). Final standings: Edmunds 5/1, Wang 5/2, C Christopher 5/3

THURSDAY Results – World Arena:

Novice Men SP Only (2 competed)
I Miyata (NWP) 27.14, J Curley 23.53

Junior Men SP Only (2 competed)
B Krentz (UGL) 44.55, L Kaugars 44.31 [instrumental of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”]

Senior Ladies SP Only (7 competed)
C Yan (CAN) 44.58, M Bulanhagui (PHI) 36.60, K Struthwolf (CP) 34.18, C Christopher (EGL) 31.40, A Hsu (EGL) 28.32 C Nickerson (EGL) 28.18, D Koris (GRE) 27.70
WD: M Stammen (UGL), M Daniels, M Phelps (NE), J Dahm (UGL), K Charbonneau (CAN)

Senior Men SP Only (5 competed)
B Mroz 68.17 [was 67.67 on Jumbotron & later revised on official results sheet] – 4Lo (fall, reportedly received credit for rotation), 3A, 3Lz+2T (kept last year’s “Mack the Knife” program)
T Koleto 50.21 – 3A fall, 3Lz(hand)+1T, 3F (kept last year’s Waltz program)
T Dolensky (SA) 46.66 – 3A fall, 3F fall out, ‘tano 3Lz (jazzy “Beyond the Sea”)
M Aaron 45.05 – 4S fall, 2T (planned 4T?), 1A (action soundtrack?)
J Partridge (GBR) 41.36

Junior Ladies SP Only (15 competed)
Barbie Long (UGL) 57.78 [34.82 TES/22.96 PCS] Pink Panther
Polina Edmunds (CP) 54.94 [32.38 TES/22.56 PCS] “Two Guitars” (Russian Gypsy Folk Song)
Highlights: Both went for 3Lz+3T, 3F & 2A. Long’s jumps looked good; my video feed was shaky during Edmunds’ triples.
3-15: K Suarez 33.80, M Gottlieb (NE) 32.96, M Jawor (UGL) 32.94, A Gaughan (SA) 31.70, S Pultorak 31.68, L Capra 30.34, L Menscher 28.84, K Nyquist 28.76, R Lawson 25.50, M Grigsby 24.72, A Evans (UGL) 23.96, J Deese (SWP) 22.18, C Chilcott 17.66

Novice Ladies SP Only A (11 competed)
E Pulkinen (CP) 33.44, K Doan 32.94, T Hannig 29.87, M Boswell (EGL) 29.58, N Stute (EGL) 24.43, D Burton 24.30, E Zeme (CP) 23.86, L LaChance (EGL) 23.79, E Hixenbaugh 23.46, K Nowell 21.93, A Isaacson 21.43

Novice Ladies SP Only B (12 competed)
Z Gong (CAN) 37.69, L Shilling (EGL) 35.01, C Roslin (EGL) 33.08, E Gabriele (SWP) 27.87, J LaChance (EGL) 27.28, E Lyddon (EGL) 25.07, A Walker (EGL) 25.02, M Zeme (CP) 24.73, L Mize 23.08, R Oshiro 20.65, S McVoy 20.64, M Mahoney 15.88

THURSDAY Results – Olympic Rink:

Intermediate Ladies SP Only A
Top 6: E Fairbanks 29.25, J Green (EGL) 27.98, B Greco 26.71, K Yum 26.38, A McConnell 26.31, L Ellison 24.70;
7-14: C Rackley (EGL) 24.69, M Wheeler (EGL) 24.62, J Mendelsohn (UGL) 22.88, J Dieken 19.05, S Scarle 17.39, M Lundak 17.34, J Morford 17.22, Z Roswold (UGL) 15.14
Intermediate Ladies SP Only B
Top 6: P Rydberg (UGL) 30.75, I Hills (NWP) 28.79, K Stamm 26.72, A Rooney (NE) 25.32, S Porter 24.88, A Verheydt (NWP) 24.39;
7-15: J Tu (EGL) 23.60, A Vongphachanh 20.64, L Anderson (NE) 18.68, P Mascarenas 18.53, K Deneris (CP) 18.04, J Zink 17.83, L Kwak 17.22, V Jubic 16.11, M Fisher (SWP) 15.93
Intermediate Ladies SP Only C
Top 6: S Danh 29.37, T Ellison 29.30, A Merges (CP) 27.22, T Weingarten (EGL) 26.76, A Kortjohn 26.52, G Vinokur (EGL) 26.42;
7-16: J LaChapelle 24.37, D Chalenko 22.96, M Peterson 22.42, T Fauver (EGL) 20.94, C Cotten (UGL) 20.14, A Alatorre 19.17, H Mills (EGL) 18.75, E Tafoya 15.30, H Ludvigsen 14.61, J Workman 14.00
Intermediate Men SP Only (6 competed)
M Graham (NWP) 24.88, K Anderson (EGL) 22.91, M Friess (CP) 22.06, K Coward 19.79, T Schwappach 18.88, M Rounis (SWP) 17.59


Juvenile Girls FS A (top 5 advance to Saturday’s Final)
Top 5: J Peng 39.64, K Nguyen 39.37, A McConnell 38.84, R Gautsche 36.63, M Gagerman (UGL) 36.55;
6-15: E Finger (UGL) 35.40, A Rogers (UGL) 34.02, V Tang 33.96, K Yum 32.67, A Le (UGL) 29.99, K Kelm (SWP) 28.12, C Yu (EGL) 27.87, I Montoya 27.07, A Johnson 19.96, L Burdick 19.72
Juvenile Girls FS B (top 5 advance to Saturday’s Final)
Top 5: A Kim 42.45, S Porter 42.32, E Egbers (UGL) 40.43, A Garcia 37.26, B Greco 36.62;
6-14: D Chough (UGL) 29.47, H Zivelonghi 28.05, E Murdock (NE) 28.03, E Secunda 27.15, L Stymiest 25.77, P Lissau 25.20, S Wheelan 24.55, S Sweeney 24.16, R Peterson 19.14
Juvenile Girls FS C (top 5 advance to Saturday’s Final)
Top 5: A Merges (CP) 38.83, A Friess (CP) 38.17, M Fox 36.95, S Shi (EGL) 36.43, L Zhang (UGL) 36.15;
6-13: S North 33.04, L Anderson (NE) 29.38, E Gilbreath 29.31, M Fee (UGL) 29.26, P Kalyan 27.38, J Dieken 27.15, S Davidson (SA) 21.81, E Fredericksen 20.51

Intermediate Ladies FS A (top 5 advance to Friday’s SP)
Top 5: S Danh 47.92, A Hernandez 40.37, K Stamm 37.58, F Nguyen UGL 37.20, L Billera 36.87;
6-12: J Zink 34.54, H Mills (EGL) 30.43, K Shechter 30.28, C Rackley (EGL) 27.49, J Mendesohn (UGL) 26.06, K Hawley 22.01, P Mascarenas 21.67
Intermediate Ladies FS B (top 5 advance to Friday’s SP)
Top 5: P Rydberg (UGL) 63.12, E Fairbanks 49.30, A Verhydt (NWP) 48.82, I Hills (NWP) 47.16, M Cardamone 44.78;
6-15: L Kwak 40.90, G Vinokur (EGL) 40.22, T Markus 30.84, J LaChapelle 29.95, M Lundak 28.88, C Cotten (UGL) 28.76, E Tafoya 28.63, A Alatorre 28.39, S Scarle 21.60, Z Roswold 17.30
Intermediate Ladies FS C (top 5 advance to Friday’s SP)
A Kortjohn 52.50, A Vongphachanh 47.57, J Tu (EGL) 46.81, M Peterson 46.47, A Rooney (NE) 43.29;
6-16: T Weingarten (EGL) 42.10, T Fauver (EGL) 40.88, C Weaver (UGL) 40.00, M Wheeler (EGL) 38.47, D Chalenko 32.46, J Green (EGL) 28.56, K Deneris (CP) 27.43, E Finger (UGL) 26.19, M Fisher (SWP) 25.08, J Workman 19.76, H Ludvigsen 19.28

Novice Ladies FS A (12 competed; top 6 advance to Friday’s SP)
Z Gong (CAN) 66.83, E Pulkinen (CP) 61.51, C Roslin (EGL) 60.92, L Shilling (EGL) 59.60, E Gabriele (SWP) 50.12, K Nowell 49.22 / D Burton 46.87, E Lyddon (EGL) 45.71, N Stute (EGL) 40.89, A Isaacson 39.28, M Zeme (CP) 38.97, L LaChance (EGL) 36.04.
Novice Ladies FS B (12 competed; top 6 advance to Friday’s SP)
K Doan 59.40, C Taylor (SWP) 56.74, T Hannig 52.52, G Le (UGL) 51.18, M Boswell (EGL) 50.00, E Hixenbaugh 49.04 / J LaChance (EGL) 42.01, L Mize 40.36, E Zeme (CP) 39.02, A Walker (EGL) 37.00, S McVoy 35.73, J Calzolari 33.97.

Junior Ladies FS A (10 competed; top 6 advance to Friday’s SP)
B Long (UGL) 100.15, A Kurtz 67.30, K Shpilband (NA) 58.45, M Craze 57.44, S Pultorak 51.01, R Lawson 50.94 / M Grigsby 45.27, C Chilcott 43.85, A Evans (UGL) 37.85, J Deese (SWP) 37.50.
Junior Ladies FS B (11 competed; top 6 advance to Friday’s SP)
P Edmunds (CP) 101.71, M Bell 80.00, A Fu 68.37, T Nguyen 58.91, S Seibold 58.53, M Gottlieb (NE) 53.04 / A Gaughan (SA) 49.25, L Menscher 48.70, K Nyquist 46.86, Y Miao (UGL) 44.11, M Jawor (UGL) 43.92.

Highlight Performances:
Edmunds [Romeo & Juliet by Nino Rota – piano version]: 56.30 TES / 45.41 PCS – 3Lz+3T (ran into boards), 3F+3T, 2A, 3Lo+2T+2Lo, 3F, 3Lo*, 3S.
Long [West Side Story, choreographed by Tanith Belbin]: 58.95 TES / 41.20 PCS – 2A+2A, 3Lz+3T, 3Lo hand, 3F, 3S, 3F+2T+1Lo, 3Lz.

A BIG THANK YOU to the people at the rink who are contributing results and other information for posting here. Additional results/scores and highlights will be edited in this space as time allows during each day of the competition, so check back for updates.

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Scoretracker & Top Ten Updated; Policy Change on combining scores from the same competition

Posted by unseenskaters on June 7, 2012

Both Scoretracker and Top Ten have been updated today with the official, published results from 4 of this past weekend’s competitions: Seattle SC’s Ice Fest, the All Year FSC Competition, White Rose Invitational, and Cherry Classic.

A BIG Thank You to the very nice person who sent us the complete results from the Santa Fe (New Mexico) SkateFest, as well as to the folks who have contributed official result sheets from Skate La Grande (Juvenile Girls) and Morris Open (Intermediate Ladies & Juvenile Girls). All of these scores have been entered into Scoretracker.

If anyone else would like to help us out with any still unpublished competition results (check the CLUB COMPS page to see which competitions are missing online results), please e-mail us a scan or a photograph of an official event results sheet to Unseen Skaters Online. Your contributions are always appreciated!

We would like to point out that a change was made recently to our “How Scoretracker Works” document as follows:

2012 CHANGE IN POLICY: If there are qualifying and final rounds for Intermediate, Novice, Junior and/or Senior ladies, the highest SP and highest FS score from the same competition now will be combined.

As always, please feel free to contact us with your feedback or any constructive comments about this site (as volunteers, we may not always be able to respond right away or to answer every e-mail, but we try our best to do so!).

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