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Best Wishes to All Competitors at Eastern Great Lakes, New England & Northwest Pacific Regionals!

Posted by unseenskaters on September 30, 2011

The Eastern Great Lakes Regional kicks off today, Friday, Sept. 30, with Intermediate Ladies QR Groups A-D from 10 am-6:20 pm and Intermediate Men SP from 6:20-7:10 pm.

EGL Starting Orders/Live Results

Competition at the New England and Northwest Pacific Regionals start on Saturday and links to their respective starting orders/results pages will be posted here (and added on the REGIONALS page along with Video links) when they are online.

NE Starting Orders/Results

NWP Starting Orders/Results

GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES to all the EGL, NE and NWP competitors!

10/4 Postscript: Go to the SECTIONALS and JR NATS pages for updated lists of singles qualifiers from the first 3 Regionals.


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JGP #5 in Innsbruck, Austria & Ondrej Nepela Memorial in Bratislava, Slovakia

Posted by unseenskaters on September 29, 2011

Austria and Slovakia are both 6 hours ahead of Eastern time.

The Junior Ladies SP (K Kulgeyko #2 & V Lam #16 to skate) starts at 4 am Eastern on Thursday, September 29, followed by Junior Pairs SP (Oltmanns/Santillan #10, Denney/Frazier #14, Duarte/Grafton #15) at 9:15 am and Junior Men SP (P Warren #6, T Dolensky #19) at 1:15 pm.

Thursday’s Team USA results:
LADIES SP: V Lam 4th (50.35), K Kulgeyko 6th (46.93)
PAIRS SP: Duarte/Grafton 7th (44.60), Denney/Frazier 10th (42.25), Oltmanns/Santillan 11th (41.46)
MEN SP: P Warren 5th (58.97), T Dolensky 8th (54.35)

Friday’s Team USA results:
SHORT DANCE: Aldridge/Eaton 2nd (55.48)
PAIRS FS: Duarte/Grafton 6th 127.54 (82.94 7th in FS), Denney/Frazier 7th 125.50 (83.25 6th), Oltmanns/Santillan 11th 108.50 (67.04 14th)
LADIES FS: Lam 1st 156.58 (106.23 1st in FS), Kulgeyko 5th 139.50 (92.57 4th)
Saturday’s Team USA results:
MEN FS: Dolensky 5th in FS, 4th overall; Warren 7th in FS, 8th overall
FD: Aldridge/Eaton 2nd 136.85 (81.37 2nd in FD)

Click here for Starting Orders / “Live” Results / Detailed Protocols

Click here for Ladies videos (in SP/FS start order)

Click here for Pairs videos (in SP/FS start order)

Click here for Men’s videos (in SP/FS start order)

Click here for Dance videos (in SD/FD start order)

Click here for Oltmanns/Santillan’s JGP Austria blog

Click here for Team USA backstage photos


The Ondrej Nepela Memorial Senior B competition will lead off on Thursday, Sept. 29 with the Ladies SP, followed by the Men’s SP and Pairs SP. Friday begins with Short Dance (Cannuscio/McManus drew #11 of 11 teams to skate), then Pairs/Ladies FS. Free Dance (6:15 am Eastern start time) and Men’s FS (10 am Eastern start time) take place on Saturday.

Thursday results:
MEN SP top 4 (of 20) – D Murakami JPN 73.19 (4S+2T, 3A, 3F), G Hochstein USA 69.77 (3Lz+3T, 3A<, 3Lo), K van der Perren BEL 64.88, J Cassar USA 63.86 (3Lz(e)+2T, 2A, 3Lo)
PAIRS SP top 4 (of 5 teams) – Volosozhar/Trankov RUS 66.48, Iliushechkina/Maisuradze RUS 60.12, Berton/Hotarek ITA 54.68, Castelli/Shnapir USA 53.86 (3LzTw1, sbs 3T, 3STh)
Friday results:
SHORT DANCE: Cannuscio/McManus 6th (43.04)
PAIRS FS: Castelli/Shnapir 4th 147.97 (94.11)
Saturday results:
FREE DANCE: Cannuscio/McManus 4th in FD, 5th overall
MEN FS: Cassar 4th in FS & overall, Hochstein 7th in FS & 5th overall

Click here for Starting Orders / Results / Detailed Protocols

Click here for official videos!

Click here for Grant Hochstein’s blog from Bratislava

Click here for Colin McManus’ blog from Bratislava

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Top Ten updated; Scoretracker still in progress

Posted by unseenskaters on September 26, 2011

Top Ten has been updated with scores from competitions with published results online — Skate St Moritz, Viviani Memorial, Rim of the World, and Challenge Cup — as well as partial, still unpublished results for Middle Atlantics, Houston Fall Invitational, Greater Chicagoland Fall Invitational, and Colorado Springs Invitational.

If you believe a score should be listed in the Top Ten but isn’t, chances are that the full competition results have not been published online (check our CLUB COMPS page for updated results links). We can add individual skater scores if a photo or scan of the official results sheet (for an entire event, such as Juvenile Girls FS B) from a competition is sent as an attachment to unseenskaters@gmail.com.

Scoretracker is still being updated and finalized with results from about 16 competitions, so your patience is appreciated!

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JGP #4 in Brasov, Romania (also Nebelhorn Trophy this week)

Posted by unseenskaters on September 22, 2011

Romania is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time. Ladies’ SP is 7:40-11:45 am and Men’s SP is 12:30-3:40 pm on Thursday, September 22.

Team USA Thursday results:
LADIES – A Cain 5th (44.99), M Daniels 11th (37.74)
MEN – S Omori 6th (54.40), H Choate 7th (52.53)
Friday starts with the Short Dance at 8 am Eastern, followed by the Ladies’ FS at 11 am Eastern.
DANCE – Hawayek/Bramante 5th in Short Dance (49.00).
LADIES – A Cain 125.16, 5th overall (80.17, 4th in FS), M Daniels 111.79, 10th overall (74.05, 9th in FS).
MEN – S Omori 4th, H Choate 6th
DANCE – Hawayek/Bramante 4th

Click here for Starting Orders / “Live” Results / Detailed Protocols

Click here for Ladies’ videos (in start order)

Click here for Men’s videos (in start order)

Click here for Dance videos (in start order)


Nebelhorn Trophy is the first Senior B international of the 2011-12 season. After the first day of competition on Thursday, Team USA results are as follows:
DANCE – Hubbell/Donohue 2nd (54.82), Olson/Cowan 6th (45.84)
MEN – S Carriere 2nd (74.51), M Aaron 8th (65.64)
PAIRS – Denney/Coughlin 2nd (57.56), Vise/Baldwin 7th (43.49)
Friday results:
LADIES – M Nagasu 1st (58.38), J Forte 7th (45.80)
MEN – S Carriere 3rd, M Aaron 5th
PAIRS – Denney/Coughlin 3rd, Vise/Baldwin
Saturday results:
LADIES – M Nagasu 1st, J Forte 7th
DANCE – Hubbell/Donohue 1st, Olson/Cowan 6th

Click here for Results / Detailed Protocols

Click here for Videos filmed by Tatjana2541

Click here for Videos filmed by pianomaya65

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A Note To Our Readers

Posted by unseenskaters on September 20, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has been sending us results from recent competitions, or letting us know that results have been posted. We wish we had the time to thank you individually, but we are working hard to get results into Scoretracker as quickly as possible. We appreciate your input!

Here are some answers to questions we have received recently regarding how Scoretracker works:

1. In general, Scoretracker lists the top twenty scores in the Juvenile, Intermediate and Novice categories by Region, and the top twelve scores in Junior and Senior. We list all pair scores.

2. It is our policy not to combine final round and preliminary round scores, except in the case where a preliminary round short program score is used as the qualifier to a free skate final round (as at the Middle Atlantic Championships.)

3. We are a volunteer operation, so we rely upon receiving official results from our readers if scores are not published on/linked from the Club Comps page. Please remember that we prefer scans or photos of official results sheets in their entirety (not just scores for one skater), and they can be sent to unseenskaters@gmail.com.

Thanks again, and keep an eye here as we update Scoretracker. There will be a lot of additions soon!

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JGP #3 in Gdansk, Poland

Posted by unseenskaters on September 15, 2011

Follow Sylvia on Twitter for results/scores from the JGP in Poland on Saturday & the Middle Atlantics club competition in NYC!

Team USA results:
MEN: J Farris GOLD 202.45 (126.76 FS), D Wang 5th 161.85 (106.73)
LADIES: S Cesario BRONZE 153.84 (101.62 FS), L Dinh 6th 123.20 (76.27)
PAIRS: Simpson/Blackmer GOLD (141.42; 92.53 FS), Calalang/Sidhu 4th (122.81; 80.70 FS), Aaron/Settlage 5th (118.51; 75.75 FS)
DANCE: Parsons/Parsons 9th (107.97), Mancini/Brooks 10th (103.49)

Click here to view Team USA backstage photos

Click here to view action photos of all the competitors plus podium shots

Click here to view Men’s SP & FS Videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Short & Free Dance Videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Ladies’ SP & FS Videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Videos of Pairs’ SP & FS (in skate order)

Thursday, September 15 Event Schedule converted to Eastern Time (Poland is 6 hours ahead):

5:00 am Junior Ladies Short Program top 8: J Lipnitskaia RUS 60.37, S Miyahara JPN 56.46, S Cesario USA 52.22, K Charbonneau CAN 48.91, M Sato JPN 47.20, L Dinh USA 46.93, A Ventard FRA 45.06, K Zaseeva RUS 45.00

9:30 am Junior Pairs Short Program top 5: Simpson/Blackmer USA 48.89, Tudvaseva/Lisiev RUS 45.17, Aaron/Settlage USA 42.76, Calalang/Sidhu USA 42.11, Bobak/Beharry CAN 41.63

12:15 pm Junior Men Short Program top 8: J Farris USA 75.69, A Dmitriev RUS 66.88, R Kihara JPN 59.98, V Tarasenko RUS 58.68 D Wang USA 55.12, S Angers CAN 51.44, C Tetar FRA 50.44, S Uno JPN 48.69

Click here for Starting Orders / “Live” Results / Detailed Protocols

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Moran Memorial, Skate San Francisco & MN State Champs Added

Posted by unseenskaters on September 10, 2011

Top Ten to be updated soon, and stand by for results from many more competitions!

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JGP #2 in Brisbane, Australia: complete video coverage continues!

Posted by unseenskaters on September 8, 2011

Brisbane, Australia is the site of the second Junior Grand Prix and, once again, the ISU is uploading videos after each skater! 🙂

Click here to view all the Men’s SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view all the Ladies’ SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view all the Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Congratulations to all the medalists:
Men’s Gold: J Brown USA 197.23 1 1 (129.03 FS)
Men’s Silver: K Tanaka JPN 192.36 2 2 (127.71)
Men’s Bronze: L Firus CAN 180.00 3 4 (122.91)
Ladies Gold – C Hicks USA 151.91 (101.72 FS)
Ladies Silver – R Shoji JPN 147.49 (100.21)
Ladies Bronze – V Lam USA 145.48 (96.20)
Dance Gold: Orford/Williams CAN 127.21 (76.32 FD) 3 1
Dance Silver: Bonacorsi/Mager USA 123.62 (71.13) 1 2
Dance Bronze: Zenkova/Sinitsin RUS 122.35 (71.12) 2 3
Ladies SP started on Thursday at 2:30 am Eastern (Australia is 14 hours ahead of Eastern time) and the top 6 are: H-J Kim KOR 52.26, C Hicks USA 50.19, V Lam USA 49.28, R Shoji JPN 47.28, H Suzuki 45.85, P Korobeynikova RUS 43.34.

Men’s SP began at 4:30 am Eastern and the top 6 are: J Brown USA 68.20, K Tanaka JPN 64.65, L Firus CAN 57.09, Y Tsuboi JPN 56.65, P Warren USA 54.55, M Kolyada RUS 53.95.

Click here for JGP Latvia “live” scores/results/protocols, starting orders, schedule, etc.

Click here for Team USA photo gallery 1

Click here for Team USA photo gallery 2 (Thursday)

Click here for Team USA photo gallery 3 (Friday)

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Potomac Open Added to Scoretracker

Posted by unseenskaters on September 6, 2011

We have also updated the Top Ten.

Please be patient as we continue to add new results to Scoretracker! (Skate San Francisco, Minnesota State, Moran Memorial, Miami Open, and Onyx Challenge are being coded; Golden West official results were just published online and Senior Men’s/Ladies’ scores have been added.) We are in the usual end-of-summer rush, and lots of numbers are coming in. In the meantime, if you have a result from an unpublished competition you would like to make sure we know about, scan or take a photo of an OFFICIAL results sheet and send it to us at unseenskaters@gmail.com. Thanks!

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2011 Golden West results

Posted by unseenskaters on September 3, 2011

Click here for Official Results (Novice Ladies Final added)

Note: Intermediate Ladies & Juvenile Girls Finals are missing from the Official Results page but are available below.

Click here to read Ellie Kawamura’s blog

Click here to view Ellie Kawamura’s photos

While we await an official results link on the All Year FSC web site, here’s a compilation of “unofficial” results received so far (thanks to all the helpful contributors!).


Sr Ladies FS/Final 1-10: C Zhang 127.80 (74.15 FS, 36.34 TES / 38.81 PCS / -1), S Adams 118.01 (71.91 FS, 34.79 / 39.12 / -2), V Muniz PUR 104.38 (65.63), S Choe 94.91 (62.22), K Struthwolf 92.74 (60.77), N Fowler 78.87 (54.55), A Sunyoto TPE 78.62 (49.71), J LaBarge 75.30 (49.50), A Gamarro 67.89 (42.51), R Delleca AUS 62.95 (41.69); WD: K Doig AUS.

(Note: No results have been received for Junior or Novice Ladies FS/Final.)

Intermediate Ladies FS/Final 1-10: T Pierce 88.96 1/1 (53.86), A Park 75.24 4/2 (46.98), J Jafarkhani 73.32 3/5 (43.85), E Nguyen 70.87 2/8 (40.45), A Lindgren 70.26 9/3 (45.99), S Feng (CP) 69.92 10/4 (45.88), D Dryden (CP) 69.06 6/7 (41.87), B Mitchell 66.39 11/6 (43.07), L Mendonsa 61.58 12/9 (40.38), H Deakins 60.07 5/10 (32.12); WD: R Tanoura, L Lee.

Intermediate Men FS/Final 1-12: J Ly 70.79 3/1 (45.47 FS), T Schwappach (SW) 65.96 1/4 (39.11), B Amaral 65.15 2/5 (38.53), M Tang 64.20 5/2 (40.19), H Wong 61.35 4/7 (36.39), M Friess (CP) 59.78 10/3 (39.87), M Smith 59.20 6/8 (36.01), A Gebert 58.98 7/9 (35.81), M Valdez 57.87 11/6 (38.48), J Druzynski 54.83 8/10 (32.90), H Matheus 50.29 9/11 (29.43), M Rounds 38.44 12/12 (22.01).


Sr Ladies SP 1-11: C Zhang 53.65 (3F+2T, 3Lo, 2A), S Adams 46.10 (3Lo+2T, 3S, 2A), V Muniz PUR 38.75 (3Lz+2T, 2F, 2A), S Choe 32.69, K Struthwolf 31.97 (CP), N Fowler 29.16, A Gamarro 26.20, J LaBarge 25.80, K Doig AUS 24.92, A Sunyoto TPE 24.07, R Dellaca AUS 20.45; WD: L Keiser, A Malkova, J Osibov, A Wagner.

Sr Men FS scores 1-7: R Dornbush 140.27, P Chan CAN 139.96, K Messing 124.40, D Phan 112.41, S Rabbitt 111.94, A Kanallakan 108.98, C Caluza 108.96.

FS TES/PCS breakdown for top 3:
Dornbush 65.27 / 76.00 / -1
Chan 58.58 / 81.38
Messing 60.90 / 64.50 / -1

Jump notes by V Muniz watching in the stands:
Dornbush: “4T!, 3Lz, 3A fall, 1A, 3S, 3F2T1Lo, 3F, 3Lo step out…very comedic cowboy program”
Chan: 3T3T, 3T, popped 3A to 2A, 3LzhalfLo2S, 3Lo, 3F2T, 2Lz, 2A [music was a classical version of Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez”]
Messing: “3A, 4T, 3Lz2T, waxel, cut his thumb & asked for bandaid, 3Lo, 3Lz, 2S, (sucking thumb trying to stop bleeding), 3F” [he had to get stitches afterwards but reportedly is fine]

Sr Men Final Standings: Dornbush 206.02 2/1, Messing 188.97 3/3, Phan 170.48 4/4, Caluza 166.15 5/7, Rabbitt 162.81 6/5, Kanallakan 159.79 7/6, Chan CAN 139.96 (competed FS only, 2nd place). D Murakami JPN WD from FS; he won SP.

Jr Men FS/Final 1-6: S Omori 159.50 1/1 (104.51 FS), J Yostanto 128.85 2/3 (79.13), P Leahy 126.82 5/2 (88.50), J Millet 118.37 3/5 (74.53), N Phengsy 115.80 4/4 (77.11), J Pacini 78.67 6/6 (50.06).

Jr Ladies SP 1-9: Y Tran 40.94, C Davis 40.23 (CP), P Edmunds 38.28 (CP), T Sirset 37.46 (CP), R Mendelson 36.38, S Reyna 33.20, G Dominguez 27.04, H Dorman 23.67, A-M Pereslete 22.47; WD L Campbell, E Martey, R Phung, A Walker.

Novice Ladies SP 1-12: K Chen 44.60 (CP), D McIntee 37.85, A Lin 37.33 (CP), R Chen 36.93, E Pulkinen 34.12 (CP), L Leonesio 30.30, G de Graf 29.89, S Phengsy 29.25, T Vanta 28.69. E Yuen 28.46, E Keiser 27.60, L Bai 27.13.

Intermediate Ladies SP 1-12: T Pierce 35.10, E Nguyen 30.42, J Jafarkhani 29.47, A Park 28.26, H Deakins 27.95, D Dryden 27.19 (CP), R Tanoura 26.86, L Lee 25.66, A Lindgren 24.27, S Feng 24.04 (CP), B Mitchell 23.32, L Mendonza 21.20.

Juvenile Girls Final (15 competed, all SWP region unless otherwise noted):
A Verheydt 46.73 (NWP region), A Setoyama 45.39, A G Davidson 44.68 (CP region), S Wu 43.72, Va. Giang 42.35, G Goeske 41.31, G Kokotakis 40.95, T Hong 40.66, C Nguyen 40.65, G Cohen 40.47, R Koncius 39.85, A Nakahara 39.28, Vi. Giang 36.63, D Clark 34.28, K Pozon 33.81.


Senior Men SP 1-7: D Murakami JPN 73.57, R Dornbush 65.75, K Messing 64.57, D Phan 58.07, C Caluza 57.19, S Rabbitt 50.87, A Kanallakan 50.81. (D Ten KAZ & A Gonzales WD.)
Notes passed along to me: Murakami 4S2T, 3A, 3F; Dornbush 3F, 3A fall, 3Lz3T; Messing 3A fall, 4T(hand)2T, 3Lz; Phan 1A, 3Lz3T, 3F, fell out of combo spin; Caluza 3Lz3T, 2A, 3Lo; Kanallakan 1A, 3F held on, 3Lz(turnout)2T, stumble in footwork.

Junior Men SP (6 competed on Fri.): S Omori 54.99, J Yostanto 49.72, J Millet 43.84 (NWP), N Phengsy 38.89, P Leahy 38.32, J Pacini 28.61 (SW).

Novice Ladies (top 6 in each group qualify for today’s SP):
QR A: D McIntee 68.23, E Pulkinen 61.20 (CP), A Lin 59.75 (CP), S Phengsy 53.93, L Leonesio 52.63, E Yuen 51.09;
QR B: K Chen 71.81 (CP), E Keiser 61.08, T Vanta 60.81, R Chen 57.53, L Bai 54.75, G deGraaf 52.77.

Novice Men Final Standings (5 competed):
V Zhou 125.71 (CP), S Howe 116.59, S Rockhold 92.86, O Chan 87.24, R Burghart 66.61 (NWP).

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