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2011 Liberty Summer Competition preliminary roster

Posted by unseenskaters on May 30, 2011

Liberty will take place July 12-16 at the IceWorks Skating Complex in Aston, PA.

Click here for schedule of events by day (PDF); Rink 2 is the main competition rink

Here are the Senior/Junior skaters registered so far (2011 US Nationals level/placement included where applicable), plus Juvenile-Senior pair teams.

* = currently listed in USFS’ International Selection Pool

Senior Men (14 registered)
*Armin Mahbanoozadeh S6, *Keegan Messing S8, *Scott Dyer S13, *Wesley Campbell S14, Andrew Gonzales S18, Sean Rabbitt S20, *Alexander Zahradnicek J2, *Alexander Aiken J3, Steven Evans J4, Patrick Myzyk CAN, Christopher Wan.
SP only: *Stephen Carriere, *Emmanuel Savary and Danny O’Shea.

Senior Ladies A (14 in SP, 13 in FS)
*Melissa Bulanhagui S10 (SP), Raina Narita S21, *Lauren Dinh J2, Leah Keiser, Natalia Popova UKR, Anastasiya Kononenko UKR, Reyna Hamui MEX, Ola Kamieniecki POL, Roxanne Rheault (CAN jr champ), Chelsea Christopher, Alexandria Shaughnessy, Victoria Tugolukova, Samantha Veloso, Kendall Wyckoff. [Note: *Ashley Wagner S6 originally registered for the SP only, but has since moved her training base out to southern California and will not compete here.]

Senior Ladies B (14 in SP, 13 in FS)
Cynthia Phaneuf CAN (SP only), *Yasmin Siraj S8, *Joelle Forte S9, *Melissa Bulanhagui S10 (FS), *Samantha Cesario, *Felicia Zhang, *Angela Wang, *Haley Dunne J8, Brittany Ballard, Marissa Castelli (SP only), Taylor Galonski (FS only), Alicia Hsu, Karina Johnson DEN, Kacie Kotnik, Megan Raver, Elizabeth Ta (SP only).

Senior Pairs (5 teams)
*Marissa Castelli/Simon Shnapir S5, *Gretchen Donlan/Andrew Speroff S8
SP only: The new teams of Felicia Zhang/Nate Bartholomay and Caydee Denney/John Coughlin.
FS only: Jessica Dubé/Sébastien Wolfe CAN (new)

Junior Men (18)
*Emmanuel Savary (SA) J5, *Harrison Choate (NE) J8, *Timothy Dolensky (SA), Nathan Chen (CP) N1, Alexander Bjelde (NA) N4, Lukas Kaugars (SW) N5, Andrew Nagode (SA) N7, Troy Tomasello (EGL) N8, Jack Newberry (SA) N10, Marcus Mimidis (SA) N11, Jay Yostanto (SWP), Cordero Zuckerman (NWP), Alex Kam KOR, Richard Kam KOR, Luiz Manella BRA, Joshua Santillan (SWP), Paul Schatz (SA), Matej Silecky (NA).

Junior Ladies A (16)
*Ashley Cain (SW) J6, C Nemastil (NA), I Williams BRA, B Doherty (SA), A Hamui MEX, R Willoughby MAS, M Lee (NE), B Ngo (SA), H Mulera (SA), A Xu (NA), A Albright (SA), C Luong (NA), R Gaskins PUR, T Kayne (SA), K Thierwechter (NE), B Skarulis (NA).

Junior Ladies B (16)
*Polina Edmunds (CP) J7, A Kimmelman (NA), J Hollander (SA), J Hu (SA), H Serafini (NA), R Zeppi (NE), J Nishimoto (SA), M Krisberg ISR, L Seitz (SA), M Crawford (SA), K Karlsson (SA), Veronik Mallet CAN (N3), A Davey (NE), K DeBardelaben (NA), M Phelps (UGL), T Hoover (SA).

Junior Ladies C (16)
Allison Timlen (SA) J10, F Su (NE), Z Orenstein (NE), S Moujan (SW), A Alpern (SA), B Lee (SA), A Ferguson (SA), B Coviello (NE), L Jardine (SA), M Rollins (NE), K Maratea (NA), J Gosselin CAN, J Herman (NE), D Delgado (SA), K Clear (SA), K Shah (SA).

Junior Ladies D (15)
Elise Eng (NA) J11, Nicole Rajic (NA) J12, J Horowitz (SA), A Mahatme (NA), E Komes (SA), M Szanto (SA), D Faegre IRL, D Fanelle (SA), C Shaw (SA), K Seagers (SA), M Koch (NA), M Chang (SA), T Wang (NA), C Davis (CP), A Barbour (SA; SP only?).

Junior Pairs (8 teams)
*Kylie Duarte/Colin Grafton J7, Haven Denney/Brandon Frazier, *Madeline Aaron/Max Settlage N1, *Audrey Goldberg/Joseph Dolkiewicz N3, Kloe Bautista/Tyler Harris J10, *Olivia Oltmanns/Joshua Santillan J11, Allison Smith/Craig Segall N8, Melissa Kustra/Paul Schatz (CAN last year, competing in US this season).

Novice Ladies (SP A-F; FS A-E)

Novice Men (10)
R Burghart (NWP), R Korycinski (SA), D Neudecker (SW), T Lu (SA), L West (NA), J Ma (NA), G Schwab (NA), O Melnyk (SA), P Rupp (SA), G Newberry (SA)

Novice Pairs (2 teams)
Caitlin Belt/Michael Johnson Int2, Alexis Donahoe/James Rappold.

Intermediate Pairs (2 teams)
Juliana May/Cody Dolkiewicz Int7, Grace Knoop/Noah Chinault (new).

Juvenile Pairs (6 teams)
Sara Preston Davidson/Trent Wintermeier Juv6, Darbie Burke/Griffin Schwab Juv8, Gabriella Marvaldi/Kyle Hogeboom Juv12, Katherine Cabrera/Nathan Cooper, Sydney Cook/Nathan Rensing, Eri Lee/Ryan Bedard.

Last updated: July 11, 2011


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