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2011 Broadmoor Open (June 22-25) + live/on-demand webcast

Posted by unseenskaters on June 20, 2011

The Broadmoor Open club competition takes place June 22-25 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Local Motion Productions will stream the events live from the World Arena starting on Wednesday, June 22 through Saturday, June 25 (events in the Olympic Arena will be available on-demand) for a fee of $30:

Click here to purchase and view the live/on-demand webcast

Click here to view the event schedule by day (all times are Mountain)



SATURDAY’s Unofficial Results:
Senior Ladies FS & Final combined (SP+FS) total scores (15 competed)
O Kamieniecki POL 114.08, F Sheikh 112.80, M Daniels 108.25, M Bell 106.73, M Koehler 96.03, A Hsu 95.90, D Sivak 93.42, R Schmidt 87.82, J Garces 86.22, M Stammen 83.08, M Pedersen 78.24, M Chambers 73.37, P Flynn 73.34, L Cramer 62.09, R Tsinhnahjinnie 62.05;
WD: L Dinh, A Wang.

Junior Ladies FS & Final (12 competed)
B Long 143.57 (93.13 FS, “42nd Street” musical) – 3Lz off balance, 3F+2A, 3Lo, walley-reverse walley to to 3F, 3S, 3Lz+2T+2Lo, 2A fell out;
H Miller 133.36 (87.76, “Masquerade Waltz”) – huge Russian split jump to 2A, 3Lz, 3F, 3S+2T+2Lo, 3T+2T, 3S free foot touch on landing, 3T+2T;
M Bell 129.49 (84.73, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi) – 2A+2A, 3F 2fted squat landing, 3Lz, 2S step out, 3T off balance, 3F+2T, 3T+2T;
C Yan CAN 110.77, Z Costiniano PHI 107.77, J Pfund 90.43, Koehler 90.12, S Pulia 89.39, A B Hall 82.28, J Sims 80.04, J Liao 75.89, R Lawson 72.48.
NOTE: Hannah Miller won the Monty Hoyt trophy for “the outstanding free skate performance by a Junior competitor.”

Senior Men FS & Final (2 competed)
P Parkinson ITA 158.63 total score (106.92 in FS, Uranus and Neptune from Holst’s “The Planets”), L Chilcott GBR 141.59 (96.80 in FS, “Romeo & Juliet” medley)
NOTE: Parkinson won the Jenkins trophy for “the outstanding free skate performance by a Senior competitor.”

Novice Men FS & Final (12 competed)
B Krentz 110.49, A Boucher 104.78, N Vrdoljak 104.11, D Takayama 100.17, P Rupp 98.22, D Neudecker 94.53, C Belmontes 83.12, B Johnson 80.77, J Curley 79.11, R Burghart 72.58, D Mortenson 67.42, C McGoogan 61.39.

Junior Men FS & Final (7 competed)
L Kaugars 141.46 [Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto] – 3F+2T, 3T+’tano 2T, 3S+2T, 3T plus two 2A, T Koleto 136.43 [Mishima by Philip Glass & a Japanese piano piece, interesting choreo by Tom Dickson], T Dolensky 135.21 [Latin medley – jumps were off today but intriguing music choice for him, I thought!], D Wang 130.42 [Aranjuez], S Payannet 107.94, Z Szabo 102.10, C Burner 100.84.

Novice Ladies FS & Final (15 competed)
A Kurtz 106.33 (69.45, 2nd in FS; Prokofiev’s Cinderella) – 3S+2T+2Lo, 3T, 2A, 2F+2T & fell on 3F & 3S;
K Gaither 101.80 (70.88, won FS; “Illumination” by Secret Garden) – landed 2 BIG 2A & 2 3S, fell on 3T;
E Taylor 97.56 (Aranjuez), I Dow 96.65, D McIntee 96.57, A Fu 93.47 (impressive spring in her jumps, skated to Miss Saigon), C Untalan 90.63, R Chang 90.21, M Guysinger 85.04, C DeLuca 84.55, M Chessare 83.98, C Kaminski 81.57, C Yee 80.81, L Karlin 78.85, R Musselwhite 74.23.

Intermediate Ladies FS & Final (15 competed)
C Burner 78.67 (landed two 2A to win FS, skated to Carmen), A Hernandez 78.60, A Takai 76.57 (landed a 2A), K Doan 76.39, R Crawford 75.67, M Rutledge 71.69, L Marines 70.03, K Nowell, 69.44, C Glastris 68.84, C Roslin 68.75, S Baker 68.53, L Townsend 67.95, M Wu 67.21, L Ellison 63.56, T Olson 52.63.

Intermediate Men FS & Final (9 competed)
S Anderson 74.37, J Cohn 73.82, M Graham 68.12, B Shou 67.92, T Schwappach 67.63, M Friess 66.26, L Kirchgessner 58.11, A Mains 55.22, T Wu 41.86.

Juvenile Girls FS & Final (15 competed; thanks to you-know-who!)
D Thomas 43.61, V Le 43.51, A Kortjohn 41.46, T Ellison 41.20, R Shin 40.56, A Raymond 40.06, A Verheydt 39.34, L Billera 37.69, P Rydberg 36.28, O Allan 35.50, C Traeger 35.26, M Cardamone 34.98, A Merges 34.38, E Fairbanks 31.95, A Bechtold 31.66.

Juvenile Boys FS (6 competed)
K Johnson 41.50, K Li 31.41, J Schlicher 27.39, K Coward 27.05, J Sedlar 22.92, M Youngs 19.41.

Junior Free Dance exhibition
J Mancini/T Brooks 49.80 – music was a female ballad & “Fever.”

FRIDAY’s Unofficial Results:
Senior Ladies SP (17 competed)
Top 6: A Wang 53.14 [upbeat jazzy medley from “A League of Their Own” soundtrack] – 3F+’tano 2T, 3Lz, 2A; L Dinh 43.70, O Kamieniecki POL 40.58 [Danse Macabre], M Daniels 40.36, M Bell 39.64 [Assassin’s Tango from the “Mr and Mrs Smith” soundtrack], F Sheikh 39.02 [piano version of Malaguena].
7th-17th: R Schmidt 35.56, D Sivak 35.12, J Garces 32.74, M Koehler 32.62, M Stammen 30.60, A Hsu 30.14, M Chambers 29.52, M Pedersen 25.70, P Flynn 22.98, R Tsinhnahjinnie 22.50, L Cramer 19.62.

Senior Men SP (3 competed)
P Parkinson ITA 51.71 [Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” performed by David Garrett] – 3A, 2Lz+3T, 2F; A Johnson 48.40 [Puccini’s “O mio babbino caro”]; L Chilcott GBR 44.79.

Senior Men’s Jumps (8 competed; 6.0 judging/majority ordinal system)
P Chan 5/1 (3A, 3A, 3F-half loop-3F, 4T fall, 4T), M Aaron 3/2 (3A, 3Lz-half loop-3S, 4S at end), P Parkinson 5/3 (2 3A, 3Lz+3T+3Lo), A Johnson 3/4, T Dolensky 5/5, B Mroz 5/6, T Koleto 5/7, D Wang 5/8.

Junior Pairs SP (5 teams competed)
K Duarte/C Grafton 46.55 [Meditation from Thais by Massenet], H Denney/B Frazier 43.29 [Chicago], M Aaron/M Settlage 40.24 [Spanish], O Oltmanns/J Santillan 40.13 [Pink Panther], B Simpson/M Blackmer 39.16 [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack].

Junior Ladies SP (12 competed)
B Long 50.44 [Swan Lake] – 3Lz, 3F+2T, OSE to 2A;
H Miller 45.60 [Danse Macabre] – 3F tight+1T, 3Lz rotation?, 2A;
M Bell 44.76 [Mack & Mabel] – 2A, 2Lz, 3F+2T;
Z Costiniano PHI 37.94 [Take 5], C Yan CAN 35.60 [Carmen], A B Hall 34.78, J Pfund 34.36, S Pulia 32.94, M Koehler 29.92, J Sims 27.88, J Liao 24.36, R Lawson 23.72.

Junior Men SP (7 competed)
T Dolensky 52.05 [lyrical piano piece] – 3Lo+3Lo turnout, 3Lz fall, OSE to 2A; D Wang 49.70 [jazzy program] – 2A, 3F+2T step out, 3Lz off balance; T Koleto 47.89 [“Dark Secret” Waltz] – 2A, 3F turnout/no combo, 3Lz; L Kaugars 47.45 [techno] – 3F+3T off balance, 2Lz, 2A; S Payannet 39.57, Z Szabo 38.12, C Burner 32.10.

Junior Short Dance exhibition
J Mancini/T Brooks 37.08 (Cha Cha Congelado pattern dance & another LatAm rhythm).

Novice Men SP (12 competed)
B Krentz 40.11, N Vrdoljak 38.84, P Rupp 35.89, D Takayama 35.32, A Boucher 34.03, D Neudecker 28.74, B Johnson 27.87, J Curley 25.30, R Burghart 23.83, C McGoogan 23.05, D Mortenson 21.91, C Belmontes 21.26.

Novice Ladies SP (15 competed)
Top 6: E Taylor 37.46 [Ain’t No Sunshine/Smooth Criminal] – 3S+2Lo, 3T 2fted, 2A; A Kurtz 36.88 [Hernando’s Hideaway] – 3S+’tano 2T, 3F fall, 2A; I Dow 35.33 [Evita] – 2A, 2Lz+2T, 3S; D McIntee 34.44 – 2A solid, 3S fall, 2Lz+2Lo; C Untalan 32.53 – 3T hand, 2A w/ distance, 3S fall; K Gaither 30.92 [I’ve Got Rhythm] – 3T fall, 2S+2T, big 2A.
7th-15th: C Kaminski 29.88 R Chang 28.81, C Yee 28.71, M Guysinger 28.18, L Karlin 27.63, C DeLuca 27.58, A Fu 27.56, R Musselwhite 26.87, M Chessare 26.83.

Intermediate Ladies SP (15 competed)
K Doan 30.00 [Eleanor Rigby] – 1A, 2Lz+2Lo, 2F with hands at hips, high jumps, fast spins & nice positions; A Takai 29.87 [Spanish/Latin?] – only 2A landed in event; A Hernandez 28.54, R Crawford 28.38, C Burner 27.60, K Nowell 27.41, C Glastris 27.28, M Rutledge 26.81, S Baker 25.71, M Wu 25.69, L Marines 25.16, C Roslin 25.04, L Townsend 24.72, T Olson 22.21, L Ellison 21.67.

Intermediate Men SP (9 competed)
S Anderson 27.53, J Cohn 25.60, T Schwappach 24.78, B Shou 24.58, M Graham 24.49, M Friess 24.14, L Kirchgessner 23.05, A Mains 17.04, T Wu 16.14.

Intermediate Pairs FS (2 teams competed)
C Yu/B Johnson 52.47, S Arsenault/D Arsenault 34.09.

THURSDAY’s Unofficial, Partial Results:
Senior Men SP Only (2 competed)
J Farris 64.87 (34.82/31.05 -1) [Clair de Lune, choreo by Damon Allen] – 3A nice & high, 3F+3T landing a bit tight, 3Lz fall;
M Aaron 61.92 (32.22/29.70) [Tango medley of Oblivion by Piazzolla & Mr. & Mrs. Smith soundtrack, choreo by Jeff Buttle] – 4S 2fted, 3A fall out, 3Lz+2T step out.

Senior Ladies SP Only (top 4)
M Bell 39.44 [Tango from Mr & Mrs Smith] – OSE to 2A, 3T+1T, 3Lz fall, nice layback to Biellmann;
M Bulanhagui 37.70 [Egyptian Disco] – 3A 2fted/underrot.? (no combo), 1Lz, 2A (didn’t count?), fun program;
K J West 32.84 [Beatles medley]; O Kamieniecki POL 32.32 [Masquerade Waltz].

Junior Ladies SP Only (top 8 )
B Long 41.96 [Swan Lake] – 3Lz fall, 3F+1T, 2A; Z Costiniano PHI 39.96 [Take 5] – 3Lz fall out, 3S+2T, 2A; C Yan CAN 36.26 [Carmen] – 3S hand+2T, 3Lz lean/fall, 2A; S Pulia 31.30, S Stillman 30.52, J Dahm 28.49, M Phelps 28.40, R Lawson 27.62.

Novice Ladies A SP Only (top 4)
E Taylor 42.01 [jazzy “Ain’t No Sunshine” & violin rendition of “Smooth Criminal”] – 3S+2Lo, 3F (2fted), 2A, performed with energy & attitude; R Musselwhite 28.60, J Nicosia 28.54, A Gaughan 28.43.

Novice Ladies B SP Only (top 4)
C DeLuca 30.69 [upbeat music] – 3S fall out, 2A, 2Lz+2Lo; M Chessare 29.68 [Bohemian Rhapsody] 2Lz+2Lo, 2A fall, split jump to 2F with stag leap exit; K Gaither 25.35 [I’ve Got Rhythm]; L Karlin 26.88.

Novice Men SP Only (3 competed)
N Vrdoljak 40.31 [Man in the Iron Mask] – 3T+2T, 3F fall out, 2A; B Krentz 37.12 [Spanish guitar] – 3S hand?-2T, 2A, ‘tano 2Lz; J Curley 22.17.

WEDNESDAY’s Unofficial, Partial Results:
Juvenile Girls FS A (top 6; top 5 qualify for Final)
Ashlee Raymond 40.37, Vivian Le 38.04, Amanda Verheydt 37.83, Ashley Bechtold 36.34, Clare Traeger 35.03, Laura Hanselman 33.55
Juvenile Girls FS B (top 6)
Lenika Billera 39.35 (higher PCS is tiebreaker), Anastasia Kortjohn 39.35, Paige Rydberg 39.04, Elissa Fairbanks 37.22, Mackenzie Cardamone 36.82, Shannon Porter 36.58
Juvenile Girls FS C (top 6)
Tamia Ellison 42.76, Danielle Thomas 39.81, Olivia Allan 39.73, Riley Shin 38.43, Allison Merges 35.00, Chelsea Liu 34.09

Intermediate Ladies FS A (top 6; top 5 advance to SP)
R Crawford 47.09, L Townsend 46.40, M Rutledge 45.93, L. Ellison 45.27, C Burner 44.00, M Flood 40.53
Intermediate Ladies FS B (top 6)
A Hernandez 48.44, K Nowell 45.94, M Wu 43.97, A Takai 43.81, C Roslin 43.30, S Torrey 38.69
Intermediate Ladies FS C (top 6)
C Glastris 43.77, L Marines 43.40, S Baker 42.43, K Doan 42.32, T Olson 41.84, M Boswell 41.11

Novice Ladies FS A (top 6)
A Kurtz 63.53 [Prokofiev’s Cinderella] – 3S+’tano 2T+2Lo, 3T eked out, 2A, 3F<? 2fted, 3F fall, 2F+2T.
E Taylor 61.50 [Aranjuez] – 3S+2Lo+2Lo, 3T(2fted)+2T, 2F, 3S fall, 3T<? 2fted, 2A+2T, layback to fast, vertical Biellmann with head back.
M Chessare 50.81 [Carmen], L Karlin 47.54, R Musselwhite 46.48, E Wohlford 45.72
Novice Ladies FS B (top 6; top 5 advance to SP)
I Dow 63.43 [Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty] – 2A high but off-balance landing, 3S fall, walley-reverse walley-2F, 3S+2T, bracket? entry 2A high+2T, 2Lz+2Lo slight turnout.
A Fu 56.64 [Miss Saigon] – landed 2 2A, rest solid doubles.
C Untalan 52.59 [East of Eden] – 3T, 2A good distance but fall, 3S hand, 3T fall, 3S hand, 2Lz.
M Guysinger 50.53, C Yee 48.49, B Andersen 46.44
Novice Ladies FS C (top 6 from Jumbotron during webcast)
K Gaither 60.95 [“Illumination” by Secret Garden] – 2A big with distance, layback to fast vertical Biellmann, 1S, 3T fall, 2Lo, 2S+2T, 2A+2T.
D McIntee 60.16 [soundtrack?] – 2A+2T+2Lo, 3S high/fall, 3S fall, 2F, 2Lz step out, 1A.
R Chang 58.00 [Scheherazade] – landed 2A+2T, 2A, rest doubles.
C Kaminski 52.74, C DeLuca 47.26, C Langley 44.05

Junior Ladies FS A (9 competed; top 6 advance)
B Long 85.33 [jazzy “42nd Street” musical] – 3Lz+2T+2Lo, 3F+2A seq., 3Lo, 3F fall, 3S, 1Lz, 2A+3T fall.
H Miller 84.68 [dramatic “Masquerade Waltz” with slow section in middle I couldn’t identify] – Big Russian split, 2A, 3F (jerky landing), 3Lo, 3S+2T+2Lo, 3T+2T, 3S fall, 3T+’tano 2T.
J Pfund 59.55 [Tosca], M Koehler 53.02 [La Strada by Rota], C Yan CAN 52.72 [Firebird], R Lawson 47.23 [Irish medley], B Yuen 47.03, Y. Miao 43.07 [Turandot Fantasy for violin], A. Okita 39.63
Junior Ladies FS B (only 7 competed)
M Bell 75.83 [Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi] – 2A+2A seq., 3F fall, 3Lz fall out, 3S, 3T hop out, 3F fall out, 3T step out.
Z Costiniano PHI 65.43 [A Beautiful Mind soundtrack], A B Hall 60.82 [guitar medley by Jesse Cook], J Sims 58.14 [Titanic], S Pulia 56.42 [Swan Lake], J Liao 52.09 [quirky music], A Gerday 42.74 [Singin’ in the Rain]

Note: Name & score typos are possible! Corrections/additions are welcomed.


The following Senior/Junior/Novice/Intermediate entries are printed in the Broadmoor Open program book (a BIG thanks to “paulio” for typing them out!).
SUBJECT TO CHANGE! (please be aware that withdrawals are common in club comps; for example, I’ve heard unofficially that Patrick Chan may only do the Jumps event)

* = U.S. skaters currently listed in the 2011-12 International Selection Pool for possible international assignnments (JGP, Sr B) who are registered for at least a SP or FS event

Senior Men Combined
Patrick Chan (CAN), *Alexander Johnson, Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA), Luke Chilcott (GBR)

Senior Men SP Only
*Joshua Farris, *Max Aaron

Senior Men’s Jumps
Max Aaron, Ryan Bradley, Patrick Chan (CAN), Timothy Dolensky, Alexander Johnson, Timothy Koleto, Brandon Mroz, Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA), David Wang

Senior Ladies Combined
*Lauren Dinh, *McKinzie Daniels, *Angela Wang, Ola Kamieniecki (POL), Madeline Koehler, Madeline Stammen, Phoebe Flynn, McKenzie Pederson, Alicia Hsu, Roxanna Schmidt, Dana Sivak, Romilly Tsinhnahjinnie, Morgan Bell, Mirielle Chambers, Jacquelyn Garces, Kristina Struthwolf, Amy Nunn, Lisa Cramer, Farah Sheikh

Senior Ladies SP Only
Morgan Bell, *Melissa Bulanhagui, Ola Kamieniecki (POL), Madeline Stammen, Roxanne Schmidt, Dana Sivak, Katy Jo West, Romilly Tsinhnahjinnie, Mirielle Chambers, Kristina Struthwolf, Amy Nunn, Lisa Cramer

Senior Ladies Jumps
Barbie Long, Ola Kamieniecki, Angela Wang, McKinzie Daniels, Dana Sivak

Junior Men
*David Wang, Timothy Koleto, *Timothy Dolensky, Lukas Kaugars, Sebastien Payannet, Christiaan Burner, Zachariah Szabo

Junior Ladies A
*Hannah Miller, Barbie Long, Jessica Pfund, Christina Yan (CAN), Yu Miao, Rachel Lawson, Bonnie Yuen, Meghan Koehler, Allison Okita; [WD: *Polina Edmunds, Ashley Callaway, Jasmine Dahm, Amber Ruiz, Kelsea Suarez].

Junior Ladies B
Mariah Bell, Zhaira Costiniano (PHI), Alexandra Gerday, Anna Britt Hall, Julia Liao, Shalayne Pulia, Janae Sims; [WD: Marylin Cai, Jacqueline Han, Lili Malone, Morgan Phelps, Sophie Stillman].

Junior Pairs SP
*Madeline Aaron/Max Settlage, Haven Denney/Brandon Frazier (JGP age-eligible), *Kylie Duarte/Colin Grafton, Britney Simpson/Matt Blackmer (JGP age-eligible), *Olivia Oltmanns/Josh Santillan

Junior Dance SD & FD
*Jessica Mancini/Tyler Brooks

Novice Ladies A
Lena Nguyen, Cheyenne Smallwood, Sarah Seibold, Katey Nyquist, Ashlyn Gaughan, Elena Taylor, Aimee Evans, Lauren Karlin, Madison Chessare, Rachel Musselwhite, Mae Grigsby, Avery Kurtz, Elizabeth Wohlford

Novice Ladies B
Brianne Safer, Anjing Fu, Tina Nguyen, Katherine Foy, Laura Wohlford, Casey Yee, Clare Untalan, Crystal Chilcott, Margaux Guysinger, Mary Peng, Isabella Dow, Amanda Rayas, Brooke Andersen, Mia Jawor

Novice Ladies C
Lydia Menscher, Coco Kaminski, Caitlin DeLuca, Kaitlyn Gaither, Bradie Tennell, Rachel Chang, Jessica Nicosia, Riley Oshiro, Lauren Olinger, Carlyn Langley, Danika Burton, Dyllan McIntee, Katie Hochrein

Novice Men
Remington Burghart, Anthony Boucher, Nicholas Vrdoljak, Josiah Curley, Daniel Takayama, Danny Neudecker, Brian Johnson, Alex Benoit, Chase Belmontes, Patrick Rupp, Brian Krentz, Chandler McGoogan, Drew Mortenson

Novice Pairs

Intermediate Ladies A
Madeline Rutledge, Terri Hannig, Claire Burner, Erin Tafoya, Katie Yockey, Ashley Shin, Amy Hu, Ellie Hixenbaugh, Morgan Flood, Emily Mohr, Lauren Townsend, Lauren Ellison, Madison George, Lexie Kwak, Rachel Grace Crawford, Alexis Hernandez, Paige Mascarenas

Intermediate Ladies B
Kiere Gilbertson, Maureen Wu, Madeline Franchock, Katherine Deneris, Megan Lee, Mary Kate Fee, Sarah Pultorak, Karis Nowell, Abbey Isaacson, Samantha Torrey, Kristin Park, Abigail Walker, Anikka Hernandez, Aya Takai, Lindsey Mize, Chloe Roslin

Intermediate Ladies C
Celia Glastris, Tori Weingarten, Lauren Marines, Kodi Robinson, Shelby Baker, Kristen Stamm, Mollie Boswell, Makala Arn, Tawney Wiltsie, Emily Georgia, Mackenzie Sill, Ana Renee Vinson, Taylor Olson, Kaitlyn Doan, Kathryn LoNigro, Jocelyn LaChapelle

Intermediate Men
Sam Anderson, Benjamin Shou, Thomas Schwappach, Matthew Graham, Mitchell Friess, Jason Cohn, Luke Kirchgessner, Thomas Wu, Alex Mains

Intermediate Pairs
Caroline Yu/Brian Johnson, Stephanie Arsenault/Daniel Arsenault

Juvenile Pairs
Anastasia Bequette/Thomas Wavrin


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Latest Results Posted: All Year FSC Comp, North Shore Open and More

Posted by unseenskaters on June 19, 2011

All Year FSC Comp, North Shore Open, Traverse City Cherry Classic, White Rose Invitational and Bluebonnet Open results have been added to Scoretracker, and the Top Ten has been updated. We received scanned results sheets for the Ice Fest competition in WA, and these have been added to Scoretracker as well. Thank you to the helpful person who provided the Ice Fest results! We are missing Junior and Senior Ladies FS results from Ice Fest, so if anyone would like scan them and send them to us through our contact page, it would be appreciated.

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Boston Open live, free webcast on June 17-18

Posted by unseenskaters on June 17, 2011

Sorry for the late notice here, but the 2011 Boston Open will be streamed live on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18:

Click here to view the live video stream

Click here to view the event schedule

Yasmin Siraj is scheduled to debut her new Senior FS between 9:35-10 pm Eastern time on Saturday. Stephen Carriere’s Senior FS was debuted a day early (Friday, even though his event is listed on the Saturday schedule). I don’t think there will be video available on-demand so watch the live webcast if you can!

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2011-12 U.S. Team Envelopes A-C are published

Posted by unseenskaters on June 2, 2011

The 2011-12 U.S. team envelopes A-C officially were published online by U.S. Figure Skating on June 2, 2011:

Click here to view the 2011-12 Team Envelopes A-C.

For a breakdown of the envelopes and relevant criteria, refer to my earlier blog post titled PROJECTED TEAM ENVELOPES FOR 2011-12:

Click here to view my updated team envelopes/criteria blog post.

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