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2017 Skate Detroit – preliminary entries/groups

Posted by unseenskaters on June 28, 2017

Skate Detroit will be held in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, July 18-22, 2017.
Pro Event Photo will live stream from 2 rinks this year — an all event pass (5 days) is $45 and a 24-hour pass costs $25: http://proeventphoto.com/channel-two/

Detroit Skating Club’s Rink C will feature the Senior/Junior events – event schedule (PDF): http://dscclub.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/SCHEDULE.2017.pdf

Senior Men/Ladies/Pairs, Junior Men/Ladies/Pairs & Novice Men/Ladies/Pairs groups (as of June 28) are listed below. The entries/groups are compiled from the online entry system (“View online schedule” link): http://comp.entryeeze.com/Home.aspx?cid=338

(Any roster changes will be edited into this post before the start of the competition. Any RESULTS received will be listed in a separate post, time permitting.)

Short Program – Friday, July 21 2:00 PM
Free Skate – Saturday, July 22 2:55 PM

Grant Hochstein, SC of New York
Keegan Messing, Sherwood Park FSC (Canada)
Alexander Newman, Detroit SC
Keiichiro Sasahara, Japan (23rd at JPN Nationals)
Kevin Shum, SC of Boston
Luke West, Broadmoor SC
Vincent Zhou, SC of San Francisco

Short Program – Thursday, July 20 3:00 PM
Start order list (edited in on 7/20):

[WD: Ashley Kim, Dallas FSC]
Maya Lappin, Richmond Hill FSC (Canada)
[WD: Meagan Rider, DuPage FSC]
Andrea Mendez, Detroit SC
[WD: Emily Mei-Lin Chan, Dallas FSC]
Olivia Serafini, Los Angeles FSC /
Alexandra Rogers, Rocky Mountain FSC
Jordan Bauth, Amherst SC (NY)
Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
Michelle Lifshits, Israel (was CAN)
Chloe Roslin, Detroit SC
Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC
Group A Free Skate – Friday, July 21 4:55 PM

Short Program – Thursday, July 20 4:40 PM
Start order list (edited in on 7/20):

Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC
Kendal Buckalew, Carolinas FSC
Lyndsay Ream, Columbus FSC
Jocelyn Jones, Individual Member of USFS
AnnaMarie Pearce, St. Moritz ISC /
Paige Rydberg, Broadmoor SC
Katie McBeath, Westminster FSC of Erie
Tori Weingarten, Detroit SC
Brynne McIsaac, Washington FSC
[WD: Hannah Miller, Lansing SC]
Coco Kaminski, Poland
Group B Free Skate – Friday, July 21 6:45 PM

Senior Ladies Final Round (FS) is Saturday, July 22 starting at 6:20 PM.

Short Program – Friday, July 21 3:05 PM
Free Skate – Saturday, July 22 4:10 PM

Jessica Calalang, DuPage FSC / Zack Sidhu, Las Vegas FSC
Paige Conners / Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Israel (NEW) – she is 17 & made her international debut for ISR in junior singles in 2016-17
Winter Deardorff, Northern Kentucky SC / Max Settlage, Broadmoor SC (NEW)
Nica Digerness, Broadmoor SC / Danny Neudecker, Seattle SC [J1]
Caitlin Fields / Ernie Stevens, both Indiana World SA FSC
Chelsea Liu, St. Paul FSC / Brian Johnson, Detroit SC [S6]
Jessica Pfund, Southwest Florida FSC / Joshua Santillan, All Year FSC [S5]
Natasha Purich / Davin Portz, both Calalta FSC (Canada)
Deanna Stellato / Nathan Bartholomay, both Southwest Florida FSC [S4]
Miu Suzaki / Ryuichi Kihara, Japan
Alexandria Yao, Peninsula SC [J3] / Jacob Simon, Skokie Valley SC [J4] (NEW)


Short Program – Friday, July 21 10:00 AM
Free Skate – Saturday, July 22 8:45 AM

Jun-Hong Chen, Broadmoor SC
Mark Gorodnitsky, Israel
JoonSoo Kim, DuPage FSC [N4]
Paxton Knott, London SC (Canada)
Sasha Lunin, Fort Wayne ISC [J5]
Maxim Naumov, SC of Boston [N1]
Alp Eren Ozkan, Turkey
Camden Pulkinen, Broadmoor SC [J2]
Mark Sadusky, St. Moritz ISC
Justin Wichmann, Dallas FSC

JUNIOR LADIES – Group A (a few to be shifted from B to even out groups?)
Short Program – Wednesday, July 19 2:55 PM
Free Skate – Thursday, July 20 10:15 AM

Tori Bennett, Mentor FSC
Jacqueline Budnick, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
Brigid Carlson, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
Akane Eguchi, Dallas FSC
Maya Gorodnitsky, Israel (as of Dec. 2016)
Megan Hovey, Buffalo SC
Regan Lee, Detroit SC
Jenna Shi, Arctic FSC
Lily Sun, Peninsula SC [N11]
Evelyn Walsh, London CSC (Canada J12)
Phoebe Winser, Great Britain
WD: Jin Baseman, SC of Boston, Carly Leonard, DuPage FSC, Lily Miller, Wisconsin FSC

Short Program – Wednesday, July 19, 5:05 PM
Free Skate – Thursday, July 20 12:35 PM

Kaya Chakrabortty, Detroit SC
Laura Dawson, Milton SC (Canada)
Hanna Harrell, Dallas FSC [N6]
Stephanie Hice, Jamestown SC
Pooja Kalyan, Ozark FSC [N3]
Anastassiya Khvan, Kazakhstan
Grace Knoop, Southwest Florida FSC
Samantha Lang, Detroit SC
Katelyn Mamrick, Greenville FSC
Karina Nance, Skokie Valley SC
Alexandra Polega, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
Trisha Roohan, SC of New York
Rachel Skof, Memorial FSC Of Houston
Natalie Walker, Milton SC (Canada)
Dallas Ward, Southwest Florida FSC
WD: Olivia Kierul, Colonial FSC, Chloe Leonard, DuPage FSC

Junior Ladies Final Round (FS) is Saturday, July 22 starting at 10:25 AM.

Short Program – Friday, July 21 11:25 AM
Free Skate – Saturday, July 22 12:10 PM

Patricia Andrew / Paxton Knott, both London SC (Canada N2)
Olivia & Mackenzie Boys-Eddy, Brampton-Chinguacousy SC (Canada J3)
Sarah Feng, SC of San Francisco / TJ Nyman, Space Coast Ice Plex FSC (NEW)
Meiryla Findley, Broadmoor SC / Matthew Rounis [J11], SC of New York (NEW)
Kate Finster [J10], Northern Kentucky SC / Derrick Griffin [N1], Panthers FSC (NEW)
Katherina Frantz, Fort Wayne ISC / Nicolas Frantz [N5], SC of Southern New Jersey
Evelyn Grace Hanns, Strongsville SC / Kristofer Ogren [N2], Kansas City FSC (NEW)
Elli Kopmar / Jonah Barrett [J2], both Southwest Florida FSC
Laiken Lockley / Keenan Prochnow [J5], both DuPage FSC
Audrey Lu / Misha Mitrofanov, both Dallas FSC
Ainsley Peterson [N2], All Year FSC / Griffin Schwab [J9], SC of New York (NEW)
Sarah Rose, Southwest Florida FSC / Ian Meyh, SC of Southern New Jersey (NEW)
Eliana Secunda / Blake Eisenach [N4], both Rocky Mountain FSC
Evelyn Walsh, London CSC / Trennt Michaud, Prince Edward SC (Canada J1)
Cora DeWyre / Jacob Nussle [N8], both Ice House SA (Hartland Michigan) – SP only


Short Program – Thursday, July 20 9:05 AM Rink C
Free Skate – Saturday, July 21 4:25 PM Rink B

Daniel Argueta, Texas Gulf Coast FSC [Int4]
Nathaniel Chapple, Shaker FSC
Paul Egebrecht, DuPage FSC
Jackson Ellis, Milton SC (Canada)
Chase Finster, Northern Kentucky SC
Dylan Wajda, Strongsville SC
Evan Whitlow, Louisville Skating Academy

Group A
Short Program – Wednesday, July 19 5:20 PM
Free Skate – Friday, July 21 2:05 PM

Diana Barker, Southport SC
Abigail Best, Milton SC (Canada)
Tsina Clemente, Milton SC (Canada)
Julia Colello, Scott Hamilton SC
Linzy Fitzpatrick, Detroit SC
Alexa Gasparotto, Arctic FSC
Vanessa Jasiewicz, Winterhurst FSC
Anna Oprea, Milton SC (Canada)
Molly Schelosky, St. Clair Shores FSC
Katlin Watson, Port Huron FSC
Elyse Wiese, Skokie Valley SC
Lily Yu, Columbus FSC
WD: Elizabeth Hammill, Lansing SC

Group B
Short Program – Wednesday, July 7:10 PM
Free Skate – Friday, July 21 4:00 PM

Kate Capper, Chelsea FSC (MI)
Stephanie Ciarochi, Dallas FSC [Int1]
Natalie Feng, SC of San Francisco
Abigail Leinweber, Milton SC (Canada)
Alexis Martyn, Pittsburgh FSC
Sophie Paradi, Skokie Valley SC
Pelagia Pamel, Detroit SC
Madeline Schizas, Milton SC (Canada)
Riley Strassguertl, Unionville SC (Canada)
Madeleine Weiler, SC of Boston
Cici Wu, Richmond Hill FSC (Canada)
Lynn Yamane, Memorial FSC Of Houston
Emilea Zingas, St. Clair Shores FSC

Group C
Short Program – Thursday, July 8:30 AM
Free Skate – Friday, July 21 5:55 PM

Elizabeth Bernardini, SC of New York
Vanessa Camarata, Milton SC (Canada)
Calista Choi, Skokie Valley SC [Int11]
Charlotte Cyr, Milton SC (Canada)
Molly Davies, Traverse City FSC
Samantha Dreyer, Skokie Valley SC
Alyssa Dunn, Chicago FSC
Aliyah King, Riverside SC (Canada)
Rachel Kraber, Northern Blades NSC FSC
Ariela Masarsky, DuPage FSC
Braedyn Miller, Lansing SC
Carling Strassguertl, Unionville SC (Canada)
WD: Cora DeWyre, Ice House SA (Hartland Michigan), Natassja Nowak, Detroit SC, Anna Sluis-Cremer, Pittsburgh FSC

Novice Ladies Final Round (FS) is Saturday, July 22 starting at 2:45 PM.

Short Program – Friday, July 21 9:10 AM Rink C
Free Skate – Saturday, July 22 8:55 AM Rink B

Lauren Ball / Scott Dudley [N9], both Detroit SC
Isabelle Goldstein / Keyton Bearinger [N7], both Detroit SC
Isabelle Martins, Chicago FSC / Ryan Bedard [Int3], Northern Ice SC
Masha Mokhova / Ivan Mokhov [Int1], both Lansing SC – FS only
Lia Pereira / James Robart-Morgan, both Milton SC (Canada; NEW)

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2017 Broadmoor Open (June 21-24) & Aerial FS/Team Challenge (jumps)

Posted by unseenskaters on June 20, 2017

The Broadmoor Open, a major early season club competition hosted annually by the Broadmoor Skating Club, June 21-24, 2017, gets underway later today in Colorado Springs, Colorado (solo dance events on Tuesday evening; singles events begin on Wednesday).

The main competition rink is the World Arena (WA) and events there will be live streamed, as well as events in the Olympic rink for the first time, by Pro Event Photo. All event ($45) and daily passes ($15 for 24 hours) are available for purchase. Please be aware that the live streams will NOT be archived for on demand viewing.
6/23 UPDATE: Pro Event Photo provided a LIVE, FREE stream of Friday’s Aerial Challenge ladies’ and men’s jump competition on Friday night – thanks! Max Aaron and Audrey Shin won their respective divisions.
6/24 UPDATE: You can watch U.S. Figure Skating’s Facebook Live archived stream of the Aerial Team Challenge event by clicking here. Ryan Bradley’s Brawlers team squeaked out a win over Jeremy Abbott’s All-Stars and Timothy Dolensky’s Dynamos finished 3rd.

OFFICIAL RESULTS for the Broadmoor Open will be published online by the club AFTER the competition is over.
6/27 UPDATE: Click here to view the club’s event page with RESULTS links now added

BIG thanks to the kind and helpful people who have sent in photos of Senior/Junior/Novice singles starting orders and pairs/dance entries as listed in the competition program booklet, as well as photos of the official result sheets so far!

The skater’s home club region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region (NA=North Atlantic, NE=New England, SA=South Atlantic; EGL=Eastern Great Lakes, UGL=Upper Great Lakes; SWP=Southwest Pacific, CP=Central Pacific, NWP=Northwest Pacific); the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters.

Note: Withdrawals from early season competitions are not uncommon.


SATURDAY 6/24 results/scores (thanks to everyone who submitted result sheets!):

Junior Ladies final standings
1-12: A Liu (CP) 147.13 (98.22 FS), L Sun (CP) 143.26 (94.81 FS), T Cui (SA) 139.12 (93.51 FS), A Huang (UGL) 138.73 (88.20 FS), P Kalyan 137.40 (86.25 FS), H Harrell 127.78, EG Hanns (EGL) 117.84, A Eguchi 109.66, K Yum 108.62, S Porter 103.96, E Soto (UGL) 97.03, Je. Zink (SA) 87.14

Junior Men final standings
1 C Pulkinen 178.59 (119.33 FS) – music included middle section to Chopin’s √Čtude Op. 10, No. 3, in E major, choreo. by Tom Dickson; landed opening 3T with excellent flow out, 3A+2T, 3F+2T & 3F and fell on second 3A and 3Lz.
2 A Wellman (UGL) 160.29 (99.81 FS) – music sounded like a modern piano concerto with orchestra; triples landed incl. 3Lz+2T, 3Lo, 3Lz.
3-8: M Graham (NWP) 137.27 (92.40 FS to “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed), M Friess (CP) 130.71 (83.36 FS to “Game of Thrones” music), P Yeung (SWP) 127.49, L Ferrante (EGL) 122.92 T Schwappach 95.97 M Cangelose 65.47

Novice Ladies final standings
1 S Ciarochi 137.65 (100.17 FS) – Rachmaninov piano concerto #2; jumps as noted during the live stream: 3Lz+3T fall out, 3Lz+2T nice, 3F, 3S, 3S+2T+2Lo, 2A.
2 C Lin (CP) 130.92 (92.34 FS) – “Paint It Black” (female vocalist); jumps: 3S high, 3Lo, 2A-half loop(hop)-3S, 3T+2T, 2Lz+2T, 2A.
3 J Lin 130.53 (88.96 FS) – ? piano piece then Romeo & Juliet 2013 film soundtrack; jumps: 3F+2T, 2A-half loop-3S fall, 3S, 2A+2T, 3Lz, 3S.
4-11: M Weiler (NE) 118.99, N Albrechtovics (NA) 96.93, M Mayerhofer 94.54, E Otter 81.78, R Taguchi 80.20, Ja. Zink (SA) 78.36, L Reizian 77.90, C Bosman 72.21; WD: B Wooden.
Stephanie Ciarochi won the Jack Might trophy for “outstanding free skate or free dance performance by a Novice competitor.”

Novice Men final standings (2 competed)
T Pomares (CP) 115.21, J Webb 82.91

Intermediate Men final standings
1-7: M Nielsen (EGL) 94.40, D Tioumentsev 83.79, K Kovar (CP) 82.47, J Klein (UGL) 78.97, M Zharkov 76.30, I Kirk 73.51, D Davis (CP) 43.00

Intermediate Ladies Final
1-20: A Budko (NWP) 118.03 (75.45 FS: click here to watch her skate to Doga’s “Gramafon Waltz”), E Freezer (SWP) 104.56 (68.04 FS), A Raiter 101.23 (64.08 FS), M Hackworth (UGL) 93.12 (61.62 FS), S Bray (CP) 91.06, MP Nguyen 91.04 (60.50 FS), E Kam 88.91, T Huynh 87.35, A Barth 86.37, C Lee (CP) 84.44, S Flaum 83.76, A Chan 83.07, B Roberts (CP) 82.69, A Ross (CP) 81.30, L Williams 79.56, QC Lao 78.70, A Lee (CP) 76.75, M Black (NWP) 76.44, K Messner (NA) 65.93, A Tam (NWP) 65.90
Alena Budko won the Annette Cramer trophy for “outstanding free skate or free dance performance by an Intermediate competitor.”

Juvenile Girls Final
1-15: B Isaly 51.10, M Rolf (UGL) 49.50, A Lyons (CP) 45.91, P Stubblefield 44.94, C Yang (UGL) 44.47, E Mao 43.56, D DeLaura (NA) 41.63, S Wang (UGL) 40.81, R Nakagawa (NWP) 38.94, C Young 38.74, E Lee (SA) 38.64, E Mayerhofer 37.24, E Cumming 36.58, A Nguyen 31.48, R Hu 30.77; WD: R Ciarochi.

*NOTE: All Pairs results/scores (Senior/Junior/Juvenile) are listed on the Pairs Scoretracker page.


FRIDAY 6/23 partial results/scores:

Senior Men FS results & final standings (5 competed):
1 Timothy Dolensky (SA) 229.10 151.22 FS [71.42 TES/80.80 PCS -1] – “Faux” by Novo Amor, choreo. by Ryan Jahnke; jumps: 4S fall, 3A-turnout-2T, 3A with good flow out, 3Lo, 3F+2T, 3Lz, 2A, 2Lz. Nice edgework in footwork section, very good program for him! Dolensky won the “Jenkins trophy – outstanding free skate performance by a Senior competitor” at this year’s competition.
2 Jordan Moeller (UGL) 200.73 130.36 FS [58.06/74.30 -2] – “Clair de Lune” by Debussy, choreo. by Rohene Ward(?) that opened with a brief hommage to school figures! Fell on opening 4S, landed 5 triples (3T, 3A, 3Lz-half loop-3S, 3Lz) – the serene, gentle music suits his skating style.
3 Jimmy Ma (NA) 185.02 126.39 FS [65.89/62.50 -2] – last season’s Rachmaninov piano concerto #2. Fell on opening 4Lz attempt (looked underrot.), landed 6 triples (3A+2T, 3F+3T, 2nd half 3Lz+2T, 3S, 3Lz at end) & looked like he had the second 3A before his free foot got caught in the ice & he fell.
4 Luke West 127.90 total – last season’s Notre-Dame de Paris medley
5 Ben Jalovick (SA) 127.28 total – Tosca by Puccini
WD after SP: Krasnozhon, Kirchgessner

Senior Ladies FS results & final standings (23 competed):
1 Bradie Tennell (UGL) 190.76 1 1 121.23 [65.31 TES/55.92 PCS] Cinderella-themed program, choreo. by Benoit Richaud. Jumps landed: 3Lz+3T(bit tight), big 2A, 3F, 2A+3T
2 Ashley Lin 162.81 (Violin Fantasy on Puccini’s Turandot by Vanessa-Mae)
3 Livvy Shilling (NWP) 160.69 (Adele’s Hometown)
4-23: Ashley Kim 151.22 (Evita medley), A Wang (CP) 148.46, P Rydberg 146.47, R Peng (NE) 145.46, B McIsaac (SA) 145.30, K McBeath (NA) 144.30, A Kurtz 141.97, V Le (SWP) 141.76 (last year’s Scheherazade), A Rogers 132.89, M Fox 93.92, C Kaminski (POL) 92.38, R Gautsche 86.09, L Townsend (UGL) 84.72, B Greco 79.34, K Stamm 77.22, S Gugel 71.44, D Keim 71.23, E Cornwell 67.41, K Shechter 67.06, N Kreofsky (NWP) 65.80
WD after SP: B Han (AUS), D Korri (GRE), M Arn (UGL)

Senior Pairs SP included the team debut of Alexandria Yao & Jacob Simon — click here to watch Yao/Simon’s “Clair de Lune” SP, which was choreographed by Alena Lunin.
NOTE: All Pairs scores from Broadmoor Open have been added to the Pairs Scoretracker page.

Junior Ladies (CE) SP results
1-6: Harrell 53.09, Kalyan 51.15, Huang (UGL) 50.53, Liu (CP) 48.91, Sun (CP) 48.45, Cui (SA) 45.61
7-12: Hanns (EGL) 42.09, Yum 41.85, Soto (UGL) 40.82, Porter 38.62, Eguchi 38.48, Je. Zink (SA) 33.47
Starting order:
Je. Zink (SA), K Yum, E Soto (UGL), L Sun (CP), EG Hanns (EGL), P Kalyan;
S Porter, A Eguchi, A Liu (CP), A Huang (UGL), T Cui (SA), H Harrell.

Junior Men SP (CE) results
A Wellman (UGL) 60.48 [Spanish guitar music] landed 3F+2T, 2A & 3Lz with confident flair, C Pulkinen 59.26 [“Fix You” by Coldplay, choreo. by Drew Meekins], P Yeung (SWP) 55.29 [Michael Jackson medley], S Lunin (EGL) 51.74 [“Bad to the Bone”], M Friess (CP) 47.35, L Ferrante (EGL) 45.06, M Graham (NWP) 44.87, T Schwappach 34.16, M Cangelose 19.47
WD: Sunghoo Park (KOR)

Novice Ladies (CE) SP results
1-11: M Weiler 46.29, J Lin 41.57, N Albrechtovics 40.23, C Lin 38.58, S Ciarochi 37.48, M Mayerhofer 32.43, L Reizian 27.60, E Otter 26.58, R Taguchi 26.12, Ja. Zink 25.49, C Bosman 25.22; B Wooden WD.
Startng order (12 skaters in 2 groups, 6:05-7:30 pm MT):
Ja. Zink (SA), E Otter, M Mayerhofer, N Albrechtovics (NA), R Taguchi, L Reizian;
C Bosman, M Weiler (NE), [B Wooden WD], J Lin, C Lin (CP), S Ciarochi.

Novice Men (CE) SP results (2 competed)
T Pomares (CP) 36.02, J Webb 26.84

Intermediate Men (CE) SP results (7 competed)
M Zharkov 30.81, D Tioumentsev 30.52, M Nielsen (EGL) 29.15, J Klein (UGL) 28.15, K Kovar (CP) 26.08, I Kirk 26.04, D Davis (CP) 14.88

Juvenile Boys FS results (3 competed)
A Kratyuk (NWP) 44.29, B Christensen 32.54, L Carau 24.43


THURSDAY 6/22 partial results/scores:

Senior Men SP (Combined Event)
1 Dolensky 77.88 [42.72 TES 1st/37.16 PCS 1st -2] 4S fall, 3A landed then tripped & fell, 3F+3T – Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons from last season, choreo. by Ryan Jahnke]
2 Krasnozhon 75.00 [41.84/33.16] 3Lz, 3A, 3F+3Lo(bit off-balance) – Korobushka by Bond, choreo. by Scott Brown
3 Moeller 70.37 [40.79/31.58 -2] 4S fall, 3A, 3Lz+3T – Tribal Gathering, violinist Vanessa-Mae, choreo. by Rohene Ward
4-7: J Ma 58.63 [26.47/32.16] – last season’s Eminem rap medley SP
L West 52.33 [23.92/29.41 -1] – Sondheim’s Finishing the Hat from last season
L Kirchgessner 49.17 [22.01/28.16 -1] – Turning Page by Sleeping At Last
B Jalovick 43.54 [18.20/26.34 -1] – Sound of Silence by Disturbed

Senior Ladies SP (Combined Event)
1 Bradie Tennell (UGL) 69.53 [40.87 TES 1st/28.66 PCS 1st] – landed 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, 2A; her music is from the Taegukgi film soundtrack (composed by Dong-jun Lee), choreo. by Scott Brown
2 Rebecca Peng (NE) 57.79 – 3F+3T, 3Lz, 2A turn out; Tango de Roxanne (violin)
3 Vivian Le (SWP) 57.32 – 3F, 3Lz+2T, 2A; “Summer” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, last year’s music
4-13: A Wang (CP) 55.98 [28.66/38.32 -1] kept her 2016-17 “Over the Rainbow” SP music
L Shilling (NWP) 55.63 kept her “L-O-V-E” SP, B McIsaac (SA) 55.05 “Palladio” by Karl Jenkins, B Han (AUS) 53.69 “I Dreamed A Dream” (Susan Boyle), A Lin 52.87 Turandot by violinist Vanessa-Mae, A Kim 51.74 Evita medley, A Kurtz 51.57 female cover of “Your Song”, K McBeath (NA) 50.74 “That’s Life” sassy female cover, A Rogers 48.85 “She Used To Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles, P Rydberg 47.02 “The Gaucho’s Pain” by Tango Jointz
14-26: C Kaminski (POL) 37.94 female cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, M Fox 34.34 Great Gatsby soundtrack, R Gautsche 32.03 “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush, M Arn (UGL) 30.10, S Gugel 29.90 “Ave Maria” by Schubert, L Townsend 29.11 “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall, K Stamm 28.16 “Paper Moon” by Ella Fitzgerald?, B Greco (SWP) 26.74 “That’s Amore”+instrumental, D Korri (GRE) 26.31 “Touch” by Daft Punk, D Keim 24.18 Nessun Dorma/orchestral, N Kreofsky (NWP) 24.00 “Nights in White Satin”, K Shechter 22.56, E Cornwell 21.26 “Burn” from Hamilton musical.

Junior Men SP Only
Top 2 (of 6): Micah Tang (TPE) 54.49 Sihyeong Lee (KOR) 53.93


WEDNESDAY 6/21 partial results/scores:

Senior Men SP Only
Krasnozhon [Korobushka by Bond] 75.52 – landed 3Lz, 3A and second half 3F+3Lo
Moeller [Tribal Gathering, violinist Vanessa-Mae] 63.51 – 4S (looked good in air) fall, 3A, 3Lz+2T
Jalovick [Sound of Silence by Disturbed] score n/a

Senior Ladies SP Only was won by Brynne McIsaac 49.95 (unofficial), skating to Karl Jenkins’ Palladio (a.k.a the Diamond commercial music).

Junior Ladies qualifying round (appears the top 12 scores advance to the Combined Event SP on Friday)
FS A 1-8: A Huang (UGL) 87.50, T Cui (SA) 83.99, A Eguchi 67.88, S Porter 66.97, K Yum 66.91, P Kalyan 66.38, L Sun (CP) 64.06, E Soto (UGL) 61.34
9-16: T Roohan (NA) 58.65, G Lee (NWP) 55.41, L Hermez (SWP) 54.31, J Fennell 54.12, A Gossett 50.61, L Cardona 48.61, S Ross (CP) 44.83, A Gugel 40.90
FS B 1-4: A Liu (CP) 92.71, H Harrell 76.07, EG Hanns (EGL) 73.06, Je. Zink (SA) 62.98
5-15: S Hilmer 56.57, L Russell (SWP) 55.47, H Giordano 54.05, K Ross (SA) 52.78, I Schwarz (NA) 52.17, E Tang (CP) 49.38, L Waterman 48.77, T Jensen (UGL) 46.13, M Genevich (UGL) 43.55, I Torres (SA) 42.50, K Zilar 38.85

Novice Ladies qualifying round (Top 6 in each group advance to Combined Event SP on Friday)
FS A 1-7: J Lin 83.98, B Wooden 81.18, N Albrechtovics (NA) 62.50, E Otter 56.71, M Mayerhofer 56.09, M Doran 53.59 {not listed in SP starting order), C Bosman 50.47
8-15: CC Willemsen 46.89, B Bagley 45.70, C Reiser (UGL) 45.01, A Rye-Kirova 43.26, S Udell (EGL) 42.67, H Conrad 41.86, J Conant 31.08, E Pierce (EGL) 28.14
FS B 1-6: S Ciarochi 100.39 [60.39 TES/40.00 PCS] – landed 3Lz step, 3Lz+3?T, 3F+2T, 3S+2T+2Lo, 3S, 2A; C Lin (CP) 83.01, M Weiler (NE) 69.04, L Reizian 51.66, Ja. Zink (SA) 50.13, R Taguchi 49.03;
7-13: J Kang 48.71, M Besson 48.20, M Pierce 47.56, A Lyman (CP) 43.07, D Reiser (UGL) 42.02, A Benson 41.11, K Arnett 30.92


Intermediate Ladies – 20 qualified to Final Round SP/FS from Groups A-D (top 4 in each group + next 4 highest scores):
A Budko (NWP) 63.77 A1, A Barth 62.70 A2, A Raiter 62.37 C1, A Ross (CP) 60.61 A3, E Freezer (SWP) 57.96 D1, A Chan 57.55 B1, Bray (CP) 57.00 B2, M Nguyen 53.56 C2, E Kam 52.46 A4, M Hackworth (UGL) 51.97 B3, A Lee (CP) 51.72 D2, T Huynh 51.71 D3, C Lee (CP) 51.66 B4, L Williams 49.76 B5, S Flaum 49.68 A5, QC Lao 48.99 C3, B Roberts (CP) 48.46 A6, A Tam (NWP) 48.14 A7, K Messner (NA) 46.74 C4, M Black (NWP) 44.71 D4


* = currently listed in USFS’ 2017-18 International Selection Pool (ISP)

2017 U.S. Nationals Junior/Novice/Intermediate placements are listed below, if applicable.

SENIOR MEN (CE = Combined Event) — SP is Thursday 12:30-1:30 pm MT
Starting order (now 8):
Luke West, Ben Jalovick (SA), [Colton Johnson (UGL) WD], *Alex Krasnozhon J1;
Luke Kirchgessner, *Jordan Moeller (UGL), *Timothy Dolensky (SA), Jimmy Ma (NA).
Not listed: *Joshua Farris, *Tomoki Hiwatashi (UGL), *Vincent Zhou (CP)
Combined Event FS is Friday 1:20-2:20 MT.
SP Only event is Wednesday 9:30-10 pm MT – starting order: Moeller, Krasnozhon, Jalovick.

SENIOR LADIES (CE) — Thursday SP start order (28 skaters in 5 groups):
Katie McBeath (NA), Karoline Shechter, *Paige Rydberg (SWP->SW), Coco Kaminski (POL), [Yoonmi Lehman (SUI) WD];
Makala Arn (UGL), *Livvy Shilling (NWP), Sophia Gugel, Danielle Keim, *Avery Kurtz, Brenna Greco (SWP);
Madison Fox, Lauren Townsend (UGL), Alexandra Rogers, Nakira Kreofsky (NWP), [Emily Chan WD], Dimitra Korri (GRE);
Kristen Stamm, [Taylor Morris (UGL)], Reese Gautsche, Rebecca Peng (NE), Brooklee Han (AUS), *Ashley Lin J3;
Ellie Cornwell, Ashley Kim, Vivian Le (SWP), *Bradie Tennell (UGL), *Angela Wang (CP), Brynne McIsaac (SA).
Combined Event FS is Friday 9:05 am-1:05 pm MT.

SENIOR LADIES SP ONLY event is Wednesday 7:05-9:30 pm.
Starting order (19): Gugel, Arn, [Korri (GRE)], Cornwell;
[Morris, Shechter], Fox, Han (AUS), [Rogers];
[Chan], Jessica Zink (SA), Lydia Menscher, Gautsche, [Keim];
[Lehman (SUI), Kurtz], McIsaac, Stamm, Nica Digerness.

JUNIOR LADIES – Qualifying FS is Wednesday 2:50-6:50 pm MT
Qualifying FS Group A (17 in 3 groups) – Wednesday 2:50-4:50 pm MT
Starting order:
Katie Yum, Emily Soto (UGL), Laura Cardona, Julia Fennell (NE), Akane Eguchi;
Sydney Ross (CP), Gabriella Lee (NWP), Ting Cui N2 (SA), Angelina Huang N1 (UGL), [Holly Harris (AUS) WD], Pooja Kalyan N3;
Lily Sun N11 (CP), Trisha Roohan (NA), Ainsley Gossett (SA), Shannon Porter, Alice Gugel, Lovina Hermez (SWP).
Qualifying FS Group B (18 in 3 groups) – Wednesday 4:50-6:50 pm MT
Starting order:
[Sandra Harper (NA) WD], Lauren Russell (SWP), Katie Ross (SA), Evelyn Grace Hanns (EGL), Hanna Harrell N6, Imogene Schwarz (NA);
Kaylin Zilar, Isabel Torres (SA), [Ashley Wang (JPN) WD], Hailee Giordano, Sonja Hilmer, [Jin Baseman (NE) WD];
Alysa Liu N4 (CP), Emma Tang (CP), Jessica Zink (SA), Tess Jensen (UGL), Maggie Genevich (UGL), Lydia Waterman.
Top ? in each group (to be confirmed) will advance to the Final Round SP & FS.

JUNIOR LADIES SP ONLY event (Groups A & B) – Thursday 1:30-5:00 pm MT
Group A starting order: S Porter, Albertine Neal (ITA), [H Harris], I Schwarz;
E Tang, E Soto, H Giordano, A Gugel, I Torres;
L Hermez, M Genevich, A Liu, Giulia Biaggini (ITA), G Lee.
Group B starting order: [Baseman], Hanns, Gossett, Jensen, Waterman;
Beatrice Neal (ITA), Eguchi, Wang (JPN), S Ross, Yum;
Russell, Kalyan, Zilar, Harper, K Ross.

JUNIOR MEN (CE) – SP is Friday 4:20-6:05 pm MT
In alphabetical order: Matthew Cangelose, Luke Ferrante (EGL), Mitchell Friess (CP), Patrick Frohling N8 (SWP), Mathew Graham J6 (NWP), Sasha Lunin J5 (EGL), Sunghoon Park (KOR),*Camden Pulkinen J2, Thomas Schwappach, Alex Wellman N11 (UGL), Paul Yeung N6 (SWP).
JUNIOR MEN SP ONLY Event – Thursday 5:00-5:30 pm MT:
Starting order: Graham, Cangelose, Micah Tang (TPE), Schwappach, Sihyeong Lee (KOR), M Friess (CP).

NOVICE LADIES – Qualifying FS is Wednesday 10:30 am-2:35 pm MT
Qualifying FS Group A (18) – 10:30 am-12:30 pm MT
In alphabetical order: N Albrechtovics (NA), B Bagley, C Bosman, J Conant, H Conrad, M Doran, [L Jacobson (NA) WD], Jessica Lin Int9, M Mayerhofer, [MV Nguyen WD], E Otter, E Pierce (EGL), C Reiser (UGL), A Rye-Kirova, S Udell (EGL), CC Willemsen, B Wooden, [E Zingas (EGL) WD].
Qualifying FS Group B (15) – 12:30-2:35 pm MT
In alphabetical order: K Arnett, A Benson, M Besson, Stephanie Ciarochi Int1, [T Felker, K Geyer (UGL) WD], J Kang, Christina Lin Int5 (CP), A Lyman (CP), M Pierce, D Reiser (UGL), L Reizian, R Taguchi, M Weiler (NE), Ja. Zink (SA).
Top ? in each group (to be confirmed) will advance to the Final Round SP & FS.

NOVICE LADIES SP ONLY event – Thursday 6:25-10:05 pm MT
Group A starting order: Nguyen, Doran, A Tam (NWP), Kang, Willemsen;
Zingas, Bagley, Benson, Udell, Otter;
Geyer, Besson, Budko, M Pierce, J Harris, M Perez.
Group B starting order: Taguchi, Rye-Kirova, E Pierce, Conant, Felker;
Mayerhofer, J Lin, Conrad, Weiler, Reizian;
Arnett, Lyman, Jump, C Lin, Bosman.

NOVICE MEN (CE) – SP is Friday 4:00-4:20 pm MT
2 listed in program: Timothy Pomares Int12 (CP), Jack Webb.

SENIOR PAIRS SP – Friday 7:40-8:00 pm MT:
Alexandria Yao/Jacob Simon (new), Nica Digerness/Danny Neudecker J1
JUNIOR PAIRS SP – Friday 7:20-7:40 pm MT:
Evelyn Grace Hanns/Kristofer Ogren (new), Hilary Asher/Nathan Dennler (new; also scheduled for FS exhibition on Saturday 4:05-4:20 pm MT)
Juvenile: Natasha Mishkutionok/Daniel Tioumentsev (new), Saige Belle Purther/Laurent Sainte-Marie, Piper Gabele/David Raskin

NOVICE PATTERN & FREE DANCE: Isabella Flores/Mikhail Gumba (new)
JUVENILE DANCE: Bella Golomb/Skylar Weirens; [WD: Rhiannon & Rogue Rodriguez-Avellan FD only]
PD events are scheduled for Friday 7:00-7:20 am MT.
FD events are scheduled for Saturday 3:45-4:05 pm MT.


If you would like to contribute official result sheet photos via e-mail during the competition, you can CLICK HERE to do so. Any results/high scores received will be edited into this post as time permits, Wednesday to Saturday. Thank you.

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2017 Club competitions list, Scoretracker & Top Ten are updated

Posted by unseenskaters on June 20, 2017

Scoretracker (Juvenile to Senior & Pairs) and Top Ten have been updated for the first time in 2017. Please refer to the Club Comps page for the current list of competitions that have published results online to date.

At the time of this first Scoretracker update, the highest known Junior Ladies free skate and total scores of the early season are by 2017 U.S. Novice pewter medalist Alysa Liu, who will turn 12 in August. Her Junior videos from the Southern California Interclub Championships (SoCal Interclub) this past weekend are online – click to watch her SP video and FS video.
Liu’s jumps: 2A and 3F+3T & 3Lz in second half of SP; 2A at the start of her FS and second half 3Lz+3T, 3F-half-loop-3S, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3F, 2A+2T.

Thanks to those who have started sending in photos of official event scores from competitions that have yet to publish results online (Northern Blast, for example). And many thanks to those who have sent me result sheet photos from La Jolla Open, New Jersey Council Championships, and SoCal Interclub — they are included in Scoretracker/Top Ten.

If you would like to contribute official result sheet photos via e-mail, please CLICK HERE to do so. Please DO NOT submit competition scores via this blog’s “Leave a Comment” reply option – ONLY scores from official event result sheet photos/scans will be added. Thank you in advance!

This week’s major club competitions are the Broadmoor Open in Colorado Springs, CO and the Chesapeake Open (first notable ice dance comp.) in Laurel, Maryland — more information to come in my next blog post. Unfortunately, there is no free live stream for the Broadmoor Open like there was last year, as the official videographer is charging to watch online this year: click here for live stream info. An all-event pass is $45 (Wednesday to Saturday) and a 24-hour pass costs $15. I am hoping to compile a list of notable entries by later today.

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