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2018 Broadmoor Open (June 19-23) with inaugural Peggy Fleming Trophy & Aerial Challenge

Posted by unseenskaters on June 23, 2018

The Broadmoor Open, a large early season club competition hosted annually by the Broadmoor Skating Club, took place from June 19-23, 2018, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

OFFICIAL RESULTS for the Broadmoor Open will be published online by the club AFTER the competition is over: EDITED on 6/28 to add link to the [2018 Broadmoor Open event page updated with results links]. Result sheets posted at the rink and passed along to me are compiled below.
Additional program music, identified by watching online and/or obtained via reliable sources, will be edited in below as time permits.

The skater’s home club region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region (NA=North Atlantic, NE=New England, SA=South Atlantic; EGL=Eastern Great Lakes, UGL=Upper Great Lakes; SWP=Southwest Pacific, CP=Central Pacific, NWP=Northwest Pacific); the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters.


FRIDAY 6/22 results/scores (many thanks to those who submitted result sheets!):

PEGGY FLEMING TROPHY (inaugural artistic competition)
WINNER: Timothy Dolensky, Atlanta FSC (scored 109.04) [WATCH “Evermore” (Dan Stevens)], a song from the Beauty and the Beast live action film that was choreographed by Daniil Barantsev and Tim himself;
2nd place: Camden Pulkinen (100.14 for his “Oblivion” SP, adapted for this event [WATCH here]);
3rd place: Jordan Moeller (97.50 for Albinoni’s “Adagio”);
4th-14th (of 27): Andrew Torgashev (96.64 for his “Open Arms” SP); Emily Chan (94.46 for her “The Power of Love” SP); Courtney Hicks (92.78 for her program to “I Found” by Amber Run); Morgan Sewall (92.78); Ben Jalovick (91.38); Livvy Shilling (89.14); Sonja Hilmer (87.64); Nica Digerness (86.04); Lauren Russell (83.22); Lily Sun (82.20); Maxine Marie Bautista (80.36);
15th-27th: Mirielle Chambers, Hanna Harrell, Maryn Pierce, Thomas Schwappach, Danil Siiannytsia, Alyssa Rich, Julia Fennell, Jamie Hathaway, Ivy Liu, Nakira Kreofsky, Jacob DeWolfe, Haley Conrad, Meiryla Findley.

Senior Ladies final standings (15 competed both segments)
Alysa Liu (CP) 198.25 1 1 (71.00 SP, 127.25 FS) [“Spanish Flame” SP] [Witches of Eastwick FS] (both programs choreographed by Cindy Stuart)
Hanna Harrell 169.17 8 2 (51.31 SP, 117.86 FS) [Tango medley Free Skate]; her SP is to “Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha”
Ashley Lin 166.84 3 3 (56.19 SP, 110.65 FS) [Free Skate to “And the Waltz Goes On”] by Anthony Hopkins; her SP is to “Je Suis Malade” (Lara Fabian)
Sierra Venetta (CP) 147.87 5 4 (53.95 SP, 93.92 FS) – SP is to Beethoven’s “Emperor” piano concerto
Livvy Shilling (NWP) 146.90 6 5 (53.81 SP, 93.09 FS) – SP is to “One Night Only” from Dreamgirls; last season’s FS to Adele’s “Hometown Glory”
Ting Cui (SA) 145.76 2 6 (56.32 SP, 89.44 FS) [Short Program to Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Variation 18]; FS is to the Giselle ballet (both programs choreographed by Derrick Delmore)
Brynne McIsaac 131.71 9 8 (82.53 FS) – SP is to “Luck Be A Lady” (female vocal); FS to Saint-Saens’ Samson and Delilah
Sonja Hilmer 130.46 10 7 (86.01 FS); FS is to “Exogenesis” by Muse
Maxine Marie Bautista (UGL) 119.25 7 10 – SP is to a cello/piano version of “Gabriel’s Oboe” from The Mission; Tango FS
Imogene Schwarz (NA) 107.85 12 9
Sophie LeMieux (UGL) 97.89 14 11
Taylor Morris (UGL) 94.01 15 13
Julia Fennell (NWP) 93.67 16 12
Makala Arn (UGL) 87.88 18 14
Madison Fox 84.02 17 15
WD after SP:
Brooklee Han (AUS) 4 54.06 (skated to last season’s “I Dreamed a Dream”)
Paige Rydberg 11
Avery Kurtz 13
Trisha Roohan 19

In the Senior Ladies SP Only event on Wednesday, Pooja Kalyan won (66.74), skating elegantly to “Bacchanale” from Saint-Saens’ Samson and Delilah – jumps were 3T+3T, 3F & second half 2A.
Alysa Liu was 2nd (63.45) popped her 3A to a single and landed her second half 3Lz+3T & 3F.
Emily Chan was 3rd (56.89) debuting her SP to “The Power of Love” by Celine Dion.
Courtney Hicks (SWP) was 4th (55.27) and brought back last season’s “Nocturne” from La Califfa by Ennio Morricone.

Senior Men final standings (10 competed)
Camden Pulkinen 206.00 1 2 – two new programs: SP (77.87) [Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla], choreographed by St├ęphane Lambiel;
FS (128.13) [West Side Story medley], choreographed by Tom Dickson.
Emmanuel Savary (SA) 198.18 2 4 – his SP (76.77) is to a jazzy number, landing 3F+3T, 4S & 2A; his FS (121.41) is “Io Ci Saro” (performed by Andrea Bocelli with pianist Lang Lang) [Free Skate video (audio is muted)].
Andrew Torgashev (SA) 194.94 3 3 – SP (71.18) [Open Arms by Journey]. His FS (123.76) is last season’s “El Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge.
Tim Dolensky (SA) 189.12 6 1 – won the FS (131.78), skating his “Novo Amor” program from last season and was awarded the competition’s annual Jenkins Trophy for “outstanding free skate performance by a Senior competitor” for the second consecutive year. His new SP is to “Spark” by Amber Run (choreographed by Daniil Barantsev).
Jimmy Ma (NA) 180.97 4 5 – his new SP is to “Sahara Tango” & “Mi Gente” (choreographed by Nikolai Morozov)
Dustin Sheriff-Clayton (CAN) 164.43 5 7
Jordan Moeller (UGL) 164.36 7 6 – his new SP is to “I Need” by Clark Beckham.
Ben Jalovick 154.91 8 8
Patrick Rupp 137.98 9 9
Thomas Schwappach 95.21 10 10

In the Senior Men SP Only event on Wednesday, Dustin Sheriff-Clayton (CAN) won (62.29), skating to “Make it Rain” (Ed Sheeran), and Tomoki Hiwatashi (UGL) was 2nd (61.30), skating to “Cry Me a River” (Michael Buble).

Junior Ladies Combined Event Final Round (11 competed both segments)
Seo Yeon Ji (KOR) 161.8?6 4 1 – her 1st place 7-triple FS (112.59): [42nd Street (musical) medley FS]. She was awarded the competition’s annual Monty Hoyt Trophy for “outstanding free skate performance by a Junior competitor.” Her SP is to “River” by Bishop Briggs.
Sarah Jung (SA) 149.48 1 2 (91.85 FS) – her 1st place SP (57.63): [Short Program]; she landed 7 of 8 triples in her her QR free skate (*scored 103.18) on Tuesday to gypsy folk music: 3Lz+3T, 3A (wrong foot landing, likely <<), 3Lz, 2A+2T, 3Lo, 3F-half loop-3S & 3F.
Wren Warne-Jacobsen (UGL) 139.20 2 3 (89.78 FS to "Pas de Deux"/Nutcracker); Spanish flamenco SP
Maryn Pierce 138.99 3 4 (89.63 FS to Moon River); SP to "Never Enough"
Beverly Wooden 120.31 8 5 – FS is a medley from Chess; SP to "Tears of an Angel"
Jessica Lin 119.98 6 6 – FS is "One Summer's Day" from Spirited Away
Chae Bin Hwang (KOR) 119.90 5 8 – SP is to Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”; FS music from Far From the Madding Crowd OST?
Alyssa Rich 118.52 7 7 – female covers of “What a Wonderful World” (SP) & “Paint it Black” (FS)
Jinny Kim (KOR) 113.77 9 9 – SP to “Black Valentine” by Caro Emerald, FS to a French song
Lauren Russell 101.84 10 10
Ivy Liu (SA) 90.29 11 11
WD after SP: Nikolett Albrechtovics 12

Junior Men final standings (5 competed both segments)
JoonSoo Kim (UGL) won the event (156.60) by placing 1st in both the SP (61.38), skating to “Nero” by Two Steps from Hell, and the FS (95.22) skating to “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Rodrigo).
Alex Wellman 128.71 3 3
Nathaniel Chapple (EGL) 125.06 4 2 – FS to Game of Thrones
Max Lake (SWP) 112.00 2 5 – SP is to “The Messiah Will Come Again” (blues program from last season); FS to a modern piano concerto (incl. “Romantic Rhapsody” by Andre Mathieu?)
Matthew Cangelose 108.20 5 4 – FS to Gershwin’s Concerto in F
WD after SP: Jacob DeWolfe (NA) 6

In the Junior Men SP Only event on Wednesday, JoonSoo Kim won and Dinh Tran (CP) was 2nd, skating to a techno piece with David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” mixed in.


SATURDAY 6/23 results/scores (many thanks to those who submitted result sheets!):

Men final top 3: Tomoki Hiwatashi (landed two 4T in final round & won $2000); Camden Pulkinen (won $1000 plus a $500 bonus prize for the biggest jump in the air the longest among all the male competitors); Jordan Moeller (won $750).
Ladies final top 3: Alysa Liu (landed 3A in final round & won $2000; also landed 3A+3T in prelim. round); Hanna Harrell (won $1000); Audrey Shin (won $750).
Courtney Hicks won a bonus prize ($500 for the biggest jump in the air the longest among all the female competitors).
[Jumps competition bonus prize source: Link to the event’s official Twitter account]

Senior Pairs SP Exhibition
Nica Digerness/ Danny Neudecker 47.56 – “The Rose” (Bette Midler) – nice 3twist, sbs 2T, throw 3T, back outside death spiral, skated through their lift (looked planned).

Junior Pairs SP Exhibition
Ainsley Peterson / Matthew Rounis (new) 28.50 – “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana

Novice Pairs SP (2 teams)
Sarah Burden / Jake Pagano [N10 at Nationals] 39.67 – “Here Comes the Sun”
Sylvia Wong / Danil Siianytsia (new) 35.52 – jazzy number

Intermediate Pairs FS (2 teams)
Natasha Mishkutionok / Daniel Tioumentsev [Juv1 at Nationals] 56.16 – Two Guitars; elements included a very solid two-handed overhead lift, sbs 2F & 2Lz+2T, single twist, throw 23 & 1F
Aleksandra Prudsky / Enoch Chen 43.50 – Night on Bald Mountain/In the Hall of the Mountain King

Novice Ladies Combined Event Final Round (11 competed both segments)
Alena Budko (NWP) 122.07 (44.59 SP, 77.48 FS) – won the Jack Might Trophy for “outstanding free skate performance by a Novice competitor” (highest PCS) skating to “Send in the Clowns” in chiffon dress – jumps: 3Lz(turnout)+2T step, 3Lo fall, 3Lo+1Lo, ‘tano 2A fall, 2A-half loop-2S, 3S; her SP is to Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” in a bodysuit – showed two very different styles!
Laura Jacobson (NA) 120.62 (41.22 SP/Tango; 79.40 FS to Coldplay’s “Yellow”) jumps incl. 3Lz fall, 2F+2Lo+2Lo, 2S+2T, 3S, 2A+2T, 2A.
Ellen Slavicek (SWP) 116.03 (49.82 SP, 66.21 FS) – landed 3Lz+2T, 3F & 2A in 1st place SP to JLo’s “Let’s Get Loud”; FS to “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt OST.
Angel Li (SWP) 115.89 (40.42 SP, 75.47 FS) – SP to “Dreamcatcher” by Secret Garden; FS to The Artist OST
Isabelle Inthisone (UGL) 112.64 (40.97 SP, 71.67 FS)
Allison Zheng (CP) 108.21 (39.01 SP, 69.20 FS)
Ava Raiter 104.66 – SP to Strauss’ “Die Fledermaus” overture
Melody Jing (CP) 103.34
Ariana Lee (CP) 92.66
Aubrey Ignacio (SWP) 90.99
Veronika Khokhryakova 80.34
WD after SP: Sunny Choi (UGL) – landed 3Lz (hung on), 3Lo+2T & 2A in her 2nd place SP (47.00) to “Danse Macabre”

Novice Men final standings (5 competed)
Matthew Nielsen (EGL) 153.39 (54.62 SP, 98.77 FS) – landed 3T+2T, 3S & 2A in SP to “El Tango de Roxanne”; jumps in his FS to “Who Wants to Live Forever”: 2A+3T, fell out of 3F?, 3S+2T, 3S, 3T, 2Lz+2T+1Lo, 2A (hop)
Daniel Argueta 144.65 (43.00 SP to Tango); his techno FS (101.65) included 2A+3T, high 3F, 3Lo, 3T, 2S+2T, 3S & 2A both with slightly off-balance landings [Free Skate]
Joseph Klein (UGL) 131.11 (47.25 SP, 83.86 FS) – “Dream On” (SP); Requiem for a Dream (FS)
Daniel Tioumentsev 121.23 (83.10 FS) – “Who Wants to Live Forever” (FS)
Payton Winkler (UGL) 95.51 – “Pie Jesu” (SP); “Secrets” by OneRepublic (FS)

Intermediate Ladies Combined Event Final Round (19 competed both segments)
Mia Kalin (CP) 115.90 1 1 (75.90 FS)
Avril Phillips 102.44 2 5
Bridget Isaly 99.67 4 2 (66.54 FS)
Ellie Kam 96.86 7 3 (65.10 FS)
Emilie Mao 96.61 8 4 (65.07 FS) – won the Annette Cramer Cup for “outstanding free skate performance by a Intermediate competitor”
Samantha Bray (CP) 92.54 3 9
Sydney Flaum 91.36 6 7
Lily Podgorak (UGL) 90.38 9 6
Devyn DeLaura (NWP) 87.63 13 8
Amber Barth 83.91 11 12
Alyssa Hurley (UGL) 83.59 14 11
Lettice Black 81.80 18 10
Ruoxi Hu 80.41 5 17
Emily Hao 78.23 12 15
Sofia Wang (UGL) 77.41 16 14
Kate Qian (CP) 77.39 15 16
Alexis Hernandez 76.18 19 13
Andee Lyons (CP) 75.74 10 19
Caroline Pellerito 67.86 20 18
WD after SP: Lindsay Mattenson (SWP) 17

Intermediate Men final standings (9 competed both segments)
Kai Kovar (CP) 102.15 1 1 (65.14 FS)
Yuki Horiko (NA) 88.53 2 3 (55.50 FS)
Keita Horiko (NA) 88.02 3 2 (56.05 FS)
Andriy Kratyuk (NWP) 79.37 4 4 (52.90 FS)
Ian Kang (SA) 69.24 6 5
Ethan Le 64.35 5 7
Van Pierson (SA) 62.83 7 6
Enoch Chen 53.50 9 8
Luka Carau 47.59 8 9
WD after SP: Alexander Liu 10

Juvenile Girls Final Round FS (12 competed; QR scores included)
Janice Baek 51.20 [50.94 A2]
Ava Neuhaus (UGL) 49.20 – won the Mary Zarpatic Trophy for “outstanding Juvenile free skate” [57.41 A1]
Nicole Shalaev 44.83 [50.35 B1]
Janine May (UGL) 43.76 [39.12 A5]
Ziye Li (CHN) 42.73 [48.00 A3]
Keirey Franzen 42.53 [41.99 B4]
Alina Borillo (UGL) 42.37 [44.01 A4]
Hannah Baldwin (CP) 42.32 [48.23 B2]
Dalila DeLaura (NA) 42.26 [38.77 A6]
Hannah Rutherford (EGL) 36.27 [42.00 B3]
Emma Chen 35.27 [41.07 B5]
Ayne Park 34.44 [38.60 B6]

Juvenile Boys FS (3 competed)
Tao MacRae (NWP) 40.89
Beck Strommer 33.53
Mark Williams (NWP) 29.35

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2018 Club competitions list, Scoretracker & Top Ten are updated

Posted by unseenskaters on June 5, 2018

Scoretracker (Juvenile to Senior singles & Pairs) and Top Ten have been updated for the first time in 2018. Please refer to the Club Comps page for the current list of competitions that have published results online to date.

THANK YOU to those who already have submitted photos of official event scores from competitions that have yet to publish results online (Lansing Van Camp, La Jolla Open, North Shore Open).

If you would like to contribute official result sheet photos via e-mail, please CLICK HERE to do so. Please DO NOT submit competition scores via this blog’s “Leave a Comment” reply option – ONLY scores from official event result sheet photos/scans will be added. Thanks in advance and Best Wishes to all skaters in the new season!

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