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2010 Broadmoor Open (June 23-26) + Live/On-Demand Webcast

Posted by unseenskaters on June 22, 2010

OFFICIAL RESULTS (awaiting publication):
World Arena (WA) is the main rink with the live webcast.

Live webcast ($25 fee for live and on-demand viewing of all events): http://www.localmotionproductions.com/webcast.htm
UNOFFICIAL RESULTS for Saturday (World Arena rink)

Juvenile Boys FS (3 competed)
40.70 Sam Anderson
33.35 Val Katsman
29.53 Thomas Schwappach

Juvenile Girls FS (15 competed)
42.68 Isabella Falsetti EGL
42.20 Anikka Hernandez SW
40.92 Morgan Flood SW
39.74 Claire Burner UGL
39.69 Chloe Roslin EGL
36.81 Sarah Godwin SA
37.59 Elissa Fairbanks SW
37.40 Lauren Ellison SW
35.81 Daniela Dryden CP
35.22 Kristin Park SW
32.40 Haley Wint UGL
27.90 Lauren Marines UGL

Intermediate Ladies FS & Final (15 competed)
94.67 Emily Chan 59.11
91.74 Amber Glenn 57.58
90.43 Anjing Fu 59.70 (1st in FS)
85.34 Elena Taylor 58.24
82.91 Dyllan McIntee 49.09
76.76 Madison Chessare 50.78
76.00 Ashley Shin 47.60
75.54 Clare Untalan 47.76
73.41 Casey Yee 45.19
72.89 Ana Renee Vinson 45.03
70.42 Delaney Hoberecht 45.38
67.60 Angela Huang 40.83
57.86 Siani Weston 34.52
56.42 Jessica Santiago 37.77
53.54 Lauren Townsend 33.13

Intermediate Men FS & Final (11 competed)
76.70 Daniel Takayama 50.55 in FS
74.06 Anthony Boucher 50.88
71.71 Colby Judd 45.37
69.33 Chandler McGoogan 43.75
67.19 Rique Newby-Estrella 40.71
63.89 Danny Neudecker 39.59
62.92 Mitchell Friess 41.19
59.66 Remington Burghart 38.28
57.50 Tommy Wu 41.53
57.44 Luke Kirchgessner 40.18
51.74 Josiah Curley 33.41

Senior Pairs FS Exhibtion
80.91 Lisa Moore/Justin Gaumond

Novice Ladies FS & Final
113.08 Jessica Pfund 74.70 – 3Lo, 3Lz turnout, 3T, 2A+2A, 3S+1T, 3S+2T+2Lo.
101.60 Avery Kurtz 62.76
100.24 Barbie Long 63.87
95.75 Madison DeLuca 61.56
93.30 Kelsea Suarez 63.90
91.84 Mariah Bell 61.99
88.90 Gabbie Blount 59.85
87.42 Sophie Stillman 57.83
85.87 Thy-Thy Phan 58.15
84.40 Carly Gold 54.43
80.04 Kay Bergdolt 52.37
78.53 Jeniece Madison 50.91
74.95 Shalayne Pulia 45.37
66.65 Talia Nichols 37.16
57.84 Madison Spialek 36.66

Novice Men FS (9 competed)
Nathan Chen was pretty incredible to watch! Skating to a familiar classical piece, his jumps were 2A while keeping his arms crossed before, during and after!, 3Lz, 2F+2T+2Lo, 3T+2T, back spiral turns into 3S, 3T, split jump into 3S+2T.
142.17 Nathan Chen 99.62 [52.82 TES/46.80 PCS]
113.34 Cordero Zuckerman 75.42
111.52 Nicholas Vrdoljak 76.54
103.97 Chase Belmontes 73.32
88.88 Jason Garofolo
85.11 Brian Krentz
74.35 Sebastien Payannet
66.90 Darren Bogle
62.01 Drew Mortenson

Junior Ladies FS (11 competed)

***June 28 Postscript: It has been brought to our attention that Gracie Gold’s FS score was officially changed later to 83.49 (80.89 was flashed on the Jumbotron), which would move her up to 2nd place overall. The overall results have been changed below (still to be considered unofficial until the official results are published online).***

FS results (TES + PCS = Total Segment Score):
McKinzie Daniels 56.79 + 42.64 = 99.43 (Music: Spartacus)
Angela Wang 47.50 + 44.08 = 91.58 (Irish/Celtic – How to Train your Dragon soundtrack)
Gracie Gold 45.41(?) + 38.08 (-1) = 83.49 (The Mission/The Untouchables)
Mary Beth Marley 41.41 + 36.80 (-2) = 76.21 (Tango medley)
Katja Gorodetsky 38.52 + 35.84 (-1) = 73.36 (Otonal)
Ola Kamieniecki 33.58 + 34.96 = 68.54 (1492: Conquest of Paradise soundtrack; Fireworks & Tosca Fantasy by Edvin Marton)
Chelsea Christopher 33.16 + 34.00 = 67.16
Lexie Hood 30.69 + 35.28 = 65.97
Sarah Marron 28.56 + 36.48 (-1) = 64.04 (Phantom of the Opera/violin)
Polina Edmunds 26.27 + 36.32 = 62.59 (Jazz/swing medley)
Grace Lincenberg 26.84 + 33.12 = 59.96 (Beauty and the Beast)

148.79 Daniels 2 1
134.37 Gold 1 3
132.38 Wang 5 2
123.42 Marley 3 4
113.60 Gorodetsky 6 5
105.99 Edmunds 4 10
105.53 Hood 7 8
103.16 Marron 8 9
100.44 Kamieniecki 11 6
99.36 Christopher 10 7
87.94 Lincenberg 12 11
WD from FS: Lauren Dinh 9 (SP)

Junior Men FS & Final
137.95 Will Michael 96.46 in FS
124.11 Christiaan Burner 80.85
110.67 Timothy Koleto 78.42
99.38 William Littlefield 66.29
WD from FS: Steven Evans

Senior Men FS & Final
169.21 Alex Johnson 106.11
136.30 Roger Corvasce 81.09
128.50 Paolo Bonifacio Parkinson 81.09
121.43 Charles Pao 73.16
114.31 Christopher Darling 73.63
112.54 Luke Chilcott 72.35

Senior Ladies FS & Final (11 competed)
115.55 Christina-Maria Sperduto 71.85
114.11 Patricia Glescic (SLO) 72.85
109.46 Katy Jo West 68.82
101.62 Kristina Struthwolf 74.32
95.49 Tatiana Khazova 61.49
94.13 Lauren Nieman 57.69
94.05 Alicia Hsu 59.83
86.06 Jacquelyn Garces 56.12
82.88 Mirielle Chambers 53.10
68.90 Lisa Cramer 45.44
60.19 Sophie Payannet 36.51


UNOFFICIAL RESULTS for Friday (World Arena rink)

Novice Men SP (9 competed)
42.55 Nathan Chen (Western theme, wore plaid shirt with vest, red bandana around neck) – 2A, 3T+2T, 3Lz fall. Nice spin positions, lots of transitions (kicks, leaps, turns, etc.) throughout.
37.92 Cordero Zuckerman – 3Lo+2T, 3S fall, 2A hop/pitched forward, expressive in footwork, flexible catchfoot vertical spin at end.
34.98 Nicholas Vrdoljak (Zorro) – 3Lz fall, 3T+2T, 2A.
31.41 Jason Garofolo (classical piano) – 3Lz foot down, 3Lo hands down/pitched forward, 2A fall.
30.65 Chase Belmontes (Paint it Black) – 3T+2T, 2F, 1A (planned 2A but opened up).
30.26 Brian Krentz
27.34 Sebastien Payannet
26.33 Drew Mortenson
25.87 Darren Bogle

Intermediate Men SP (11 competed)
26.48 Rique Newby-Estrella
26.34 Colby Judd
26.15 Daniel Takayama
25.58 Chandler McGoogan
24.30 Danny Neudecker
23.18 Anthony Boucher
22.23 Mitchell Friess
21.38 Remington Burghart
18.33 Josiah Curley
17.26 Luke Kirchgessner
15.97 Tommy Wu

Intermediate Ladies SP (15 qualified to compete)
35.56 Emily Chan SW (Asian music?) – 2A, fast vertical Biellmann with head touching her back!, 2F arms up, 2Lz+2T, fast ‘mushroom’ sit spin. Personality!
34.16 Amber Glenn SW – missed her skate
33.82 Dyllan McIntee SWP (fast jazzy piece) – 2Lz hung on, kick move to 2A, 2F+2Lo.
30.73 Anjing Fu SW (Edelweiss) – 2Lz+2Lo high, 2F high, 1A.
28.40 Ashley Shin SW
28.22 Casey Yee CP
27.86 Ana Renee Vinson SW
27.78 Clare Untalan SW
27.10 Elena Taylor SW
26.77 Angela Huang SW
25.98 Madison Chessare UGL
25.04 Delaney Hoberecht EGL
23.34 Siani Weston CP
20.41 Lauren Townsend UGL
18.65 Jessica Santiago CP

Novice Ladies SP (15 qualified to compete)
38.84 Avery Kurtz (Hernando’s Hideaway) – 3S+2T, 3T, 2A.
38.38 Jessica Pfund (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) – 3S+2T, 3Lz?, 2A.
36.37 Barbie Long (Love Story) – 2A, 3Lz hand+2T, 3Lo foot down quickly.
34.19 Madison DeLuca (Moon River) – 2A, 2Lz+2T, 2F. Flowy.
29.85 Mariah Bell
29.71 Carly Gold
29.59 Sophie Stillman
29.58 Shalayne Pulia
29.49 Talia Nichols
29.40 Kelsea Suarez
29.05 Gabbie Blount
27.72 Thy-Thy Phan
27.67 Kay Bergdolt
27.62 Jeniece Madison
21.18 Madison Spialek

Junior Men SP
59.02 Steven Evans
43.26 Christiaan Burner
42.49 Will Michael
33.09 William Littlefield
32.25 Timothy Koleto

Senior Ladies Jumps (6.0 judging/ordinals)
1. Agnes Zawadzki
2. McKinzie Daniels
3. Patricia Glescic
4. Chelsea Christopher

Senior Men Jumps (6.0 judging/ordinals)
1. Alexander Johnson
2. Max Aaron
3. Joshua Farris
4. Paolo Bonifacio Parkinson
5. Steven Evans
6. Roger Corvasce

Intermediate Pairs FS (2 teams)
46.65 Hailey Settle/Rique Newby-Estrella
36.41 Annabelle Schneider-Farris/Joel Schneider-Farris

Juvenile Pair FS Exhibition
30.72 Paddison Lowe/Logan Bye

Senior Pairs SP (partial notes)
46.61 Britney Simpson/Nathan Miller (Requiem for a Dream) – 2A, 3twist, Th3S fall…
44.82 Brittany Chase/Grant Marron (Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica) – 2twist, 2A, Th3S
39.22 Lisa Moore/Justin Gaumond (Singin’ in the Rain) – 3twist, Th3S fall, 2Lz…

Junior Pair SP Exhibition (partial notes)
38.14 Mandy Garza/Brandon Frazier (Latin) – 2twist, Th2T, 2Lo…

Junior Ladies SP (12 qualified to compete)
50.88 Gracie Gold (Tango de los Exilados) – 2A, 3Lo, 3Lz(bent at waist)+2T. [30.00 TES/20.88 PCS]
49.36 McKinzie Daniels (Fantasy for piano & orchestra by William Joseph) – 3Lo, 3Lz+2T, 2A. [TES/PCS]
47.22 Mary Beth Marley (Clair de Lune) – 3Lz fall, 3Lo, 2A. Pretty choreo/program. [27.14/21.08 (-1)]
43.40 Polina Edmunds (Waltz music) – 3Lo, 3T+2T bit shaky, Ina to 2A, nice spins. [24.56/18.84]
40.80 Angela Wang (Mulan) – 3Lz+2T, 3Lo< fall, 2A. [22.56/19.24 (-1)]
40.24 Katja Gorodetsky (Diamond commercial music) – 3Lo, 2A fall out, 3S+2T. [21.24/19.00]
39.64 Lexie Hood (Take 5) – 2A, 3Lo, 2T+2T.
39.12 Sarah Marron (The Mission)
37.94 Lauren Dinh – missed her skate
32.20 Chelsea Christopher (The Incredibles)
31.90 Ola Kamieniecki POL (Kalinka)
27.98 Grace Lincenberg

Senior Men SP (thanks to jlai for the jump notes after mine were lost!)
63.10 Alex Johnson (Caravan) – 3A fall, 3F+3T, 3Lz.
55.21 Roger Corvasce (blues) – 3A flip out, 3Lz(hand/reach)+2T, 3F.
48.27 Charles Pao TPE – 3Lz(hand)+3T messy landing, 3F flip out, 2A.
47.41 Paolo Bonifacio Parkinson ITA (Spanish: Ahoy by B-tribe/Toca Orilla by Jesse Cook) – 2A, 2Lz, 3Lo
41.68 Christopher Darling (Edvin Marton piece) – 3T+2T, 1F, 2A
40.19 Luke Chilcott GBR – 2A, 3Lz fall, 2F

Senior Ladies SP (11 competed)
43.70 Christina-Maria Sperduto UGL
41.26 Patricia Glescic (SLO)
40.64 Katy Jo West SW
36.44 Lauren Nieman UGL
34.22 Alicia Hsu EGL
34.00 Tatiana Khazova SW
29.94 Jacquelyn Garces CP
29.78 Mirielle Chambers SW
27.30 Kristina Struthwolf CP
23.68 Sophie Payannet SW
23.46 Lisa Cramer SW

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS for Thursday (World Arena rink)

Novice Men SP Only
37.87 Nicholas Vrdoljak
35.68 Cordero Zuckerman
30.61 Chase Belmontes
27.46 Brian Krentz
21.84 Darren Bogle

Novice Ladies SP Only A
36.94 Marylin Cai – 2A, 3S+2T, 2F with hand over head.
33.02 Madison DeLuca (Moon River) – 2A, 2Lz+2T, 2F.
32.43 Shalayne Pulia (Jesus Christ Superstar)
29.90 Mariah Bell (East of Eden) – Spread eagle into huge 2A, missed planned 3S (rushed the takeoff), 2F+2T.
29.84 Kay Bergdolt
27.44 Leah Israel
25.44 Lydia Menscher
20.01 Lena Nguyen
19.37 Madison Spialek
17.37 Azaria Vialpando-Collins

Novice Ladies SP Only B
36.70 Barbie Long (Love Story) – 2A, 3Lz+2T, 3Lo.
29.66 Kelsea Suarez (Shrek) – 3S+2T, 3Lo fall, 2A.
27.16 Jordan King
25.52 Shaina Lane-Reese
25.49 Caitlin DeLuca
25.37 Gabbie Blount
24.26 Katherine Foy
23.46 Amanda Rayas
23.35 Rachel Lawson
21.47 Aimee Evans
16.79 Sharayah Francisco

Novice Ladies SP Only C
34.63 Talia Nichols (Fever) – 3T+2T, 3?S, 2A
30.02 Carly Gold (Michael W. Smith song?)
28.86 Shannen Breen (fun program to Austin Powers)
27.63 Sophie Stillman (Out of Africa)
25.61 Jeniece Madison
22.66 Amy Schnicker (Moon River)
19.73 Britta Mathiowetz
18.75 Emma Jobs
17.68 Allison Okita (violin version of Phantom of the Opera)

Senior Ladies SP Only (6 competed)
58.98 Agnes Zawadzki (upbeat Latin/”Gopher Mambo”) – 3T+3T (pushed her free leg back on the 2nd), 3Lz high and flowy!, Ina Bauer to 2A. 32.62 TES / 26.36 PCS.
43.22 Patricia Glescic (SLO) – 3Lo looked good
35.96 Silvia Monti (ITA)
33.44 Kristina Struthwolf
31.32 Mirielle Chambers
27.38 Sophie Payannet

Senior Men SP Only (2 competed)
63.28 Joshua Farris (Flamenco) – 3A, 3Lz+2?T off-balance, walley to 3F with bent waist on landing
49.90 Max Aaron (Tango de Roxanne) – 3A fall, 3Lz fall, 3Lo hung on

Junior Ladies SP Only (23 competed)
44.16 Gracie Gold (Tango de los Exilados) cool entry into 2A, 3Lo, 2Lz+2T (planned 3Lz), neat sequence of spiral-split jump-reverse split jump into spin.
43.74 Polina Edmunds (waltzy music) – 3Lo<? shaky landing, 3T+2T, Ina to 2A, very nice spins.
42.90 Chelsea Christopher (The Incredibles/jazzy music) 3Lz+2T, 2Lo, 2A.
42.26 Mary Beth Marley (Clair de Lune) – 3Lz fall (good height), came out of 3Lo forward, 2A.
41.72 Jessica Noelle Calalang (Summertime) – big 2A, 3S+2T, 2.5Lo.
41.28 Sarah Marron (The Mission) – expressive skate, landed 2A, 2Lz+2T, 2Lo arms overhead.
38.74 Camille Davis (piano/jazz version of Pachelbel's Canon)
38.68 Lexie Hood (she was 1st up and I missed her skate)
37.92 Madeline Aaron (Sleeping Beauty) – 3S+2T fall out, 2Lo, 2A.
35.48 Roxanna Schmidt
34.96 Ola Kamieniecki
34.42 McKenzie Pedersen
33.86 Victoria Tugolukova
33.62 Katja Gorodetsky
32.78 Mikayla Davis
31.86 Sloane Scheller
30.66 Julia Liao
29.82 Olivia Molina
27.66 Grace Lincenberg
26.44 Danielle Hartman
25.74 Taylor Couillard-Rodak
24.88 Alexandra Gerday
23.34 Janae Sims

YOU can help us out by submitting results/scores/corrections/additions — just submit a comment to this post in the reply box below (you can even do so anonymously). We will edit in/post results here if we have at least the top 1, 2 or 3 finishers of an event.

***NOTE We don't and won't have any Intermediate Ladies qualifying results unless they are sent to us because the results we are posting are the UNOFFICIAL scores as they are flashed on the World Arena's Jumbotron via the webcast.***
UNOFFICIAL RESULTS for Wednesday (thanks to Paulio456 & others!)

Juvenile Girls A (top 6 qualify):
38.98 Isabella Falsetti (EGL)
38.53 Elissa Fairbanks (SW)
38.19 Lauren Marines (UGL)
36.98 Chloe Roslin (EGL)
34.83 Sarah Godwin (SA)
31.06 Kristin Park (SW)

Juvenile Girls B (top 6 qualify):
43.28 Claire Burner (UGL)
42.26 Anikka Hernandez (SW)
39.14 Morgan Flood (SW)
38.44 Haley Wint (UGL)
37.23 Lauren Ellison (SW)
34.25 Daniela Dryden (CP)

Novice Ladies Qualifying FS A (top 5 in A-C should qualify)
68.41 Jessica Pfund (Spanish music): 3Lo, 3Lz fall, 3T, 3S (in 3 jump combo), 3S, 2A
62.40 Gabbie Blount
59.25 Thy-Thy Phan
56.80 Carly Gold
47.77 Talia Nichols
46.22 Danika Burton
45.63 Leah Israel
44.45 Aimee Evans
41.07 Amanda Rayas
41.06 Annie Luong
38.69 Allison Okita
29.67 Lena Nguyen
No scores for Caitlin DeLuca & Lexie Hayes — did they skate?

Novice Ladies Qualifying FS B
Barbie Long won with a score of 76.79. Music included Schindler’s List. Jumps: 3S+2T, 3T fall, 3S, 3Lo, 3T+2T+2T, 2A+2T.
Mariah Bell 2nd with 63.62. Music was Cats. Landed 2A and 2A+2T+2Lo with distance.
(No other scores known at this time)

Novice Ladies Qualifying FS C
66.21 Avery Kurtz (Medley from Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg): Jumps included 3T, 2A+2T, 3S+2T, 2A, 3S.
62.61 Madison DeLuca
52.35 Sophie Stillman
51.90 Kay Bergdolt (but 5th place in official results?)
51.52 Kelsea Suarez (but 4th place in official results?)
48.93 Marylin Cai
48.78 Shaina Lane-Reese
47.35 Katherine Foy
42.94 Shannen Breen
41.96 Rachel Lawson
41.63 Jordan King
39.37 Patricia Buensuceso
37.29 Britta Mathiowetz
31.65 Romilly Tsinhnahjinnie

Junior Ladies Qualifying FS A (top 6 qualify)
89.28 Angela Wang (Irish/Celtic music): 2A, 3Lz+3T!, 3F, 3Lo, 3Lz<? fall, 1S, 3T.
87.83 Lauren Dinh (Danse Macabre): 1Lo, 3Lz, 2A, 3F+2T, 3T+2T, 3S, 3T+2T+2Lo.
69.77 Katja Gorodetsky
68.28 Polina Edmunds
65.29 Ola Kamieniecki
62.13 Chelsea Christopher
56.26 Jessica Calalang
55.54 Julia Liao
54.88 McKenzie Pedersen
54.68 Roxanna Schmidt
54.31 Mikayla Davis
50.72 Olivia Molina
49.19 Amber Ruiz
39.75 Danielle Hartman

Junior Ladies Qualifying FS B (top 6 qualify)
89.12 McKinzie Daniels (Spartacus): 3T, 3Lz+2T, 3F turnout, 2A+2T+2Lo, 3Lo fall, 3Lz (slightly ur?), 3T+2T.
88.04 Gracie Gold (The Mission/The Untouchables): 2A step out, 3Lo, 3Lz, 1F, 3F+2T+2Lo, 3Lz+2T, back spiral to 3T+2T.
82.83 Mary Beth Marley (familiar tango): 1A, 3Lz hand, 3Lo, 3F fall, walley to 3T+2T, 2A+2T, 3S (I think).
68.30 Sarah Marron
61.60 Lexie Hood
58.92 Grace Lincenberg
58.77 Sloane Scheller
58.23 Camille Davis
56.32 Taylor Couillard-Rodak
52.98 Silvia Monti
51.14 Janae Sims
47.40 Victoria Tugolukova
43.44 Alexandra Gerday

***If you know any of the missing results or scores from Wednesday, please submit a comment to this post in the reply box below (you can do so anonymously) and we will edit in your information here. MANY THANKS to those of you who are contributing! :)***

From the program book…

Countries other than USA and Regions other than Southwestern (SW) are noted in parentheses.

Senior Men Combined (SP/FS):
Luke Chilcott (GBR), Roger Corvasce, Christopher Darling, Alexander Johnson (UGL), Charles Pao (TPE), Paolo Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA)

Senior Men SP Only:
Max Aaron, Joshua Farris, Brandon Mroz (not sure if he is competing?)

Senior Men Jumps:
Aaron, Corvasce, Steven Evans, Farris, Johnson (UGL), William Littlefield, Mroz, Parkinson (ITA)

Senior Ladies Combined (SP/FS):
Morgan Bell, Mirielle Chambers, Lisa Cramer, Jacqueline Garces (CP), Patricia Glescic (SLO), Alicia Hsu (EGL), Tatiana Khazova, Lauren Nieman (UGL), Amy Nunn, Sophie Payannet, Marissa Secundy, Christina-Maria Sperduto (UGL), Kristina Struthwolf (CP), Katy Jo West

Senior Ladies SP Only:
Bell, Chambers, Glescic (SLO), Silvia Monti (ITA), Payannet, Struthwolf, Agnes Zawadzki

Senior Ladies Jumps:
Chelsea Christopher (EGL), McKinzie Daniels (UGL), Patricia Glescic (SLO), Agnes Zawadzki

Senior Pairs:
Britney Simpson/Nathan Miller (SP Only)
Brittany Chase/Grant Marron (SP Only)
Lisa Moore/Justin Gaumond

Junior Pairs Exhibition:
Mandy Garza/Brandon Frazier (SP Only)

Junior Men Combined (SP/FS):
Christiaan Burner (UGL), Steven Evans, Timothy Koleto, William Littlefield, Will Michael (CP)

Junior Ladies Qualifying Group A:
McKenzie Pedersen, Katherine (Katja) Gorodetsky, Julia Liao (UGL), Ola Kamieniecki (POL), Amber Ruiz, Danielle Hartman, Roxanna Schmidt, Lauren Dinh, Jessica Noelle Calalang (UGL), Chelsea Christopher (EGL), Olivia Molina (UGL), Mikayla Davis, Polina Edmunds (CP), Angela Wang (CP)

Junior Ladies Qualifying Group B:
Janae Sims, Victoria Tugolukova (CP), Silvia Monti (ITA), Sarah Marron (SWP), Madeline Aaron (SWP), Alexandra Gerday (CP), McKinzie Daniels (UGL), Taylor Couillard-Rodak, Mary Beth Marley (UGL), Lexie Hood, Camille Davis (CP), Sloane Scheller, Grace Lincenberg, Gracie Gold (UGL)

Junior Ladies SP Only:
Edmunds (CP), M. Davis, Kamieniecki (POL), Gold (UGL), Tugolukova (CP), Marley (UGL), Hood, Calalang (UGL), Gorodetsky, Aaron (SWP), C. Davis (CP), Sims, Gerday (CP), Molina (UGL), Christopher (EGL), Couillard-Rodak, Pedersen, Lincenberg, Schmidt, Scheller, Liao (UGL), Hartman, Marron (SWP)

Novice Men Combined (SP/FS):
Nathan Chen (CP), Nicholas Vrdoljak (UGL), Chase Belmontes, Jason Garofolo, Lukas Kaugars, Brian Krentz (UGL), Sebastien Payannet, Drew Mortenson, Brad Kleffman, Cordero Zuckerman (NWP), Darren Bogle (CAN), Jason Pacini (SWP)

Novice Ladies Qualifying Group A:
Talia Nichols, Caitlin DeLuca (EGL), Carly Gold (UGL), Allison Okita, Annie Luong, Leah Israel (EGL), Gabbie Blount, Danika Burton, Jessica Pfund, Aimee Evans (UGL), Lexie Hayes, Thy-Thy Phan, Lena Nguyen, Amanda Rayas (SWP)

Novice Ladies Qualifying Group B:
Mariah Bell, Ashley Callaway, Jeniece Madison, Madison Plott, Lydia Menscher (UGL), Madison Spialek, Sarah Seibold, Barbie Long (UGL), Azaria Vialpando-Collins, Amy Schnicker, Shalayne Pulia (UGL), Emma Jobson, Kaitlyn Gaither

Novice Ladies Qualifying Group C:
Jordan King (CP), Katherine Foy (UGL), Sophie Stillman (UGL), Madison DeLuca (EGL), Britta Mathiowetz, Shaina Lane-Reese (EGL), Romilly Tsinhnahjinnie, Marylin Cai, Rachel Lawson, Shannen Breen (NWP), Sharayah Francisco, Kelsea Suarez, Kay Bergdolt (SA), Patricia Buensuceso, Avery Kurtz

Novice Ladies SP Only
Annika Carter, Madison Spialek, Mariah Bell, Lydia Menscher (UGL), Madison Plott, Lena Nguyen, Kay Bergdolt (SA), Azaria Vialpando-Collins, Leah Israel (EGL), Shalayne Pulia (UGL), Madison DeLuca (EGL), Marylin Cai

Katherine Foy (UGL), Gabbie Blount, Rachel Lawson, Aimee Evans (UGL), Barbie Long (UGL), Sharayah Francisco, Kelsea Suarez, Caitlin DeLuca (EGL), Shaina Lane-Reese (EGL), Patricia Buensuceso, Amanda Rayas (SWP), Jordan King (CP)

Carly Gold (UGL), Sophie Stillman (UGL), Mary Peng (CP), Britta Mathiowetz, Talia Nichols, Emily Chan, Jeniece Madison, Lexie Hayes, Allison Okita, Shannen Breen (NWP), Emma Jobson, Amy Schnicker

Novice Ladies Spins:
Blount, Hayes, Plott

Novice Ladies Jumps:
King (CP), Plott

Novice Compulsory Dance:
Jessica Mancini/Tyler Brooks, Kira Nash/Douglas Stevenson

(Apologies for any typos.)

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All Year FSC Club Competition Scores are Up

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Also some new changes to the Top Ten.

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BlueBonnet Open Scores and Other Competitions Added

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