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IJS Scoretracker updates in progress…

Posted by unseenskaters on May 25, 2012

As we head into the Memorial Day holiday weekend, just a quick update on the May club competitions that have been entered into Scoretracker so far: May Day Open, South Bay Open, Sunshine State Games, Cantiague Trophy Cup, California Championships, Colonial Open, and Spring Jubilee. Currently in progress: Ann Arbor Springtime and Northern Blast. Top Ten will be updated after these two competitions have been added.


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2012 Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational unofficial, partial results/scores

Posted by unseenskaters on May 18, 2012

Thanks to the nice person who sent me these unofficial, partial results/top scores from the Juvenile-Senior events on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday (2 out of the 3 Finals) at the Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational competition in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Skaters from Upper Great Lakes (UGL), Southwestern (SW), North Atlantic (NA), South Atlantic (SA), and Canadian (CAN) clubs are indicated, as are the skaters representing (GRE) or planning to represent (PHI) other countries; the rest (unmarked) are skaters from Eastern Great Lakes clubs.


Novice Ladies FS Final (12 competed):
L Shilling 70.65, O Keils 61.35, L Smith 60.65, C Burner (UGL) 60.23, A Cockerell 58.51, S Steiner (SA) 56.32, A Takai 55.62, C Roslin 55.60, H Wint 51.52, A Diemer (CAN) 51.27, E Black 49.41, G Gast 43.28

Intermediate Ladies FS Final (12 competed):
M Keils 53.38, O Allan (UGL) 50.16, V Chen 49.84, E Wolak 48.75, J Tu 48.66, A Herbison 48.31, L Ream 47.72, R Dashevsky 46.60, A Gilmore 45.12, P Lee 44.59, M Halaburda 44.12, T Weingarten 37.76

(I don’t have any results for the Juvenile Girls Final, sorry.)

5/21 Note: Official, full IJS results are published online at this link


Senior Ladies FS (3 competed):
K McBeath (NA) 86.50, Ma. Koehler 68.16, C Nickerson 48.78

Junior Ladies FS:
Top 5: K Shpilband 76.19, I Dow 74.08, A Mieskoski 68.51, K Kramble (CAN) 65.88, B Clarkson (CAN) 64.95

Junior Men FS (2 competed):
R Hartley 97.92, J Highgate-Brutman 74.56

Novice Ladies FS:
Group A top 5: C Burner (UGL) 55.55, O Keils 53.59, S Steiner (SA) 53.52, A Diemer (CAN) 52.26, E Lui 51.29
Group B top 4: A Takai 66.30, A Cockerell 64.42, L Shilling 63.97, G Gast 55.79
Group C top 4: C Roslin 65.84, L Smith 56.60, E Black 54.16, H Wint 52.08

Juvenile Boys FS:
Top 4: S Lunin 47.64, L Ferrante 38.98, A Dubinski 36.78, C Elder 36.67


Senior Ladies SP (7 competed):
B Bereswill 46.34 (only competing SP here), K McBeath (NA) 43.13, G Glastris (GRE) 41.88, Ma. Koehler 36.28, S Sylvester 32.45, C Nickerson 27.67, K Kavulich 24.75

Junior Ladies SP (15 competed):
Top 10: K Shpilband (NA) 47.08, A Mieskoski 38.40, I Dow (UGL) 35.81, M DeLuca 35.64, K Kramble (CAN) 35.63, S Cabiles (PHI) 35.41, J Anderson 35.06, J Schreffler 34.70, R Chang (UGL) 34.18, B Clarkson (CAN) 32.92

Junior Men SP (2 competed):
R Hartley 52.91, A Newman 33.23

Novice Ladies SP:
Group A top 4: O Keils 34.73, C Burner (UGL) 33.56, C Roslin 31.23, A Takai 30.37
Group B top 4: L Shilling 33.53, L Petkovic 29.61, A Cockerell 29.20, E Black 28.13

Novice Men SP (4 competed):
D Takayama 39.02, B Johnson 37.92, A Mains (UGL) 30.39, J Curley (SW) 25.44

Novice Men FS (4 competed):
D Takayama 69.45, B Johnson 64.34, A Mains (UGL) 53.98, J Curley (SW) 47.41

Novice Pairs SP (1 team competed):
S Dai/J Fishman 24.63

Intermediate Ladies SP:
Group A top 3: O Allan (UGL) 32.04, V Chen 29.07, S Shipstad 25.31
Group B top 3: M Keils 32.84, E Wolak 28.59, A Gilmore 27.57
Group C top 3: T Weingarten 28.80, P Lee 26.37, A Proudlock 25.96

Intermediate Ladies FS (top 4 qualify for Final):
Group A top 5: O Allan (UGL) 53.23, M Halaburda 47.90, V Chen 47.41, R Dashevsky 44.42, M Wheeler 42.77
Group B top 4: E Wolak 50.43, J Tu 48.28, A Herbison 46.98, L Ream 46.41
Group C top 4: M Keils 55.52, P Lee 44.30, T Weingarten 44.18, A Gilmore 41.18

Intermediate Men SP (4 competed):
D Li 28.90, J Butler 23.39, L Purnell 22.81, J Sedlar 21.88

Intermediate Men FS (3 competed):
D Li 50.69, L Purnell 42.15, J Butler 32.05

Juvenile Girls FS (top 4 qualify for Final):
Group A: M Mackinnon 38.02, M Davies 38.00, K Matkin 37.90, C Yu 34.15
Group B: E Aliotta 44.47, J Pierce 42.73, M Gagerman (UGL) 39.97, L Kim 39.65
Group C: S Liberatore 43.94, S Shi 38.95, J Budnick 37.63, C Williams 32.61

Juvenile Pairs FS (4 teams competed):
C Hawkins/E Hartley 32.41, D Pascoe/S Parks 30.24, R Lalonde/G Ronan 27.72, K Frantz/N Frantz 23.22

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2012 May Day Open unofficial results/scores

Posted by unseenskaters on May 12, 2012

Thanks to the helpful person who sent me these unofficial results/partial scores from the May Day Open competition in Laurel, Maryland.

Skaters from North Atlantic (NA) and Eastern Great Lakes (EGL) clubs are indicated; the rest (unmarked) are skaters from South Atlantic clubs.


Novice Ladies SP:
1-5 scores: M Carter 34.40, E Romola 33.84, M O’Connell 33.42, B McIsaac 31.74, D Rivkin (NA) 30.39;
6-22: K Curran, T Terpos, J McNamara (NA), V Boinest, K Morris, M Kiatrungrit, C Burkhardt (EGL), I Blank, L Nara-Yoshimura, M Newlin, G Bloomfield, A Rendina (NA), L Hamner, G Presto (NA), K Duncan, K Rasmussen (NA), A Alexander.

Junior Ladies SP:
1-5 scores: M Yang 39.36, E Agler (NA) 32.95, M Chang 30.11, B Lee 29.40, D Rivkin (NA) 27.07;
6-7: C Cleveland, Al. Chow (NA).

Junior Men SP (2): M Mimidis 42.04, J Schetelich (NA) 41.04

Intermediate Men SP (4): E Sjoberg 29.36, W Uhrig 21.46, N Krupnick (NA) 20.62, L Gold 16.69


Intermediate Men FS (2): E Sjoberg 55.56, W Uhrig 38.14

Juvenile Boys FS (2): K Mikawa 30.36, R Dunk 23.94

Intermediate Ladies SP A:
1-6 scores: M Leighow 28.54, G Bozzetti (NA) 26.01, E Mikawa 25.84, C Wozniak 25.25, M Plank 23.90, L Marks 23.44;
7-13: J Oh, A Qiao, S Hampton, T DuBois, E Hautbois, L Levinson, A Ambrose.

Intermediate Ladies SP B:
1-5 scores: M Shi 28.27, S Chang 25.69, J Albaugh 25.21, A Teutsch 25.01, K Timlen 23.60;
6-13: G Rathbun, L Lapane, D Cox, D Digirolamo, J Choi, K Clifford, L Xie, L Bretscher.

Intermediate Ladies SP C:
1-6 scores: C Kent 27.57, M Sumithipala 26.66, E Anderson 25.82, S Park 25.58, M Lee 25.16, Z Humeau 25.15;
7-13: K Robey, N James, S Young, T Wang, K Germroth, S Dower, N Tinkelman.

Novice Ladies FS:
1-5 scores: D Rivkin (NA) 63.92, E Romola 60.58, T Terpos 56.04, B McIsaac 55.72, L Nara-Yoshimura 50.18;
6-22: K Curran, A M Seifert, M Carter, K Morris, M O’Connell, M Kiatrungrit, C Burkhardt (EGL), J McNamara (NA), V Boinest, G Bloomfield, I Blank, K Rasmussen (NA), M Newlin, A Rendina (NA), L Hamner, G Presto (NA), S Sacher.

Senior Ladies SP:
1-5: C Taylor (NA) 39.91, K McBeath (NA) 39.04, E Komes 36.18, An. Chow (NA) 25.79, R Jones (EGL) 24.14.

Junior Ladies FS:
1-5: M Yang 67.97, B Lee 63.79, E Agler (NA) 61.84, M Chang 51.61, Al. Chow (NA) 46.60 (rest withdrew).

Junior Men FS (1): J Schetelich (NA) 101.81
Novice Men FS (1): O Melnyk 59.60


Intermediate Ladies SP Final:
C Kent 29.35, M Leighow 28.83, E Mikawa 27.38, J Albaugh 27.04, S Park 27.04;
6-12: M Sumathipala, M Shi, E Anderson, C Wozniak, G Bozzetti (NA), A Teutsch, S Chang.

Juvenile Girls FS A:
1-5 scores: C Colsia 38.90, M Shi 38.66, N Bizzano 33.35, C Sterman 32.21, M Stanley 31.16;
6-17: S Furman, M Ignacio, J Wu, J Bozzetti (NA), M Carlon, G Stulman, S Gold, A Beebe, R Ellis, H Martin, A Bruder, V Richardson.

Juvenile Girls FS B:
1-5 scores: C Kent 44.40, A Mitchell 34.40, K Mai 33.71, S Park 33.54, L Erdman 32.89;
6-17: S Kammann, K Jolly, C Strong, G Collins, G Rathbun, M Du, B Santiago (NA), M Burghdorf, L Xie, H Mahle, B Cosentino (NA), K Cabrera.

Intermediate Ladies FS A:
1-5 scores: M Leighow 53.84, C Wozniak 48.37, E Mikawa 44.67, S Chang 44.48, M Plank 44.45;
6-14: A Qiao, L Marks, J Albaugh, R Premaratne, J Oh, D Cox, G Bozzetti (NA), S Hampton, T Dubois.

Intermediate Ladies FS B:
1-5 scores: M Sumathipala 49.27, E Stoupaki 43.39, M Lee 43.21, Z Humeau 43.00, E Anderson 41.43;
6-16: S Young, K Robey, A Teutsch, K Germroth, T Wang, N James, K Timlen, J Digirolamo, L Lapane, S Dower, K Clifford.

Senior Ladies FS:
1-5 scores: K McBeath (NA) 62.62, C Taylor (NA) 61.34, E Komes 51.92, R Jones (EGL) 45.10, An. Chow (NA) 43.00.


Intermediate Ladies Final:
1-5 scores: M Leighow 51.64, M Lee 47.06, C Wozniak 46.83, Z Humeau 45.61, E Stoupaki 43.90;
6-12: M Sumathipala, E Mikawa, A Qiao, E Anderson, S Chang, S Young, M Plank.

Juvenile Girls Final
1-5 scores: C Kent 44.85, M Shi 36.68, L Erdman 35.40, K Mai 34.44, C Colsia 32.77;
6-12: S Furman, C Sterman, M Stanley, S Kammann, A Mitchell, N Bizzano, S Park.

UPDATE: A link to the official, complete May Day Open results can be found on the CLUB COMPS page. Scoretracker will be updated by May 21, 2012.

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Scoretracker and Top Ten have been updated!

Posted by unseenskaters on May 11, 2012

Both Scoretracker and Top Ten have been updated with scores from competitions that have published online results as of May 5, 2012. (Check our CLUB COMPS page for updated results links).

Thanks to the the anonymous person who passed along Juvenile Girls FS Group A results/scores from the Morris Open (do you also have Intermediate Ladies FS results to go with the SP results you sent?). If anyone would like to help us out with “missing” or still unpublished competition results, please email us a scan or a photograph of an official results sheet (preferably the entire event) to Unseen Skaters Online. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide and GOOD LUCK / BEST WISHES to all skaters in the new season!

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