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2016 U.S. Novice & Junior Challenge Skate, Sept. 14-18 in Salt Lake City

Posted by unseenskaters on September 14, 2016

Official website (includes link to practice & competition schedule): http://www.usfigureskatingclassic.com/challengeskate

Event info page and live streaming schedule for IceNetwork subscribers (includes recap article links): http://web.icenetwork.com/schedule/2016/09/2016_us_chall_skate
Recap articles (4):
Junior Ladies/Men/Pairs FS & Novice FD
Junior Ladies/Men/Pairs SP & Novice PD
Novice Ladies/Men/Pairs FS
Novice Ladies/Men/Pairs FS

START ORDERS & RESULTS: http://www.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2016/24436/results.html

2016 U.S. Nationals (J=Junior, N=Novice, Int=Intermediate, Juv=Juvenile), Sectionals (E/M/P) or Regionals (SA=South Atlantic) placements are added in brackets below. Skaters are listed in short program start order.

Jacqueline Lee [Int5], Ting Cui [SA-N6], Pooja Kalyan [M-N6], Isabella Miller [Int8], Audrey Shin [E-N5] / Hanna Harrell [Juv2], Ilana Sherman [Int12], Alyssa Rich [Int3], Angelina Huang [Int4], Alysa Liu [Int1], Sophia Chouinard [Int2]
Gold – Pooja Kalyan (Ozark FSC)
Silver – Ting Cui (Baltimore FSC)
Bronze – Angelina Huang (St. Peters (MO) FSA)

Chase Finster [M-Int6], Ryan VanDoren [N11], Dylan Hylander [Int8], Alex Wellman [Int2] / Dinh Tran [P-N5], Max Lake [N9], Justin Wichmann [M-N8], Lucas Altieri [Int4], JoonSoo Kim [M-N7]
Gold – Dinh Tran (SC of San Francisco)
Silver – Alex Wellman (Central Illinois FSC)
Bronze – JoonSoo Kim (DuPage FSC)

Berit Cummings & Jabe Roberts [Int3], Katherina Frantz & Nicolas Frantz [N9], Eliana Secunda & Blake Eisenach [Int2] / Greta Crafoord & John Crafoord [P-N5], Ainsley Peterson & Kristofer Ogren [N8], Cora DeWyre & Jacob Nussle [N12], Isabelle Goldstein & Keyton Bearinger [Int4]
Gold – Ainsley Peterson (All Year FSC) & Kristopfer Ogren (Kansas City FSC)
Silver – Great & John Crafoord (both Los Angeles FSC)
Bronze – Eliana Secunda & Blake Eisenach (both Rocky Mountain FSC)

Skaters/teams are listed below in short program start order (Saturday).

NOVICE DANCE (6) Saturday-Sunday
Katarina DelCamp & Maxwell Gart [NEW; she was Juv8, he was Int2], Caroline Liu & John Carlson [NEW; he was Int8], Sophia Elder & Christopher Elder [N3] / Isabel Blahunka & Will Shawver [Int5], Gianna Buckley & J.T. Michel [N4], Claire Purnell & Lucas Purnell [N11]
Gold – Sophia & Christopher Elder (both Louisville SA)
Silver – Katarina DelCamp (Dallas FSC) & Maxewell Gart (All Year FSC)
Bronze – Gianna Buckley (Seattle SC) & J.T. Michel (Louisville SA)

JUNIOR LADIES (12) Saturday-Sunday
Starr Andrews [N6], (WD: Marina Capatina [N8]), Sierra Venetta [N3], Dayoon Chang [E-J5], Shannon Porter [J8] Taylor Morris [M-J6] /
Maxine Marie Bautista [M-N5], Kaitlyn Nguyen [M-N2/N-wd], Gabriella Lee [P-J7], Akari Nakahara [J7], Cristina Rackley [M-J7], Alexia Paganini [N2/JGP FRA 6th]
Gold – Starr Andrews (Los Angeles FSC)
Silver – Kaitlyn Nguyen (Los Angeles FSC)
Bronze – Alexia Paganini (SC of New York)

JUNIOR MEN (8) Saturday-Sunday
TJ Nyman [SA-N3], (WD: Jun-Hong Chen [N8]), Colton Johnson [M-J5], Kendrick Weston [P-J8] / Chase Belmontes [J10], Camden Pulkinen [J11/YOG 7th], Mitchell Friess [P-J7], Mathew Graham [P-J6]
Gold – Camden Pulkinen (Broadmoor SC)
Silver – Mathew Graham (Idaho Falls FSC)
Bronze – Mitchell Friess (Wasatch FSC)

JUNIOR PAIRS (3) Saturday-Sunday
Juliette Erickson & Nathan Grundhofer [P-N6], Isabella Gamez & Griffin Schwab [N2], Gabriella Marvaldi & Daniel Villeneuve [NEW; she was J7, he was CAN N3]
Gold – Gabriella Marvaldi & Daniel Villeneuve (both SC of Southern NJ)
Silver – Isabella Gamez (Los Angeles FSC) & Griffin Schwab (SC of New York)
Bronze – Juliette Erickson (SC of Boston) & Nathan Grundhofer (St. Moritz ISC)

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