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2015 U.S. Sectional Championships in Wake Forest, NC; Geneva, IL; Spokane, WA (Nov. 19-22, 2014)

Posted by unseenskaters on November 19, 2014

The three U.S. Sectional Championships start today in Wake Forest, North Carolina (Eastern), Geneva, Illinois (Midwestern), and Spokane, Washington (Pacific Coast), and run through Saturday, November 22, 2014. Here’s wishing all competitors the very best in achieving your individual goals!

Links to all 3 Sectional Start Orders/Results pages (all times listed are LOCAL):

Click here to visit the “JUNIOR” NATIONALS page for a compilation of all known Juvenile & Intermediate qualifiers to date by event.

Click here to visit the NATIONALS page for a compilation of all known Novice, Junior & Senior qualifiers to date by event.

Click here to visit the SECTIONALS page for a compilation of all competitors by event, Juvenile to Senior, and current season singles skater scores (Regional, international, etc.).

Scheduled start times (listed in Eastern time below) for Icenetwork’s live streaming for season pass subscribers today, Saturday, November 22:

8:00am EASTERNS Juvenile Girls Free Skate
8:00am MIDS Juvenile Boys Free Skate
9:35am EASTERNS Juvenile Boys Free Skate
9:25am MIDS Novice Men’s Free Skate
10:55am MIDS Junior Ladies Free Skate
11:10am EASTERNS Novice Men’s Free Skate
12:20pm PACS Junior Ladies Free Skate
12:30pm MIDS Junior Men’s Free Skate
12:50pm EASTERNS Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
1:45pm EASTERNS Junior Ladies Free Skate
2:00pm MIDS Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
2:05pm PACS Juvenile Boys Free Skate
3:00pm MIDS Senior Ladies Free Skate
3:40pm PACS Juvenile Girls Free Skate
3:50pm EASTERNS Junior Men’s Free Skate
5:00pm MIDS Senior Pairs Free Skate
5:15pm PACS Junior Men’s Free Skate
5:20pm EASTERNS Senior Ladies Free Skate
5:45pm MIDS Senior Men’s Free Skate
6:55pm PACS Senior Pairs Free Skate
7:05pm PACS Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
7:40pm EASTERNS Senior Men’s Free Skate
8:15pm PACS Senior Ladies Free Skate
9:30pm EASTERNS Senior Pairs Free Skate
10:25pm PACS Senior Men’s Free Skate

Friday, November 21:
8:00am EASTERNS Novice Men’s Short Program
8:30am MIDS Novice Men’s Short Program
9:25am EASTERNS Junior Ladies Short Program
9:55am MIDS Junior Ladies Short Program
11:05am EASTERNS Junior Free Dance
11:25am MIDS Junior Free Dance
12:15pm EASTERNS Senior Free Dance
12:15pm MIDS Senior Free Dance
1:00pm EASTERNS Junior Men’s Short Program
1:00pm MIDS Novice Pairs Free Skate
2:10pm EASTERNS Senior Ladies Short Program
2:20pm MIDS Junior Men’s Short Program
2:45pm PACS Intermediate Free Dance
3:30pm PACS Junior Free Dance
3:40pm MIDS Senior Ladies Short Program
3:50pm EASTERNS Senior Men’s Short Program
4:25pm PACS Junior Ladies Short Program
5:10pm EASTERNS Senior Pairs Short Program
5:25pm MIDS Senior Pairs Short Program
5:55pm PACS Juvenile Free Dance
6:05pm MIDS Juvenile Girls Free Skate
6:15pm PACS Senior Pairs Short Program
6:45pm EASTERNS Novice Ladies Free Skate
6:45pm PACS Junior Men’s Short Program
7:25pm MIDS Senior Men’s Short Program
8:10pm PACS Novice Free Dance
8:30pm MIDS Novice Ladies Free Skate
8:45pm EASTERNS Novice Pairs Free Skate
8:45pm PACS Senior Free Dance
9:40pm PACS Novice Ladies Free Skate
11:20pm PACS Novice Men’s Free Skate

Thursday, November 20:
8:00am EASTERNS Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
9:00am MIDS Intermediate Free Dance
9:35am EASTERNS Juvenile Free Dance
9:45am MIDS Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
10:25am MIDS Juvenile Free Dance
11:00am EASTERNS Novice Ladies Short Program
11:55am MIDS Novice Ladies Short Program
12:35pm PACS Intermediate Men’s Free Skate ***DELAYED (has pushed back PACS schedule by ~30 mins)
12:40pm EASTERNS Intermediate Free Dance
1:25pm MIDS Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
1:45pm EASTERNS Intermediate Men’s Free Skate
1:55pm PACS Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
3:10pm MIDS Intermediate Men’s Free Skate
3:20pm EASTERNS Novice Free Dance
3:30pm PACS Juvenile Pattern Dance 1
3:45pm PACS Intermediate Pattern Dance 1
4:10pm EASTERNS Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
4:35pm PACS Juvenile Pattern Dance 2
4:45pm MIDS Novice Free Dance
4:50pm PACS Intermediate Pattern Dance 2
5:40pm EASTERNS Novice Pairs Short Program
5:40pm PACS Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
6:05pm PACS Novice Pairs Free Skate
6:25pm EASTERNS Junior Pairs Free Skate
6:55pm MIDS Novice Pairs Short Program
7:10pm PACS Novice Pattern Dance 1
7:30pm PACS Junior Short Dance
8:20pm PACS Novice Pattern Dance 2
8:40pm PACS Senior Short Dance
8:45pm MIDS Junior Pairs Free Skate
9:25pm PACS Senior Ladies Short Program (REVISED: 9:35pm start time)
11:15pm PACS Senior Men Short Program (REVISED: 11:25pm start time)

Wednesday, November 19:

8:50 am EASTERNS Juvenile Pattern Dance
9:15am MIDS Intermediate Pattern Dance
10:20am MIDS Intermediate Pairs Short Program
10:55am EASTERNS Intermediate Pattern Dance
11:00am MIDS Juvenile Pattern Dance
12:25pm EASTERNS Intermediate Ladies Short Program
1:10pm MIDS Intermediate Ladies Short Program
1:55pm EASTERNS Novice Pattern Dance
2:45pm MIDS Novice Pattern Dance
2:50pm PACS Intermediate Men’s Short Program
3:05pm EASTERNS Intermediate Pairs Short Program
4:00pm PACS Intermediate Ladies Short Program
4:20pm MIDS Intermediate Men’s Short Program
4:35pm EASTERNS Intermediate Men’s Short Program
5:20pm PACS Novice Pairs Short Program
5:45pm MIDS Junior Pairs Short Program
6:00pm PACS Intermediate Pairs Short Program
6:05pm EASTERNS Junior Short Dance
6:40pm PACS Novice Ladies Short Program
7:10pm EASTERNS Junior Pairs Short Program
7:25pm MIDS Junior Short Dance
8:05pm EASTERNS Senior Short Dance
8:10pm PACS Novice Men’s Short Program
8:15pm MIDS Senior Short Dance

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