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2013 Broadmoor Open, June 26-29

Posted by unseenskaters on June 25, 2013

The Broadmoor Open, a major early season club competition hosted annually by the Broadmoor Skating Club, is taking place June 26-29, 2013, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Click here to purchase and view the live/on-demand webcast

Click here to view the event schedule by day (all times are Mountain)


The skater’s region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region; the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters.

SATURDAY Unofficial Results via Webcast in event order (World Arena rink):

Novice FD Exh. – Isaacson/Dudley, I assume? 37.08

Intermediate Men FS & Final
1-3: R Bedard (UGL) 72.80 (total), B Shou 69.20, M Gumba 60.79

Intermediate Ladies FS & Final (combined SP+FS score)
1-16: A Kim 85.79 (53.69 FS), P Kalyan 83.57 (54.42), S Porter 82.15 (50.86), E Fairbanks 81.57 (50.85), T Ellison 80.01 (53.09), A Friess (CP) 79.66 (50.42), K Ross (SA) 79.53 (51.91), I Schwob (UGL) 75.56, K Yum 72.08, G Dixon 71.84, R Gautsche 70.81, A Demma (UGL) 70.69, V Tang 69.95, R Baruch (UGL) 69.23, M Cardamone 68.10, L Zhang 66.34

Novice Pair FS (2 teams)
L LaChance/K Anderson 59.00 (31.40/27.60) – Les Miz (their music last season, I think)
A & J Schneider-Farris 56.35 (29.51/27.84 -1) – Seven Years in Tibet soundtrack

Novice Ladies FS & Final
1 P Rydberg (UGL) 118.91 (76.77 FS) “I’m A Doun” – 2A+2T+2Lo, 3S+2T, 2F+2Lo, 3T, 2Lz(edge?), 2A. Very precise skater with fast rotation on her jumps & good flow out on them.
2-14: M Hedges (UGL) 104.81 (69.15), R Shin 101.26 (64.08), A Kortjohn 101.04 (68.81), C Rodriguez 94.21 (59.72), C Z Yang (CP) 90.21 (60.68), K Doan 89.85, T Hannig 86.26, S Zhang (CP) 83.63, R G Crawford (CP) 80.39, L Ellison 79.08, T Weingarten (EGL) 74.87, K Curran 73.49, A Chen 65.27

Novice Men FS & Final
1-13: L West 118.25 (73.82 FS), A Boucher 108.06 (72.53), I Miyata (NWP) 106.01 (69.37), C Johnson (UGL) 103.42, A Schmitt (NWP) 96.55, M Friess (CP) 94.63, L Kirchgessner 91.73, J Cohn (EGL) 90.54, S Anderson 84.84, J Curley 77.35, K Anderson (EGL) 72.93, D Murphy (NWP) 62.66, A Mains (UGL) 61.92

Junior Ladies FS & Final
Selena Zhao (NWP) 145.37 (96.88 FS) “Il Postino” soundtrack – 2A high, 3Lz foot down (no planned combo with 3T), 3Lo, 3F+2T+2Lo, 3Lz fall, 3F, 3S+2T. She didn’t qualify for Nationals in Jr. last season so this is a great start to her season.
2-10: A Shin 131.33 (82.94 FS), E Taylor 127.25 (84.60 FS), M Flood 127.18, B Long (UGL) 124.76, I Dow (UGL) 119.44, Z Gong (CAN) 116.03, A Glenn 116.00, A Grymski (UGL) 111.09, A Fu 106.41, M Craze 93.17, Y Miao 85.21, L Menscher 83.20, L LaChance (EGL) 73.94, K Nyquist 68.33, N Xu (CP) 64.64, M Sill (CP) 58.40, C Oliphant (EGL) 55.91

Junior Men FS & Final
1-7: B Krentz (UGL) 156.44 (104.13 FS), J Moeller (UGL) 155.18 (106.07), C Belmontes 143.55 (90.45), S Simon (UGL) 138.77 (90.15), D Neudecker 136.02 (92.32), P Rupp (SA) 126.23, A Nagode (SA) 124.68

Senior Ladies FS & Final
Polina Edmunds (CP) wins with a total score of 168.27, 109.46 FS. Jumps were: 3Lz both hands down (so no combo with 3T), landed 3F-half loop-3S, 2A, 3F small step out, 3Lz, 3Lo+2T, 2A. Music is “Solveig’s Song” and “Morning Mood” from Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg.
2 Mariah Bell 154.58 (99.03 FS) Titanic soundtrack – jumps: 3Lz, 2A+3T, 2S, 3F+2T, 1Lz, 3F, 2A.
3 Ashley Cain 154.52 (103.79) “Ave Maria” – jumps: 1Lz+2T, 3F+3T, 3Lo, 1F, 3Lo-turn-2T+2Lo, 3S, 2A.
4-10: A Walczyk (EGL) 106.35, Morgan Bell 102.24 total, C Christopher (EGL) 96.23, K Colby (UGL) 94.41, A Parekh (IND) 92.85, J Liao 90.09, R Musselwhite (UGL) 82.66

Senior Men FS
Jason Brown’s Riverdance FS was choreographed by Rohene Ward. He scored a total of 224.44, 149.58 FS. 74.38 TES / 76.20 PCS (-1 for time deduction/not long enough).
The music starts off quietly before launching into the rollicking selections that always get the audience clapping/stomping! Jumps not Brown’s focus tonight – still managed 3A, 2A+3T, 3Lz-half loop-3S, 3F+2T, 3Lo. Deft bits of footwork in a FS that will grow!
He did two planned doubles – opening 2T (marking a possible 4T later in season) and a backwards catch foot spiral into 2Lutz in the second half (he omitted the 8th jump pass).

2nd was Lukas Kaugars 161.13 (101.75 FS) – his program music merges the soundtracks of Dracula and The Red Violin, and is choreographed by Tom Dickson.
3rd Sebastien Payannet 135.31 (87.18 FS).

SATURDAY Results (Olympic rink):

Juvenile Girls Final
1-15: Audrey Lu 45.84, Anna Sophia Rorrer Warren (CP) 41.28, Paige Zolnierek (UGL) 40.66, Alyssa Rich 40.57, Alexandra Rogers (UGL) 39.95, Christina Tenzin (UGL) 38.79, Carly Leonard (UGL) 36.72, Cheryl Winters (CP) 34.83, Sarah Colon 34.60, Kaitlyn Nguyen 34.51, Shannon Sweeney 34.07, Kenya Stanton (CP) 32.89, Aya Taira (UGL) 32.88, Alexis Le (UGL) 32.61, Lea Jung (UGL) 32.46

Juvenile Boys FS
1-4: Matthew Nielsen (EGL) 34.89, Maxim Zharkov 29.23, David Burke 29.21, Jake Pagano (EGL) 22.26

FRIDAY Unofficial Results via Webcast in event order (World Arena rink):

Intermediate Ladies SP
1-16: Ashley Kim 32.10, Shannon Porter 31.29, Elissa Fairbanks 30.72, Katie Yum 29.59, Amalia Friess (CP) 29.24, Pooja Kalyan 29.15, Isobel Schwob (UGL) 28.67, Gilliane Dixon 28.37, Katie Ross (SA) 27.62 (revised up from 27.23), Rudi Baruch (UGL) 27.61, Reese Gautsche 27.45, Tamia Ellison 26.92, Vivian Tang 25.56, Mackenzie Cardamone 24.60, Alexandra Demma (UGL) 23.65, Laura Zhang 19.71

Intermediate Men SP
1-3: Benjamin Shou 29.61, Ryan Bedard (UGL) 28.22, Mikhail Gumba 23.88

Novice Ladies SP
1-14: P Rydberg (UGL) 42.14, R Shin 37.18, M Hedges (UGL) 35.66, K Doan 35.17, C Rodriguez 34.49, A Kortjohn 32.23, S Zhang (CP) 31.17, T Hannig 30.60, C Z Yang (CP) 29.53, L Ellison 28.62, K Curran 28.25, T Weingarten (EGL) 27.89, R G Crawford (CP) 25.27, A Chen 24.13 [WD: V Le]

Top 5: Ryberg [Latin medley] landed 2A, 3S+2T, 3T; Shin [piano version of “The Impossible Dream”] 2F(arms overhead), 2A, 2Lz(arms up)+2?; Hedges [“The Mission”] 3S fall, 2Lz+2T, 2A, graceful & nice flow; Doan [“Smooth Criminal”] 3Lz(wrong foot landing)+2T, 3Lo, 2A, good energy; Rodriguez [Dark Eyes] 2A big, 2Lz+2Lo, 2F.

Novice Men SP
1-13: L West 44.43, I Miyata (NWP) 36.64, A Boucher 35.53, C Johnson (UGL) 33.72, A Schmitt (NWP) 31.06, M Friess (CP) 29.68, S Anderson 28.08, L Kirchgessner 27.86, J Cohn (EGL) 27.19, J Curley 25.58, A Mains (UGL) 24.30, K Anderson (EGL) 23.87, D Murphy (NWP) 20.69

Senior Men SP
1 J Brown 74.86
New dark green shirt for last year’s “The Question of U” song by Prince. 3A 3turn out on 1 foot, 3F+3T, ‘tano 3Lz fall.

2 P Parkinson (ITA) 59.94
Beethoven’s 5th with a techno coda. 4S step out, 3A fall, 2Lz+2T. He tweeted afterwards: “Stood up on my first qual sal in competition!”

3 L Kaugars 59.38
This is Kaugars’ Senior debut and he landed 2A, 3Lz+3T, 3F. Tom Dickson choreographed his “La Vie en Rose” SP.

4 S Payannet 48.13 – 3T+3T fall, 3F fall, 2A.

Junior Ladies SP
1 A Glenn 51.48 – “Summertime”: 3F+3T foot down behind, 3Lo, 2A
2 B Long (UGL) 50.15 – “The Swan” by Saint-Saens: 3Lz+3T step down, 3Lo fall, 2A step out
3 M Flood 49.05 – Phantom of the Opera: 3T+3T fall out, 3Lo, webcast cut out – assume she landed 2A
4 S Zhao (NWP) 48.49 – orchestral piece: 3Lz+3T, 3Lo fall, 2A
5 A Shin 48.39 – classical violin/piano (lullaby?): 3F-turnout-2T, 3Lo, 2A
6 I Dow (UGL) 43.26 – lyrical soundtrack?: 2A, 3T+2T, 2Lo
7 A Grymski (UGL) 43.23 – pretty music: 3T+2T, 3Lo fall out, 2A
8 Z Gong (CAN) 42.90 – delicate piano: 3Lo, 3F fall, 2A
9 E Taylor 41.65 – Debussy’s “Reverie”: 2Lo, 3T+2T, 2A
10 A Fu 38.79 – haunting/quirky music: 3F+2T, 1Lo, 2A
11-18: M Craze 33.83, Y Miao 30.46, L Menscher 29.19, N Xu (CP) 27.17, K Nyquist 26.15, L LaChance (EGL) 26.14, M Sill (CP) 22.81, C Oliphant (EGL) 19.93

Senior Ladies SP
1 Polina Edmunds, in her Sr. debut, led off with a Latin medley in a bright yellow dress. She landed 3Lz+3T, 3F, 2A – 58.81 (35.33 TES/23.48 PCS).

2 Mariah Bell (Spanish/Malaguena) landed 3Lz+’tano 2T, 3F hand(s) down, 2A – 55.55 (31.43/24.12). She tried the 3Lo last night (JGP short program).

3 Ashley Cain (Flamenco medley) – 3Lz, 3F-turnout-3T fall, 2A, 50.73 (28.17/23.56 -1). Last night’s SP scores: 47.01 (22.85/25.16).

4-10: A Walczyk 41.89, C Christopher (EGL) 40.05, Morgan Bell 34.56, K Colby (UGL) 32.15, A Parekh (IND) 29.67, J Liao 29.13, R Musselwhite (UGL) 27.60.

Junior Men SP
1-7: C Belmontes 53.10, B Krentz (UGL) 52.31, J Moeller (UGL) 49.11, S Simon (UGL) 48.62, A Nagode (SA) 45.85, D Neudecker 43.70, P Rupp (SA) 40.53

Juvenile Pairs FS Exh.
Kristin George/Jake Pagano (new) 22.01

Novice Pair SP
Annabelle & Joel Schneider-Farris 28.29, Linde LaChance/Kenneth Anderson 26.78, Macy Peterson/Daniel Arsenault (new) 20.64

Junior Pairs SP
Joy Weinberg/Michael Lueck (new) 37.09, Olivia Oltmanns/Josh Santillan 36.74

Senior Pairs SP Exh.
Alexa Scimeca/Chris Knierim – “Papa Can You Hear Me?” – 65.69 (38.43/27.26).
High 3twist, throw 3F, sbs 3S (not quite landed in unison), lasso entry into star lift…

Senior Ladies Jumps (2 competed; 6.0 majority ordinal judging)
Selena Zhao (NWP) 7/1 – F spiral into 2A (twice) good height & flow out, 3Lz+3T+2?T, 3Lz+3T+2T, footwork into 3Lo (twice)
Polina Edmunds (CP) 7/2 – 2A, 2A, 3F-half loop-3S, 3Lz+3T+1Lo, footwork into 3F, footwork into 3Lo

Senior Men Jumps (8 competed; 6.0 judging)
Jason Brown (UGL) straight 1sts across 7/1
Jordan Moeller (UGL) 7 4 2 2 2 2 2 5/2
Rohene Ward (Indiv Member) 2 3 3 4 4 3 4 4/3
Brandon Mroz 4 2 6 3 5 4 7 4/4
Brian Krentz (UGL) 6 5 5 7 3 6 3 4/5
Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA) 5 6 4 5 6 8 8 5/6
Lukas Kaugars 7 7 8 6 7 5 6 6/7
Spencer Simon (UGL) 3 8 7 8 8 7 5 4/7
(Jump highlights to be edited in later)

NOTE: Novice Pattern Dance exhibition led off Friday morning – no scores were displayed for Abbey Isaacson (SW)/Scott Dudley (NWP).

THURSDAY Unofficial Results via Webcast in event order (World Arena rink):

Novice Ladies SP Only A
1-14: P Rydberg (UGL) 38.00, R Shin 37.09, C Rodriguez 33.47, S Kim 32.37, K Nowell 30.40, V Le 29.62, L Mize 29.17, M Hedges (UGL) 28.88, T Wiltsie 28.19, T Weingarten (EGL) 26.86, I Hills (NWP) 26.56, K Tanner 22.69, K Shechter 20.29, P Mascarenas 18.54

Novice Ladies SP Only B
1-14: R G Crawford (CP) 35.10, K Doan 33.99, S Zhang (CP) 31.30, C Z Yang (CP) 30.18, L Ellison 30.16, A Verheydt (NWP) 27.90, A Vanigli 27.83, M Manoogian (CP) 27.62, K Curran 27.00, J LaChance (EGL) 26.61, J Santiago (CP) 24.80, H Settle 24.54, L Kwak 22.78, S Scarle 17.83

Novice Men SP Only
1-6: M Friess (CP) 36.41, I Miyata (NWP) 30.50, C Johnson (UGL) 26.46, T Schwappach 26.10, J Curley 25.78, D Murphy (NWP) 17.31

Junior Men SP Only
1-4: B Krentz (UGL) 51.00, J Moeller (UGL) 48.70, A Nagode (SA) 45.55, S Simon (UGL) 44.53

Junior Ladies SP Only
Top 8: B Long (UGL) 60.09, A Glenn 46.26, A Shin 45.76, M Flood 43.85, I Dow (UGL) 40.96, A Grymski (UGL) 39.03, A Kurtz 38.49, E Taylor 35.68 (rest to be edited in if/when official result sheet is received)

Long’s SP music is Saint-Saens’ “The Swan” (choreographed by Tanith Belbin) and she landed 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, 2A.

Senior Men SP Only – CANCELLED

Senior Ladies SP Only
1 Mariah Bell 50.53 – Spanish music with a different version of Malaguena in the second half; jumps: 3Lz+’tano 2T, 3Lo fall, 2A pitched forward/hand down
2 A Wang (CP) 50.39 – “A Beautiful Storm” by Jennifer Thomas, choreographed by Tom Dickson; 2A, 3Lz+2T, fall in footwork, 1F
3 A Cain 47.01 – upbeat flamenco, choreographed by Scott Brown; 3Lz hand, 1F+3T, 2A fall
4 R Shoji (JPN) 44.53 – Dark Eyes; 3S+3T, 3F, 2A (1 or more triples prob. called underrotated?)
5-9: K Colby (UGL) 38.99, A Walczyk (EGL) 33.52, A Parekh (IND) 32.09, J Liao 31.91, R Musselwhite (UGL)

THURSDAY Results (Olympic rink):

Intermediate Ladies SP Only A
1-13: M Caputo (NWP) 33.32, A Kim 32.39, A Friess (CP) 29.63, R Gautsche 29.50, A McConnell 27.82, E Ding (CP) 27.27, A Dow (UGL) 26.64, V Tang 25.77, K Yan (UGL) 25.31, Mc Flood 23.23, K Nguyen 22.56, L Seline (UGL) 19.50, H Ludvigsen 15.51
Intermediate Ladies SP Only B
1-12: P Kalyan 30.23, T Ellison 30.19, A Rogers (UGL) 26.97, K Ross (SA) 26.95, E Finger (UGL) 26.02, I Schwob (UGL) 26.01, J V Beasley (EGL) 24.50, L Zhang 24.38, B Greco 22.08, J Ochitwa 19.99, S Mixsell (NWP) 19.25, C Reider 17.15
Intermediate Ladies SP Only C
1-11: A Lam 29.86, G Dixon (UGL) 28.52, K Yum 27.27, A Demma (UGL) 26.65, K Stamm 23.47, A Lu 23.38, E Gilbreath 23.34, P Lissau 23.08, M Fisher 17.94, A Brown 17.55, J Mendelsohn (UGL) 16.26
Intermediate Ladies SP Only D
1-11: M Fox 31.99, S Porter 30.10, A Merges (CP) 29.80, A Eguchi 28.06, R Baruch (UGL) 27.22, H Vanek 25.22, M Gagerman (UGL) 24.81, A Vongphachanh 24.34, L Ramos 23.32, T Fauver (EGL) 21.00, M Rossman 16.46

WEDNESDAY Results (Olympic rink):

Juvenile Girls FS A (top 5 advance to Saturday’s Final)
1-5: A Rich 40.18, A Warren (CP) 38.66, A Lu 37.89, C Tenzin (UGL) 37.26, A Taira (UGL) 31.48;
6-13: L Peterson 28.72, C Harris (EGL) 28.51, G Rossi (UGL) 25.56, D Chough (UGL) 25.42, L Felch 24.75, A Eguchi 23.90, C Marcil 23.23, S Mixsell (NWP) 21.80
Juvenile Girls FS B (top 5 advance to Saturday’s Final)
1-5: A Rogers (UGL) 44.62, P Zolnierek (UGL) 41.88, K Nguyen 41.50, S Colon 39.81, S Sweeney 37.79;
6-14: E Cornwell 33.48, C Taira (UGL) 31.86, N Digerness 31.00, R Doyle (CP) 28.90, D Arabia 27.84, F Cushman 27.33, C E Lee 25.86, A Juarez 23.53, A Todd 22.00
Juvenile Girls FS C (top 5 advance to Saturday’s Final)
1-5: C Leonard (UGL) 39.85, L Jung (UGL) 37.96, A Le (UGL) 33.84, K Stanton (CP) 32.95, C Winters (CP) 31.46;
6-14: E Secunda 31.03, M Verheydt (CP) 30.50, A Benson (SWP) 29.98, K Hughes 29.75, H Zivelonghi 29.14, J V Beasley (EGL) 27.80, C Luck (EGL) 27.44, S L Case 27.31, R Oas 22.39

Intermediate Ladies FS A (top 4 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-4: R Gautsche 49.70, A Friess (CP) 48.22, I Schwob (UGL) 47.63, A Kim 47.48;
5-12: M Caputo (NWP) 46.58, M Forbes 45.49, E Ding (CP) 43.45, A Dow (UGL) 42.41, C Du (NA) 35.79, J Ochitwa 35.56, P Lissau 33.25, L Seline (UGL) 31.97
Intermediate Ladies FS B (top 4 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-4: T Ellison 54.65, P Kalyan 52.65, V Tang 48.76, L Zhang 47.50;
5-10: M Gagerman (UGL) 44.36, E Gilbreath 40.20, E Finger (UGL) 39.22, M Peterson 39.17, Mc Flood 36.91, A Brown 31.53
Intermediate Ladies FS C (top 4 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-4: A Demma (UGL) 48.63, K Yum 46.26, G Dixon 45.51, K Ross (SA) 44.67;
5-13: K Yan (UGL) 42.93, A Eguchi 41.94, B Greco 38.28, H Vanek 34.30, K Stamm 33.61, L Ramos 29.84, M Rossman 28.82, R Sprague 26.19, M Fisher 25.34
Intermediate Ladies FS D (top 4 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-4: S Porter 52.79, E Fairbanks 50.39, M Cardamone 48.59, R Baruch (UGL) 48.19;
5-12: A Merges (CP) 46.14, M Fox 45.11, A Vongphachanh 43.83, A McConnell 42.95, J Mendelsohn (UGL) 33.81, T Fauver (EGL) 31.81, M Sutton 30.89, A Redd (UGL) 22.36

WEDNESDAY Unofficial Results via Webcast (World Arena rink):

Novice Ladies FS A (13 competed; top 5 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-5: P Rydberg (UGL) 70.92, M Hedges (UGL) 64.00, R G Crawford (CP) 54.30, T Hannig [score?], R Shin 47.68;
6-13: A Verheydt (NWP) 45.76, K Nowell 43.33, J Santiago (CP) 42.08, T Wiltsie 40.83, I Hills (NWP) 37.01, A Vanigli 37.93, J LaChance (EGL) 36.51, P Mascarenas 30.25
Novice Ladies FS B (9 competed; top 5 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-5: K Doan 55.75, C Rodriguez 52.68, C Z Yang (CP) 52.05, S Zhang (CP) 47.36, T Weingarten (EGL) 45.09;
6-9: M Manoogian (CP) 44.88, K Shechter 38.48, K Carney (SA) 36.92, L Mize 36.16
Novice Ladies FS C (10 competed; top 5 advance to Friday’s SP)
1-5: V Le 65.47, L Ellison 54.38, K Curran 51.67, A Chen 48.87, A Kortjohn 47.47;
6-10: H Settle 45.87, A Hernandez 45.76, D Chalenko 40.71, K Tanner 37.48, S Scarle 28.97

Some Highlight Performances via the webcast on Wednesday:
Novice qualifying free skates by Paige Rydberg to “I’m A Doun” – she landed a 3S combo, 3T & two 2A (first was 3-jump combo); Michelle Hedges who landed two 2A, turned out of a 3S & showed very nice spins; Vivian Le who, despite falls on 3Lz, 3S & 2A, landed two 3T, and showed very strong skating skills and fast spins to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”

A BIG THANK YOU to the person who submitted Juv. & Int. qualifying results for posting here. Additional results/scores will be edited into this space when known and as time allows during each day of the competition, so check back for updates.


NOTE: The Senior, Junior, and Novice singles skaters listed below are scheduled to compete, but please be aware that withdrawals from early season competitions are not uncommon. The skater’s region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region; the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters.

Senior Ladies (Combined Event unless marked *)
Mariah Bell J2 at 2013 Nationals, Morgan Bell S18, Ashley Cain S12, Chelsea Christopher (EGL), Kaitrin Colby (UGL), Polina Edmunds (CP) J1, [Georgia Glastris (GRE)], Julia Liao, Rachel Musselwhite (UGL), [Sarah Seibold, Ira Vannut (BEL)], Amber Walczyk (EGL)
*SP only: [Alexe Gilles (CAN)], Ami Parekh (IND), Risa Shoji (JPN), Angela Wang (CP) S9

Senior Men
Combined Event: Jason Brown (UGL) S8/JW2, Lukas Kaugars J11, [Brandon Mroz S9], Sebastien Payannet
*SP only & Jumps: Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA), Rohene Ward (region?)
*Jumps: Brian Krentz (UGL) J8, Spencer Simon (UGL), [Nicholas Vrdoljak]
EDITED TO ADD latest hearsay info as of the afternoon of 6/25: Joshua Farris, Alex Johnson, and Jamie Wright (GBR) reportedly will not be competing here.

Hearsay info: Alexa Scimeca/Chris Knierim plan to debut their Senior Pairs SP here on Friday night.

Junior Ladies (Combined Event unless marked *)
Melin Craze, Isabella Dow (UGL), Morgan Flood N4, Anjing Fu, Amber Glenn J5, Zoe Gong (CAN N1), Ariana Grymski (UGL), Avery Kurtz *SP only, Linde LaChance (EGL), Barbie Long (UGL) J3, Lydia Menscher, Yu Miao, Katey Nyquist, Corinne Oliphant (EGL), Ashley Shin N11, Mackenzie Sill (CP), Elena Taylor, Bradie Tennell (UGL) N3, [Clare Untalan], Nancy Xu (CP), Selena Zhao (NWP)

Junior Men (Combined Event)
Chase Belmontes, [Trevor Bergqvist (NA)], Brian Krentz (UGL) J8, Jordan Moeller (UGL) J5, Andrew Nagode (SA), Danny Neudecker, Patrick Rupp (SA), Spencer Simon (UGL), [Nicholas Vrdoljak (UGL) N3]

Novice Ladies (Combined Event)
[Olivia Allan (UGL) Int4, Claire Burner (UGL)], Katerina Carney (SA), Dasha Chalenko, Ayaha Chen, Rachel Grace Crawford (CP), Katie Curran, Kaitlyn Doan, Lauren Ellison, [Kiere Gilbertson], Terri Hannig, Michelle Hedges (UGL), Anikka Hernandez, Isabeau Hills (NWP), Anastasia Kortjohn Int2, Jennifer LaChance (EGL), [Gabrielle Le (UGL)], Vivian Le, Mikaela Manoogian (CP), Paige Mascarenas, Lindsey Mize, Karis Nowell, Caroline Rodriguez, Paige Rydberg (UGL) Int5, Jessica Santiago (CP), Serenity Scarle, Hailee Settle, Karoline Shechter, Riley Shin Int6, Kayla Tanner, Alessandra Vanigli, Amanda Verheydt (NWP), Tori Weingarten (EGL), Tawney Wiltsie, Cindy Zihan Yang (CP), Sarah Zhang (CP)

Novice Men (Combined Event)
Kenneth Anderson (EGL), Sam Anderson, Anthony Boucher, Jason Cohn (EGL), Josiah Curley, Mitchell Friess (CP) Int10, Colton Johnson (UGL), Luke Kirchgessner, Alex Mains (UGL), Ikaika Miyata (NWP), Dmitri Murphy (NWP), [Rique Newby-Estrella], Alec Schmitt (NWP), Luke West N6

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2013 Liberty preliminary roster highlights

Posted by unseenskaters on June 25, 2013

IJS events are Wednesday, July 17-Saturday, July 20, 2013.
Click here for Liberty event information.

* = Listed in USFS’ International Selection Pool

SENIOR MEN (14 registered for SP; 11 for FS):
Stephen Carriere*, Keegan Messing*, Emmanuel Savary, Matej Silecky, Christopher Wan, Kevin Alves (BRA), Manol Atanassov (BUL), Oleksii Bychenko (ISR), Charles Dion (CAN), Luis Hernandez (MEX), Luiz Manella (BRA), Alexander Laboy (SP only), Brad Vigorito (SP only), Alex Zahradnicek (FRA, SP only).

Includes recent U.S. National skaters and non-U.S. skaters: Yasmin Siraj*, Samantha Cesario*, Ashley Cain*, Haley Dunne, Joelle Forte, Elene Gedevanishvili (GEO), Amelie Lacoste (CAN S4), Isadora Williams (BRA), Nicole Rajic (SVK), Veronik Mallet (CAN S5), Roxanne Cournoyer (CAN S10), Roxanne Rheault (CAN S18), Maria Yang, Justin Gosselin (CAN J7), Camille Ruest (CAN J13), Anastasiya Kononenko (UKR), Fleur Maxwell (LUX), Alina Milevska (UKR), Danielle Montalbano (ISR), Melanie Chang (TPE), Aimee Buchanan, Camille Davis, Jessica Hu, Elise Eng …

SENIOR PAIRS (2 teams registered):
Anya Davidovich/Evgeni Krasnopolsky (ISR, new), Natalja Zabijako/Aleksandr Zaboev (EST, new)

JUNIOR MEN (12 registered):
Jimmy Ma*, Brian Krentz*, Oleksiy Melnyk*, James Schetelich, Tony Lu, Paul Rizzio, Patrick Rupp, Spencer Simon, Graham Newberry (GBR), Jack Newberry (GBR), Artem Tsoglin (ISR), Laurent Guay (CAN N9).

JUNIOR LADIES registered include: Madison Vinci*, Brianna Laxson*, Morgan Flood*, Olivia Serafini, Brynne McIsaac, Megan Wessenberg, Dalia Rivkin (also registered for Novice), Rebecca Jacobs, Adrianna Gonera, Heidi Munger, Anya-Kay Cockerell, Lyra Katzman, Sandrine Martin (CAN J10), Netta Schreiber (ISR), Kim Cheremsky (ISR), Kristina Dubrovskaya (CYP) …

[More names/info may be edited in later]

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2013 Chesapeake Open & notes from other competitions

Posted by unseenskaters on June 23, 2013

Chesapeake Open in Laurel, MD – here are some top scores in the Friday and Saturday singles events that were passed along to me (Note: consider these unofficial until the final results are published online).
Senior Ladies
SP top 4: M Yang 50.31 F Chiera 48.84, J Hu 46.45, M Chang (TPE) 40.79
FS top 4: I Williams (BRA) 99.22, Yang 91.77 (reportedly landed 3F+3Lo), H Mulera 78.57, Chiera 73,45
Senior Men SP (no FS event): A Zahradnicek (FRA?) 57.95, E Savary 48.81
Junior Ladies
SP top 3: B McIsaac 46.06, B Laxson 44.79, J Jablon 39.79
FS top 4: McIsaac 74.90, K Wen 71.17, Laxson 64.48, Jablon 61.76
Novice Ladies
SP A top 3: E Romola 40.96, A Rusetskaya 35.73, V Feigenbaum 33.67
SP B top 3: E Gonzalez 31.93, F Kim 28.77, S Chang 27.60
FS top 4: E Romola 71.20 FS, J Biechler 62.25 FS, S Steeman 59.10, A Rusetskaya 58.31
Novice Men
SP top 2: J Barrett 35.56, A Torgashev 35.45
FS top 2: Torgashev 88.80, Barrett 72.12
Intermediate Ladies
SP A top 4: S Kammann 27.09, J Wu 26.57, G Collins 25.91, C Colsia 25.41
SP B top 4: L Rosenberg 34.22, H Beavers 32.82, M Sumathipala 32.01, M Stanley 27.73
FS A top 4: Rosenberg 60.13, Beavers 52.87, K Buckalew 50.46, L Erdman 50.31
FS B top 3: C Kent 54.70, M Stanley 50.26, M-K Mulera 46.84
Juvenile Girls won by K Mai 46.20 and Juvenile Boys by R Dunk 40.53.

Result sheets photos for the Chesapeake Dance events can be found on Ice.dance.com’s Facebook page.

Hearsay notes from other competitions this weekend…

At the Grand Rapids Open in Michigan, Hannah Miller debuted her new programs, reportedly landing 3Lz+2T and 3Lo in Senior Ladies SP (51.19) and 5 triples in the Senior FS (109.61). Edited to add that she skated to “Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky (SP) & “Primavera” by Ludovico Einaudi (FS), choreographed by Daniil Barantsev, as posted in Miller’s 6/23 blog.

At the Southern California Interclub competition in Paramount, CA on Saturday night, Karen Chen, age 13, reportedly landed 3Lz+3T with + GOE and scored 61.34 in the Junior Ladies SP event. Vincent Zhou, age 12, competed in the Senior Men SP last night and reportedly scored ~72 (score still unconfirmed; don’t know if he has tested up yet or if he plans to test up).

At Summer Chiller in Fort Myers, Florida, Kayne/O’Shea (52.37) and Zhang/Bartholomay (52.08) competed in the Senior Pairs SP on Saturday. Edited to add that Zhang/Bartholomay (104.47) and Kayne/O’Shea (86.85) competed in the FS on Sunday morning – the official results/protocols link has been added to the CLUB COMPS page.

Other club competitions this weekend included Boston Open (see post below), Braemar McCandless in Edina, MN and Apple Classic in Wenatchee, WA (Canada’s Kelowna SC entered several skaters again this year).

POSTSCRIPT: Official result sheet photos from the Braemar and Apple Classic competitions have been received (along with Intermediate Ladies results from Southport Summer Classic and Garden State Games) and are all gratefully acknowledged! Results from SoCal Interclub would also be welcomed!

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2013 Boston Open (June 21-22)

Posted by unseenskaters on June 20, 2013

The Boston Open, hosted annually by the Skating Club of Boston, has a free, live video stream of their competition again this year, scheduled to start at 9 am Eastern on Friday morning, June 21, and running through Saturday evening, June 22, 2013. The stream will not be archived for on demand viewing, however.

Link to the free, live stream that was supposed to go live on Friday at 9 am ET (refer to the video company’s bolded note, copied below)

“DUE TO CONNECTIVITY ISSUES AT THE RINK WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO LIVESTREAM THIS EVENT. We are continuing to work on the problem and will get it up if it is at all possible. Our apologies!”

Click here to view the event schedule (all times are Eastern)

Senior Ladies scheduled to compete include: Yasmin Siraj, Kiri Baga, Jennifer Parker (GER)
Senior Men (exh.): Stephen Carriere
Senior Pairs: Baga/Toth (SP), Donlan/Speroff (FS)
Junior Ladies include: Rebecca Jacobs, Heidi Munger, Megan Wessenberg

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS submitted to this blog:

Senior Ladies Free Skate (SC of Boston member unless otherwise noted)
1. Kiri Baga 95.22 (TES=50.41)
2. Yasmin Siraj 86.12 (TES=41.21)
3. Olivia Pastore 60.03
4. Christine Magill 59.36
5. Taylor McDonough (SC of NY) 50.19

Senior Ladies Short Program:
1. Yasmin Siraj 54.32 (TES=30.60)
2. Kiri Baga 50.92 (TES=28.10)
3. Emily Catenzaro 24.56

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Scoretracker & Top Ten updated partway through June

Posted by unseenskaters on June 20, 2013

Published results added to Scoretracker/Top Ten: Seattle SC’s Ice Fest, North Shore Open, All Year FSC Open, White Rose Invitational, Cherry Classic, Quad City Championships, Atlanta Open.

Unpublished results added to Scoretracker/Top Ten thanks to our helpful contributors: Blades on Ice, May Blades, Santa Fe Skate Fest, NJ Spring Invitational (Juv Girls FS added), Fort Wayne Pair Classic (missing Jr SP/Int.), NJ Council Championships (missing Jr/Nov/Int Ladies), Southport Summer Classic (Sr/Jr/Nov Ladies added), Diamond State Open (Nov Lady added).

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