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2014-2015 Season Wrap-Up (links)

Posted by unseenskaters on June 25, 2015

Belatedly, here are links to official results/protocols and information for the December 2014 – March 2015 major competitions, including the two junior internationals and two spring developmental internationals in which Team USA participated:

Results for the Junior (& Senior) Grand Prix Final in Barcelona ESP (Dec. 10-14, 2014)
IceNetwork’s JGPF event page with articles, photos, etc.

Results for 56th Grand Prix of Bratislava in SVK (Dec. 12-14, 2014)
Recap article on IceNetwork
Team USA results: JUNIOR – Vivian Le (gold), Hannah Miller (silver); Olivia Serafini (bronze).

Results for Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup in POL (Jan. 7-10, 2015)
Official YouTube channel
Team USA results: JUNIOR – McNamara/Carpenter (dance gold), Parsons/Parsons (dance silver); Fields/Stevens (pairs gold).

Results for 2015 Four Continents in Seoul KOR (Feb. 9-15)
IceNetwork’s event page with articles, photos, etc.

Results for 2015 Challenge Cup in The Hague NED (February 19-22)
Backstage photos on IceNetwork
Recap article on IceNetwork
Some videos are posted on the event’s Facebook page
Team USA results: SR – Gretchen Donlan/Nathan Bartholomay (pairs gold); JR – Rebecca Peng (gold), Tomoki Hiwatashi (gold), Gabriella Marvaldi/Cody Dolkiewicz (pairs bronze).

Results for 2015 World Junior Championships in Tallinn EST (March 2-8)
IceNetwork’s event page with articles, etc.
Backstage photos on IceNetwork
Pogrebinsky/Benoit’s blog for IceNetwork and their photo gallery
Team USA results: Lorraine McNamara/Quinn Carpenter (dance silver); Rachel & Michael Parsons (4th), Pogrebinsky/Benoit (13th);
Nathan Chen (4th), Andrew Torgashev (10th), Kevin Shum (20th);
Caitlin Fields/Ernie Utah Stevens (5th), Chelsea Liu/Brian Johnson (7th);
Karen Chen (8th), Tyler Pierce (19th).
Note: USA will have 3 spots in dance, men & pairs and 2 ladies’ spots for 2016 Junior Worlds.

Results for 2015 Gardena Spring Trophy in Selva Val Gardena ITA (March 22-24)
Backstage photos on IceNetwork
Videos on demand by event (idealweb.tv)
Team USA results: JR – Oleksiy Melnyk (gold), Emily Chan (silver); Adv. NOV. – Nina Ouellette (gold), Akari Nakahara (silver).

Results for 2015 World Championships in Shanghai CHN (March 23-29)
IceNetwork’s event page with articles, photos etc.
Note: USA will have 3 spots in dance, men & ladies and 2 pairs’ spots for 2016 Worlds in Boston.
WATCH Polina Edmunds’ video: World Championships 2015 – Figure Skater’s Week

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