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Liberty, Other Competitions Added to Scoretracker

Posted by unseenskaters on July 31, 2010

July is a busy month for skating competitions, as always, so thank you for your patience as we compile and code the latest Scoretracker updates! Liberty is now added, as are Cannon Texas Open and Apple Ice Classic results. Partial results have been obtained for Lake Placid Figure Skating Championships and have been entered into Scoretracker.


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2010 Liberty (July 13-17 in Aston, PA)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 14, 2010

Event Schedule on club’s web site: http://www.libertyskating.org/LibertyNews.html

Official Results page (LINK FIXED!): http://www.libertyskating.org/Results.php

Unofficial Results / Top Scores (daily, as time permits): http://twitter.com/SylviaUnseen

There is no online webcast of this competition, unfortunately. 😦 Hopefully, some home videos will be made by nice people and uploaded to YouTube. 🙂
Event Articles:

Simpson/Miller & Castelli/Shnapir (top 2 in Senior Pairs FS) and a postscript about rule changes:

Patrick Chan, Keegan Messing, Ross Miner (top 3 in Senior Men’s FS):

Agnes Zawadzki and Yasmin Siraj (top 2 in Senior Ladies FS A) & Samantha Cesario and Joelle Forte (top 2 in Senior Ladies FS B):

Ashley Wagner (winner of Senior Ladies SP A), plus quotes by Agnes Zawadzki and Yasmin Siraj (2nd and 3rd):

Angela Wang & Timothy Dolensky (winners of their respective Junior Finals on Saturday): http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100718&content_id=12360862&vkey=ice_news

Max Aaron (winner of the Junior Men’s combined event on Wed./Thu.):

Emmanuel Savary (3rd in the Junior Men’s combined event):


Senior Men SP
Top 7 from the detailed protocol:

Patrick Chan [“Take 5”]
Total Score 78.88: 41.31 (TES) / 38.57 (PCS)
4T(+1.75), 3A(-3) fall, CCoSp4(+1), 3F+3T(+0.7), FSSp2(+0.5), CCSp2(+0.38), SlSt3(+0.38)

Armin Mahbanoozadeh [“Mario Takes a Walk” and “Prelude” by Jesse Cook]
Total Score 69.80: 37.60 (TES) / 32.20 (PCS)
3A(+0.5), 3Lz+3T(+0.88), FCSp3(+0.38), 3F(+0.35), CSSp3(+0.13), SlSt2(+0.38), CCoSp3(+0.38)

Keegan Messing [Robin Hood soundtrack]
Total Score 67.59: 36.08 (TES) / 31.51 (PCS)
3A(+2), 3Lz+3T(+0.7), FSSp3(+0.75), 3F(e)(-1.05), CSSp4*, SlSt2(+0.5), CCoSp4(+0.88)
Note: Messing’s second spin did not count because the new rule does not allow 2 different spins in the sit position in the SP.

Alexander Johnson [“Caravan”]
Total Score 66.66: 36.91 (TES) / 29.75 (PCS)
3A(+0.25), 3F+3T, CCSp4(+0.38), 3Lz, FSSp4(+0.13), CiSt2(+0.25), CCoSp3(+0.5)

Stephen Carriere [Chicago soundtrack]
Total Score 65.05: 32.04 (TES) / 33.01 (PCS)
3A(-2) fall out, 3Lz+2T(+0.18), 3F(e)(-0.18), FCSp2(+0.25), SlSt3(+0.63), CSSp3(+0.38), CCoSp3(+0.38)

Tommy Steenberg [modern cello piece]
Total Score 62.76: 33.06 (TES) / 30.70 (PCS)
3Lo+2Lo, 3A(-3) fall, FCSp4(+0.38), 3Lz(+0.18), SlSt3(+1), CCoSp4(+0.5), CSSp3

Jason Wong [“Sweet Remembrance of You” by William Joseph]
Total Score 60.03: 32.65 (TES) / 28.38 (PCS)
3Lz+3T, 3A(-3) fall, CCSp4(+0.25), 3Lo, CCoSp4(+0.25), SlSt2, FSSp3(-0.15)

Senior Ladies SP A
Top 4 from the detailed protocol:

Ashley Wagner [“Kashmir”]
Total Score 54.55: 27.60 (TES) / 26.95 (PCS)
3F+2T(+0.7), 3Lz(-0.53), FCSp2, LSp4(+0.13), 2A(+0.5), CiSt2(+0.25), CCoSp3(+0.25)

Agnes Zawadzki [“Gopher Mambo” and “Concierto para Bongo”]
Total Score 50.85: 26.55 (TES) / 24.30 (PCS)
3T+COMBO(-1.93), 3Lz(+0.7), LSp4(+0.75), FSSp4(+0.5), SlSt2(+0.5), 2A(+0.5), CCoSp4(+0.63)

Yasmin Siraj [Czardas]
Total Score 47.37: 25.17 (TES) / 22.20 (PCS)
3Lz+2T(-0.18), 1Lo(-0.3), CCoSp4(+0.25), 2A(+0.5), LSp4(+0.5), SlSt3, FCSp4(+0.5)

Melissa Bulanhagui [Tango]
Total Score 44.83: 22.13 (TES) / 22.70 (PCS)
3Lz+2Lo, LSp4(+0.25), 3F<<(-0.9), FSSp4,
CCoSp1(+0.13), StSl1(+0.25), 2A
Note: The new ‘<<' symbol indicates that this triple flip attempt was downgraded by the technical panel to the base value of a double flip.

Senior Ladies SP B
Top 3 from the detailed protocol:

Felicia Zhang [classical]
Total Score 50.98: 27.78 (TES) / 23.20 (PCS)
3Lz+2T(+0.53), 3T(-0.18), FCSp2(+0.5), 2A(+0.5), LSp3(+0.5), SlSt2, CCoSp4(+0.63)

Joelle Forte [Cirque du Soleil’s “O”]
Total Score 49.36: 27.51 (TES) / 21.85 (PCS)
3Lz+2T, 3S(+0.53), FSSp4, CiSt2(+0.13), 2A(+0.25), LSp3, CCoSp4(+0.5)

Samantha Cesario [Carmen]
Total Score 47.64: 23.69 (TES) / 23.95 (PCS)
3F(+0.88), 3Lz(e)+2T(-1.05), LSp1(+0.25), 2A, FSSp3(+0.63), SlSt1(+0.63), CCoSp1(+0.25)

I seem to have misplaced the detailed protocol for Senior Ladies FS A. Here were my ‘tweets’ about 1st, 2nd & 4th place finishers, plus program music info where known:

A Zawadzki [Pablo de Sarasate’s “Ziegeunerweisen” & David Popper’s “Hungarian Phapsody,” performed by Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà]
2A-3T, 3F, FSSp4, 3Lz(fall), LSp4, 3Lz-2T, 2Lo, ChSp, 3S, 3T-2T-2Lo, SlSt2, CCoSp. +GOE on all except the 2 jump errors.

Note: “ChSp” in the protocol is the new choreographic spiral seq. that is marked by the judges on GOE and not assigned a level this season.

Y Siraj’s 3F, 3T & 2A were clean; received -GOE on her 3Lz fall, 3S, 3Lo (did a clean one in warmup), 3Lz(turnout, no combo). Tango medley. 84.11.

M Bulanhagui’s 3A received the new ‘<<' unfortunately, so worth only 1.92 points. She plans to keep 3A in her FS for now. Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto no. 2.

Senior Ladies FS B
Top 2 from the detailed protocol:

Samantha Cesario [Man of La Mancha]
Total Score 99.62: 54.69 (TES) / 44.93 (PCS)
3F+2T(-0.18), 3Lo (+0.35), 3Lz(e)(-0.88), LSp3(+0.25), 3T(+0.18), 3F(-0.70) hand down, 3S+2T+2Lo(+0.53), ChSp(no points), CCoSp2(+0.50), SlSt3(+0.75), 2A+2A(+0.38), FSSp4(+0.63)

Joelle Forte
Total Score 80.35: 42.35 (TES) / 38.00 (PCS)
1Lo, 3Lz+2T, 3T(+0.18), FSSp4(+0.13), 2A(-1.38), ChSp(+0.75), 3Lz<(-1.40), 3S+2T(+0.35), LSp2(+0.13), SlSt2(+0.38), 3S(+0.18), CCoSp2(+0.63)

Junior Ladies FS Final
Top 5 from the detailed protocol:

A Wang [How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack – Irish/Celtic music] 53.51 (TES) / 40.94 (PCS)
2A+3T(+0.93), 3Lz+3T(+0.7), 3F<(-1.4) flipped out of landing, 3Lo(+0.7), LSp2(+0.5), 3Lz, 2A+2T(-0.5) turned out and could not add planned 2Lo to combo, 3S(-0.47) off balance landing, CCoSp3(+0.33), SlSt2, FCoSp3(+0.33)

M Daniels [Spartacus] 45.95 / 37.46
3T(+0.7), 3Lz+2T(+0.23), 3F(-2.1), CCoSp4(+0.5), CiSt1(+0.33), 2A+2T+2Lo(+0.5), 3Lo, LSp3(+0.5), 3Lz<(-0.7), 3T+SEQ(-2.1), FCSSp3

N Jiang [Ladies in Lavender] 38.03 / 38.40
2F(+0.3), 3Lo(-0.7), 3S, LSp3(+0.83), SlSt2(+0.17), 3Lo+2T, 3T+A(-0.47), FSSp2, 3T(-2.1), 2A, CCoSp3

H Dunne [Zorro?] 36.35 / 37.60
2A+2T(+0.5), 1F(-0.03), 3T+2T+2T(+0.7), FSSp3(+0.17), 3S<(-0.7), LSp4(+0.5), 2F+2T, SlSt1, 3T(-1.17), 2A, CCoSp1(+0.33)

L Dinh [Danse Macabre] 37.47 / 36.27
LSp4(+1), 3Lo, 3Lz+2T, 2A(+0.5), 3Lz(-1.4), 3F<(-2.1), FSSp2(+0.17), 3S(-0.7), 1T(-0.2), SlSt2(+0.17), CCoSp1(+0.17)

Junior Ladies Group B FS
A Wang
Total Score 98.61: 56.34 (TES) / 42.27 (PCS)
From her detailed protocol:
2A+3T(+1.17), 3Lz+2T(+0.7), 3F(e)(-0.47), 3Lo(-1.4), LSp2, 3Lz(+1.17), 2A+2T+2Lo, 3S(+0.23), CCoSp3(+0.17), SlSt2(+0.5), FCoSp4(+0.5)

Saturday results not yet published on the official results page… please submit a comment to this blog entry if you notice other missing results.

Novice Ladies FS Final (20 skaters)
71.05 J Herman
69.94 J Pfund
68.17 A Draovitch
64.89 C Nemastil
60.13 K Suarez
59.24 J Hu
57.44 A Kurtz
55.91 M Lee
55.88 M Eisenhandler
54.63 M Crawford
54.24 E Agler
52.42 E Albers
52.15 R Gaskins
50.44 K Karlsson
49.68 A Fakhroutdinov
48.45 K Hochrein
47.48 T Hoover
45.67 M Rollins
45.57 A Rogers
41.97 G Luiselli

Top 5 from the detailed protocol:

J Herman [James Bond medley] 40.17 (TES) / 30.88 (PCS)
2A(+0.50), 3T(-0.70), CCoSp4(+0.33), ChSp1 (+0.67), 2A+2T(+0.50), 3S (-0.93), FSSp4(+0.33), 2Lz+2T+2Lo(-0.40), 3T+2T, FCCoSp2(-0.20)

J Pfund [Spanish music] 40.55 / 30.39
3Lo<(-2.10), 3Lz(-0.23), 3T (-0.70), FCSSp1, ChSt1, 2A+2A(+0.17), CCoSp2, 3S+2T+2Lo (+0.23), 3S+2T(+0.47), FSSp3(-0.10)

A Draovitch 33.53 / 34.64
CCoSp3(+0.67), ChSp1(+1.33), 2A(+0.50), 3S<<(-0.40), 2Lz+2Lo(-0.10), 2F+2A(+0.50), FSSp1(+0.17), 2F+2Lo+2Lo, 2Lz(-0.10), LSp2(+0.33)

C Nemastil 34.00 / 30.89
2A(+0.17), FCSp4(+0.50), 2F(+0.10), 3Lo<(-0.93), FCSSp3, 3Lo<<+2T(-0.70), ChSp1(+1.33), 2A+2T(-0.33), 2Lz+2T+1Lo, CCoSp4(+0.33)

K Suarez [Les Miserables] 32.12 / 29.01
3S+2T(-1.40), 2Lz, LSp3(+0.33), ChSp1(+0.67), 2A(-1.50), FSSp3(+0.07), 3S(-1.40), 2F+2T+2Lo(-0.10), 2A+2T(-0.17), CCoSp1

Intermediate Ladies Group A SP Final (18 skaters)
33.14 F Chiera
28.99 E Taylor
28.57 K Albaugh
28.53 O Yao
28.39 J Tinker
27.22 A Gonera
25.81 K Curran
25.00 V Feigenbaum
24.70 M Rutledge
24.11 A Shin
23.45 E Oleck
23.20 K Wen
22.88 B McIsaac
22.54 Lin
22.17 S Chang
21.77 A Davidovich
20.68 J Suarez
WD A McGuinness

Intermediate Ladies Group B SP Final (18 skaters)
31.62 M Vinci
31.18 O Serafini
29.83 I Dow
29.10 J Jablon
28.85 B Laxson
26.97 A Lee
26.85 M O’Connell
26.74 M Yang
25.60 K Doan
25.20 M Farinella
25.06 H Bisbing
24.69 R Hyder
24.40 L Rosenberg
23.90 L Katzman
23.89 L Ream
23.55 S Scarpa
19.47 C Berrios
16.21 C Belt

The following are the online registered skaters for the Novice, Junior and Senior level events. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

Senior Ladies Short Program Group A (Friday 12:20-1:55 pm)
NOTE: This is the starting order.
Gordon, Maggie SC of Boston
Pipkin, Meredith University of Delaware
Katz, Tamar Skating Club of Boston [ISR]
Walczyk, Amber Detroit Skating Club
Bulanhagui, Melissa University of Delaware FSC
Yee, Lisa Washington Figure Skating Club
Bibbs, Courtney Columbia FSC of Maryland
Mozer, Christine SC of New Y ork
Chiappa, Chelsea Rose Hungarian National Figure Skating Association
Kononenko, Anastasiya North Jersey FSC [UKR]
Zawadzki, Agnes Broadmoor SC
Siraj, Yasmin SC of Boston
Wagner, Ashley SC of Wilmington
Kozhamkulova, Aigul Richmond FSC [KAZ]

Senior Ladies SP B (Friday 2:10-3:45 pm)
Note: This is the starting order.
Forte, Joelle SC of New York
Ballard, Brittany Charter Oak FSC
Kalina, Maria Starlight Ice Dance Club
Zhang, Felicia Skating Club of New York
Jones, Rachel Gardens FSC of Maryland
Johnson, Karina Danish Skating Union
Raver, Megan IceWorks SC
Bussi, Krista Niagara University Skating Club
Gendron, Rachel Centre Elite de patinage artistique Boucherville
Cesario, Samantha SC of New York
Hsu, Alicia Nashville FSC
Nguyen, Jacqueline Texas Gulf Coast FSC

Senior Men SP (Friday 4:00–6:15 pm)
Note: This is the starting order.
Pennington, Colin Skating Club of New York
Miner, Ross SC of Boston
Campbell, Wesley Nashville FSC
Chan, Patrick Granite Club Toronto Ontario Canada
Dyer, Scott Columbia FSC of Maryland
Messing, Keegan Alaska Association of Figure Skating
Pao, Charles Stars FSC of Texas [TPE]
Mahbanoozadeh, Armin Washington Figure Skating Club
Rabbitt, Sean Glacier Falls FSC
Pennington, Parker Winterhurst FSC
Dion, Charles Centre Elite de patinage artistique Boucherville
Farris, Joshua Broadmoor SC
Parkinson, Paolo Bonifacio Forum SSRDL – Italy
Quadrino, Michael Skating Club of New York
Pfeifer, Viktor Eiskunstlaufverein Dornbirn Austria
Johnson, Alexander Braemar City of Lakes FSC
Wong, Jason SC of Boston
Chapman, Mitchell Richmond FSC [AUS]
Steenberg, Tommy SC of Northern Virginia Chau, Michael Southwest Florida FSC
Carriere, Stephen SC of Boston

Senior Pairs (SP is Thursday 8:50-9:40 pm; FS is Friday 8:45-10:00 pm)
SP Results:
46.78 Simpson, Britney Broadmoor SC / Miller, Nathan Broadmoor SC
46.13 Aaron, Molly Coyotes SC of Arizona / Cohen, Daniyel SC of Boston
43.86 Zhang, Felicia Skating Club of New York / Toth, Taylor University of Delaware FSC
42.50 Smith, Erika University of Delaware FSC / Bartholomay, Nate University of Delaware FSC
41.13 Donlan, Gretchen SC of Boston / Speroff, Andrew Broadmoor SC
39.38 Godin, Jade-Savannah CPA Saint-Leonard Quebec / Evans, Andrew CPA Saint-Leonard Quebec
37.17 Chase, Brittany Broadmoor SC / Marron, Grant Coyotes SC of Arizona

Junior Pairs (SP is Thursday 9:55-10:30 pm; FS is Friday 7:30-8:30 pm)
SP Starting Order:
Garza, Mandy Texas Gulf Coast FSC / Frazier, Brandon All Year FSC
Bautista, Kloe All Year FSC / Harris, Tyler SC of Boston
Duarte, Kylie Colonial FSC / Grafton, Colin Colonial FSC
[WD Oltmanns, Olivia Kansas City FSC / Santillan, Joshua All Year FSC]
Sowa, Morgan SC of Boston / Leenen, David SC of Boston
Andrews, Cassie Indiana World Skating Academy / Leduc, Timothy Eastern Iowa Figure Skating Club
Young, Alexandra Silver Blades / Young, Matthew Silver Blades Skating Club [CAN]

Novice Pairs (SP is Thursday 8:05-8:50 pm; FS is Friday 6:30-7:15 pm)
SP Results:
33.65 Aaron, Madeline Coyotes SC of Arizona / Settlage, Max Coyotes SC of Arizona
29.84 de la Mora, Brianna Texas Gulf Coast FSC / Wilson, Taylor Texas Gulf Coast FSC
26.79 Bergdolt, Kay Skating Club of North Carolina / Addison, Miles SC of North Carolina
24.58 Goldberg, Audrey SC of Southern New Jersey / Dolkiewicz, Joseph SC of Southern New Jersey
23.66 Griffin, Stefanie Texas Gulf Coast FSC / Griffin, Jordan Texas Gulf Coast FSC
WD Shaughnessy, Alexandria SC of Boston / Morgan, James SC of Boston

Junior Men (SP is Wednesday 3:55-5:35 pm; FS is Thursday 3:55-5:55 pm; Final (top 10 combined) is Saturday 5:25-6:45 pm)
SP results:
61.71 Aaron, Max Broadmoor SC
52.53 Zahradnicek, Alex SC of Wilmington
51.65 Savary, Emmanuel University of Delaware FSC
51.21 Evans, Steven Dallas FSC
47.59 Yostanto, Jay All Year FSC
47.42 Choate, Harrison SC of Boston
46.32 Michael, Will Salt Lake FSC
45.01 Dolensky, Timothy Atlanta FSC
44.86 Aiken, Alexander Atlanta FSC
44.77 Wagner, Austin SC of Wilmington
42.37 Littlefield, William Dallas FSC
42.34 McAvoy, Mark Champlain Valley SC
38.83 Koleto, Timothy Broadmoor SC
34.43 Tomasello, Troy Strongsville SC
31.53 Vaugeois, Alexandre Centre Elite de patinage artistique Boucherville
30.74 Segall, Craig SC of Southern New Jersey
WD Crawford, Bobby Washington FSC
WD Kim, Hwan Jin Korean Skating Federation
WD Schatz, Paul Southwest Florida FSC
WD Stuart, John IceWorks SC

FS results / Combined score [overall placement]:
106.62 Aaron 168.33 [1]
100.57 Dolensky 145.58 [4]
97.48 Zahradnicek 150.01 [2]
97.41 Savary 149.06 [3]
93.41 Evans 144.62 [5]
88.28 Michael 134.60 [6]
83.46 Choate 130.88 [7]
81.94 Aiken 126.80 [8]
80.70 Wagner 125.47 [9]
76.23 Koleto 115.06 [10]
71.27 Littlefield 113.64 [11]
70.96 Tomasello 105.39 [13]
67.12 Stuart
64.23 Yostanto 101.82 [14]
63.28 McAvoy 105.62 [12]
54.42 Segall 85.16 [15]
45.12 Vaugeois 76.65 [16]
WD Crawford
WD Kim (KOR)
WD Schatz

NOTE: Junior Ladies top four combined SP+FS scores in each group qualify for Saturday’s FS Final (16 competitors).

Junior Ladies SP A (Rink 1, Wednesday 5:15-6:50 pm)
40.49 Jiang, Nina Texas Gulf Coast FSC
39.01 Dinh, Lauren Broadmoor SC
35.59 Hsu, Alicia Nashville FSC
34.81 Veloso, Samantha Washington Figure Skating Club
34.78 Kimberly, Hannah Shaker Figure Skating Club
32.60 Williams, Isadora Brazilian Ice Federation
28.80 Wagner, Katryn Southwest Florida FSC
28.06 Orenstein, Zoe Yarmouth Ice Club
26.34 Hamui, Adriana Mexico
25.35 Xu, Amelia Skating Club of New York
22.05 Willoughby, Raya Washington Figure Skating Club [Malaysia]
21.72 Komes, Erynn SC of North Carolina
21.26 Rahman, Farina Individual Member of USFS
17.38 Sun, Sarah Texas Gulf Coast FSC
WD Castelli, Kaitlyn North Jersey FSC
WD Mozer, Christine SC of New York

Junior Ladies SP B (Rink 1, Wednesday 7:05-8:50 pm)
49.24 Wang, Angela Salt Lake FSC
38.39 Timlen, Allison Columbia FSC of Maryland
33.50 Eng, Elise Princeton SC
32.13 Aaron, Madeline Coyotes SC of Arizona
31.82 Eisen, Sarah Washington FSC
31.22 Gueli, Mara Detroit Skating Club
28.99 Galonski, Taylor SC of Wilmington
28.63 Knoop, Caroline Southwest Florida FSC
28.10 Hood, Lexie Stars FSC of Texas
25.36 Seitz, Leigh Central Virginia SC
23.76 Hamui, Reyna Mexico
23.62 Walton, Kelsey Detroit Skating Club
WD Ngo, Bethany SC of North Carolina
WD Nishimoto, Joanna Washington FSC

Junior Ladies SP C (Rink 2, Wednesday 5:50-7:20 pm)
47.63 Daniels, McKinzie Broadmoor SC
41.70 Christopher, Chelsea [may rejoin EGL club]
36.09 Dunne, Haley Washington Figure Skating Club
32.16 Rajic, Nicole SC of New York
31.08 Seagers, Kirsten SC of Wilmington
30.41 Munger, Ursula SC of Boston
30.30 Mateya, Annie Ice World FSC
28.72 Tsakiris, Maria SC of Southern New Jersey [GRE]
27.23 Chiappa, Torie Individual Member of USFS
27.22 Kimbrough, Jennifer Philadelphia SC & HS
27.12 Doherty, Brenna University of Delaware
22.65 Gunderson-Smith, Nia Old York Road Skating Club
WD Burden, L
WD Davey, Annabelle Charter Oak FSC
WD Rochester, Samantha Chesapeake FSC at Ice World

Junior Ladies SP D (Rink 2, Wednesday 7:35-9:05 pm)
35.81 Taylor, Courtney SC of New York
34.32 Pizzelanti, Briley Stars FSC of Texas
33.44 Koehler, Madeline Detroit Skating Club
33.35 Su, Flora Champlain Valley SC
28.76 Scheller, Sloane Stars FSC of Texas
26.54 Dion, Laurie Centre Elite de patinage artistique Boucherville
24.21 Bonenfant, Bethany Detroit SC
WD Kimmelman, Abby Skating Club of New York
WD? Foley, Taylor SC of Boston
WD? Shaughnessy, Alexandria SC of Boston

NOTE: Novice Ladies top four SP scores in Groups A-E qualify for Thursday’s SP Final (20 competitors).

Novice Ladies SP A (Rink 1, Wednesday 9:00-10:20 am)
35.91 Suarez, Kelsea Broadmoor SC
34.48 Kurtz, Avery Broadmoor SC
30.14 Zhang, Christine Essex SC of New Jersey
29.74 Hoover, Taylor Washington FSC
25.83 Chang, Melanie Washington FSC
23.65 Luong, Claudia SC of New York
23.05 DeLuca, Caitlin Detroit Skating Club
22.49 Shah, Kristina University of Delaware FSC
22.36 Sandon, Joy Central Florida FSC
20.63 Corsitto, Jacklyn Cantiague FSC
20.62 Murdock, Katelin Nashville FSC
20.43 Zimmerman, Jacquelin Washington FSC
20.34 Luong, Annie Dallas FSC
20.25 Fakhroutdinov, Alexandra American Academy FSC
19.87 Young, Emilyrose University of Delaware FSC

Novice Ladies SP B (Rink 1, Wednesday 10:35-11:55 am)
29.85 Pfund, Jessica Broadmoor SC
28.38 Crawford, Molly Washington FSC
28.34 Qiu, Jessica SC of Northern Virginia
26.77 Yasenka, Sarah Columbia FSC of Maryland
24.39 Buensuceso, Patricia Stars FSC of Texas
24.25 Serafini, Helen SC of New York
23.92 Karlsson, Kristina Washington Figure Skating Club
22.16 Gaughan, Ashlyn Southwest Florida FSC
21.49 Dabrowski, Angelica Indiana World Skating Academy
20.54 DiPaolo, Laura SC of Wilmington
20.23 deMuth, Katie Baltimore FSC
19.47 Pilgrim, Danielle Charter Oak FSC
18.49 Lee, Brittany University of Delaware FSC
WD Leib, Devon Skating Club of New York

Novice Ladies SP C (Rink 1, Wednesday 12:10-1:30 pm)
35.74 Nemastil, Caitlyn Strongsville SC
34.70 Draovitch, Ana SC of North Carolina
28.20 Hochrein, Katie Detroit Skating Club
27.99 Lee, Melissa SC of Boston
27.83 Bergdolt, Kay Skating Club of North Carolina
25.48 Regan, Kaitlyn Red Rose FSC
25.12 Lang, McKenzie Triangle Figure Skating Club
23.53 Israel, Leah Detroit Skating Club
23.37 DeBardelaben, Kaitlyn SC of New York
21.49 Silos, Phoebe American Academy FSC
19.18 Hollander, Jacquie Citrus FSC
15.60 Medvedeva, Anastassia Washington FSC
WD Albright, AnnaLea Washington Figure Skating Club
WD (not listed) Albers, Emily Indiana World Skating Academy

Novice Ladies SP D (Rink 1, Wednesday 1:45-3:10 pm)
36.06 Herman, Jenelle SC of Boston
34.02 Eisenhandler, Mia Gate City Figure Skating Club
28.79 Corn, Christie SC of New York
28.77 Agler, Eve SC of New York
28.44 Hsu, Allison University of Delaware FSC
26.74 Koehler, Meghan Detroit Skating Club
26.12 Ferguson, Ashley Philadelphia SC & HS
25.93 Watanabe, Maki Rye FSC
22.73 Reisen, AlexaRae Skating Club of New York
21.13 Bainger, Janine Washington FSC
20.95 Gillespie, Claire Anchorage FSC
17.79 Koch, Monica American Academy FSC
12.25 Fagan, Brendan Southwest Florida FSC
WD Zeppi, Rachel SC of Boston

Novice Ladies SP E (Rink 1, Wednesday 3:25-5:00 pm)
28.67 Hu, Jessica SC of North Carolina
25.41 Szanto, Martine Atlanta FSC
25.01 Rollins, Mia Nashville FSC
24.80 Shaw, Cassandra IceWorks SC
24.62 Voyce, Breanna Atlanta FSC
23.85 Gaskins, Roobi SC of Wilmington
23.38 Luiselli, Gabrielle Colonial FSC
20.60 Young, Morgan SC of New York
19.92 Fanelle, Danielle University of Delaware FSC
19.06 Horwitz, Julia SC of Wilmington
WD Cruz, Alexis Columbia FSC of Maryland
WD Firestone, Lindsay City of Palms Figure Skating Club
WD Miller, Ramona Blue SC of New York

Novice Men (SP is Thursday 10:40 am-12:10 pm; FS is Friday 10:10 am-12:05 pm)
SP Starting Order:
Strupinski, Alex Charter Oak FSC
Mimidis, Marcus SC of Wilmington
Swinton, Matthew SC of Boston
Newberry, Jack Individual Member of USFS
Gunderson-Smith, Aaron Old York Road Skating Club
Jerothe, Jonathan Washington FSC
Rupp, Patrick Citrus FSC
Ma, Jimmy SC of New York
Anderson, Nicholas Indiana World Skating Academy
Conrad, BJ Texas Gulf Coast FSC
Korycinski, Robert Gardens FSC of Maryland
Blair, Taylor Shattuck-St. Mary’s Figure Skating Club
Chizhikov, Konstantin Detroit Skating Club
Bjelde, Alexander SC of Southern New Jersey
Leeds, Daniel SC of Wilmington
Nagode, Andrew University of Delaware FSC

INTERMEDIATE RESULTS (unofficial) for Wednesday, July 14

Intermediate Men SP
31.61 T Lu
28.92 L West
27.96 L Lung
26.11 G Newberry
26.07 S Rossi
25.16 O Melnyk
23.86 J Gleisberg
23.22 R Burghart
22.07 A Huertas
22.05 Y Rowe
21.90 V Katsman
21.83 J Barrett
21.58 E Stevens
20.92 L Roumila
19.61 B Kozlowski
19.57 B Mayer
18.07 K Anderson
17.77 G Schwab
12.69 N Chinault
11.63 L Beatson

Intermediate Ladies SP I (Juvenile skating up)
25.35 V Feigenbaum
24.54 M Farinella
24.32 S Chang
21.98 C Berrios

Intermediate Ladies SP J (Juvenile skating up)
26.41 L Rosenberg
24.65 K Wen
24.64 L Ream
23.45 A McGuinness

NOTE: The top 4 Intermediate Ladies in FS Groups A-G qualify for Thursday morning’s FS Final (4 x 7 = 28 competitors)

Intermediate Ladies FS A
57.07 F Chiera
48.35 M O’Connell
45.14 L Katzman
43.17 M Gottlieb

Intermediate Ladies FS B
48.93 J Lin
48.37 M Yang
46.24 H Munger
43.79 A Shin

Intermediate Ladies FS C
51.82 K Albaugh
47.49 M Kiatrungrit
47.08 H Bisbing
46.35 B McIsaac

Intermediate Ladies FS D
54.01 J Jablon
52.82 A Gonera
48.70 B Laxson
46.39 I Lemeshev

Intermediate Ladies FS E
56.66 I Dow
55.64 E Taylor
51.17 O Yao
49.76 B Tennell

Intermediate Ladies FS F
56.33 O Serafini
48.43 M Minaeva
47.37 E Oleck
43.32 J Suarez

Intermediate Ladies FS G
51.09 R Hyder
50.68 J Tinker
49.57 K Doan
46.83 M Rutledge

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11 Competitions Added to Scoretracker This Week!

Posted by unseenskaters on July 1, 2010

Atlanta Open, Azalea Classic, Boise Ice Classic, Boston Open, Broadmoor Open (unofficial results), CCIA, Chesapeake Open, Collar City Open, Grand Rapids Open, Southern CA Interclub, and Summer Chiller…

Don’t forget to see the updated Top Ten!

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