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2015 Nationals in Greensboro: [updated] Congrats to all the medalists!

Posted by unseenskaters on January 18, 2015

The 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships got underway on Saturday, January 17, in Greensboro, North Carolina, and here is a list of all twelve JUVENILE medalists, plus links to articles and photos so far.

GOLD: Sophia Chouinard, Panthers FSC (FL)
SILVER: Emilia Murdock, SC of New York
BRONZE: Jacqueline Lee, All Year FSC (CA)
PEWTER: Isabella Miller, Murray Silver Blades FSC (UT)

GOLD: Daniel Turchin, Skokie Valley SC (IL)
SILVER: Chase Finster, Louisville SA (KY)
BRONZE: Joseph Kang, Univ. of Delaware FSC
PEWTER: Henry Privett-Mendoza, Pasadena FSC (CA)

GOLD: Altice Sollazo / Paul Yeung, All Year FSC (CA)
SILVER: Paige Ruggeri, Garden State SC / Steven Rossi, North Jersey FSC (NJ)
BRONZE: Dana Vulaj / Keyton Bearinger, Detroit SC (MI)
PEWTER: Jessica Sassano / Ethan Hall, Winterhurst FSC (OH)

GOLD: Elizabeth Tkachenko / Alexei Kiliakov, Washington FSC (MD)
SILVER: Byrdee Darling / Rebel Rogriguez Avellan, Memorial FSC of Houston (TX)
BRONZE: Juliette Shadid / Lucas Shadid, All Year FSC (CA)
PEWTER: Jordan Lin / Morgan Sletten, Washington FSC (MD)

Click here to read Icenetwork’s Juvenile Day 1 recap article and click here to view Icenetwork’s Saturday action photo gallery.


GOLD: Kassandra Carpentier, Colonial FSC
SILVER: Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC
BRONZE: Gia Kokotakis, All Year FSC
PEWTER: Ting Cui, Baltimore FSC

GOLD: TJ Nyman, Space Coast Ice Plex FSC
SILVER: Dinh Tran, SC of San Francisco
BRONZE: Alan Wong, Dallas FSC
PEWTER: Ryan Dunk, Baltimore FSC

GOLD: Ellie Kopmar / Jonah Barrett, Southwest Florida FSC
SILVER: Sydney Cooke / Nathaniel Dennler, Colonial FSC
BRONZE: Joanna & William Hubbart, Tampa Bay FSC
PEWTER: Jasmine & Joshua Fendi, Los Angeles FSC

GOLD: Sophia & Christopher Elder, Louisville Skating Academy
SILVER: Jillian Moyer, All Year FSC / Jarred Druzynski, La Jolla FSC
BRONZE: Molly Cesanek, Washington FSC / Maxwell Gart, Charter Oak FSC
PEWTER: Cherri Chen, Washington FSC / Edward Jahoda, Gardens FSC of Maryland

Click here to read Icenetwork’s Intermediate Day 1 recap article and click here to view Icenetwork’s Saturday action photo gallery.


GOLD: Emily Chan, Dallas FSC
SILVER: Akari Nakahara, All Year FSC
BRONZE: Nina Ouellette, St. Moritz ISC
PEWTER: Anna Grace Davidson, Salt Lake FS

NOVICE MEN Medalists:
GOLD: Jonah Barrett, Southwest Florida FSC
SILVER: Justin Ly, Salt Lake FS
BRONZE: Kendrick Weston, Salt Lake FS
PEWTER: Daniil Shamis, All Year FSC

GOLD: Kate Finster, Louisville SA / Eric Hartley, Queen City FSC
SILVER: Sarah Rose / Joseph Goodpaster, Southwest Florida FSC
BRONZE: Jacquelyn Green, Detroit SC / Rique Newby-Estrella, Dallas FSC
PEWTER: Vanessa Chen, Peninsula SC / Robert Przepioski, Rochester FSC

GOLD: Caroline & Gordon Green, Washington FSC
SILVER: Katherine Grosul / Cameron Colucci, Philadelphia SC & HS
BRONZE: Emma Gunter / Caleb Wein, Washington FSC
PEWTER: Rebecca Lustig, Univ. of Delaware FSC / Zachary Milestone, Princeton SC


GOLD: Bradie Tennell, Wagon Wheel FSC
SILVER: Olivia Serafini, SC of New York
BRONZE: Vivian Le, Dallas FSC
PEWTER: Elena Taylor, Dallas FSC

JUNIOR MEN Medalists:
GOLD: Andrew Torgashev, Panthers FSC
SILVER: Kevin Shum, St. Moritz ISC
BRONZE: Paolo Borromeo, Los Angeles FSC
PEWTER: Aleksei Krasnozhon, Stars FSC of Texas

GOLD: Caitlin Fields / Ernie Utah Stevens, Indiana World SA FSC
SILVER: Chelsea Liu, St. Paul FSC / Brian Johnson, Detroit SC
BRONZE: Olivia Allan, DuPage FSC / Austin Hale, Fort Wayne ISC
PEWTER: Lindsay Weinstein, DuPage FSC / Jacob Simon, Skokie Valley SC

GOLD: Lorraine McNamara, Peninsula SC / Quinn Carpenter, Washington FSC
SILVER: Rachel & Michael Parsons, Washington FSC
BRONZE: Elliana Pogrebinsky, Peninsula SC / Alex Benoit, Skokie Valley SC
PEWTER: Holly Moore / Daniel Klaber, Detroit SC


GOLD: Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington
SILVER: Gracie Gold, Wagon Wheel FSC
BRONZE: Karen Chen, Peninsula SC
PEWTER: Polina Edmunds, Peninsula SC

SENIOR MEN Medalists:
GOLD: Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC
SILVER: Adam Rippon, SC of New York
BRONZE: Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC
PEWTER: Max Aaron, Broadmoor SC

GOLD: Alexa Scimeca, DuPage FSC / Chris Knierim, Broadmoor SC
SILVER: Haven Denney, Panthers FSC / Brandon Frazier, All Year FSC
BRONZE: Tarah Kayne, Southwest Florida FSC / Danny O’Shea, Skokie Valley SC
PEWTER: Madeline Aaron, Coyotes SC of Arizona / Max Settlage, Broadmoor SC

GOLD: Madison Chock, All Year FSC / Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
SILVER: Maia Shibutani, SC of New York / Alex Shibutani, Arctic FSC
BRONZE: Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue, Detroit SC
PEWTER: Kaitlin Hawayek, Detroit SC / Jean-Luc Baker, Seattle SC



Click here to visit the “JUNIOR” NATIONALS page for a compilation of all Juvenile & Intermediate qualifiers by event. Regionals/Sectional scores are included of the singles skaters, along with links to notable local articles.

Click here to visit the NATIONALS page for a compilation of Novice, Junior & Senior qualifiers by event. This season’s Regional/Sectional scores and birthdates are included for the Novice/Junior singles & pairs.

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2015 U.S. Sectional Championships in Wake Forest, NC; Geneva, IL; Spokane, WA (Nov. 19-22, 2014)

Posted by unseenskaters on November 19, 2014

The three U.S. Sectional Championships start today in Wake Forest, North Carolina (Eastern), Geneva, Illinois (Midwestern), and Spokane, Washington (Pacific Coast), and run through Saturday, November 22, 2014. Here’s wishing all competitors the very best in achieving your individual goals!

Links to all 3 Sectional Start Orders/Results pages (all times listed are LOCAL):

Click here to visit the “JUNIOR” NATIONALS page for a compilation of all known Juvenile & Intermediate qualifiers to date by event.

Click here to visit the NATIONALS page for a compilation of all known Novice, Junior & Senior qualifiers to date by event.

Click here to visit the SECTIONALS page for a compilation of all competitors by event, Juvenile to Senior, and current season singles skater scores (Regional, international, etc.).

Scheduled start times (listed in Eastern time below) for Icenetwork’s live streaming for season pass subscribers today, Saturday, November 22:

8:00am EASTERNS Juvenile Girls Free Skate
8:00am MIDS Juvenile Boys Free Skate
9:35am EASTERNS Juvenile Boys Free Skate
9:25am MIDS Novice Men’s Free Skate
10:55am MIDS Junior Ladies Free Skate
11:10am EASTERNS Novice Men’s Free Skate
12:20pm PACS Junior Ladies Free Skate
12:30pm MIDS Junior Men’s Free Skate
12:50pm EASTERNS Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
1:45pm EASTERNS Junior Ladies Free Skate
2:00pm MIDS Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
2:05pm PACS Juvenile Boys Free Skate
3:00pm MIDS Senior Ladies Free Skate
3:40pm PACS Juvenile Girls Free Skate
3:50pm EASTERNS Junior Men’s Free Skate
5:00pm MIDS Senior Pairs Free Skate
5:15pm PACS Junior Men’s Free Skate
5:20pm EASTERNS Senior Ladies Free Skate
5:45pm MIDS Senior Men’s Free Skate
6:55pm PACS Senior Pairs Free Skate
7:05pm PACS Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
7:40pm EASTERNS Senior Men’s Free Skate
8:15pm PACS Senior Ladies Free Skate
9:30pm EASTERNS Senior Pairs Free Skate
10:25pm PACS Senior Men’s Free Skate

Friday, November 21:
8:00am EASTERNS Novice Men’s Short Program
8:30am MIDS Novice Men’s Short Program
9:25am EASTERNS Junior Ladies Short Program
9:55am MIDS Junior Ladies Short Program
11:05am EASTERNS Junior Free Dance
11:25am MIDS Junior Free Dance
12:15pm EASTERNS Senior Free Dance
12:15pm MIDS Senior Free Dance
1:00pm EASTERNS Junior Men’s Short Program
1:00pm MIDS Novice Pairs Free Skate
2:10pm EASTERNS Senior Ladies Short Program
2:20pm MIDS Junior Men’s Short Program
2:45pm PACS Intermediate Free Dance
3:30pm PACS Junior Free Dance
3:40pm MIDS Senior Ladies Short Program
3:50pm EASTERNS Senior Men’s Short Program
4:25pm PACS Junior Ladies Short Program
5:10pm EASTERNS Senior Pairs Short Program
5:25pm MIDS Senior Pairs Short Program
5:55pm PACS Juvenile Free Dance
6:05pm MIDS Juvenile Girls Free Skate
6:15pm PACS Senior Pairs Short Program
6:45pm EASTERNS Novice Ladies Free Skate
6:45pm PACS Junior Men’s Short Program
7:25pm MIDS Senior Men’s Short Program
8:10pm PACS Novice Free Dance
8:30pm MIDS Novice Ladies Free Skate
8:45pm EASTERNS Novice Pairs Free Skate
8:45pm PACS Senior Free Dance
9:40pm PACS Novice Ladies Free Skate
11:20pm PACS Novice Men’s Free Skate

Thursday, November 20:
8:00am EASTERNS Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
9:00am MIDS Intermediate Free Dance
9:35am EASTERNS Juvenile Free Dance
9:45am MIDS Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
10:25am MIDS Juvenile Free Dance
11:00am EASTERNS Novice Ladies Short Program
11:55am MIDS Novice Ladies Short Program
12:35pm PACS Intermediate Men’s Free Skate ***DELAYED (has pushed back PACS schedule by ~30 mins)
12:40pm EASTERNS Intermediate Free Dance
1:25pm MIDS Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
1:45pm EASTERNS Intermediate Men’s Free Skate
1:55pm PACS Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
3:10pm MIDS Intermediate Men’s Free Skate
3:20pm EASTERNS Novice Free Dance
3:30pm PACS Juvenile Pattern Dance 1
3:45pm PACS Intermediate Pattern Dance 1
4:10pm EASTERNS Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
4:35pm PACS Juvenile Pattern Dance 2
4:45pm MIDS Novice Free Dance
4:50pm PACS Intermediate Pattern Dance 2
5:40pm EASTERNS Novice Pairs Short Program
5:40pm PACS Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
6:05pm PACS Novice Pairs Free Skate
6:25pm EASTERNS Junior Pairs Free Skate
6:55pm MIDS Novice Pairs Short Program
7:10pm PACS Novice Pattern Dance 1
7:30pm PACS Junior Short Dance
8:20pm PACS Novice Pattern Dance 2
8:40pm PACS Senior Short Dance
8:45pm MIDS Junior Pairs Free Skate
9:25pm PACS Senior Ladies Short Program (REVISED: 9:35pm start time)
11:15pm PACS Senior Men Short Program (REVISED: 11:25pm start time)

Wednesday, November 19:

8:50 am EASTERNS Juvenile Pattern Dance
9:15am MIDS Intermediate Pattern Dance
10:20am MIDS Intermediate Pairs Short Program
10:55am EASTERNS Intermediate Pattern Dance
11:00am MIDS Juvenile Pattern Dance
12:25pm EASTERNS Intermediate Ladies Short Program
1:10pm MIDS Intermediate Ladies Short Program
1:55pm EASTERNS Novice Pattern Dance
2:45pm MIDS Novice Pattern Dance
2:50pm PACS Intermediate Men’s Short Program
3:05pm EASTERNS Intermediate Pairs Short Program
4:00pm PACS Intermediate Ladies Short Program
4:20pm MIDS Intermediate Men’s Short Program
4:35pm EASTERNS Intermediate Men’s Short Program
5:20pm PACS Novice Pairs Short Program
5:45pm MIDS Junior Pairs Short Program
6:00pm PACS Intermediate Pairs Short Program
6:05pm EASTERNS Junior Short Dance
6:40pm PACS Novice Ladies Short Program
7:10pm EASTERNS Junior Pairs Short Program
7:25pm MIDS Junior Short Dance
8:05pm EASTERNS Senior Short Dance
8:10pm PACS Novice Men’s Short Program
8:15pm MIDS Senior Short Dance

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2014 JGP #7 in Zagreb, Croatia, Oct. 8-11

Posted by unseenskaters on October 9, 2014

The seventh and final competition in the 2014-15 ISU JGP series has begun in Zagreb, Croatia.

Click here to view the ISU JGP YouTube channel for links to Zagreb recorded streams & videos

Click here for Results/Protocols (Croatia is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here for Pogrebinsky/Benoit’s Blog for Icenetwork & their photos from Zagreb

Team USA Thursday results:
Men SP: Nathan Chen placed 2nd (72.57) in his international season debut and Daniel Kulenkamp 13th (54.31) in his Team USA/JGP debut.
Pairs SP: Chelsea Liu/Brian Johnson are in 3rd (47.55, new ISU PB), Jessica Lee/Robert Hennings 8th (41.90. new ISU PB) and Olivia Allan/Austin Hale 9th (39.52) of 12 teams. All 3 teams have met the minimum TES (20) required for 2015 Junior Worlds.
Ladies SP: Karen Chen landed 3Lo+2T, 3Lz, 2A & showed fabulous spins; she placed 1st (62.71, a new season best score) in a field of 32. Click here to watch Karen’s SP.

Team USA Friday results:
Short Dance: Rachel Parsons/Michael Parsons placed 2nd (56.28) and Elliana Pogrebinsky/Alex Benoit 9th (36.41) of 15 teams.
Pairs FS: Liu/Johnson placed 4th (134.97 total, 87.42 6th in FS; both are new ISU PB scores), Lee/Hennings 9th (116.24 total, 74.34 10th in FS; both are new ISU PB scores) and Allan/Hale 10th (114.60 total, 75.08 9th in FS) of 12. Congratulations to Liu/Johnson on qualifying for the JGP Final in Barcelona, Spain, Dec. 11-14, 2014!
Men FS: N. Chen won the SILVER medal (208.16 total, 135 in FS) and Kulenkamp pulled up to 9th (167.89 total, 113.58 7th in FS) of 25.

Team USA Saturday results:
Free Dance: Parsons/Parsons won the SILVER medal (140.33 total, 84.05 2nd in FD & a new ISU personal best score) and Pogrebinsky/Benoit 8th (106.92 total, 70.51 6th in FD & new ISU PB score). Parsons/Parsons are the first alternate dance team to the JGP Final.
Ladies FS: K. Chen won the SILVER medal (169.41 total, 106.70 FS) and is the first alternate to the JGP Final.


Click here to see the Official JGP Final MEN Qualifiers & Alternates

Click here to see the Official JGP Final LADIES Qualifiers & Alternates

Click here to see the Official JGP Final PAIRS Qualifiers & Alternates

Click here to see the Official JGP Final ICE DANCE Qualifiers & Alternates

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2014-15 U.S. Regional Championships underway: 3 completed & 6 to go

Posted by unseenskaters on October 9, 2014

Links to the results from the first 3 Regionals (South Atlantic, Upper Great Lakes, Northwest Pacific) and information about the remaining 6 Regionals can be found on the REGIONALS page of this blog. All singles qualifiers to the 3 Sectional Championships, plus known byes, are being compiled on the SECTIONALS page.

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2014 JGP #6 in Dresden, Germany, Oct. 1-4

Posted by unseenskaters on October 2, 2014

The sixth competition in the 2014-15 ISU JGP series is happening this week in Dresden, Germany, and is known in German as Pokal der Blauten Schwerter (“Blue Swords”).

Click here to view the ISU JGP YouTube channel for links to Dresden live streams & videos

Click here for Start orders/Results/Protocols (Germany is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here for Jacob Simon’s Vlogs from Germany for Icenetwork

Click here for Team USA photos on Icenetwork

Click here for Biechler/Dodge’s JGP Dresden Blog for Ice-Dance.com

Team USA Thursday results:
Short Dance: Lorraine McNamara/Quinn Carpenter placed 2nd (55.61) and Julia Biechler/Damian Dodge 6th (46.26, new ISU PB score) of 17 teams.
Ladies SP: Leah Keiser placed 7th (49.66) of 28.
Men SP: Shotaro Omori finished 3rd (66.30) of 26; Tony Lu was 13th (49.55) in his JGP debut (FS is on Saturday)

Team USA Friday results:
Pairs SP: Chelsea Liu/Brian Johnson (his JGP debut/their JGP debut together) placed 4th (46.87) and Lindsay Weinstein/Jacob Simon 6th (42.46, new ISU PB score) of 9 teams.
Free Dance: McNamara/Carpenter won the SILVER medal (83.74 FD & 139.35 total are new ISU personal best scores) and Biechler/Dodge finished 6th (73.36 FD & 119.62 total are also new ISU PB scores) of 17.
Ladies FS: Keiser placed 8th (128.63).

Team USA Saturday results:
Pairs FS: Liu/Johnson won the BRONZE medal (85.28 FS & 132.15 total) and Weinstein/Simon placed 7th (setting new ISU personal best scores of 73.35 FS & 115.81 total) of 9.
Men’s FS: Omori placed 6th (107.24 FS, 173.54 total) and Lu 9th (111.62 6th in FS, 161.17 total) of 26.

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2014 JGP #5 in Tallinn, Estonia, Sept. 24-27

Posted by unseenskaters on October 2, 2014

Catching up after the fact (apologies for falling behind)… Last week, the fifth competition in the 2014-15 ISU JGP series took place in Tallinn, Estonia.

Click here to view the ISU JGP YouTube channel for links to Tallinn video playlists

Click here for JGP Tallinn Results/Protocols

Click here for Holly Moore’s Blog for Icenetwork

Click here for Team USA photos on Icenetwork

Click here for Christina Carreira’s JGP Tallinn Blog for Ice-Dance.com

Team USA’s final results: Andrew Torgashev 4th (177.65, set new ISU PB score of 64.70 in SP), Spencer Howe 12th (140.50, set 3 new ISU PB scores) of 26 men; Amber Glenn 6th (142.83) of 30 ladies; Olivia Allan/Austin Hale 8th (117.23) and Jessica Lee/Robert Hennings 11th (95.25) of 12 pairs in their respective JGP debuts; Christina Carreira/Anthony Ponomarenko 4th (127.60, set 2 new ISU PB scores for SD & Total) and Holly Moore/Daniel Klaber 6th (126.95, set new ISU PB score for SD) of 16 dance teams.

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2014 JGP #4 in Nagoya/Aichi, Japan, Sept. 11-14

Posted by unseenskaters on September 12, 2014

The fourth competition in the 2014-15 ISU JGP series has begun in Nagoya/Aichi, Japan.

Click here for the ISU JGP YouTube channel (JGP Nagoya live/recorded streams)

Click here for JGP Nagoya start orders/results/protocols (JPN is 13 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here for Jimmy Ma’s Blog for Icenetwork

Click here for Pogrebinsky/Benoit’s Blog for Ice-Dance.com

Team USA members are: Jimmy Ma, Kevin Shum (his JGP debut), Bradie Tennell (her JGP debut); Rachel & Michael Parsons and Elliana Pogrebinsky/Alex Benoit (his Team USA & JGP debut) in dance.

Friday’s Team USA results:
Ladies SP: Tennell (54.92) finished 4th of 27.
Men SP: Shum 4th (61.79) and Ma 14th (47.81) of 22.

Saturday’s Team USA results:
Short Dance: Parsons/Parsons placed 1st (55.71) and Pogrebinsky/Benoit 5th (43.62) of 12 teams.
Tennell finished 8th overall (144.89).

Sunday’s Team USA results:
Parsons/Parsons won the BRONZE medal (131.42); Pogrebinsky/Benoit finished 5th (112.60).
Shum placed 7th overall (169.84); Ma finished 14th (139.71).

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2014 JGP #3 in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Sept. 3-6

Posted by unseenskaters on September 4, 2014

The third competition in the 2014-15 ISU JGP series is taking place this week in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Click here for the ISU JGP YouTube channel (JGP Ostrava live/recorded streams & videos being uploaded after each team’s performance)

Click here for JGP Ostrava starting orders/live results (CZE is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here to read Christina Carreira’s Blog for Ice-Dance.com

Click here watch Jacob Simon’s Vlog on Icenetwork

Click here for Photos on Icenetwork

Team USA members are: Karen Chen; Andrew Torgashev (his Team USA & JGP debut); Cirinia Gillett/Maximiliano Fernandez and Lindsay Weinstein/Jacob Simon in pairs (Team USA & JGP debuts for both teams); Lorraine McNamara/Quinn Carpenter and Christina Carreira/Anthony Ponomarenko (their Team USA & JGP debut) in dance. Tony Lu withdrew on Sept. 2nd due to injury.

Thursday’s Team USA results: McNamara/Carpenter placed 3rd (49.04), Carreira/Ponomarenko 4th (48.61) of 17 teams in the Short Dance.
Pairs SP: Gillett/Fernandez 5th (36.70), Weinstein/Simon 6th (36.03) of 7 teams.
Ladies SP: K. Chen (60.68) leads the field of 28.

Friday’s Team USA results: A. Torgashev placed 4th (57.94) in Men’s SP.
In Pairs, Weinstein/Simon finished 5th (107.09) & Gillett/Fernandez 6th (98.63).
Free Dance: McNamara/Carpenter won the bronze medal (130.79 total), placing 2nd in FD (81.75, new ISU personal best); Carreira/Ponomarenko finished 5th in FD (78.37) and overall (126.98).

Saturday’s Team USA results: Karen Chen won the bronze medal (160.95 total), placing 4th in the Ladies’ FS (100.27).
A. Torgashev placed 2nd in the Men’s FS (124.63 and 4th overall (182.57), just 2.12 points from 3rd.

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2014 U.S. Novice & Junior Challenge Skate roster

Posted by unseenskaters on September 3, 2014

The 2014 U.S. Novice and Junior Challenge Skate will take place from Wednesday, September 10 through Sunday, September 14 at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Click here for Icenetwork’s event page & live streaming schedule for subscribers

Click here for USFS’ event page with the entries list (updated on 9/9)

Click here the detailed event schedule (PDF)

Click here for the official event site

Below is the roster as published on Sept. 2nd and updated on Sept. 9th with 2014 National (J=Junior, N=Novice, I=Intermediate) or Sectional (E=Eastern, M=Midwestern, P=Pacific Coast) placements added.

Elena Taylor J5, Amy Lin J6, Olivia Serafini J8, Elizabeth Nguyen J9, Megan Wessenberg J10, Vivian Le N1, Paige Rydberg N2, Rebecca Peng N3, Carly Berrios N4, Elise Romola N5, Hina Ueno N6, Cheyenne Taylor N7, Emily Chan N8, Daniela Dryden N11, Brynne McIsaac E-J6, Morgan Flood M-J7, Alice Qiao E-N7, Lauren Ellison M-N8 (added in 9/9 update).

Evan Bender J12, Daniel Kulenkamp J13, Anthony Boucher N5, Sean Conlon N7, Spencer Simon M-J5, Timothy Boore P-J5, Ikaika Miyata P-N5 [Spencer Howe J8 (removed in 9/9 update)].

JUNIOR PAIRS (6 teams)
Alyssa McDougal/Paul Schatz J10
Ai Setoyama/David Botero N1
Joy Weinberg/Michael Lueck N5
Gabriella Marvaldi/Cody Dolkiewicz N8
Linde LaChance/Kenneth Anderson N10
Olivia Allan/Austin Hale (new; JGP EST)

JUNIOR DANCE (2 teams)
Maeve Pascoe/Micah Jaffe N5, Karina Manta N10/Joseph Johnson J12 (new)

Riley Shin N8, Runa Maeda N-wd, Tessa Hong I1, Alexia Paganini I2, Lily Sun I3, Jessica Cai I4, Lindsay Rosenberg I5, Tamia Ellison I7, Taylor Morris I8, Alice Yang I9, Pooja Kalyan I10, Julia Budnick I11.

Eric Sjoberg N2, Micah Tang N10, Colton Johnson N11, Justin Ly N12, Kellen Johnson I1, Justin Wichmann I3, Kendrick Weston I7, Benjamin Shou I8, Patrick Frohling I11, Mitchell Friess P-N6, Mathew Graham P-N7, Thomas Schwappach M-N8 (added in 9/9 update; replaced William Hubbart I9).

NOVICE PAIRS (6 teams)
Alexandria Yao/Connor Fleming N12
Jacqui Green/Rique Newby-Estrella N9 (new)
Megan Griffin/Andrew Civiello I1
Remington Bennett/Jacob Nussle I6
Kate Finster I8/Eric Hartley I7 (new)
Darbie Burke/Griffin Schwab E-N5

NOVICE DANCE (8 teams)
Rebecca Lustig/Zachary Milestone N9
Alexis Middleton/Michael Valdez N11
Caroline Green/Gordon Green I1
Eleanor Babaev/Scott Wenner I4
Sophia Elder/Christopher Elder I5
Cassidy Klopstock P-I2/Logan Leonesio I7 (new)
Elizabeth Addas/Jonathan Schultz P-I2 (new)
Kimberly Wei/Ilias Fourati E-I5

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2014 Golden West live video stream, August 28-31

Posted by unseenskaters on August 28, 2014

The 2014 Golden West Championships, hosted by the All Year FSC, started today, Thursday, August 28 and runs through Sunday, August 31, at Center Ice Arena in Ontario, California.

Click here for AYFSC’s event page with the live video stream embedded (not working well)

Click here for the event schedule PDF document (Pacific time)

Click here for AYFSC’s official results page


Senior Ladies FS & Final results (top 6):
163.89 K Chen (CP) [106.78 FS] Godfather theme (violin variations with a tango beat) – jumps: 3Lz fall, 3F, 2A+3?T, 3Lo, 3Lz fall, 3S, big 2A+2T+2Lo; ended with an impressive layback into a fast Biellmann
152.80 R Kato (JPN) [104.14 FS] a modern piano concerto? – jumps: 3F, 3S, 2A, 3T, 3S-half loop-2S, 2A+2T, 3T+2T
124.51 C Zhang [81.02 FS] “I Dreamed A Dream” (sung by Anne Hathaway) from Les Miserables soundtrack
112.80 E Pulkinen (CP) [71.18 FS] – Music composed by Joe Hisaishi?
111.28 C Gold [74.73 FS] – “Clair de Lune” by Debussy
106.68 A Kitamura (JPN) [72.82 FS] – Selections from William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet 1996 film soundtrack, including “Kissing You” (instrumental)

Senior Men Final results:
N Chen (CP) 212.98 1 1 [143.62 FS] – Piano Concerto no. 1 by Chopin
S Rabbitt 192.54 2 2 [127.18 FS] – Sing Sing Sing Part 2 – Fosse
B Kerry (AUS) 172.89 4 3 [115.71 FS] – Rachmaninov piano concerto
P Warren 165.28 3 4 [101.47 FS] – jazzy medley
S Dyer 151.52 5 5 [100.97 FS] – Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde GrofĂ©

Junior Ladies Final results:
1-12: A Lin 145.80 2 1, M Flood 130.16 4 2, E Nguyen 126.78 1 4, D Dryden (CP) 117.66 3 5, S Feng (CP) 116.61 9 3, A Gagnon 107.49 6 6, E Gabriele 97.39 8 7, S Pan 95.00 7 9, B Laksana 88.61 13 8, J Jafarkhani 84.83 12 10, M Okuda 81.00 11 11, G Lee (NWP) 77.49 10 12;
WD after SP: C Taylor, K Sing.

Junior Men Final results:
1-4: D Kulenkamp 165.93 1 2 (109.84 FS) – Frank Sinatra song medley with lyrics ending with “That’s Life”
Y Paniot (UKR) 164.15 3 1 (113.56) – Albinoni’s “Adagio” & Karl Jenkins’ Palladio – Allegretto (“diamond music”)
E Bender (CP) 146.16 2 3 (91.43) – James Bond medley incl. “Skyfall” (instrumental)
H Wong 126.45 4 4 – Tango medley

SATURDAY RESULTS (submitted for posting here)

Senior Men SP:
Nathan Chen 69.36 [35.48 TES/34.88 PCS -1] – skated last year’s program to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons; 2A, fall in footwork, 3F+3T, 3Lz
Sean Rabbitt 65.36 [32.73/32.63] – 3F+3T, 2A, 3Lz
Philip Warren 63.81 [33.25/30.56] – 3F?+3T, high 3A (slight 2-ft on landing?)
Brendan Kerry AUS 57.18 [28.11/30.07 -1] – 4T, 1Lz, 3A fall
Scott Dyer 50.55 [19.86/31.69 -1] – new program to “The Skater’s Waltz”
WD Daisuke Murakami JPN

Karen Chen won the Senior Ladies SP (57.11) – jumps were 3Lo+2T, 3Lz fall, 2A. Her music was a version of “Requiem of a Dream.”

I was told Riona Kato JPN fell on 3T (planned 3T+3T, I assume), landed 3S+2T, 2A – she skated to the “Flower Duet” from Delibes’ opera Lakme (last season’s music).

I heard Caroline Zhang’s music (last season’s violin version of Phantom of the Opera) on the live stream but wasn’t able to see most of her program.

Senior Pairs SP:
Davidovich/Reiss 42.95, Oltmanns/Santillan 37.44

Junior Ladies SP top 5:
1-14: E Nguyen 52.19, A Lin 51.99, D Dryden (CP) 45.65, M Flood 43.64, C Taylor 40.96

Scheduled to compete:
Senior Men: [D Murakami (JPN; assigned to NHK Trophy Grand Prix)-WD], B Kerry (AUS), S Rabbitt, S Dyer, P Warren, N Chen
Senior Ladies includes R Kato (JPN; assigned to NHK Trophy GP), K Chen (assigned to JGP CZE), C Zhang, A Kitamura (JPN), [A Malkova-WD], C Gold
Senior Pairs: Oltmanns/Santillan, Davidovich/Reiss (new US team)
Junior Pairs: Lee/Hennings (assigned to JGP EST), Weinberg/Lueck, Matkin/Highgate-Brutman
Junior Men: Y Paniot (UKR; assigned to JGPs in JPN & GER), H Wong, D Kulenkamp, E Bender (CP), S Kim (country?)
Junior Ladies include: A Lin, E Nguyen, C Taylor, M Flood, S Feng (CP), D Dryden (CP)
Novice Ladies A includes: N Ouellette (CP), K Calhoun, Vi. Giang, J Benson, A G Davidson (CP), J Jeong (KOR)
Novice Ladies B includes: A Nakahari, Va. Giang, L Sun (CP), G Cohen, G Vinokur, A Setoyama, M Kim (KOR)
Novice Men: E Sjoberg, C Pulkinen, K Weston (CP), M Friess (CP), J Ly (CP), D Shamis (RUS)
Novice Pairs: Griffin/Civiello, Jaeckel/Scoralle (new team)

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