2017 Pairs Scores

Note: Only scores through December 2017 are posted on this page.


Alexa S Knierim
Chris Knierim
65.86 (4) 126.65 (5) 192.51 (5) Japan
Alexa S Knierim
Chris Knierim
64.27 (5) 124.80 (6) 189.07 (5) America
Marissa Castelli
Mervin Tran
58.99 (6) 118.16* (6) 177.15* (6) France
Haven Denney
Brandon Frazier
63.26 (6) 109.69 (7) 172.95 (7) Canada
Haven Denney
Brandon Frazier
63.04 (6) 109.12 (7) 172.16 (7) America
Marissa Castelli
Mervin Tran
54.37 (7) 116.16 (6) 170.53 (7) Russia
Deanna Stellato
Nathan Bartholomay
57.18 (8) 107.82 (8) 165.00 (8) America
Ashley Cain
Timothy LeDuc
53.15 (7) 101.21 (6) 154.36 (6) China

Notes: Cain/LeDuc replaced Kayne/O’Shea in China.
Castelli/Tran were invited to replace the injured CZE pair in France on Nov. 6.

* = ISU personal best score

Alexa S Knierim
Chris Knierim
61.32 (3) 124.76 (1) 186.08 (2) USIC
Chelsea Liu
Brian Johnson
61.46* (2) 119.94* (3) 181.40* (3) USIC
Marissa Castelli
Mervin Tran
58.64 (4) 117.74* (4) 176.38* (4) Autumn Clsc
Ashley Cain
Timothy LeDuc
55.47 (10) 120.88* (5) 176.35* (7) Nebelhorn
Haven Denney
Brrandon Frazier
55.26 (7) 113.21 (4) 168.47 (4) USIC
A. Cain
T. LeDuc
60.56 (4) 105.76 (5) 166.32 (4) Lombardia
Deanna Stellato
Nathan Bartholomay
58.24* (4) 107.12 (7) 165.36* (6) USIC
Tarah Kayne
Danny O’Shea
56.38 (3) 105.88 (3) 162.26 (3) Golden Spin
D. Stellato
N. Bartholomay
50.90 (7) 110.27* (6) 161.17 (6) Finlandia
Jessica Pfund
Joshua Santillan
57.00* (4) 101.10 (4) 158.10* (4) Nepela
Jessica Calalang
Zack Sidhu
53.41 (6) 103.47 (7) 156.88 (7) Finlandia
J. Pfund
J. Santillan
53.26 (5) 95.60 (6) 148.86 (5) Warsaw
J. Calalang
Z. Sidhu
56.22 (5) 90.64 (6) 146.86 (6) Autumn Clsc
C. Liu
B. Johnson
45.94 (8) 99.20 (5) 145.14 (6) Warsaw
Erika Smith
AJ Reiss
45.86 (6) 88.39 (6) 134.25 (6) Nepela

USIC = U.S. International Classic (Sept. 13-17, Salt Lake City, UT)
Lombardia Trophy (Sept. 14-17, Bergamo ITA)
Ondrej Nepela Trophy (Sept. 20-23, Bratislava SVK)
Autumn Classic International (Sept. 20-23, Pierrefonds, Quebec)
Nebelhorn Trophy (Sept. 27-30, Oberstdorf GER)
Finlandia Trophy (Oct. 6-8, Espoo FIN)
Warsaw Cup (Nov. 16-19, Warsaw POL)
Tallinn Trophy (Nov. 21-26, Tallinn EST): Castelli/Tran WD 11/8 after they got GP FRA

Golden Spin, Dec. 6-9, Zagreb CRO: Kayne/O’Shea

SECTIONAL COMPETITORS (go to Sectionals page for results)
E (2): J Esposito/R Newby-Estrella, A Timlen/J Highgate-Brutman
M (1): C Fields/E Stevens
P: none
E (2): S Rose/I Meyh, [WD: J Smart/M Addison], N Wang/S Howe [Kopmar/Barrett have elected not to compete]
M (5): C DeWyre/J Nussle, EG Hanns/K Ogren, L Lockley/K Prochnow, A Lu/M Mitrofanov, E Secunda/B Eisenach
P (5): J Erickson/N Grundhofer, S Feng/TJ Nyman, M Findley/M Rounis, S Jaeckel/M Scoralle, A Peterson/G Schwab
E (5): G Bush/T Chapman, [S Cooke/N Rensing WD], J Hom/FP Jerosch, J Hubbart/W Hubbart, E McClellan/J Garbutt, P Ruggeri/CA Singletary
M (6): H Asher/N Dennler, L Ball/S Dudley, S Burden/J Pagano, I Goldstein/K Bearinger, I Martins/R Bedard, M Mokhov/I Mokhov
P (3): J Fendi/J Fendi, A Haywood/A Schmitt, M Markin/M Essigmann
[Note: IF only 3 Novice pairs are registered at Pacific Coast Sectionals, then 5 pairs should advance from both Easterns & Mids (needs to be confirmed).]
E (3): C Fleming/J Isbell, Z Larson/N Hubbart, A Lestina/B McLemore
M: none
P (5): C Bartel/A Bartel, K Black/K Black, A LoPinto/D Siianytsia, K Luong/N Luong, E Stein/B Edwards
E (8): I Costa/N Lafornara, Da. DeLaura/R Xie, B Doherty/HE Jerosch, C Fleming/A Ying, V Karatzas/R Polcz, C Levine/B Lehmann, K Mousseau/D Jarvis, M Voigt/L Davis
M (13): Bai/Bai, Balog/Ho, Burgess/Burgal, L Franzese/K Thrasher, E Luo/H Wood, L Kohara/L Carau, N Mishkutionok/d Tioumentsev, K Prasetya/S Brotherton, S Purther/L Sainte-Marie, R Roman/M Rooney, H Sundstrom/A Deng, E Tran/M Poland, N Wang/J Schwab
P (9): J Browner/B Balazs, C Bardy/C Johnston, A David/V Jonnalagadda, J Dupont/T Dupont, A Kim/E Musladin, E Kormanyos/E Kormanyos, A Stark/A Elswick, S Wong/Z LoPinto, D Zhukov/D Zhukov

SENIOR PAIRS (Domestic competitions)

Jessica Calalang
Zack Sidhu
120.82 180.84 Skate Detroit M/P
Deanna Stellato
Nathan Bartholomay
124.68 179.24 Orange Blossom E
Marissa Castelli
Mervin Tran
115.94 175.27 MidAtlantics E
D. Stellato
N. Bartholomay
106.52 170.91 Philadelphia Champs E
D. Stellato
N. Bartholomay
112.08 170.28 Skate Detroit E
M. Castelli
M. Tran
102.16 159.92 Quebec (CAN) E
Chelsea Liu
Brian Johnson
104.20 153.78 Skate Detroit M
Jessica Pfund
Joshua Santillan
98.96 152.76 Orange Blossom E/P
Caitlin Fields
Ernie Utah Stevens
104.75 150.93 Pairs Chicago M
C. Fields
E. Stevens
94.54 150.12 MidAtlantics M
Nica Digerness
Danny Neudecker
93.86 144.69 Cup of Colorado M/P
J. Pfund
J. Santillan
93.00 143.10 Skate Detroit E/P
C. Fields
E. Stevens
89.50 139.78 Skate Detroit M
N. Digerness
D. Neudecker
87.94 139.24 Skate Detroit M/P
Erika Smith
AJ Reiss
82.64 134.64 Cranberry E/P
Alexandria Yao
Jacob Simon (new)
89.64 134.12 Skate Detroit P/M
C. Fields
E. Stevens
81.03 126.71 Skate Milwaukee M
Winter Deardorff
Max Settlage (new)
74.96 126.54 Skate Detroit M
Allison Timlen
Justin Highgate-Brutman (new)
68.16 112.44 MidAtlantics E/M
A. Yao
J. Simon (new)
n/a 49.44 (SP) Broadmoor P/M
W. Deardorff
M. Settlage (new)
n/a 49.40 (SP) Cup of Colorado P/M
C. Fields
E. Stevens
n/a 46.06 (SP) Grand Rapids M
A. Timlen
J. Highgate-Brutman (new)
n/a 45.31 (SP) Boston Open E/M
N. Digerness
D. Neudecker
n/a 37.35 (SP) Broadmoor M/P

Scheduled to compete at Boston Open, Sept. 21 & 23, 2017:
Timlen/Highgate-Brutman (SP only), WD: Jade Esposito/Rique Newby-Estrella (new/debut)

Note: Lockley/Prochnow are the 3rd alternates to the JGP Final.

Laiken Lockley
Keenan Prochnow
52.64 (4)
98.63 (3)
151.27 (5) JGP LAT
Audrey Lu
Misha Mitrofanov
51.53 (6)
99.12 (5)
150.65 (5) JGP POL
L. Lockley
K. Prochnow
51.48 (5) 90.51 (5) 141.99 (5) JGP CRO
A. Lu
M. Mitrofanov
52.94 (4) 79.19 (6) 132.13 (5) JGP BLR
Alexandria Yao
Jacob Simon (debut)
45.93 (13) 80.39 (11) 126.32 (11) JGP POL
Sarah Feng
TJ Nyman (debut)
42.42 (11) 83.56 (7) 125.98 (8) JGP CRO
Elli Kopmar
Jonah Barrett (debut)
43.84 (7) 79.18 (7) 123.02 (7) JGP BLR

JUNIOR PAIRS (Domestic competitions)

Audrey Lu
Misha Mitrofanov
101.30 149.36 Skate Detroit M
Sarah Feng
TJ Nyman (new)
91.66 143.59 U.S. Challenge Skate P/M
Laiken Lockley
Keenan Prochnow
92.45 143.01 Pairs Chicago M
L. Lockley
K. Prochnow
84.85 138.14 Skate Milwaukee M
S. Feng
T. Nyman (new)
86.88 135.00 Skate Detroit P/M
L. Lockley
K. Prochnow
88.50 134.80 Skate Detroit M
Elli Kopmar
Jonah Barrett
86.44 133.88 Philadelphia Champs E
A. Lu
M. Mitrofanov
86.57 132.26 Cannon Texas M
E. Kopmar
J. Barrett
76.58 124.56 Skate Detroit E
E. Kopmar
J. Barrett
79.29 123.82 Orange Blossom E
Eliana Secunda
Blake Eisenach
79.74 123.32 Colorado Champs M
Kate Finster
Derrick Griffin (new; reportedly split)
76.88 119.44 Skate Detroit M/E
Nadine Wang
Spencer Howe (new)
75.16 116.88 Georges-Ethier (CAN) E
K. Finster
D. Griffin (new)
74.90 115.67 Skate Milwaukee M/E
Ainsley Peterson
Griffin Schwab (new)
71.12 111.74 Skate Detroit P/E
Grace Hanns
Kristofer Ogren (new)
68.99 111.59 U.S. Challenge Skate M
Meiryla Findley
Matthew Rounis (new)
63.89 108.89 U.S. Challenge Skate M/E
Sarah Rose
Ian Meyh (new)
69.46 107.44 Orange Blossom E
S. Rose
I. Meyh (new)
69.38 105.08 Skate Detroit E
M. Findley
M. Rounis (new)
66.36 103.80 Skate Detroit M/E
Hilary Asher (new)
Nathan Dennler (NOVICE)
64.66 100.41 Philadelphia Champs M/E
A. Peterson
G. Schwab (new)
57.45 99.82 SCIA Inv Final P/E
E. Secunda
B. Eisenach
57.10 97.58 Skate Detroit M
S. Rose
I. Meyh (new)
65.82 97.52 Philadelphia Champs E
Cora DeWyre
Jacob Nussle
57.68 93.42 U.S. Challenge Skate M
H. Asher
N. Dennler (new)
59.47 92.82 Cannon Texas (JR) M/E
Juliette Erickson
Nathan Grundhofer
56.15 88.69 Silicon Valley E/P
G. Hanns
K. Ogren (new)
52.82 88.20 Skate Detroit M
J. Erickson
N. Grundhofer
49.76 82.20 Skate St Moritz E/P
H. Asher
N. Dennler (new)
44.91 81.88 Broadmoor M/E
J. Erickson
N. Grundhofer
44.69 76.30 Glacier Falls E/P
E. Kopmar
J. Barrett
n/a 47.55 (SP) Sunshine State E
Jillian Smart
Miles Addison (new)
n/a 45.26 (SP) Boston Open E/?
J. Smart
M. Addison (new)
n/a 45.04 (SP) Cranberry E/?
G. Hanns
K. Ogren (new)
n/a 40.46 (SP) Broadmoor Open M
C. DeWyre
J. Nussle
n/a 33.04 (SP) Skate Detroit M
S. Rose
I. Meyh (new)
n/a 31.28 (SP) Sunshine State E

NOTES: 2017 U.S. Novice bronze medalists Greta & John Crafoord will represent SWEDEN in their JGP debut this fall (they scored 67.29 in FS, 111.17 total at the L.A. Open in July, and 62.06 in FS, 106.18 total at Glacier Falls in late July).
Gabriella Marvaldi (who holds dual citizenship through her mother, Isabelle Brasseur), has registered for the qualifying competition season in Canada with her Canadian partner, Daniel Villeneuve. They competed their SP twice this summer (47.99 in Philadelphia and 47.08 at Quebec Summer Champs).
Katherina & Nicolas Frantz also have opted to compete in Canadian qualifying competition this fall. Their high total score was at the Quebec Summer Champs (108.08) and Skate Milwaukee (107.89) this summer.

12 U.S. Junior pairs competed at Skate Detroit on July 21-22, 2017
(* = ISU Junior age-eligible in 2017-18)
*Elli Kopmar & Jonah Barrett (J2) – already listed in ISP
*Laiken Lockley & Keenan Prochnow (J5) – already listed in ISP
*Audrey Lu & Misha Mitrofanov (WD from Mids) – already listed in ISP
*Eliana Secunda & Blake Eisenach (N4) – added to ISP after Colorado Champs
*Katherina & Nicolas Frantz (N5)
Cora DeWyre & Jacob Nussle (N8) – SP only
NEW teams:
*Sarah Feng & TJ Nyman – added to ISP after Skate Detroit
Meiryla Findley (J3 in 2016) & Matthew Rounis (J11 in 2017)
*Kate Finster (J10) & Derrick Griffin (he was N1)
Evelyn Grace Hanns & Kristofer Ogren (N2)
Ainsley Peterson (N2) & Griffin Schwab (J9)
*Sarah Rose (J9 in 2016) & Ian Meyh
*Alexandria Yao/Jacob Simon (Senior) are ISU Junior age-eligible in 2017-18 –
– added to ISP after Skate Detroit

Scheduled to compete at Colorado Championships, Aug. 4-5, 2017:
Yao/Simon [results not available]

Scheduled to compete SP at Cranberry Open, Aug. 11, 2017:
[no longer listed: Isabelle Driscoll/Brandon Kozlowski E (new)]

Scheduled to compete at Orange County Open, Aug. 12-13, 2017:
Peterson/Schwab 40.98 in SP [FS result not available]

Scheduled to compete at Cup of Colorado, Aug. 18-19, 2017:
Findley/Rounis, Yao/Simon [results not available]

[Originally entered at Golden West, Sept. 2-3, 2017, but no longer listed:
Sapphire Jaeckel/Matthew Scoralle P]

Scheduled to debut at Souvenir Georges-Éthier (Beauport, Quebec), Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2017:
Nadine Wang/Spencer Akira Howe (new)


Jade Hom
Franz-Peter Jerosch (new)
64.72 108.56 Boston Open E
Hilary Asher
Nathan Dennler (new)
67.91 105.14 U.S. Challenge Skate M/E
Isabelle Goldstein
Keyton Bearinger
65.86 104.20 U.S. Challenge Skate M
Isabelle Martins
Ryan Bedard
70.74 103.75 MidAtlantics M
Jasmine Fendi
Joshua Fendi
67.31 103.71 Pasadena Open P
I. Martins
R. Bedard
67.34 98.45 Pairs Chicago M
J. Hom
F-P Jerosch (new)
61.68 97.94 MidAtlantics E
J. Fendi
J. Fendi
60.37 97.94 SCIA Inv Final P
I. Goldstein
K. Bearinger
60.48 97.29 Skate Detroit M
Ellie McClellan
Jim Garbutt (new)
62.46 93.25 Philadelphia Champs E
Georgia Bush
Timmy Chapman
56.21 88.54 U.S. Challenge Skate E
I. Martins
R. Bedard
56.48 87.05 Skate Detroit M
Ashley Haywood
Alec Schmitt
57.83 84.27 U.S. Challenge Skate P
Lauren Ball
Scott Dudley
54.01 83.60 U.S. Challenge Skate M
L. Ball
S. Dudley
47.74 79.35 Skate Detroit M
Sarah Burden
Jake Pagano (new)
45.45 75.19 U.S. Challenge Skate M
Masha Mokhova
Ivan Mokhov
71.42 (FS) n/a Skate Detroit M
J. Hom
F-P Jerosch (new)
53.96 (FS) n/a Cranberry Open E
G. Bush
T. Chapman
56.98 (FS) n/a Florida Open E
J. Fendi
J. Fendi
n/a 34.44 (SP) Golden West P
I. Goldstein
K. Bearinger
n/a 32.72 (SP) Onyx Challenge M
M. Mokhova
I. Mokhov
n/a 32.26 (SP) Onyx Challenge M
I. Goldstein
K. Bearinger
n/a 31.84 (SP) Ann Arbor Springtime M
Sydney Cooke
Nathan Rensing (new)
n/a 31.30 (SP) Boston Open E
I. Martins
R. Bedard
n/a 26.39 (SP) Skate Milwaukee M
L. Ball
S. Dudley
n/a 25.84 (SP) Onyx Challenge M
A. Haywood
A. Schmitt
n/a 6.0 judging (SP) Ice Fest P

Scheduled to compete at Colorado Championships, Aug. 4-5, 2017 [results not available]:
Sarah Burden/Jake Pagano M (new), Sabrina Maschue/Joshua Levitt M/E (new)

Scheduled for Labor Day Inv., Sept. 1-2, 2017 but did not compete:
JoJo & William Hubbart E

Withdrew from Pasadena Open, Sept. 15-16, 2017:
Milena Markin/Matthew Essigmann P/E (new)

INTERMEDIATE PAIRS (only highest competition score listed)

Cate Fleming
Jedidiah Isbell
61.91 95.82 MidAtlantics E
Katie Han Luong
Nathan Han Luong
51.58 80.95 SCIA Inv Final P
Ariana LoPinto
Danil Siiyanitsa (new)
45.13 67.08 Glacier Falls E/P
Anastasia Lestina
Benjamin McLemore
43.27 65.35 Challenge Cup E
Carolyn Bartel
Alfred Bartel
37.55 61.44 SCIA Inv Final P
C. Fleming
J. Isbell
n/a 33.73 (SP) Boston Open E
K. Luong
N. Luong
n/a 29.54 (SP) Skate La Grande P
Kayla Black
Kamden Black
n/a 6.0 judging (SP) Ice Fest P

Scheduled for Labor Day Inv., Sept. 1-2, 2017 but did not compete:
Zoe Larson/Nick Hubbart E (new)

JUVENILE PAIRS (only highest competition score listed)

Caitlin Levine
Bryan Lehmann
41.51 Boston Open E
Natasha Mishkutionok
Daniel Tioumentsev
37.16 Broadmoor Open M
Katie Mousseau
Damian Jarvis
33.46 Boston Open E
Annie Bai
Andrew Bai
33.42 Chicagoland Fall M
Claire Fleming
Anthony Ying
33.29 Boston Open E
Hailey Sundstrom
Andy Deng
32.77 Battle of the Blades M
Dalila Delaura
Ryan Xie
32.21 NJ Council E
Megan Voigt
Levon Davis
31.63 Orange Blossom E
Isabella Costa
Noah Lafornara
31.51 MidAtlantics E
Ashley Stark
Aiden Elswick
31.46 SCIA Inv Final P
Camille Bardy
Colin Johnston
30.34 Silicon Valley P
Nadia Wang
Jaden Schwab
29.87 Philadelphia Champs M
Ryleigh Roman
Matthew Rooney
29.56 Chicagoland Fall M
Saige Belle Purther
Laurent Sainte-Marie
29.25 Skate Detroit M
Liliana Franzese
Kieran Thrasher
28.04 Ann Arbor Springtime M
Allison Kim
Ethan Musladin
26.14 Silicon Valley P
Alli DeLisi
Kensuke DeLisi
25.44 Sunshine State E
Elaine Luo
Hayden Wood
25.26 Chicagoland Fall M
Briella Doherty
Hans-Erik Jerosch
23.66 Boston Open E
Julie Dupont
Theodore Dupont
21.47 Pasadena Open P
Piper Gabele
David Raskin
20.28 Broadmoor Open M
Tyler VanWagner
Patrick VanWagner
15.46 Lake Placid E
Alexis McDaniel
Jack Monks
10.37 Cardinal Classic E

Juvenile pair originally scheduled to compete at Skate Detroit but did not show:
Gemma Flaming (Juv10 with another partner in KC) & Zach Yoshioka M


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