2013 Liberty Summer Competition results

Posted by unseenskaters on July 18, 2013

IJS events are Wednesday, July 17 through Saturday, July 20, 2013. Click here for Liberty event information (7/23/13 update: IJS results and detailed protocols are published on the Schedules & Results page). Scoretracker and Top Ten will be updated by July 28).

IceNetwork’s Senior Ladies’ FS recap article

IceNetwork on Senior Men’s FS (Manella, Messing), Junior/Novice roundup & more

IceNetwork’s Backstage Photo Gallery

Liberty results & news via SylviaUnseen’s Twitter

Some Senior Ladies/Men SP & FS videos

Saturday Results sheet photos:
Senior Ladies FS 1-23 & Senior Ladies FS 24-32
Senior Men FS
Junior Ladies FS Final ; Novice Ladies FS Final; Intermediate Ladies FS Final ;Juvenile Girls FS Final
Friday Results sheet photos:
Senior Pairs FS (see below for Senior Pairs SP results)
Senior Men SP (see below for Senior Ladies SP results)
Junior Men FS
Junior Ladies FS A & Junior Ladies FS B (top 9 in each qualified for Final)
Thursday Results sheet photos:
Junior Men SP ; Junior Ladies SP Final
Novice Men SP (see below for Friday’s Novice Men FS results)
Novice Ladies SP Final ; Intermediate Ladies SP Final
Intermediate Men SP & Juvenile Boys FS (see below for Int. Men FS results)
Wednesday Results sheet photos:
Junior Ladies SP A & Junior Ladies SP B (top 9 in each qualified for Final)

More Friday results:
Senior Pairs FS (2 teams, both new): Natalja Zabijako/Aleksandr Zaboev (EST) 89.13, Anya Davidovich/Evgeny Krasnopolsky (ISR) 66.40
Senior Men SP:
1-3: L Manella (BRA) 66.28 – Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” by Jeff Beck – 3A, 3Lz turnout 3T, 3F;
K Messing (NWP) 65.00 – “Sing Sing Sing” from last season – 1A, 3Lz+3T nice, big Russian split jump to 3F;
A Zahradnicek (FRA) 58.02 – race car theme – 3A, 3F+3T<?, 2Lz;
4-10: C Dion (CAN) 56.54 3F+2T, 2A, 3Lz; B Vigorito (NE) 48.95 3Lo+2T step out, 3F, 2A; E Savary (SA) 47.31 3S, 2A, 3F+3T fall; M Atanassov (BUL) 45.81, M Silecky (NA) 44.95, O Bychenko (ISR) 44.03, K Alves (BRA) 39.44 [WD: S Carriere (NE)]
Senior Ladies SP
Note: Competitors outside the South Atlantic (SA) region have their region or country noted in parentheses; the rest belong to SA clubs.
1-6: S Cesario (NA) 57.05 – “Fever” – 3Lo+3Lo<, 3F high, 2A [Video here];
V Mallet (CAN) 51.77 – lyrical piano & violin piece – 3Lo+2T, 3T, 2A;
Y Siraj (NE) 46.95 – Delibes' "Flower Duet" I think – 3T hand down 2T, 3Lo, 2A step out [Video here];
F Maxwell (LUX) 46.34 – "I'll Stand By You" instrumental – 3S+2T, 2A, 3T;
R Cournoyer (CAN) 45.73 – 3F+2T, 3Lo, 2A fall;
A Cain (SW) 43.66 – Flamenco – 1Lz, 3F fall [stopped program due to boot issue; resumed after boot was taped up], finished rest of program & landed 2A;
7-12: R Rheault (CAN) 43.46 3T+2T, 3F? fall, 2A; I Williams (BRA) 43.42 – "Dark Eyes" – 3Lz turnout 2T, 3S, 2A step out; M Yang 42.91 pretty good 3F+3Lo attempt; C Ruest (CAN) 41.96, J Gosselin (CAN) 40.67, E Gedevanishvili (GEO) 40.38 – Sviridov's "Romance" from The Snowstorm – 3Lz fall, 2T+2T, 1A;
13-34: N Rajic (SVK) 38.55, A Buchanan (NE) 38.28, A Kononenko (UKR) 36.59, L Thomas 36.00, I Gonzalez Sigler 35.37, E Agler (NA) 34.62, E Eng (NA) 34.12, M Crawford 33.96, D Montalbano (ISR) 32.88, E Komes 31.72, M Chang (TPE) 31.43, H Serafini (NA) 31.24, K Bergdolt 31.18, J Hu 30.38, B Skarulis (NA) 28.89, D Fanelle 27.66, S Yasenka 26.86, C Trimilove 26.16, K Maratea (NA) 26.16, C Magill (NE) 25.08, E McNally (NE) 23.93, S Hsieh (NA) 20.11
Novice Ladies FS (top 4 advance to Final on Saturday; top 6 in each group plus all scores above 50.00 listed below)
Group A 1-4: E Ma (NA) 69.54, R Peng (NE) 67.47, G Moyer 53.94, I Schwarz (NA) 52.53; 5-7: N Wang (NA) 52.53, R Onuma (NA) 50.68, J Chen 50.22
Group B 1-4: C Berrios 84.64 (3Lz+2T, 3F, 3Lo+2Lo, 2A+2T+2Lo, 3S & 2A), J Baseman (NE) 63.36, C Rodriguez (SW) 60.14, E Mikawa 59.32; 5-6: A Young 45.35, E Duong 42.57
Group C 1-4: A Qiao 61.78, K Nanista (NA) 60.69, I Dost (NE) 60.34, J Biechler 60.01;
5-6: R Chabot (CAN) 59.47, J Steeger (NE) 54.45
Group D 1-4: H Peterson (NA) 65.39, E Romola 61.59, S Steeman 54.22 B Bennett 54.01; 5-6: E Boas 51.13, K D’Agostino (NE) 45.77
Novice Men FS
1-7: S Conlon (NA) 81.97, E Sjoberg 71.15, J Barrett 68.11, A Uhrig 61.20, M Belovol (UGL) 59.19, R Burghart (NWP) 57.70, S Judd 48.22
Intermediate Ladies FS (top 4 advance to Final on Saturday; top 6 in each group listed below)
Group A 1-4: A Paganini (NA) 56.10, C Kent 55.53, M-K Mulera 50.86, S Colon (SW) 45.06; 5-6: G Dixon (SW) 43.86, I Sherman (NA) 43.53
Group B 1-4: T Roohan (NA) 52.55, A Kubik (NE) 51.60, T Rotella (NE) 50.80, H Beavers 50.36; 5-6: M Crawford 45.10, L Erdman 43.82
Group C 1-4: B Adler (NA) 52.88, D Anzalone (NA?) 46.96, G Tate Collins 45.05, H Shelly 43.12; 5-6: L Zhong 41.93, M Belgrave (NA) 41.67
Group D 1-4: M Zhang Nacke 51.31, M Leighow 49.90, R Seavey (NA) 44.13, L Anderson (NE) 43.17; 5-6: A Zimmerman (NA) 39.13, M Brown 38.32
Intermediate Men FS
1-6: S Rossi (NA) 46.03, K Mikawa 44.02, P Liu 42.63, D Varghese (NA) 28.33, D Shapiro 27.89, C-H Liao (TPE) 26.37

Thursday results, cont.:
Senior Pairs SP (EST & ISR teams):
Zabijako/Zaboev (EST) 42.07, Davidovich/Krasnopolsky (ISR) 39.99
Junior Ladies SP Final
Jump notes for top 7 from the detailed protocol: S Martin (CAN) 46.55 – Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” – 3T+2T, 3Lo, 2A; B Laxson 45.93 3Lz<+2T, 3Lo, 2A fell after landing; O Serafini (NA) 45.41 3T+'tano 2T, 3Lo, 2A; E Taylor (SW) 44.54 – Debussy's "Reverie" – 2Lo, 3T+2T, 2A; B McIsaac 43.80 – The Cotton Club soundtrack – 2A<, 3Lz<(e)+2T, 3Lo< ; K Cheremsky (ISR) 42.86 – Carmen – 3Lz<+2T, 3Lo<, 2A; M Vinci 42.81 – Cinema Paradiso soundtrack – 3S+2Lo, 3Lo< fall, 2A<. Note: M Flood (SW) was the only one to attempt a 3-3, landing 3T+3T<.
Juvenile Girls FS qualifying (top 4 advance to Final on Saturday; top 6 in each group plus all scores above 32.00 listed below)
Note: Competitors outside the South Atlantic (SA) region have their region noted in parentheses; the rest belong to SA clubs.
Group A 1-4: T Cui 43.48, A Shin (NA) 42.37, N Albrechtovics (NA) 36.46, S Cooke (NE) 35.37; 5-7: E Murdock (NA) 35.36, S Tapia (NE) 33.26, A Le (NA) 32.39
Group B 1-4: M Burghdorf 41.00, M Ignacio 40.54, S Insinger (NA) 34.09, E Schacher (NA) 33.69; 5-6: A Chen (NA) 33.38, E Ferwerda 32.23
Group C 1-4: K Mai 45.43, H Rotman 42.75, H Jo 41.51, J Bozzetti (NA) 40.32; 5-6: M Du 34.98, L Crocker 32.41
Group D 1-4: L Hayes (NE) 47.24, H Feng 41.8, J Passaro (NA) 37.51, J Jahng (NA) 37.36; 5-8: R Ashapatov (NA) 33.79, B Catalano (NE) 32.98, E Kavitt 32.18, M Nickel (NA) 32.12
Group E 1-4: K Nakao (NA) 40.45, S Granger 40.27, D Chang (NE) 37.56, S Colon (SW) 37.54; 5-6: E Dean (NA) 33.83, J Katz (NA) 30.01


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