2015 Skate Detroit LIVE video streams & Wednesday results

Posted by unseenskaters on July 22, 2015

Skate Detroit is taking place June 21-25, 2015, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and this year LIVE video streams are being provided for Rinks C and B for the first time (please be aware that these streams are not being archived).

Click here to view the video company’s streaming page (Rinks B & C links)

Click here to view the live stream in Rink C (main rink)

Click here to view the event schedule by day (all times are Eastern)


Senior Ladies Short Program

RESULTS for Group A – Wednesday, July 22, 5:10 – 6:55 PM (thank you to the person who sent in a photo of the results sheet posted at the rink!)
59.01 Kaetlyn Osmond (CAN), Ice Palace FSC; “La Vie En Rose” by Cyndi Lauper, choreo. by Lance Vipond (2F+3T step out, 3Lz, 2A)- [WATCH video here]
49.35 Livvy Shilling, Columbus FSC
45.71 Kim DeGuise Léveillée (CAN), CPA de Sorel-Tracy (Canada S5)
43.07 Keiko Marshall, Hamilton SC (Canada)
40.60 Veronique Cloutier, Sault FSC (Canada)
39.83 Netta Schreiber (ISR), Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club
39.10 Michelle Long, Richmond Training Centre (Canada S7)
37.54 Sarah Miller, Lansing SC
33.23 Kira Gallant, Sherwood Park SC (Canada S14)
29.46 Demetra Koris, DuPage FSC (also skated for Greece)
27.68 Isabella Falsetti, Detroit SC
25.92 Peyton Lee, Detroit SC
15.42 Edith Lui, Detroit SC
WD: Anya Kay Cockerell, Winterhurst FSC, Sheena Hardwick-Kelly, Minto SC (Canada), Eri Nishimura, Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (Canada S10)

RESULTS for Group B – Wednesday, July 22, 7:15 – 9:00 PM (thank you to the person who sent in a photo of the results sheet posted at the rink!)
54.49 Elizabet Tursynbaeva (KAZ), Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club; “Send in the Clowns” female vocal not by Judy Collins (2nd half jumps: 3Lz, 3S+3T, 2A) – [WATCH a fan cam video here]
53.63 Bradie Tennell (USA), Wagon Wheel FSC (J1) – New Age piano & orchestra piece
52.31 Hannah Miller (USA), Lansing SC; “Big Spender”/”Rich Man’s Frug” from Sweet Charity (musical), choreo. by Rohene Ward – [WATCH a fan cam video here]
49.44 Selena Zhao (CAN), CPA Varennes (Canada J1); “Moon River”/Rach. 2 piano medley by John Bayless, choreo. by Tom Dickson – [WATCH video here]
42.75 Maysie Poliziani, Hamilton SC (Canada)
42.71 Marika Steward, North Bay FSC (Canada S12)
39.56 Annie Mateya, Genesee FSC
37.48 Jordan Bauth, Amherst SC (NY)
37.41 Emily McNally, Charter Oak FSC
36.08 Marie-Kym Sylvestre, CPA Berthierville (Canada)
29.07 Victoria Williams, Atlanta FSC
27.43 Amy Hu, Detroit SC
20.03 Catherine Girard, Centre Elite Boucherville (Canada)
WD: Ariana Grymski, DuPage FSC, Alexie Mieskoski, Columbus FSC, Lisa Nasu-Yu, Minto SC (Canada), Pascale Pilote-Harvey, CPA Les Axels d’Alma (Canada J4)


Junior Ladies Short Program

RESULTS for Group A – Wednesday, July 22, 11:10 AM – 12:50 PM (thank you to the person who sent in a photo of the results sheet posted at the rink!)
40.80 Marjorie Comtois, Centre Jeunes Performance Plus (Canada N7)
39.20 Michaela du Toit (RSA), South African Figure Skating Association
39.05 Cristina Rackley, Winterhurst FSC
36.70 Amélie Hervieux, CPA Centre-Sud (Canada)
35.93 Haley Wint DuPage FSC
35.42 Rudi Baruch, Skokie Valley SC
35.18 Melissa Murray, Arctic FSC
34.56 Katie Curran, Rocky Mountain FSC
33.14 Rebecca Dashevsky, Columbus FSC
30.97 Sydney Vanderveen, Prince Edward SC (Canada)
30.85 Elvie Carroll, Connaught SC (Canada N18)
29.27 Katie Halliday, Charlottetown FSC (Canada)
27.20 Sally Nguyen, Hamilton SC (Canada)
17.40 Andrea Mendez, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
WD: Annabelle Tremblay, CPA Les Silhouettes de Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croi…(Canada)

RESULTS for Group B – Wednesday, July 22, 1:10 – 2:45 PM (thank you to the person who sent in a photo of the results sheet posted at the rink!)
38.48 Tilyna Pawer, Champs International Skating Centre of BC (Canada)
38.05 Sarah Nunez, DuPage FSC (N7 at 2015 U.S. Nationals)
37.41 Sandrine Desrosiers, CPA Blainville-Ste-Thérèse (Canada)
34.82 Skyla Swain, Wagon Wheel FSC
33.29 Jessica McHugh, Connaught SC (Canada)
33.01 Alyson Pekkola, Winterhurst FSC
32.25 Taia Steward, North Bay FSC (Canada)
31.09 Jacqueline Tu, Columbus FSC
30.13 Connelly Hogarth, Hamilton SC (Canada)
21.94 Alyssa Harris, Mariposa Winter Club (Canada)
18.18 Alisha Wang, ISC of Indianapolis
WD: Melina-Germana Mancini, Brampton-Chinguascousy SC (Canada)

RESULTS for Group C – Wednesday, July 22, 3:05 – 4:50 PM (thank you to the person who sent in a photo of the results sheet posted at the rink!)
48.26 Grace Lin (CAN), CPA Dollard (Canada J17)
46.85 Amanda Tobin, Burlington Skating Centre (Canada)
46.30 Sophie Larouche, CPA Sainte-Foy (Canada)
42.09 Chloe Roslin, Detroit SC
37.17 Taylor Hunsley, Hamilton SC (Canada J18)
36.42 Alicia Pineault, CPA Varennes (Canada)
35.62 Emma Dinda, Skate Oakville (Canada)
34.32 Elina D’Auteuil, CPA Chambly (Canada)
34.24 Yalda Mousavi, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
32.64 Kim Decelles (CAN), CPA Baie-Comeau (Canada J13)
30.80 Alexia Kramble, Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (Canada)
WD: Claire Burner, Northern Ice SC, Semi Won, Calalta FSC (Canada J15), Kelsey Wong (CAN), Champs International Skating Centre of BC (Canada J11)

NOTE: Junior Ladies SP Group D competes in Rink C on Thursday morning.


Intermediate Ladies Short Program – Rink B (big thanks to the person who sent in the results sheet photos posted at the rink!)

Group A – Wednesday, July 22, 7:40 – 9:05 AM
32.84 JoJo Hubbart, Fort Wayne ISC
28.47 Lynn Yamane, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
28.14 Ariela Masarsky, DuPage FSC
27.96 Laiken Lockley, DuPage FSC
26.30 Allison Eby, Ayr SC (Canada)
25.10 Frances Rossiter, Traverse City FSC
24.68 Kaya Chakrabortty, Detroit SC
24.33 Elyse Wiese, Skokie Valley SC
24.28 Lauren Kim, Arctic FSC
24.07 Gabrielle Le Donne, Hamilton SC (Canada)
24.01 Yodit Tewoderos, Hamilton SC (Canada)
23.91 Alexandria MacLellan, Windsor SC (Canada)
22.62 Olivia Di Iorio, Northern Ice SC
21.79 Hailee Blaski, Lansing SC
20.64 CourtneyLuck, Detroit SC
18.80 Brittney Leist, Lakeland SC (Michigan)
18.54 Silvana Uribe, Detroit SC

Group B – Wednesday, July 22, 9:05 – 10:30 AM
28.34 Cienna Baka, Columbus FSC
27.24 Emilea Zingas, St. Clair Shores FSC
26.94 Mira Tasich, Detroit SC
26.37 Ainsly Fabel, Riverside FSC (Canada)
26.37 Elizabeth Hammill, Lansing SC
26.34 Anissa Maravilla, DuPage FSC
24.83 Linzy Fitzpatrick, Detroit SC
23.94 Lexi Barney, Heart Of Illinois SC
23.00 Carly Williams, Traverse City FSC
22.90 Aya Taira, Skokie Valley SC
22.55 Patty Weeks, Northern Ice SC
21.13 Lizzy Anderson, Detroit SC
20.59 Hanaka Van Herik, Chicago FSC
20.50 Giselle Miller, Lansing SC
20.12 Keara McDonnell, Minto SC (Canada)
16.93 Ashley Edmondson, Traverse City FSC
WD: Sara Abee, Arctic FSC

Group C – Wednesday, July 22, 10:50 AM – 12:20 PM
35.93 Angelina Huang, St. Peters FSA
34.82 Braedyn Miller, Lansing SC
34.42 Rachel Men, Skokie Valley SC
28.07 Chloe Mitchell, Detroit SC
27.57 Grace Rathbun, Atlanta FSC
26.08 Megan Griffin, Coyotes SC of Arizona
25.66 Mirella Strieleman, Skokie Valley SC
23.95 Genevieve Arnold, Amherst SC (NY)
23.76 Abbi Barnhart, St. Louis SC
23.25 Emma Ramsey, Arctic FSC
21.82 MarinaNesbitt, Columbus FSC
20.86 Samantha Dreyer, Skokie Valley SC
20.51 Mira Kaufman, Detroit SC
20.42 Kate Capper, Coliseum FSC
19.40 Sanya Verma, Detroit SC
19.22 Carolyn Cooper, Lansing SC
18.27 Sarah Glaser, Southwest Florida FSC
WD: Tiffany Henry, SC Of Southern New Jersey

Group D – Wednesday, July 22, 12:20 – 1:50 PM
32.01 Rachael Wall, Skokie Valley SC
29.43 Chloe Hataley, Minto SC (Canada)
26.22 Alexanne Bouillon, CPA Chambly (Canada)
24.76 Jamie Knoblauch, Preston FSC (Canada)
24.16 Madison Ward, Burlington Skating Centre (Canada)
23.96 Rubie Diemer, South Windsor SC (Canada)
23.72 Jordan Wright, San Antonio FSC
23.42 Julia Olson, Northern Blades NSC FSC
22.71 Phoebe Whitbeck, Lansing SC
21.89 Taylor Hliebay, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
21.75 Ariel Gillett, Southwest Florida FSC
21.36 Remington Bennett, Ice House Skating Academy (Hartland Michigan)
19.65 Allison Phillips, SC of Novi
17.18 Myesha Choudhury, Central Illinois FSC
16.90 Domino Arnold, Lansing SC
15.61 Isabella Steinman, Preston FSC (Canada)
15.42 Rhea Dhar, Detroit SC
14.63 Gabrielle Hunter, Hudson-Mohawk FSC


Novice Ladies Short Program – Rink B (many thanks to the person who sent in photos of the results posted at the rink!)

Group A – Wednesday, July 22, 2:10-3:45 PM
40.79 Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC (Int2 at 2015 U.S. Nationals)
39.32 Jenna Shi, Arctic FSC (Int6)
39.30 Maya Lappin, Richmond Hill FSC (Canada)
38.34 Andrea Montesinos-Cantu (Mexico)
38.01 Emily Bausback, Champs International Skating Centre of BC (Canada)
34.48 Kelsie Olono, Skokie Valley SC
33.98 Evelyn Walsh, London SC (Canada)
27.69 Grace Burns, Strathroy SC (Canada)
26.99 Jolie Vassel-Beasley, Detroit SC
23.86 Sydney Ullman, Northern Blades NSC FSC
23.17 Natalie Mallet, Kitchener-Waterloo SC (Canada)
21.60 Kylie Beyer, Southwest Florida FSC
18.49 Julia Meltzer Fennell, Charter Oak FSC
WD: Cheryl Lin, York Region Skating Academy (Canada)

Group B – Wednesday, July 22, 3:45-5:20 PM
34.85 Maya Gorodnitsky, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
31.46 Karina Nance, Skokie Valley SC
31.38 Samantha Lang, Detroit SC
31.36 Maggie Mackinnon, Arctic FSC
29.93 Tara Prasad, Detroit SC
29.68 Ana Sofia Cantu (Mexico)
29.32 Eliana Secunda, Rocky Mountain FSC
28.15 Isabella Mancini, Burlington Skating Centre (Canada)
27.38 Stephanie Byerson-Butler, London Competitive Skating Centre (Canada)
26.39 Emma Kovacevich, South Windsor SC (Canada)
25.89 Rachael Dobson, Preston FSC (Canada)
25.03 Mackenzie Ripley, St. Thomas SC (Canada)
23.60 Paige Nobbs, Kitchener-Waterloo SC (Canada)
21.95 MacKenzie Kisella, Atlanta FSC
20.38 Madeleine Seck, Minto SC (Canada)
WD: Anne-Lise Côté, CPA Les Axels d’Alma (Canada)

Group C – Wednesday, July 22, 5:40-7:15 PM
39.13 Kaitlyn Nguyen, Broadmoor SC
38.74 Jennyfer Richer-Labelle, CPA St Jérôme (Canada)
34.67 Lily Miller, Wisconsin FSC
32.47 Lynn Kim, Arctic FSC
32.46 Sarah Liberatore, Arctic FSC
31.66 Tori Weingarten, Detroit SC
29.68 Rose Rene de Cotret, CPA Boucherville (Canada)
29.59 Elise Wellman, Fort Wayne ISC
28.00 Phoenix-Jada Miller-Bush, Skate Oakville (Canada)
27.47 Brianna Luciani, Hamilton SC (Canada)
26.14 Elfee St-Jacques, CPA Centre-Sud (Canada)
25.60 Sydney Rose, Southwest Florida FSC
24.02 Madeline Jelsma, Tillsonburg SC (Canada)
22.60 Hannah Robertson, Stephenville SC (Canada)
21.58 Grace Condon, Kitchener-Waterloo SC (Canada)
WD: Nikita Riou, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)

Group D – Wednesday, July 22, 7:15-8:50 PM
44.48 Emma Wolak, Arctic FSC
40.29 Meiryla Findley, Fort Wayne ISC (N12)
32.17 Christina Tenzin, FSC of Madison
30.42 Selina Shi, Detroit SC
27.95 Nastya Khvan, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
25.25 Kayley Monks, Skate Oakville (Canada)
24.97 Grace Knoop, Southwest Florida FSC
24.66 Megan Hovey, Amherst SC (NY)
23.81 Keirghan Rockefeller, Tillsonburg SC (Canada)
22.98 Sabrina Lezeu, Kitchener-Waterloo SC (Canada)
22.85 Rachel Moran, Hamilton SC (Canada)
21.36 Arista Lee, Skate LaSalle (Canada)
18.77 Janet Kang, Eden Prairie FSC
WD: Sarah-Maude Lebel, CPA Les Fines Lames de Chicoutimi (Canada), Riley Strassguertl, Unionville SC (Canada), Angela Wang, Arctic FSC

NOTE: Novice Groups E & F compete in Rink B on Thursday morning.


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