2016 Skate Detroit Pairs competition

Posted by unseenskaters on July 21, 2016

RINK C (main rink) live stream: http://proeventphoto.com/channel-two/

Saturday events:

Senior Pairs FS (8 pairs in 3 groups – scores edited in):
de la Mora/Kurdukov 81.68 7th
Fujimoto/Barsi-Rhyne 86.56 5th (King & I musical, incl. “I Have Dreamed” vocal duet)
Haven Denney/Brandon Frazier 120.26 [60.02/60.24] 1st (Somewhere in Time soundtrack) – high 3twist; she landed both throws 3S and 3Lo; sbs jumps were sbs 3S (she had a small turn out) and 1A to 1A planned sequence by her? he did 1A to 2A; very nice lifts. Great to see them back competing again! /
[WD Jones/Reagan (CAN)]
Calalang/Sidhu 104.32 [56.32/48.00] 2nd (Carmen) – increased height in 3twist and landed both throws 3S & 3Lz very well.
Suzaki/Kihara (JPN) 86.54 6th /
[WD Bergdolt/Addison]
Liu/Johnson 96.96 [53.84/45.12 -2] 4th (last year’s Beauty and the Beast)
Pfund/Santillan 102.38 [55.42/46.96] 3rd (Evita, including “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” by Madonna)
AnnaMarie Pearce/Mark Magyar (HUN) 66.84 8th (James Bond medley)
WD: Ono/Killing (JPN), Green/Newby-Estrella, Weinberg/Fernandez

Junior Pairs FS (18 pairs in 5 groups – unofficial scores edited in):
Klopstock/Arsenault – 60.88 17th (Titanic soundtrack)
Boys-Eddy/Boys-Eddy (CAN) 62.84 16th
Chen/Hartley (new) 78.60 9th (“The Prayer” Dion/Bocelli duet)
Rose/Goodpaster 82.32 5th (How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack) /
Lockley/Prochnow 80.26 6th (quirky music with female vocal in middle)
Griffin/Civiello 70.24 14th (“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri/Steve Kazee)
Lu/Mitrofanov 88.66 2nd (“Memory” from Cats, POTO ending with “Music of the Night”) – landed sbs 3S+2T+2Lo & 2A, high 2twist, throw doubles
–ice make–
Marvaldi/Villeneuve 79.56 7th (Les Miz, mostly violin with vocal at very end)
Cummings/Roberts 58.24 18th (42nd Street)
Matte/Ferland (CAN) 86.68 4th (Life is Beautiful soundtrack)
Weinstein/Simon 75.90 11th (Notre-Dame de Paris) /
Kopmar/Barrett 75.16 12th (Peter Pan-themed/Hook soundtrack)
Smart/Rounis 62.08 16th (cowboy Western-themed)
Jaeckel/Scoralle 76.04 10th (Samson & Delilah/Danse Macabre)
–ice make–
Digerness/Neudecker 86.94 3rd (Liebestraum by Liszt)
Eby/Michaud (CAN) – 90.18 1st (“Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last)
Wong/Knoblauch (CAN) 72.10 13th (The Untouchables soundtrack)
Coppess//Hennings 78.78 8th (extended version of last year’s FS music “Silent Film Piano Adventure Theme” by Craig Riley)
WD: Finster/Kozlowski, Gamez/Schwab

Novice Pairs FS (10:20-11:25 AM in Rink B) won by JoJo & William Hubbart with FS to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” – both being accomplished singles skaters, they landed sbs 3T & went for 2A-2A seq. (she didn’t get 2nd one off), throw 2T & 2F. Their FS score is 70.70.
2nd-6th: Coleman/Griffin 64.62, Frantz/Frantz 62.98, Petesron/Ogren 59.24, Secunda/Eisenach 54.40, Goldstein/Bearinger 46.10 (WD: Ball/Dudley).

Intermediate Pairs FS (Rink B)
1st-3rd: Martins/Bedard 51.96, Larson/Brown 45.33, Hagan/Whitlow 35.40


Friday events:

Short Program – Friday, July 22, 2016 6:35-8:30 PM Rink C
Free Skate – Saturday, July 23, 2016 6:10 PM Rink C

Short Program starting order (9 teams competed in 3 groups)/scores added below:
Jacquelyn Green, Detroit SC / Rique Newby-Estrella, Dallas FSC [J5] 41.26 8th (ends with “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith)
Miu Suzaki / Ryuichi Kihara, Japan (and Detroit SC) 48.72 5th (Mission Impossible theme)
Brittany Jones / Joshua Reagan, both Hamilton SC (Canada S6) 51.96 4th (“Under the Bridge” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers) /
Cali Fujimoto, Peninsula SC / Nick Barsi-Rhyne, SW Florida FSC [S10] 43.22 7th (“She’s Got a Way” by Billy Joel)
Jessica Calalang, DuPage FSC / Zack Sidhu, Las Vegas FSC [S5] 60.08 1st – sbs 3S he fell, 3twist high, big throw 3Lz (“The Prayer” duet by Andrea Bocelli/Celine Dion)
Jessica Pfund, Southwest Florida FSC / Joshua Santillan, All Year FSC [S7] 55.24 3rd – 2twist, sbs 3S in unison, throw 3Lo (Purple Rain/Prince duet with ?) /
Brianna de la Mora / Maxim Kurdukov, both Texas Gulf Coast FSC du [S8] 43.64 6th
Chelsea Liu, St. Paul FSC / Brian Johnson, Detroit SC [S-wd] 55.98 2nd – sbs 2A, 3twist, throw 3S (“The Way You Make Me Feel” & “Black or White” by Michael Jackson)
Kay Bergdolt / Miles Addison, both SC of Boston [J8] 36.68 9th
WD (3): #1 Joy Weinberg / Maximiliano Fernandez, both SW Florida FSC [J1]
#7 Marin Ono, Japan / Wesley Killing, Preston FSC (Canada) & JPN
#10 Emily Hayward / Hamish Gaman, GBR (NEW)

Short Program – Friday, July 22, 2016 1:30-4:25 PM Rink C
Free Skate – Saturday, July 23, 2016 11:50 AM Rink C

Junior Pairs SP results 1-12 (of 18): Eby/Michaud CAN 53.94, Lu/Mitrofanov 50.62, Weinstein/Simon 48.90, Digerness/Neudecker 48.64, Matte/Ferland CAN 46.66, Marvaldi/Villeneuve 44.74, Boys-Eddy/Boys-Eddy CAN 44.42, Lockley/Prochnow 43.54, Kopmar/Barrett 43.30, Rose/Goodpaster 42.82, Coppess/Hennings 42.04 Knoblauch/Wong CAN 41.58

Short Program starting order (20 teams in 5 groups of 4; 2 have WD so 18 teams competed) – UNOFFICIAL scores & placements added below:
Laiken Lockley / Keenan Prochnow, both DuPage FSC [N5] 43.54 8th
Gabriella Marvaldi [J7] / Daniel Villeneuve (CAN N3), both SC of Southern New Jersey (NEW) 44.74 6th
Vanessa Chen, Peninsula SC / Eric Hartley, Queen City FSC (NEW) 32.48 15th
Emma Coppess, All Year FSC / Robert Hennings, Los Angeles FSC [N4] 42.04 11th /
Lori-Ann Matte / Thierry Ferland, both CPA St Romuald St Jean (Canada J6) 46.66 5th
Allison Eby, Ayr SC (CAN J3) / Trennt Michaud, Prince Edward SC (CAN J1) (NEW) 53.94 1st (Spanish flamenco) – high 3twist, sbs 2A (she stepped out), nice lift, throw 3T.
Kate Finster, Northern Kentucky SC / Brandon Kozlowski [J], Skokie Valley SC (NEW) – looked like he caught an edge during twist lift and fell before he could catch her – he injured his knee and was in pain but she seems OK. He was able to get off the ice; they have WD
Sapphire Jaeckel / Matthew Scoralle, both All Year FSC [N3] 32.14 16th /
Nica Digerness, Broadmoor SC / Danny Neudecker, Seattle SC [N7] 48.64 4th (Asian-themed with heavy beat) – attempted sbs 2A (her landing a bit shaky), good lift, 2twist, throw 2T
(WD Isabella Gamez, Los Angeles FSC / Griffin Schwab, SC of New York [N2])
Sarah Rose / Joseph Goodpaster, both Southwest Florida FSC [J9] 42.82 10th
Jamie Knoblauch / Cody Wong, both Preston FSC (Canada N1) 41.58 12th /
Megan Griffin / Andrew Civiello, both Coyotes SC of Arizona [J12] 39.88 13th
Audrey Lu / Misha Mitrofanov [N6], both Dallas FSC (NEW) 50.62 2nd (Carmina Burana/piano) – high 2twist, throw 2T, landed good sbs 2A
Lindsay Weinstein, DuPage FSC / Jacob Simon, Skokie Valley SC [J2] 48.90 3rd (last season’s music) – 2twist, sbs 2A (she fell out), throw 3T fall, solid lift with flip out exit
Berit Cummings, Lake Minnetonka FSC / Jabe Roberts, Atlanta FSC [Int3] 31.50 17th /
Olivia Boys-Eddy / Mackenzie Boys-Eddy, both Brampton Chinguacousy (Canada J5) 44.42 7th
Hannah Klopstock, Los Angeles FSC / Daniel Arsenault, Colorado SC (NEW) 34.80 14th
Elli Kopmar / Jonah Barrett, both Southwest Florida FSC [N1] 43.30 9th
Jillian Smart / Matthew Rounis, both SC of New York [E-N6] 24.10 18th

Short Program – Friday, July 22, 2016 9:55-10:50 AM Rink C
Free Skate – Saturday, July 23, 2016 10:15 AM Rink B

Short Program starting order (7 teams) – unofficial scores added:
Isabelle Goldstein / Keyton Bearinger, both Detroit SC [Int4] 28.49 6th
Eliana Secunda / Blake Eisenach, both Rocky Mountain FSC [Int2] 30.33 5th
Lauren Ball, Detroit SC / Scott Dudley, Detroit SC (NEW) 25.45 7th /
JoJo Hubbart / William Hubbart, both Southwest Florida FSC [N-wd] 37.18 2nd – landed sbs 2A in Riverdance program
Erin Coleman, Panthers FSC / Derrick Griffin, Panthers FSC (NEW) 37.66 1st – high twist & quality elements to delicate music with wordless singing
Katherina Frantz / Nicolas Frantz, both SC of Southern New Jersey [N9] 32.67 4th
Ainsley Peterson, All Year FSC / Kristofer Ogren, Kansas City FSC [N8] 34.62 3rd – did one-handed lift, good expression to tango music
WD: Paige Ruggeri, Garden State SC / Steven Rossi, North Jersey FSC [Int7]

Short Program – Friday, July 22, 2016 9:00-9:35 AM Rink C
Free Skate – Saturday, July 23, 2016

Short Program starting order (4 teams) – unofficial scores added:
Masha Mokhova / Ivan Mokhov, both Lansing SC 32.09 1st – Zorba (she was so excited at the end she jumped at her big brother)
Zoe Larson / Aidan Brown [Int10], both Panthers FSC (NEW) 26.07 3rd – Coldplay’s Rule the World
Josephine Hagan / Evan Whitlow, both Louisville SA (NEW) 18.09 4th – Zorba
Isabelle Martins, Chicago FSC / Ryan Bedard, Northern Ice SC [Juv1] 26.72 2nd – Boogle Woogie Bugle Boy


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