2017 Skate Detroit Pairs (Friday & Saturday)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 21, 2017

SENIOR PAIRS FS (SP and FS are held as separate events here & scores are not combined)
Note: Scores of the 11 teams listed below are official. Fan cams are all by u818 (magicaleggrolls on Twitter).
120.82 Jessica Calalang/Zack Sidhu [Carmen] fan cam video
112.08 Deanna Stellato/Nathan Bartholomay [One (female cover) & Where the Streets Have No Name by U2] fan cam video
104.20 Chelsea Liu/Brian Johnson [Spartacus by Khachaturian] fan cam video
99.80 Paige Conners/Evgeni Krasnopolsky (ISR) [Schindler’s List] fan cam video
96.04 Miu Suzaki/Ryuichi Kihara (JPN) [Romeo & Juliet by Nino Rota] fan cam video
93.00 Jessica Pfund/Joshua Santillan [Gone with the Wind] fan cam video
91.09 Natasha Purich/Davin Portz (CAN) [Who Wants To Live Forever] fan cam video
89.64 Alexandria Yao/Jacob Simon [Love Story] fan cam video
89.50 Caitlin Fields/Ernie Utah Stevens [Spartacus] fan cam video
87.94 Nica Digerness/Danny Neudecker [Blues guitar] fan cam video
74.96 Winter Deardorff/Max Settlage [My Fair Lady] fan cam video

FS starting order:
Stellato/Bartholomay, Liu/Johnson, Purich/Portz (CAN);
Suzaki/Kihara, Conners/Krasnopolsky, Pfund/Santillan, Digerness/Neudecker;
Fields/Stevens, Calalang/Sidhu, Deardorf/Settlage, Yao/Simon.

JUNIOR PAIRS FS (13 teams competed on Saturday)
101.30 Audrey Lu/Misha Mitrofanov [Memory from Cats/POTO] 53.22 TES/48.08 PCS
91.80 Evelyn Walsh/Trennt Michaud (CAN) [Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson & version with male vocals at end] 45.56 TES/47.04 PCS -1
88.50 Laiken Lockley/Keenan Prochnow [Mary by Yann Tiersen] 46.66 TES/43.84 PCS -2
86.88 Sarah Feng/TJ Nyman [Hana’s Eyes by Maksim Mrvica ] 42.68 TES/45.20 PCS -1
76.88 Kate Finster/Derrick Griffin [The Feeling Begins/Remember Me by Josh Groban]
76.58 Elli Kopmar/Jonah Barrett [Snow Pas de Deux from The Nutcracker]
71.12 Ainsley Peterson/Griffin Schwab [Golden Slumbers/The End by The Beatles]
69.38 Sarah Rose/Ian Meyh [Tangled, incl. See The Light vocal duet]
66.36 Meiryla Findley/Matthew Rounis [Pearl Harbor]
66.14 Katherina Frantz/Nicolas Frantz [soundtrack?]
60.50 Patricia Andrew/Paxton Knott (CAN) [Gershwin’s An American in Paris]
57.10 Eliana Secunda/Blake Eisenach [Swan Lake]
52.82 Evelyn Grace Hanns/Kristofer Ogren [Meditation from Thais]

FS starting order:
Frantz/Frantz, Findley/Rounis, Rose/Meyh;
Finster/Griffin, Hanns/Ogren, Feng/Nyman;
Lockley/Prochnow, Secunda/Eisenach, Peterson/Schwab;
Lu/Mitrofanov, Walsh/Michaud, Andrew/Knott, Kopmar/Barrett.

Note: The ISU Junior age-eligible U.S. teams that competed in Junior at Skate Detroit are:
Lu/Mitrofanov, Lockley/Prochnow (both teams competed in 1 JGP each last year), Kopmar/Barrett (first 3 are in the ISP already), Feng/Nyman (new), Finster/Griffin (new), Rose/Meyh (new), Frantz/Frantz and Secunda/Eisenach, plus Yao/Simon (new) in Senior.


SENIOR PAIRS SP (11 teams competed on Friday)
60.02 Calalang/Sidhu [Kiss by Prince] fan cam video
58.20 Stellato/Bartholomay [Eleanor Rigby by violinist Joshua Bell with vocals by Frankie Moreno] fan cam video
52.18 Suzaki/Kihara (JPN) [music?] fan cam video
52.04 Purich/Portz (CAN) [Angel by Sarah McLachlan] fan cam video
51.58 Deardorff/Settlage (new) [In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins] fan cam video
51.30 Digerness/Neudecker [new SP since Broadmoor Open – film soundtrack?] fan cam video
50.28 Fields/Stevens [Poem by Dylan Thomas/Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss] fan cam video
50.10 Pfund/Santillan [You Raise Me up by Josh Groban] fan cam video
49.58 Liu/Johnson [Still Got The Blues] fan cam video
47.82 Conners/Krasnopolsky (ISR; new) [Ghost the musical]
44.48 Yao/Simon (new) – they skated a better SP to “Claire de Lune” at the Broadmoor Open in June: click here to watch that video

SP starting order:
Suzaki/Kihara (JPN), Fields/Stevens, Liu/Johnson;
Yao/Simon (new), Conners/Krasnopolsky (ISR; new), Purich/Portz (CAN), Stellato/Bartholomay;
Digerness/Neudecker, Deardorff/Settlage (new), Pfund/Santillan, Calalang/Sidhu.

JUNIOR PAIRS SP (14 competed on Friday):
48.92 Evelyn Walsh/Trennt Michaud (CAN) – female vocal
48.12 Sarah Feng/TJ Nyman (new) [Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra from Ladies in Lavender]
48.06 Audrey Lu/Misha Mitrofanov [Once Upon A December]
47.98 Elli Kopmar/Jonah Barrett [California Dreamin’]
46.30 Laiken Lockley/Keenan Prochnow [Clair de Lune/orchestral version]
42.56 Kate Finster/Derrick Griffin (new) [Radioactive by Imagine Dragons]
40.62 Ainsley Peterson/Griffin Schwab (new) [Demons by Imagine Dragons]
40.48 Eliana Secunda/Blake Eisenach [Scorpions’ Maybe I Maybe You]
37.90 Katherina Frantz/Nicolas Frantz [James Bond themed]
37.44 Meiryla Findley/Matthew Rounis (new) [cover of Coldplay’s Don’t Panic? (not sure)]
35.70 Sarah Rose/Ian Meyh (new) [Sing Sing Sing/orchestral version]
37.34 Patricia Andrew/Paxton Knott (CAN) [Whatever Lola Wants]
35.38 Evelyn Grace Hanns/Kristofer Ogren (new) [Dream a Little Dream of Me by Michael Buble]
33.04 Cora DeWyre/Jacob Nussle [Another Day of Sun from La La Land]

SP starting order:
Walsh/Michaud (CAN), Lu/Mitrofanov, Frantz/Frantz;
Kopmar/Barrett, Lockley/Prochnow, Secunda/Eisenach, Rose/Meyh (new);
[WD: Olivia & Mackenzie Boys-Eddy (CAN)], DeWyre/Nussle, Peterson/Schwab (new), Feng/Nyman (new);
Finster/Griffin (new), Findley/Rounis (new), Andrew/Knott (CAN), Hanns/Ogren (new).


NOVICE PAIRS SP results (4 teams competed on Friday):
Isabelle Goldstein/Keyton Bearinger 36.81 – “True Colors” (duet): view video
Lauren Ball/Scott Dudley 31.61
Isabelle Martins/Ryan Bedard 30.57
Lia Pereira/James Robert-Morgan (CAN; new) 27.47
Note: FS will be in the B rink on Saturday.

NOVICE PAIRS FS & JUVENILE PAIRS – Saturday results from Rink B not yet received.
Goldstein/Bearinger’s FS to “All I Ask of You” (POTO): view video


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